Family History




Born: about 1674 Eastergate.

Married; 1723 South Stoke Mary Smith

Died: 1743 Slindon

Richard was baptised 11 October 1674 a son of William Saxby and Joan. Richard married Mary Smith 3 June 1723 South Stoke though the licence wasnít granted until 19th June 1723 (in the presence of William Saxbee of Slindon, cordwainer). At the time Richard was said to be a cordwainer of Slindon, and Mary a spinster of Walberton. They had at least nine children baptised in Slindon. I think this may have been his second marriage as he would have been 49 when it took place and 67 when his youngest child was born. However the marriage licence clearly states he was a bachelor. Or, was this Richard the son of the elder Richard? Is there a missing generation? Richard was buried 14th March 1743 at Slindon.


A cordwainer,or cordovan) is somebody who makes sheoes and other articles from fine soft leather. The word is derived from "cordwain", or "cordovan", the leather produced in Cordoba Spain The term cordwainer was used as early as 1100 in England. Historically, there was a distinction between a cordwainer, who made luxury shoes and boots out of the finest leathers, and a cobbler who repaired them. In a village like Slindon the call for expensive fine leather footwear and goods would have been limited so I guess Richard was really a shoe and bootmaker.

A close brother?

Richard had a brother William Saxby whom he probably worked with as William was also a cordwainer. It is also likely that the brothers may have met there wives through each other. William married first 27 March 1722 in South Stoke Mary King of that parish. Richard married his wife Mary Smith in South Stoke in June the following year. Sadly by that time William was a widower. His Mary had died the previous month. William remarried 16 July 1727 in Slindon Sarah Ellis of Walberton. As Richardís Mary came from Walberton at the time of her marriage she may have been friends or had knowledge of Sarah. Sarah died in 1739 and William was buried 14/3/1744 or 15/8/1746. He had two sons William born 1723 from his first marriage and John born 1729 from his second.

A son we are grateful to!

Richardís son Robert baptised 27 11 November 1834 was apprenticed to Thomas Refoy of Slindon bricklayer five years from 29 Sept [?1750], with the master paid £10 dated 4/8/1750 duty paid 2 Sept 1759 [Sussex apprentices & masters 1710-1752 srs 28]. Robert was to work as a bricklayer all his life. He married in 1865 Catherine Pollard but they had no children. Why we are grateful is that he left a detailed will giving invaluable genealogical information. He left bequests to one of his late wifeís sisters and to the children of a deceased sister of his wife. His brothers Richard and Thomas received bequests as did the three sons of his late brother John. The surviving children of brother Thomas and Henry Parsons son of his late sister Mary Parsons each received £10. That is except for Thomasís son Robert who was bequeathed the remaineder of the estate and also the copyhold which uncle Robert held.

Children: Mary Saxby born1723 died 1795 married 1746 Henry Parsons

Richard Saxby born1725 died 1816 married 1763 Mary Digins

Elizabeth Saxby born 1727 died 1730

Sarah Saxby born 1729

William Saxby born 1731 died possibly 1767

John Saxby born 1732 (had issue, no marriage traced)

Robert Saxby born 1734 died 1807

Thomas Saxby born1737 died 1821 married 1766 Elizabeth Hoare

Elizabeth Saxby born 1741