Family History

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Born:          1770 Slindon

Father:        Thomas saxbee

Mother:       Elizabeth Hoare

Baptised:     11/3/1770 Slindon

Buried:        7/6/1734 Slindon

Married;       23/1/1792 Slindon

Spouse:       Michael Refoy

Buried:         4/4/1807 Slindon parish Church

Children:      Harriett Refoy b 1792 Slindon

                  Catherine Refoy b 1794 Slindon

                  Charles Refoy b 1798 Slindon

                  Robert Refoy b 1803 Slindon

                  Michael Refoy b 1804 Slindon

                  Martha Refoy b 1807 Slindon



Born:             24/9/1792 Slindon

Father:          Michael Refoy

Mother:         Elizabeth Saxby

Baptised:       25/9/1792 Slindon R-C church (see Note 1)

Buried:          4/1/1826 Slindon parish church

Married:         10/5/1813 Slindon (see Note 2)

Spouse:         Joseph Bowley

Father:          John Bowley

Mother:          Jane Ayling

Children:        six


Note 1: Name in Slindon-RC baptismal register is Henrietta but in other places in register as Henriett/Harrietta. Godparents Richard and Mary Bowley



Born:           3/11/1794 Slindon

Father:         Michael Refoy

Mother;        Elizabeth Saxby

Baptised:      8/11/1794 Slindon R-C church

Buried:         25/8/1795 Slindon parish Church


Godparents: James Charne and Elizabeth Randall



Born:          9/10/1798

Father:        Michael Refoy

Mother:       Elizabeth Saxby

Baptised:     12/10/1798 Slindon R-C church

Died:          1866 Westhampnett district


Godparents: Charles Hart and Joanna Clerk


1861 census: Residing Slindon, unmarried. Occupation: bricklayer



Born:         1803 Slindon

Father:       Michael Refoy

Mother:       Elizabeth Saxby

Baptised:     5/3/1803 Slindon R-C Church

Buried:        10/3/1803 Slindon parish Church


Godparents: William & Lydia Carter



Born:         1804 Slindon

Father:        Michael Refoy

Mother:      Elizabeth Saxby

Baptised:      13/3/1804 Slindon R-C Church

Died:          1849

Married:       Northchapel

Spouse:      Elizabeth Holden

Baptised:     1/9/1815

Parents:      Thomas Holden & mary

Buried:       3/11/1855 Slindon aged 40

Children:      George b 1839 Slindon

                  Henry refoy b 1844 Slindon

                  Charles Refoy b 1846 Slindon

                  Harriet Refoy b 1849 SDlindon


G0dparents George Hunt & Maria Randall

1841 census: Residing in Slindon. Occupation: bricklayer

1851 census: living Slindon, widow, pauper



Born:             1807 Slindon

Father:           Michael Refoy

Mother:          Elizabeth Saxby

Baptised:        12/2/1807 Slindon R-C Church

Buried;            29/12/1873 Slindon

Married:          13/8/1824 Sindon

Spouse:            Matthew Jackson

Baptised;         24/10/1802 Slindon

Buried:           27/4/1867 Slindon

Children:         Elizabeth Jackson bapt 26/7/1824 but 17/8/1824 Slindon

                      Martha Jackson bapt 30/4/1826

                      Ann Jackson bapt 28/12/1828

                       Charlotte bapt 19/7/1831 (children Joseph b 1849 Arundel, James b 1853 Arundel

                        Joseph Jackson bapt 15/12/1933 Slindon m 30/6/1860 Slindon RC Charlotte Searle b 1838 Rackham (William bapt 28/2/1862 Slindon, Joseph bapt 17/7/1864 Slindon, Henry bapt 1874 Waterloo Hants, Thomas bapt 1877 Littlehampton married 28/12/1899 Slindon Edith Bennett (witnessed Georger & Fanny Elizabeth Bennett. Sydney b 1900 Aldingbourne)

                      Lucy bapt 7/1/1837 Slindon

                      Thomas bapt 14/5/1841 Slindon RC m 23/6/1864 Walberton Lucy Birch bapt 131/12/1839 Walberton (Ann bapt 10/9/1865 Slindon, Ellen bapt 14/2/1869 Slindon, Arthur bapt 17/3/1871 Slindon, George bapt 1874 Eartham)

                       William Jackson bapt 9/11/1846 Slindon RC m Hannah Clough b abt 1840 Whitby (Ruth J Jackson b 1877, Elizabeth (adopted) b 1880 Croydon, Christina b 18840

                     Mary Jackson bapt 30/1/1851 Slindon


Martha’s godmother was Elizabeth Reynolds. She was confirmed 18/10/1837 (1817?) confirmation name also Martha