Family History

Jane Roden my mother-in-law's great grandmother was particularly difficult to trace. No baptism record has been found for her yet and on her marriage certificate gave her father as William Roden, a complete red herring. I have to thank Maggie Smith for the work she did, not only on tracing Jane when she was alive but also finding the record of her burial in Tipton cemetery. This gave her occupation as midwife which cleared up one mystery. My mother-in-law often told the story of how her grandmother from Tipton went to London to protest at being stopped pratising as a midwife because of her age. Now I knew it could be her turned out to be great-grandmother. Another mystery has also been solved. Mother-in-law believed the Slims came from Scotland. Well they didn't, but Jane's father William Ranken did and this is probably the Scottish connection she heard of as a child.  There is still work to do on William Roden, and further back.

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William Roden

Fanny Roden