Family History

Thomas Prior was the borther of an ancestor of mine. I would like to hear from you if you have any additions, aorrections or comments.



Born:          1815

Father:        William Prior

Mother:       Mary Prior

Buried:        7/6/1858 Harting, from East Harting

Married:      24/10/1834 Rogate

Spouse:        Jane Wooldridge

Baptised::    10/12/1815 Rogate

Parents:        John & Jane Wooldridge

Died:           1897 Harting

Children:      Thomas Prior b 1834 Rogate

                      Jane Prior b 1837

                     William Prior b. 1840

                      Ann Prior b. 1842

                       Alfred Prior b 1844

                       Richard Prior b. 1845

                     Albert Prior b. 1847

                      Thomas Prior b. 1844


                     Moses Prior b. 1850,

                     Rebecca Prior b. 1856

                     Jabez Prior b. 1859.


1841 census: occupation agricultural labourer

1851 census: Bucks? House, east Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Jane a widow residing East Harting

1871 & 1881 census: Jane a laundress living Billingsgate

1891 census:  Jane on poor relief living with Jabez – no occupation & his wife Minnie, charwoman

Note 1: Marriage witnessed by Robert & Ann Budd


Born:      1834 Rogate

Father:    Thomas Prior

Mother:   Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:  4/1/1835 Rogate

Married:   30/5/1857 Harting

Spouse:     Grace Budd

Born:         Elsted 1835.

Children:   Ellen Prior b 1858 Elsted

                   Fanny Prior b 1862 Harting

                   Frances Matilda Prior b 1865

                    George prior b 1866 (see Note 3)


Note: 5 children, one died


1861 census: Residing Runcton hamlet, North Mundhum. Occupation; agricultural labourer

1871 residence: cottages, Runcton, occupation: agricultural labourer & charwoman

1881: cottage, Hunston

1891 & 1901 Kyrion bank, Hunston

1901 census: Residing North Mundham. (3 rooms). Occupation: farm labourer.


Note 1: Ellen prior married 1881Warding Diplock born1853 Little Hested.. Children: Georgina Diplock b 1883 marylebonr

1881census:  residence Hoade Hill, Hurstmonceaux, occupation: coachman. Ellen Price b 1871 Hunston with them


Note 2: Fanny prior 1881 census:  occupation: scullery maid residence: Knighton House, Durweston, Dorset  Married George Shuttlewood b 1862 Langham Rutlan


Note 3: George Prior married 1890 Alice Harrier Staker born 1867 Hunston. Children: (1911 2 living 2 dead) Harold Prior b 1891 Hunston; (1901 working in market garden) Elsie Prior b 1894 b  Appledram;                     Frances Matilda Prior b 1896 Runcton (not on 1911 census)

1891 census: : village, Hunston. Agricultural labourer

1901: census 1 Somers Town , Havant. Occupation: railway ganger

1911 census; Residing 4 railway Station Cottage, barnham. Occupation: railway ganger.


Born:              1837 Harting

Father:            Thomas Prior

Mother:           Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:        30/4/1837 Harting

Died;               1910 Petersfield district

Married:          1857 Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse:           George Wooldpidge

Born:              1836 Sleet, Hants,

Father:             Richard Wooldridge

Died:               1893

Children:         Jane Prior (Wooldridge b 1857

                          Fanny Wooldridge  b 1859 Sheet

                        Harry Wooldridge b 1863

                        George Wooldridge b 1866

                         Frederick F Wooldridge b 1878


1861 census: Residing Shagling? Houses, Sleet. George a husbandman. 1

871 & 1881 census: Residing Lower Adhurst, Sleet. George a farm bailiff.

1891 census: innkeeper, Sleet. 

1901 census: Jane a widow, innkeeper.

Note 1: on marriage certificate says Petersfield as place of residence for Georg) died 1893.. Marriage witnessed by Thomas & Grace Prior


Born:          1840 Harting

Father:        Thomas Prior

Mother:       Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:    5/7/1840 Harting)

Married:      Mary

Born :          Froxfield. Hants

Died:           1909 Westhampnett district aged 69

Children:      Mary Ann Prior b. 1860

                     William Prior b. 1864 (see Note 1)

                      Jane Prior b. 1867 (see Note 2)

                      Emily Prior b 1869 (see Note 3)

                      Thomas Prior b. 1871 (see Note 5)

                      Harriet Prior b. 1873 (see Note 6)

                       Sarah Prior b. 1875   (see Note 4)                  

                       Henry Prior b. 1879. (see Note 7)

1871 census:  living 111 Rose Green, Pagham.

1881 census: agricultural labourer Siddlesham,

1891 census: 90 Near the Hill, Siddlesham,

1901 census: New Fishbourne. ,

1911 census: Widower leaving alone Easton Lane, Sidlesham. Occupation: farm labourer

Note 1: William Prior 1901census:  agricultural labourer Birdham

Note 2: Jane Prior married Henry John Harding born 1862. Children: Emily b. 1888, Henry b. 1890, Frederick b. 1896. 

1891 census: Heighleigh, Siddlesham. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Henry was a shepherd. Living at 41 Highleigh, Sidelsham.


Note 3: Emily Prior married 1891,

1891 census: General servant 62 Eason Lane, Sidlesham


Note 4: Sarah prior died 1898 married 1897 Charles Denyer. 1891 census: general servant 2 London Rd, Sourh Bersted


Note 5: Thomas Prior married 1897 Westhampnett district Louisa Baker born 1873 Harting. 1901 census: residing Braggs, Birdham. Occupation: agricultural labourer


Note 6:  Harriett Prior married 1895 George Jupp born 1866 Horsham. Children: Frank b 1896, Albert b 1897, Walter b 1899.

 1891 census: servant to Richard Stevens, farmer, grocer, miller, Grocers shop, East Wittering.

1901 census: Wallend Coast guard Station, Selsey. Occupation: coastguard


Note 7:: henry prior married 1898 Westhampnett district Alice Flora M Denyer born 1872 Felpham. Children: William Henry Prior b 1899 Weshampnett district

1901 cenus: Residing New Town, South bersted. Occupation: labourer. Jesse Harman 84, widow living on own mans lodging and Eliza Ann Denyer 20, domestic servant, visiting.


Born:      1842 Harting

Father:     Thomas Prior

Mother:    Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:  26/6/1842 Harting

Married:             1863 Midhurst districr

Spouse:              James Wells

Born:                  1840 Chalton, Hants

Children:            James Wells b 1863 Chalton

                           Mary Ann Wells b 1866 Chalton

                            Ellen Wells b 1868 Funtingtdon

                            Jane Wells b 1869 Funtingdon

12 children. 1911 7 living, 5 dead


1871 census: Residing 10 Cottqges, Funtingdon. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Two lodgers with them

1911 census: Residing West Ashling Chichester occupation: hurdle maker. Son James 47 unmarried living with them. Occupation: hurdle maker




Born:                1844 Harting

Father:              Thomas Prior

Mother:             Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:           26/5/1844 Harting


Not on 1851 census. No record of his death



Born:                      1845 Harting

Father:                      Thomas prior

Mother:                Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:                  19/1/1845 harting


1861 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labouree


Born:            1847 Harting

Father:       Thomas Prior

Mother:      Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:     28/11/1847 Harting

Buried:      31/8/1875 Harting

Married:    1 21/12/872

Spouse;        Lucy Wells

Born:           1849 .Harting

Father:        George Wells

Mother:       Sarah Langrish

Buried:        20/6/1930 Harting (see Note 2)

Parents:      George & Mary Prior

 Children:  Annie Prior b 1873  (see Note 1)

                   Jane Prior b. 1875. died 1876


1861 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census; Residing South Harting : occupation:  a cowman

1881 census: Lucy a a laundress living with her father George Wells and two older unmarried brothers George & James. 25 Rectotry Cottages,

1891 census: housekeeper to her brothers, and nephew Frank. Annie living with her. .

1901 census: Residing “The Sly” Harting with brothers James and George Wells, and boarder George Hills 32 postman

1911 census: Residing South harting with single brothers James Wells (gardener) and George Wells (shoemaker). Also Alfred New 37 farm labourer

Note 1: Annie Prior married 21/10/1899 Harry Pay, born 1864 son of Robert pay, carter. Albert prior described as carter, deceased. Witnessed by Frank Wells & Alice Want? children: , Albert born 1900. 1901 census: living 25 the Square, South Harting, Harry working for a grocer.(on marriage certificate grocer’s porter)

Note 2: Lucy prior aged 81 buried from 20 Madeline Rd, Petersfield. Coroners verdict: accidental death



Born:          1850 Harting

Father:         Thomas Prior

Mother:        Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:       29/12/1850

Children:     Edith Emily Prior b 1889 pagham

                  William prior b 1892 Pagham

                   Kathleen Elizabeth b 1901 Pagham       


1861 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: living with widowed mother Billingsgate? Harting . cowman

1911 census: Residing Fordbridge Farm, Lagness nr Chichester. Occupation: ag lab.

Recorded as married but no wife listed. Edith housekeeper; William a mangrover on farm


A Moses Prior married 1889 Westhampnett district Martha Coote or Emily Elizabeth Trent



Born:        1856 Harting

Father:      Thomas Prior

Mother:     Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:   21/3/1856 Harting

Buried:        27/10/1915

Married:      29/12/1979 harting (see Note 1)

Spouse;      Charles Wells

Born:          1845.

Father:         George Wells

Children:    Thomas G Wells  b 1881


1881 census: Residence: Billingsgate, Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Mother Jane Prior living with them

1891 census: Residing Billingsgate.(next to Jabez). Occupation: Bricklayer’s labourer

1901 census: Residing North Lane, Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer


Note 1: Witnessed by James Wells & Lucy Prior


Born:           1858 Harting

Father:         Thomas Prior

Mother:        Jane Wooldridge

Baptised:      30/1/1859 Harting

Buried:           23/6/1893 Harting

Married:         cannot trace marriage

Spouse:        Minnie Barnett (see Note 1)

Parents:         james barnett

Born :          1860 Reading.


1871 census: Residing Uppark gardens with Charles Hipkins Park keeper. Occupation: errand boy

1891census:  living with mother, no occupation. Minnie a charwoman


Note 1: Minnie remarried 9/2/1893 John Finch aged 30, platelayer from South harting, son of Charles Finch, labourer. Her father given as James Barnett, boot maker. Witnesses Harvey Gaines and Mary Ann Eames