Family History

 I feel I have recently had a breakthrough with the Smith's of Burpham. It is highly probable than Ann's father John might have been the grandson of the earliest John Smith and maybe the son of his son John, And I also believe I have found the correct marriage for him. If you have any amendments or additions please e-mail me


There were no Smiths in Burpham before the 18th century



Born:        abt 1742

Buried:     31/3/1830 Preston workhouse aged 88

Married:   19/9/1764 Wiggonholt

Spouse:    Jane Jones

Baptised:  possibly 2/12/1748

Father:      Thomas Jones

Buried:      22/7/1810 Burpham

Children:  son bapt 19/1/1765

                 Elizabeth Smith bapt 10/5/1767

                 Thomas Smith bapt 15/10/1769

                 Ann Smith bapt 15/1/1775

                 Mary Smith bapt 13/2/1780


Elizabeth Smith married 6/1/1789 Burpham James Ruff

Childrern: Jane Ruff bapt 7/6/1795 Angmering


John was I think the grandson of


John Smith

Born:            about 1689 (from MI)

Buried:         15/9/1728 or 16/5/1736

Married:      25/6/1706 Burpham

Spouse:      Sarah Hoare

Baptised:     18/2/1683/4 Burphum

Parents:      Henry & Katherine Hoare

Buried:         19/5/1713

Children:      Mary bapt 9/12/1706 bur 24/12/1706

                   Sarah bapt 9/12/1706 bur 26/12/1706

                   John born 1708 Burpham

                    Thomas bapt 5/4/1711

                  Richard apt 5/3/1714/5 bur 27/5/1721


There is a monument inscription  in Burpham for John Smith sept xii/mdccxxviii aged 49 and Richard his son May xxvi/mdccxx1 aged vii years




And possibly the son of


John Smith

Born:          1708 Burpham

Father:       John Smith

Mother:      Catherine Hoare

Baptised:     4/9/1708 Burpham

Buried:        possibly 16/5/1736 Burpham

Married:     7/2/1729/30 by licence  sponsored by Thos Duke, yeoman Burpham

Spouse:    Judith Bonus widow (born Lucas)

Baptised:    18/12/1705 Burpham

Father:       Thomas Lucas

Buried:       widow 2/7/1749 Burpham.

Children:    Judith bapt 22/1/1730/31

                Elizabeth bapt 22/1/1732/33

                 Sarah bapt 1734/35


Judith had previously married 1725 Paul Bonus (bapt 9/9/1701 son of Thomas & Avis) – no marriage record but licence 18/12/1825 sponsor Jn Pecknell chandler Arundel (Burpham). Daughter Mary baptised 9/10/1726 buried 26/11/1735


Or possibly the son of


Thomas Smith

Born:        1711 Burpham

Father:      John Smith

Mother:     Katherine Hoare

Baptised:   5/4/1711 Burpham

Buried:      1/2/1777 Burpham

Married:    23/1/1732/3 Burpham

Spouse:    Jane Waterman

Buried:       20/9/1734 Burpham

Married:    6/11/1740 Poling

Spouse:    Jane Eliot

Children:    Sarah bapt 2/6/1734

                 Mary bapt 17/7/1743

               Thomas bapt 1/4/1750 (mother’s name given as Jane & Bety)

                Jane bapt 1/4/1753 (and 5/4/1753)bur 11/4/1753



Some ‘stray entries’ for Smiths in Burpham


Hannah Smith

Miles Smih bapt 20/11/1785

2/5/1786 Hannah Smith marries George Till

31/12/1808 Miles Smith marries  in Angmering Sarah Holden

10/7/1809 Hannah Smith daughter of Miles and Sarah baptised


Sarah Smith bur 7/2/1803

Could possibly be the Sarah Smith (PAR496/32/2/41) 14/7/1774

Removal of Sarah Smith single woman apprehended as a rogue & vagabond from Uckfield to Burpham


Henry Smith

Susannah bapt 7/9/1704