Family History



Born: 1804 Midhurst

Mother; Ann Bennett

Baptised; 24/10/04

Buried:: 4/1/1856 Midhurst

Married: 15/10/1825 Midhurst

Spouse: Frances Budd.

Born: 13/5/1805

Baptised: 14/5/1805 Cowdray –RC

Buried: 4/3/1868 Midhurst

Parents: John Budd & Jane Cook

Children: Katherine Bennett b 1826 Midhurst

Frances Rosetta Bennett b 1827 Midhurst

Robert Childs Bennett b 1831 Midhurst

Samuel Bennett b 1834 Midhurst

William Bennett b 1837 Midhurst

Jane Bennett b 1839 Midhurst

James Bennett b 1842 Midhurst

Lucy Bennett b 1844 Midhurst

Francis Bennett b 1847 Midhurst


1841 census: Bricklayer. Residence: Mint Midhurst

1851 census; bricklayer. : residence Midhurst

1861 census: Frances widow residing with daughter Rose


Born: 1826 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

Baptised: 13/1/1826 Midhurst

Buried: 20/4/1831 Easebourne from Midhurst aged 5 yrs



Born: 1827 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

Baptised; 9/1/1828 Midhurst

Died; 1911 Cirencester

Married; 1858 St Giles

Spouse: George Thomas Easton

Born: abt 1829 Lewisham, Kent

Died: 1909 Cirencester

Children: Rose Frances Easton b 1858 Little Houghton, Northampton (see Note 1)

George Easton b 1861 Little Houghton, Northampton

Lucy Jane Easton b 1882 Herefordshure

Note: Married as Francis Rose, on 1861 census as Rose

1841 census: called Rosa

1861 census: Residing Little Houghton, Northampton. Occupation: gardener. Daughter two days old. Mother Frances staying with them

1871 census: Residing Romfant? Estate, Worth, Sussex. Occupation: gardener

1881 census: Residing Clare Cottage, Page Street, Hendon. Occupation: head gardener

1901 census: Residing 3 Apsley Terrace, Watermason? Rd, Cirencester. Residing with their daughter Lucy Lock

Note 1: Rose Frances Easton

1891 census: residing Capress, Newton Aboott occupation: parlourmaid to Maria Wood (living on own means);

1901 census: residing The Wynd, Streatham occupation: cook

1911 census: Residing with sister Lucy. Occupation: housekeeper

Note 2: George Thomas Easton. Married 1887 Wandsworth district Harriett Ann Ashling b 1861 Thorney, Cambs. Children: Lucy Alice Easton b 1888 Wandsworth/Earlsfield; George F Easton b 1890 Wandsworth.

1881 census: residing Chiswick. Occupation: ironmongers assistant.

1891 and 1901 census residing 3 Westbourne terrace Wandsworth: occupation: ironmonger. 1901 mother-in-law Sarah Ashling with them

1911 census: Residing 66A Quinton Street Wandsowrth. Occupation: ironmonger’s salesman. Daughter Lucy with them, a dressmaker. Son George living Stable Yard St James’s Palace, occupation: footman

Note 3: Lucy Jane Easton married 1893 Edmonton district William Lock b 1861 Cirencester. Children: Rosie Lock (Muriel Rose) b 1894 Circencester, Thomas Charles Lock b 1896 Cirencester, Robert William Lock b 1899 Cirencester, Dorothy Kate Lock born 1902 Cirencester

1881 census: Nursemaid at Copthall, Page Street, Hendon

1891 census: Domestic nurse at 16 Cecily Hill, Cirencester

1901 census: Residing 3 Apsley Terrace, Watermoor Road, Cirencester. Occupation: haulier

1911 census: Residing 3 Appsley Terrave Cirencester. Occupation: timber merchant assistant. Muriel Roas a nurse maid and Thomas an errand boy.


Born: 1831 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

Baptised: 20/3/1831 Midhurst

Died: 1875 Chichester

Married: 1859

Spouse: Elizabeth Rawlings Clark

Born: 1834 Orsett, Essex, died after 1901.

Children: Samuel Bennett b 1860 Chichester(see Note 1)

Alice Bennett b 1862 Chichester (see Note 2)

Rose Bennett b 1864 Chichester (see Note 3)

Sarah Fanny Bennett b 1866 Chichester (see Note 4)

Kate Bennett b 1867 Chichester (see Note 5)

Lucy Bennett b 1869 Chichester (see Note 6)

Jane Bennett b 1870 Chichester (see Note 7)

Robert Bennett b 1872 Chichester (see Note 8)

Charlotte Bennett b 1875 Chichester (see Note 9)

1851 Bakers servant to Thomas Butcher, baker, George St, Chichester

1861 Baker, New Broyle St, Chichester. Had servant, Edward Pennicott

1871 44 Orchard St, Chichester, Employing men.

1881 widow Eliza baker, at same address

1891 widow Eliza living 1 Edward terrace Rumbolds Wyke with Samuel and Lucy and lodger Gilbert Gay, bank cashier

1901 living with son Robert

Note 1: Samuel Bennett :

1881 census: Residing with parents occupation: baker;

1891 census: Residing with mother no occupation;

1901 Havant workhouse. Occupation given as a porter

1911 census: Havant Workhouse. Occupation: workhouse porter and baker

Note 2: Alice Bennett m 1881 Joseph N Plunkett b 1855 Islington.

Children: John Plunkett b 1886, Eve Plunkett b 1888; Constance born 1891 Islington; Claudine born 1894 Islington; Joseph Robert born 1897 North Finchley, Harold J born 1895

1881 census: 35 South Audley St, London occupation: lace dealers assistant

1891 census: living Islington. Joseph a dentist

1901 census: Residing Lyndhirst, Woodside park North Finchely. Occupation: dental surgeon

1911 census: residing Lyndhurst, 72 Woodside Park, North Finchley. Occupation: dental surgeon. Son John a dental assistant. Son Harry at school, Old Hall Green Ware, Herts.

Note 3: Rose Bennett married 1887 Chichester Alfred Sadler b 1855 Orsett, Essex.

Children: Robert A Sadler b 1888 Hornsey, Lena R Sadler b 1889 Wood Green, Bernard K Sadler b 1891 Wood Green, Nora A Sadler b 1894 Wood Green, Gladys E Sadler b 1897 Wood Green

1871 staying with grandparents Golden and Lucy Clark, Orsett, Essex. Golden a grocer and wheelwright

1881 dressmaker

1891 census: Residing 12 Green lane, Wood Green. Occupation: pawnbroker’s manager. Monthly nurse staying with them

1901 census: 22 Coleraine? Terrace, Hornsey. Occupation: pawnbroker’s manager

Note 4: Sarah Fanny Bennett

1881 census: assistant dressmaker.

1901 census: visting sister Jane

1911 census: Residing 117 Brixton Road, Brixton. Occupation: drapery establishment

Note 5: Kate Bennett 1881 census: assistant dressmaker;

1891census: visiting sister Alice;

1901 census: servant to Agnes Pallett, Hove

Note 6: Lucy Bennett

1891 census: living with mother Rumbolds Wyke. Occupation: photographer’s assistant

Note 7: Jane Bennett m 1900 Edmonton district James White Harvey b 1867 Holywell, Flintshire. Children: Gwendoline White born 1902 Willesden; Louisa Irene born 1904 Willesden; Ronald Joseph Harvey b 1907 Willesden (m Mary McDonald ); Kathleen Mary Harvey born 1911 Willesden

1891 census: Possibly inmate Brighton Home for Female Penitents, Finsbury Road, Brighton,

1901 census: residing 38 Hazeldean Rd, Willesden

1911 census: residing 44 Hazeldean Rd, Harlesden. Occupation: draper/shop assistant

Note 8: Robert Bennett

1901 census: residing 34 Gladstone Ave, Wood Green, Essex, with mother. Occupation: Gents outfitters assistant

Note 9: Charlotte Bennett

1891 census: living 67 Brompton Road, apprentice milliner & dressmaker

1901 census: servant 6&8 Hanover Square, Westminster. Employer Antonio Bellini restauranteur or married 1897 Edward Underdown born 1869 Hounslow. 1901 residing 4 Ashely Crescent . Occupation: manager store


Born: 1834 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

Baptised: 7/9/1834

Buried: 26/7/1857


Born: 2/1/1837 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

Baptised: 23/1/1837.

Died: 1924 Brighton district

Married: 1862

Spouse: Elizabeth Ellis.

Born; 1840 Midhurst

Parents: John & Charlotte Ellis

Children: Frances Elizabeth Bennett b 1863 Hove (see Note 1)

William John Bennett b 1865 Hove (see Note 2)

Rose Bennett b 1867 Hove (see Note 3)

Florence Bennett b 1871 Hove (see Note 4)

James Bennett b 1873 Hove (see Note 5)

Charles Bennett b 1877 Hove (see Note 6)

1861 census: living with Elizabeth Rapton aged 64 from Easebourne and brother Francis. Although described as her sons it seems they would have been lodgers

1871 census: bricklayer living 27 Somerset St, Hove,

1881 census: 24 Goldstone Rd, Hove Annie taylor aged 17 ironer from Brighton & Mary Carter their servant aged 16 from Swaffham, Norfolk.

1891 census: Elizabeth a laundress with her daughters

1901 census; married daughters Frances Bright-Betton and Florence Lait with them, grand-daughter Florence Lait and son Charles

Note 1: Frances Elizabeth Bennett died 1907 m 1893 Richard Bright-Betton in Kingston, Surrey (he remarried 1912 Alice Bloomfield and had Elizabeth Gem in 1918)

1891 living at home. Laundress.

1901 at parents, without husband

Note 2: William John Bennett born 1865 m 1894 Steyning district Eliza (Elvna Emma) Morgan b 1865 Littlehampton/Lyminster died 1955. Children: Archibald Bennett b 1896 (died 1968 Chichester), William Samuel Bennett b 1899; Reginald Charles born 1901 Arundel (died 1988); Doris Myrna Elizabeth born 1902 Arundel (died 1963)

1881 apprentice printer;

1891 living with Eliza and her family Maltravers St, Arundel. Occupation printer. Father -in-law Samuel Morgan an inn-keeper

1901 living Norfolk Terrace, Arundel. A printer compositor. Brother James living with them

1911 census: Residing Notfolk Terrace Arundel. Occupation: printer compositor. Eliza a confectionary sugar boiler

Note 3: Rose Bennett 1891 census: laundress with mother

Note 4: Florence Bennett b 1871 m 1899 Steyning district William Frederick Lait. Children: Florence Lait b 1900

1891 living 50 George St , Hove. Occupation: milliner

1901 with parents, husband not with her

Note 5: James Bennett

1891 census: a clerk;

1901 census: apprentice electrician living with brother William

Note 6: Charles Edwin Bennett. Married 1901 Steyning district Maud Bath born 1876 Brighton. Children: Rex Bennett born 1906 Leyton

1901 census: living with parents. Occupation: ledger clerk

1911 census: Residing 122 Leghorn Road, Harlesden. Occupation: Travelling representative of International Correspondence School Ltd technical Education.


Born: 1839 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

On 1841 and 1851 census but no trace on birth or baptism registers


Born: 1842 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

Died: 1882 Cuckfield district

Married: 1867 Cuckfield district

Spouse: Elizabeth Comber

Baptised: 19/1/1840 Slaugham.

Parents: John & Sarah Comber

1861 census: under gardener, boarder, Morlands Old House, Cuckfield

1871 census: Residing Beachfield Cottages, Windermere Rd, Bromley, Kent. Occupation: gardener

1881 census: Residing Fountain Inn, Handcross, Slaugham. Occupation: licensed victualler


Born: 1844.Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

1851 living with John & Rose Budd, George St, Chichester. John a grocer


Born: 1847 Midhurst

Father: Robert Bennett

Mother: Frances Budd

1861 census: scholar living with brother William Bennett (b. 1837) and Elizabeth Rapson. In 1861 census she was a widow and charwoman. He was described as her son. Elizabeth Rapson was born Elizabeth Whittington, c 1800 Easebourne. She married 19/10/1822 in Woolavington William Rapson. One child William b 1823 Midhurst. She was a live-in servant to Charles Blunden, The Square, Midhurst in 1841. 1871 living on own, Midhurst Common. She died 1873.

1871 census: under-gardener, The hale, Great Stanmore