Family History



Born: 1823 Mortlake

Father: William Rothenburg

Mother: Ann Warr

Baptised: 14/12/1823 Mortlake

Died; 1877 Marylebone district

Married: 1849 Worcester

Spouse: Emma Kennicott Weybourne (see Appendix 1 and Note 1)

Born: abt 1828 Worcester

Died: 1904 Hackney district

Parents: William and Mary Weybourne

Children; Frederick Rothenburg b 1849 Worcester

Mary Ann Rothenburg b 1850 St George East

Emma Rothenburg b 1855

Henry John Rothenburg b 21/10/1856

William Rothenburg b 2/1/1858

Edward Rothenburg b 3/7/1859

Edward Rothenburg born 1861

Ann Rothenburg b 1868

1851 census; Residing 7 Bowyers Building, St George-in-the-East. Occuaption tobacco pipe maker journeyman and Emma pipe trimmer. Sharing No 7 with the Green family, also clay pipe makers

1856 April Emmaís death certificate: Residing 13 Britanniaís St, Pancras.

1856 Baptismal register for Henry: Residing 9 Charles Street Bethnal Green

1858 Baptismal register for William. Residing 4 Ann Street (Ann Street rqan parallel to Bethnal Green Road, linking Pllard Row to marys Road)

1861 census: Residing 6 Ann Street, Bethnal Green. Occupation: Tobacco pipe maker, Emma tobacco trimmer

1871 census: Residing 6 Ann Street, bethnal Green. Occupation: pipe maker, Emma tobacco trimmer. Mary Ann living with them

1881 census: Widow Emma residing 11 John St. occupation: tobacco pipe finisher. Henry Freeman aged 40 tobacco pipe maker lodging with her

1891 census: Emma Freeman widow boarding 40 Hindle St, hackney with William Warford widower (30), his daughter Florence 5 and Sarah Penn 19 seamstress

1901 census: Emma Freeman widpw living 4 Hindle St.Hackney. Desctibed as head but in same house as matilda Jackdson and her family. No occupation given

Note 1: Emma remarried 20/3/1882 St Barnabas Homerton Henry Freeman. He was born 1840 Marylebone district son of William and Mary Freeman. His father was a tobacco pipe maker. He died 1883 Hackney district. Emmaís father was a pipemaker. Both living 36 Sedgwick St at time of marriage.






Born: 1849 Worcester

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Died: 1893 St Pancras district

Married: 27/8/1878 St Barnabas, Homerton, Hackney (see Note 1)

Spouse; Margaret Barratt

Born: 1846 Liverpool or Cork (see Note 2)

Parents: James Barnett, builder

Buried: Margaret Rothenburgh aged 88 1931 Pancras district

1871 census: Possibly the Frederick Rothenbury working as a grocerís shopman and Ďliving-iní with his employer, the Holmes family 7 Abbey Street, Derby

1891 census: Residing 22 Pratt St St Pancras. Occupation: house painter

1911 census: Margaret Rottenburg 67 widow residing St Pancras Workhouse, 4 Kings Road, Camden. Previous occupation ironer. Place of birth given as Cork.

Note 1: Address for both 88 High Street. Both made their mark. Witnessed by Robert Lagden? And Eliza Hill.She died 1893 Pancras.

Note 2: 1891 census gives her place of birth as Liverpool. 1911 census as Cork

Note: Unable to find Frederick on 1881 census, or Margaret on 1901 census


Born: 1870 St George in the East

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Died: 1880

Married: 18/11/1871 St Thomas Bethnal Green (see Note 1)

Spouse: William Sloane

Born: 1846 Bethnal Green

Parents: Hugh and Jane Sloane

Died: 1909 Bethnal Green district.

Children: William Sloane b 1871 (note 2)

Caroline Ann Sloane b 1873 (see Note 3)

Mary Ann Sloane b 1875 (see Note 4) Elizabeth Sloane b and died 1878

1881 census: Family living 22 Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green. Occupation woodturner. Williamís mother Jane with them

1891 census: Son William and daughter Mary Ann living together 146 St John St Road, Clerkenwell, William an ostler, Mary Ann a tailoress.

Note 1: Both made their marks. Witnessed by Frederick Rothenburg (signed) and Jane Sloane (mark). Occupation of William and father Hugh unreadable. Mary Ann residing 6 Ann Street, William 79 Francis Street?

Note 2: William Sloane married 1899 Holborn Elizabeth Rose Walsh b. 1869 Clerkenwell (on 1901 census as Rose).

1901 census: occupation electric light wireman

1911 census: Unable to trace

Note 3: Caroline Ann Sloane married 25/12/ 1892 St Leonards Shoreditch Richard Nettleton born 1867, son of Richard Nettleton, carpenter. Both gave address of 13 Red Lion Square. His occupation was florist. Witnessed by William and mary Ann Sloane

Children: William Nettleton b 1896 Islington (1901 printerís reading boy); Thomas Nettleton b. 1897 Clerkenwell (1911 census: vanguard); Constance Nettleton b. 1904 Clerkenwell; Lilian Nettleton b 1907 Clerkenwell

1911 census: Residing 16 Cloudsley Place, Islington. Occupation: artificial florist

Note 4: Mary Ann Sloane married 21/7/1898 BETHNAL Green Parish Church Charles Isaac Clark 1874-1937 born Hackney, son of Henry Clark, clicker. At time of marriage he was a polisher living 8 Eyra Street and Mary Ann living 27 Turin Street. Witnessed by William Sloane and Lily Rattray

Children: Charles b 1900, Winifred Mary probably born 1906 married Leslie Edward Knight 1905-1990, Henry Charles, William Alfred

1901 census: residing 2 Bacchus Walk, Hackney. Occupations: French polisher and button coverer

1911 census: unable to trace


Born: 1855

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Died: 13/4/1856 13 Britannia St, Pancras. Aged 8 months, 1 month ill with bronco-pneumonia. Death notified 17/4/1856 by mother who made her mark. Father recorded as Frederick Rothenburg tobacco pipe maker


Born: 21/10/1856

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Baptised: 3/11/1856 St Matthew, Bethnal Green

Died: 1857 Bethnal Green (Dec q)


Born: 2/1/1858 Bethnal Green

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Baptised: 7/2/1858 St Matthew, Bethnal Green

Died: 1858 Bethnal Green (Sept q)


Born: 3/7/1859 Bethnal Green

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Buried: 9/8/1860 aged 15 months in Victoria park Cemetery Hackney from Ann St, Pollards Road

Note: Birth registered by mother 12/8/1859, who made her mark. Father described as Tobacco pipe maker, journeyman



Born: 1861 Bethnal Green

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Buried: 9/9/1961 Victoria Park Cemetery from 6 Ann Street aged 10 weeks


Born; 1869 Bethnal Green

Father: Frederick Rothenburg

Mother: Emma Weybourne

Buried: 26/6/1869 aged 3 months Victoria park Cemetery hackney from 6 Ann Place