Family History

Mary Ann Rothenburg was first cousin to my husban's great-grandmother. Mary Ann had a short life. There are still a few gaps with her children's lives. Can you help to fill them or correct any mistakes. Please contact me Susan Martin Mary Ann Rothenburg Born: 1850 St George in the East, London Father: Frederick Rothenburg Mother: Emma Kennicott Died: 1880 Married: 18/11/1871 St Thomas Bethnal green Spouse: William Sloane Born: 2/7/1846 Bethnal Green Baptised: 30/8/1846 St Philip, Bethnal Green Parents: Hugh and Jane Sloane Died: 1909 Bethnal Green district. Children: William Sloane b 1871 Caroline Ann Sloane b 1873 Mary Ann Sloane b 1875 Elizabeth Sloane b and died 1878 1846: Baptism register. William baptised from 38 Bacon Street, Bethnal Green. Father a turner 1851 census: Mary Ann residing 7 Bowyers Building, St George in the East. Father a tobacco pipe maker 1861 census: Mary Ann residing with parents 6 Ann St, Bethnal Green. William residing with his parents 5 3 Coll? Corner, Hare Street, Bethnal Green 1871 census: Mary residing with parents 6 Ann Street, Bethnal Green. No occupation given (possibly pipe trimmer like her mother). William lodging 79 James Street. Occupation: turner 1871: At Marriage Mary Ann was living 6 Ann Street Bethnal Green and William at 79 James Street. Fathers given as Hugh Sloane wood turner and Frederick Rothenburg pipe maker. Williamís occupation wood turner. Mary Ann signed, William made his mark. Witnessed by Frederick Rothenburg (signed) and Jane Sloane (mark) 1881 census: William residing 22 Pundersons Gardens. Occupation: turner. Children living with him and Jane Sloane, lodger, 65 unemployed (his mother I presume) 1887: Widower William marries 30/7/1887 St James, Bethnal Green Sarah Carpenter aged 25 daughter of William Carpenter, last? Maker. William was residing 30 Pundersons Gardens and Sarah 25 St Peter Street. He signed this time. Witnessed by Arthur William ? and Elizabeth Carpenter 1891 census: Widow William residing 21 Turin Street, Bethnal Green witth second wife Sarah and lodger Emma Forsey 19 and her daughter Gertrude aged one. His age given as 41. Occupation: wood turner 1901 census: William and Sarah residing alone at 27 Turin Street, Bethnal Green. Occupation: wood turner, working on own account. Age given as 50. 1911 census: widow Sarah residing on her own 19 Turin Street. Occupation: daily domestic servant working on own account Caroline Ann Sloane born 9/5/1873 died 1954 Islington district. married 25/12/1892 Shoreditch Richard Nettleton, born 16/8/1863 baptised 18/9/1863 St James Clerkenwell from 60 Exmouth Street, son of Richard and Ellen Nettleton. Richard a picture frame maker. Richard probably died 1914 Islington district. Caroline married 1924 Islington district William Sumpter born 19/8/1883. Children: Richard William Nettleton born 27/9/1893 baptised 29/10/1893 St James the Great Bethnal Green. Fatherís occupation florist. Died 1896 Durham. William Henry Nettleton born 28/6/1895 baptised 14/7/1895 St Silas Pentonville Rd, Islington Father Richard a florist; Thomas Nettleton born 1896 Clerkenwell; Constance Nettleton born 1903 Clerkenwell; Lilian Nettleton born 1906 Clerkenwell. Census return shows she had 6 children, two deceased. 1891 census: Caroline possibly residing Hill Street Camberwell.Occupation: servant to Samrah Timbs widow. However aged given as 20 and place of birth Chelsea 1893: Baptism register. Residing 25 Turin St Bethnal Green 1895: Baptism register. Residing 6 Albert St, Islington 1901 census: Residing 86 Chapel St, Clerkenwell (as Robert and Clara). William and Thomas with them. Occupation: artificial florist 1911 census: Residing 16 Cloudsley Place. Islington (3 rooms). Occupation: artificial florist. Son William a printed reading boy (at printers) and son Thomas a vanguard clerk. 1939 register: Residing 107 Barnsbury St Islington. William a demolisher, George Surmen born 1916, kitchen hand, living with them Mary Ann Sloane married 31/7/1898 Bethnal Green parish church Charles Isaac Clark born 1873 son of henry Clark 1891 census: 1898: At time of marriage Mary Ann was living 27 Turin St, Bethnal Green and Charles 8 Eyra Street. Fathers given as William Sloane wood turner and Henry Clark clicker. Witnessed by William Sloan and Lily Rattray Children: Charles Henry Clark bapt 2/7/1899 St Mary Haggerston;Henry Clark b 1902 Hoxton; William Clark b 1903 Walthamstow; Winifred Clark b 1906 Haggeston 1899: Baptism register. Residing 84 Scarfell? Street Haggerston. Occupation: French polisher 1901 census: residing 2 Bacchus Walk, Hackney. Occupations: French polisher and button coverer. Her place of birth given as Hackney 1911 census: residing 33 Fanshaw St, Hoxton. Occupation: French polisher. Mary Annís place of birth is still given as Hackney She married 1898 Charles Isaac Clark 1874-1937 born Hackney, children: Charles b