Family History

Andrew Saxby was a distant cousin of mine. If you have anything to add, amend or comment, please contact me



Born;       1846 Slindon

Father:     Charles Saxby

Mother:    Fanny Lintott

Buried:    5/1/1832 Yapton aged 87 from 4 Midway Cottages

Married:   9/9/1865 Yapton

Spouse:   Fanny (Ann)  Moore

Baptised:  18/5/1846 Yapton

Buried:      8/2/1930 Yapton aged 84

Children:  Charles Henry Saxby born 1869 Yapton

                 Emma Lily Saxby born 1871 Yapton

                 Ernest Walter Saxby born 1873 Yapton

                Andrew James Saxby born 1875 Yapton

                Ethebert George Saxby born 1878 Yapton

                Alfred William Saxby born 1881Yapton

                Fanny Ann Saxby born 1884 Yapton  

                Frederick John Saxby born 1886 Yapton

                Garroway Allen Saxby born 1888 Yapton 

1911 states had 9 children, all surviving       





1851 census: Residing Slindon Commonwith parents

1861 census: With brother Charles living with their grandparents George & Jane Blackman in Yapton. Andrew a farmboy

1871 census: Residing Yapton brother Charles with them. Occupation: agricultural labourers

1881 census: Residing Littlehampton Rd, Yapton. . Occupation: agricultural labourer grandson William born 1889 Westhampnett with them

1901 census: Residing Yapton village. Occupation: traction engine driver

1911 census: Residing Yapton, on their own. Occupation: general labourer on farm

1915:  Residing Church Street Yapton






Born:         1869 Yapton

Father:       Andrew Saxby

Mother:      Fanny Moore

Baptised:   18/4/1869 Yapton

Died:          1940 Worthing district

Married:     1892 Westhampnett district

Spouse:     Winifred Poland

Born:          1870 Westergate

Died:          22/4/ 1951 10 Gloucester Place Littlehampton

Children:    Winifred Clare Saxby born 1893 Yapton

                   Fanny Louisa Saxby bapt 27/1/1895 Yapton from Littelhampton

                   Lilian May Saxby born 1896 Littlehampton

                   Mabel Kate Saxby born 1902 Littlehampton

1911 census shows 6 children born, two deceased


1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation:  bricklayer’s labourer

1895: Occupation 27/1/1895 fireman

1901 census:   Residing 3 Gloucester Place, Littlehampton, Occupation: labourer

1911 census: Residing 11 Albert Rd, Littlehampton. Occupation: bargeman. Lilian May a daygirl domestic

1951: Winifred Saxby left estate of £1447-10-6d. Administration to Winifred Clare Sowerby, widow and Lilian Mary Fox, married woman


Winifred Clare Saxby married 1917 East Preston district John I Sowerby

1911 census: Residing 37 North Ham Road. Occupation: general domestic servant.


Fanny Louisa Saxby

1911  census: Residing 33 High St, Littlehampton. Occupation: servant


Lilian May Saxby married 1943 Worthing district Edward Fox

1911 census: Residing with parents.  Occupation: day girl domestic           



Born:         28/1/1871 Yapton

Father:       Andrew Saxby

Mother:      Fanny Moore

Baptised:   4/6/1871 Yapton

Died:          1935 Hove district

Married:     1891 East Preston district

Spouse:    William Jenman

Born:         1870 Worthing

Died:          1933 Steyning district

Children:   William Saxby born 1889 Westhampnett

                 Lily Jenman born 1891 Worthing

                 George Jenman born 1892 Worthing

                 Edward Jenman born 1894 Worthing

                 William Jenman born 1901 Worthing

                 Ethelbert Jenman born 1903 Fishersgate

                 Garroway Jenman born 1907 Fishersgate

                 Emma Jenman born 1911 Fishersgate

1911 census – 7 children, 6 living, one deceased


9/10/1878 – 9/10/1878 Yapton school

1891 census: Residing 32 Gratwicke Rd, Broadwater. Occupation: cook

1901 census: Residing 2 Elm Grove Heene Worthing. Occupation: brickmaker

1911 census. Residing 27 Chapel Rd Fishersgate.  Occupation: bricklayer’s labourer


William Saxby possibly  11/6/1911 Winifred Isobel Saxby baptised Yapton parents Wm & Ethel Amelia Saxby





Born:           20/12/1873 Yapton

Father:         Andrew Saxby

Mother:        Fanny Morore

Baptised:     25/1/1974 Tapton

Buried:        5/8/1953 Yapton aged 79 from Medway Cottages

Married:      1896 Westhampnett district

Spouse:      Lily Jane Talbot

Born:           1876 Ancton nr Bognor

Died:           1914 Westhampnett district

Married:      1929 Portsmouth district

Spouse:       Susan Ann Beer

Born:            1885

Buried:         4/2/1954 Yapton from Medway Cottages, Yapton aged 70

Children:      Ernest Walter Garroway Saxby born 1897 Yapton

                     Gertrude Claire Saxby born 1899 Yapton

                     Florence Lily Saxby born 1901 Yapton

                     Emma Fanny Maria Saxby born 1906 Yapton



14/3/1881 – 27/6/1884 Yapton school. Admitted from infants

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1911 census: Residing Church Rd, Yapton. Occupation: traction engine driver


Ernest Walter Garaway Saxby died 1967 Worthing district. Married 1919 East Preston district Ethel C Collins

Absent voters list. Ernest Walker Garaway Saxby Yew tree Cottages HMS “the Bee”

Ernest Walter Saxby  Yew Tree Cottage HMS "The Bee" and autumn 1919 HMS Caspian




Born:       21/2/1876 Yapton

Father:   Andrew Saxby

Mother:     Fanny Moore

Baptised:   19/3/1876 Yapton

Married?:   1901 census records him as widower. No trace of marriage

Married:     1902 East Preston district

Spouse:    Annie Rosetta Gumbrill, widow

Born:        1873 Middleton


22/3/1880 – 25/2/1887 Yapton school

1891 census: residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing Chidham Lane End, Chidham. Occupation: ordinaty agricultural labourer. Housekeeper Annie Arnold 48 with him.

1911 census: Residing 14 Street Littlehampton. Occupation: labourer. With them stepsons Charles Henry Gumbrill 17 golf caddy and James Gumbrill 14



Born:         17/6/1878 Yapton

Father:       Andrew Saxby

Mother:      Fanny Moore

Died:         1952 Surrey SW district

Baptised:   18/8/1878 Yapton

Married:     1926 Guilford

Spouse:     Anne M Moore


13/9/1881 – 5/7/1881 Yapton school

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer



Born:         18/4/1881 Yapton

Father:       Andrew Saxby

Mother:      Fanny Moore

Baptised:   18/5/1880 Yapton

Died:         1947 Hove district

Married:     1907 West Ham district

Spouse:     Elizabeth Catharine Egan

Born:         1876 Chelsea

Children:    Alfred Andre Saxby born 1910 Hove


1885 30/3/1885 admitted Yapton school

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: nursery gardener

1911 census: Residing 51 Tamworth Rd Hove. Occupation: policeman



Born:        14/2/1884 Yapton

Father:      Andrew Saxby

Mother:     Fanny Moore

Baptised:  16/3/1884 Yapton

Died:        1953 Worthing district

Married;    1911 Steyning districr

Spouse;    Willie Nathaniel Short

Born:        1881 Fishersgate

Died:        1954 Worthing district

Children:   Fanny Saxby born 1901 Fishersgate

                Frederick Saxby born 1905 Fishersgate

               Florence V G Short born 1913 Steyning district

                Harry N Short born 1914 Steyning district

               Lily H Short born 1916 Steyning district

                Betty K Short born 1919 Steyning district

               William A Short born 1921 Steyning district

               Joan E Short born 1923 Steyning district                 



1901 census: Residing 2 Elm Grove Heene Worthing with sister Emma Jenman. Occupation: laundress

1887: 23/5/1887 admitted Yapton school

1911 census: Residing 26 Chapel Rd, Fishersgate. Occupation: laundry hand. Willie living with widowed mother Mill Rd, Fishersgate. Occupation: mariner, Merchant Navy


Born:        13/1/1886 Yapton

Father:      Andrew Saxby

Mother:     Fanny Moore.

Died :        13/12/1916 of wounds at home

Married:    1906 Yapton witnessed by brother who married two weeks later

Spouse:    Fanny Florence Bishop of Yapton,

Born:         1885 Bosham

Parents:   Richard & Fanny  Bishop

Died:         1957 Worthing district

Children:  Edith Forence Saxby born 1909 Yapton

                 Alfred John Saxby  born 1910 buried 14/4/1911 Yapton

                 Norah A Saxby born 1911 Westhampnett district

                 Florence M Saxby born 1914 Westhampnett district


1889: 22/7/1889 admitted Yapton school

1901 census: Residing with parents: Occupation: carter

1906:  Married

1911 census: Residing Holkham Cottages, Yapton. Occupation: general labourer on farm

Enlisted in Chichester. Sergeant SD/3008, 11th Battalion, Royal Sussex, 39th Division. Buried in St Mary’s churchyard, Yapton.



Born:      23/5/1888 Yapton

Father:    Andrew Saxby

Mother:   Fanny Moore

Died:       26/9/1915 killed in action


11/5/1891-26/6/1903 Yapton school. Left to be an engine driver

1901 census: With parents. Name givern as Alan

 1915: Sapper 48561, 94th Field Company, The Royal Engineers. Parents living Church Rd, Yapton. Enlisted in Arundel. Commemorated on the Loos memorial MR. 19

Arrived France 25/8/1915. Was then in the 19th (Western) Division.


25th Division to January 1915 then 19th (Western) Division