Family History

Richard Prior was the brother of an ancestor of mine. This is something about his family. If you have any comments, additions or corrections I would like to hear from you.



Born:   1824 Harting

Father:  William Prior

Mother: Mary Trimmer

Baptised: 26/12/1824 Harting

Buried :   5/4/1890 Harting from East Harting

Married:      16/9/1847 in Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse;     Sally Smith

Baptised :  1818 in Rogate

Parents:      Thomas Smith labourer and Elizabeth.

Buried:       8/9/1892 Harting.

Children:       Harriet Prior born 1847

                    Rosella Prior born 1849

                     James Prior born 1850

                    Joseph Prior b 1851

                    Alfred Prior born 1853

                    Dorcas Prior born 1855

                    Barbara Prior born 1856

                    Daniel Prior born 1858

                      Alice Prior born 1861 died 1863


1841 census: Residing with parents

1851 census: Residing East harting Street (next to parents). Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census:  living East Harting Street 

1881 census: living Tyebak Harting

1871 census: Residing East Harting St. Occupation: carter

1881 census: Residing East Harting Street. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1890 residing East harting at time of death

1891: Sarah residing Pigeon Hill, Woolbeeding with daughter Betsy


Note 1: George Hill & Harriet Prior witnesses.


Born 1847 Harting

Father:         Richard Prior

Mother:        Sally Smith

Baptised:     31/10/1847

1861 census: possibly attendant to William and Ann Loton (aged 80 and 75).This could have been a cousin of same name and age

1871 census: Possibly residing Cottege Street, Petersfield. Servant to Rev RE Coles, curate of Sheet, Hants

A Harriet Prior was buried Petersfield district 1863


Born:     1849 Harting

Father:    Richard Prior

Mother:   Sally Smith

Baptised:   28/4/49 Harting)

Buried:       18/1/1853 Harting from East Harting


Born:     1850 Harting

Father:    Richard Prior

Mother:   Sally Smith

Baptised: 25/8/1850 Harting)

Buried:     24/12/1862 Harting from East Harting


Born:          1851Harting

Father:       Richard Prior

Mother:      Sally Smith

Died:          1874. Midhurst district

1871 census: in West Sussex Prison, Petworth


Born:            1854  Harting

Father:          Richard Prior

Mother:         Sally Smith

Baptised:        19/2/1854 Harting

Died:              1909 Westbourne district

Married:          31/7/1880 Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse:           Jane Anthony

Born:              1862 in Selborne

Father:           Arthur Anthony

Mother:             Harriett Holloway..

Children:          Ada Mary   Prior b 1881 Harting

                         Frank Prior bapt 28/5/1882 died 1884 (see Note 3)

                    Elizabeth Prior b. 1883 Harting (see Note 2)

                    Isabel Fanny  Prior b 12/8/1887 Catherington, Hants (Note 4)

                     Edith Mabel  Prior b 1888 Burton, Hants

                     Annie Olive Prior b 1892 Harting, bapt 31/7/1892

                     Ernest Arthur Prior b 1895 Harting bapt 25/12/1895

                    Nellie Gladys Prior b 1897 Idsworth (see Note 5)

                       Daisy  Prior b 1900 Racton


 1871 census: Alfred living with parents,

1881 census: living 76 East harting Street with Janes parents Arthur & Harriott Anthony

1891 census: Harting Road, , Buriton, 1901 Recton. Nephew Alfred Anthony 2 living with them

1892 Residing West harting. Occupation: thatcher

1901 census  Residing 6 Shuttlebourne? Cottages, Racton. Occupation: farm labourer


Note 1: witnessed by Edward prior and Harriet Anthony


Note 2: Elizabeth Prior m 1904 Havant district Henry Thomas Hedgcock. Children: Henry Thomas b 1905, Ernest William b 1906, Arthur James Hedgcock b. 1907,

Mabel E b 1911, Winnie D b 1913, Frederick b 1920, female b 1922 : 1901census: . Servant to Edward Lintern , Inland revenue Officer, West Havant


Note 3: Ernest Arthur Prior probably married 1919 Midhurst district Beatrice E Woodhatch. Children: Ernest A prior b 1920 Midhurst disrict


Note 4: Isabel Prior d 5/4/1973 Rochford, Essex


Note 5: possibly married 1917 West Ashford district John W Phillips


Born:      1855 Harting

Father:        Richard Prior

Mother:       Sarah Smith

Married:      1879

Spouse:           Thomas Carter.

Born:          1860 Falmer

Parents:        John & Frances Carter

Children:       Agnes Carter b 1879  Didling(see Note 1)

                       Annie Carter b 1881 Didling (see Note 2)

                       Richard Carter b 1882 Didling   

                      Alice Carter b 1883 Didling (see Note 3)

                       Robert Carter b 1884 Didling

                        Ruth Carter b 1886 Didling

                        Jenny Carter b 1888 Didling

                         Thomas Carter b 1891 Didling

                        Harriet Carter b 1893 Treyford

                        Charles Carter b. 1898. Treyford


1871 census: living with widowed father John Carter, farmer, Didling,

1891 census: Didling Rd (Thomas a farm labourer),

1881 census: Residing Village, Didling, with widowed father-in-law John. Occupation: general labourer

 1901 census: Drury House, Twyford, Thomas a carter.

1911 Dorcas married visiting daughter-in-law Agnes Gilmore. Son Charles with her


Note 1: Agnes Carter 1901 census:  servant to Charles Wild, Douglas lake Farm, Fittleworth)

Married George Gilmore b 1884 Portsmouth. Children: Charles Robert  b 1909 Portsmouth; George Richard b 1907 Treyford; Thomas William b 1906 Portsmouth;


Note 2: Annie Carter 1901 census:  kitchenmaid at a medical institution Milton St James, Portsmouth


Note 3: Alice Carter (901 census: servant to Catherine Wild, Hollybank, Harting),


Note 4: Ruth Carter : 1901 census: living with uncle Isaac carter and his wife Ruth, Orange Cottage, Barton St Paul, Newport, I.O.W)


Born:         1856 Harting

Father:      Richard Prior

Mother:       Sally Smith

Baptised:     5/2/1856 Harting

Married:       1877

Spouse:       Thomas Payne Loten

Baptised:  11/4/1852 Trotton

Parents:    Joseph and Emily Loten

Died:         1889.

Children:       Edith Loten b 1879 Stedham

                     Harriet Loten b 1883 Stedham

                    Bessie Loten b 1885 Stedham (see Note 1)

                    Rhoda Loten b 1887 Stedham  (see Note 2)


1871 census:  nursemaid to George Seward, farmer, Manor Farm, Harting

1891 residing Pigeon Hill. Woolbeeding

1901: widow, ragsorter in papermill, living Mill Cottage, Stedham. Birthplace given as Rogate


{Just west of Iping Bridge are mill buildings, presumably on the site of the mill, valued at 3s. 4d. in Domesday Book. (fn. 4) By 1665 there was a water-mill containing a wheat-mill and a malt-mill under one roof, and the site of a former fulling-mill. (fn. 5) At the beginning of the 18th century this became a paper-mill and it continued to be used for this purpose until 1930, about which time it was burnt down. (fn. 6)

Used to make blotting paper.}

From: 'Iping', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 4: The Rape of Chichester (1953), pp. 63-65. URL: Date accessed: 25 March 2008.]


Note 1: Bessie Loton married 1908 East preston district possibly Henry Pettitt

 1901 census: rag sorter in paper mill   

Note 2: Rhoda Loten married 1911 Midhurst district Charles Lamborn. Children: Charles Lamborn b. 1912 Westhampnett district, Doris K Lamborn b. 1918 Weshampnett district 



Born:       1858 Elsted

Father:      Richard Prior

Mother:     Sally Smith

Baptised:    4/7/1858 Treyford with Didling

Buried:       25/7/1863 Harting, from East Harting.



Born:         1860 Elsted

Father:       Richard Prior

Mother:      Sally Smith

Baptised:    16/9/1860 Treyford with Didling

Buried:     16/11/1863 Harting