Family History

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Born:        1810 Harting

Father:      William Prior

Mother:     Mary Trimmer 

Baptised:    16/9/1810 Harting

Buried:       14/8/1893 from Easebourne Union workhouse

Married :     1/9/1829 in Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse;        Sarah Porter

Baptised:      21/4/1805 Hawley, Hants

Buried::         2/12/1874.Harting  from East Harting

Children:       John prior b 1830 harting

                     Sarah Prior b 1831 Harting

                     William Prior b 1834 Harting

                     George Prior b 1835 Harting (bapt 8/11/1835)

                      Mary Ann Prior b 1837 Harting

                      James Prior b. 1839 Harting (bapt 4/8/1839)

                      Jane Prior b 1842 Harting (bapt 30/1/1842 Rogate)

                      Harriet Prior b 1844 harting (bapt 3/3/1844)

                      Caroline Prior b 1846 Harting

                      Martha Prior b 1848 Harting

                      Louiza Prior b 1851 Harting


1841 census: Residing Habin, Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer                     

1851 census: Living Goldrings, Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Goldrings Houe, Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: living East harting Street next to brother William, no family with them, 1881 census: John lodging with James and Mary Walder East Harting Street

1891 census: Pauper inmate Easebourne workhouse


Note 1: witnessed by William Prior & Mary Hill. All made their marks.



Born:                 1830 Harting

Father:                John prior

Mother:               Sarah Porter

Baptised;             15/4/1830

Died:                    1865 Greenwich district

Married;                31/8/1850 Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse;               Marianne (Mary Ann) Porter (see Note 2)

Baptised;              12/6/1831 Headley, Hants

Died:                    1879 Greenwich

Father:                 John Porter

Children:              Sarah Prior baptised 29/12/1850 Harting

                             Caroline Prior born 1851 battersea

                             Emily Jane Prior  Born 1853 Battersea

                             Mary Ann prior born 1857 battersea


Note 1: both recorded as minors. Witnesses Thomas and Sarah Prior


Note 2: Mary Ann remarried 1868 in Greenwich Arthur Billings born 1830 Chelsham Surrey died 1908 Greenwich district. Children: Thomas Billings born 1868

1871 census: residing Jeanís Row, Greenwich. Occupation: coal porter. Living with them Emily and Mary Ann prior, Henry Billings born 1857 and Rose Billings born 1865.

1881 census: Widower Arthur living 6 Jeans Row with Emily (surname given as Billings) Thomas and Elizabeth Billings born 1875. occupation: genral labourer. Emily a laundress.

1891 census: Arthur a widower living with an Emily and her family. 2 Woolwich Rd, Charlton Kent. Occupation: gardener. This could be his step-daughter Emily

1901 census: Arthur inmate Greenwich workhouse


1851 census: residing High Street, Battersea. Occupation: brewerís servant

1861 census:  Residing Lower Bennett Street, Greenwich. Occupation: labourer


Caroline Prior married 1877 Dover William Henry Fletcher born 1852 Higham, Kent.

Children: William John Fletcher born 1878 Lee, Kent

. 1871 census: servant to Silas Carter, Aucland Cottage, Lee Rd, Kidbrooke, Kent

1881 census: Residing 7 Sydenham Cottages, Lee. Occupation: dairyman




Born:          1831 Harting

Father:         John Prior

Mother:        Sarah Porter

Baptised:      29/12/1831 Harting

Married:       27/5/1853 George Hill

Father:          William Hill.


1861 census: living in Portsmouth, George a gardener,

1881 census: living East Harting St, Harting, George agric labourer, Sarah a laundress


Born:          1834 Harting

Father:        John Prior

Mother:       Sarah Porter

Baptised:    13/4/1834 Harting


1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer




Born:              1835 Harting

Father:            John Prior

Mother:           Sarah Porter

Baptised:        8/11/1835 Harting

Married:         probably 1860 marylebone district

Spouse:           Caroline probably Caroline Barnes

Born:              1838 battersea

Parents:           Frederick & Louisa Barnes


1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: garden boy at UpPark

1861 census: Residing  16 Colebran Street, Charrlton, Dover. Occupation: gardener



Born:             1837 Harting

Father:           John Prior

Mother:          Sarah Porter

Baptised:        5/10/1837


1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: Sunday scholar




Born:            1839 Harting

Father:          John Prior

Mother:         Sarah Porter

Baptised:      4/8/1839 Harting


Possibly in army in 1871 stationed Elham, Kent




Born:          1842 Harting/Rogate

Father:         John Prior

Mother:       Sarah Porter

Baptised:     30/1/1842 Rogate


Possibly died 1856 Petersfield district however not buried Harting



Born:           1844 Harting

Father:         John Prior

Mother:        Sarah Porter

Baptised:     3/3/1844 Harting


Born:            1846 Harting

Father:          John Prior

Mother:         Sarah Porter

Baptised:      10/1/1847 Harting

Married:        1869 Dover district

Spouse:         John W Booker

Born:             1844 Dover

Children:        John Booker b . 1874 Dover (see Note 1)

                       George Frederick  Booker b 1880 Dover (see Note 2)

1861 census: servant Naval terrace, Sheerness, kent to Henry Terry. Mary Ann Prior also there.

1881 census:: 47 Seven Star Street. Occupation: Pier gatekeeper

1891 census:  Residing 47 Seven Sta St, Dover. occupation: pier gatekeeper . Lodger Thomas Johnson 22 railway signalman and visitor Sarah A Pain, 72, sick nurse


Note 1: John Booker married  1895 Tonbridge district Ann (Annie) Elizabeth Waters born 1870 Wye

Children: John William Booker born 1897 Rochester

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: LC&R rengine cleaner

1901 census: Residing 14 Morden Street Rochester. Occupation: Boatman, HMS Customs

1911 census: Residing 61 havelock Rd, Gravesend. Occupation: Preventive man, HMS Customs


Note 2: George Frederick Booker married 1903 Greenwich district Rose Selina Rottenbury born 1880 Deptford.

Children: Jessie Rose Booker born 1906 Greenwich


1911 census: Residing 4 Liardet Grove Deptford. Occupation: electrical fitter



Born:            1848 Harting

Father:          John Prior

Mother:         Sarah Porter

Baptised:     5/11/1848

Married:       1870 Dover

Spouse:        James Thomas Herbert

Born:            1844 Dover

Died:             between 1901 and 1911

Children:      Mary Jane P Herbert b 1871 Dover (see Note 1)

                     Arthur William J Herbert b 1872 Dover (see note 2)

                      Thomas J Herbert b 1887 Dover (see Note 3)



1871 census:  Residing Clarendon Place, Hougham, Dover. Occupation: Mariner

1881 census:  Residing Alexandra Terrace, Buckland , kent. Occupation: mariner

1891 census:  Residing Primrose Cottage, 24 Union Rd, Buckland, Dover. Occupation: foundry time keeper

1901 census: Residing 16 Buckland Avenue, Dover. Occupation: general labourer

1911 census: Widow Martha residing 12 Dover Road Folkestone. Occupation: shopkeeper confectionary


Note 1; Mary Herbert married 1898 Edweard A Kirby b 1875 Ickham, Kent. Children: Edith M Kirby b 1899 Dover; Edward James Herbert Kirby born 1901 Dover, Ida Kirby born 1905 Dover

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: dressmaker

1901 census: residing 10 Buckland Ave, Dover. Occupation: Stationary engine driver

1911 census; Residing 53 Bulwark St, Dover. Occupation: stationary engineman


Note 2: Arthur Herbert. Married 1897 Dover Rose Emma Adley.

 1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: clerk

1901 census: Residing 9 Springfield Terrace, Dover. Occupation: Engineers manager. Elizabeth Smith 64 sick nurse visiting.

1911 census: Residing 22 St Andrew Terrace, Crabble Avenue, Dover. Occupation: commercial traveller. Born in Hougham Dover, Rose in Charlton Dover


Note 3: Thomas Herbert married 1910 Dover district Frances Eldridge born 1887 East Maling, Kent

1888: Living with widowed mother Martha and both assisting in shop





Born:        1851 Harting

Father:      John Prior

Mother:     Sarah Porter

Baptised:     27/4/1851 Harting

Married:      1871 Midhurst district

Spouse:       George Phillips

Baptised:      5/4/1846 Cocking

Parents:       George & Mary Phillips

Died:            1909 Midhurst district

Children:      Blanche Phillips b 1871 Shal? Surrey

                     Percy William George Phillips b 1873 Woolbeding

                     Frederick John Porter Phillips b 1874 Woolbeding   

                      Mary Phillips b 1877 Woolbeding

                     Sarah Phillips b 1878 Woolbeding

                      Susan Phillips b 1880 Woolbeding

                      Caroline A Phillips b 1881 Woolbeding

                      Harry Phillips b 1883 Woolbeding

                      Ruth Phillips b 1886 Woolbeding

                      Arthur J Phillips b 1888 Woolbeding

                      Ethel Mary Phillips b 1889 Woolbeding

                       Albert Phillips b 1892 Woolbeding


13 children, one deceased by 1911




1871 census: Residing Lyons Cottage, Angmering. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing Woolbeding. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Annie Tiller, 51, lodging with them 

1901 census: residing Pound Common Woolbeding. Occupation: carter. Annie Tiller continues to lodge with them   

1911 census:  Widow, Residing Pound Common Woolbeding. Annie Tiller still lodger.


Note 1: Blanche Phillips married 1896 Thomas Henry Bradshaw born 1871 Great Packington Warwickshire

Children: Thomas Henry Bradshaw born 1897 Sheffield; Victoria Blanche  Bradshaw born 1898 Sheffield

1891 census: housemaid at Woolbeding House

1901 census: Residing 105 Shrubland Street leamington. Occupation: police constable

1911 census: Residing 105 Shrubland Street, Leamington. Occupation: police constable. Son Thomas a solicitorís clerk


Note 2: Percy William George Phillips married 1896 Clara Lawrence born 1872 Midhurst

Children: George Edward Percy Phillips born 1896 Bepton; Rosa Mary Phillips born 1898 Woolbeding

1901 census: Residing Pound Common Woolbeding. Occupation: ordinary agricultural labourer

1911 census: Residing Deane House, Woolbeding. Occupation: farm labourer. Son George a carter


Note 3: Frederick John Porter Phillips married 1897 Midhurst district Ellen Wright born 1876 Bradley Green, Stedham

Children: Frederick Phillips born 1898 Stedham; Albert Edward Phillips born 1901 Stedham; William Henry Phillips born 1903 Stedham

1901 census: Residing Crouch House, Stedham. Occupation: cowman

1911 census: Residing Bridgefoot, Stedham. Occupation: cowman on farm


Note 4: Mary Phillips married 1903 Midhurst district Arthur Goddard born 1877 Hampshire

Children: Violet Goddard born 1903 Stedhan; Daisy Goddard born 1904 Stedham; Fred Goddard born 1906 Stedham; Albert Goddard born 1907 Stedham; Henry Goddard born 1910 Stedham

1891 census: residing Peachey House, The Mint, Midhurst. Occupation: domestic servant

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: domestic housemaid

1911 census: Residing Lavendwe Row Stedham. Occupation: cowman on farm


Note 5: Sarah Phillips married 1906 Midhurst district Charles Jospeh Bradshaw born 1876 Great packington, Warks.

Children: Louisa May bradshaw born 1909 Leeds

1901 census: Housemaid at Dormans park, Lingfield, Surrey

1911 census: Residing 21 Berkeley Grove Leeds. Occupation: police constable


Note 6: Susan Phillips married 1908 Midhurst district William Robert Pay born 1881 Rogate

Children: Ethel May pay born 1911 Terwick

1901 census: Cook at the Manor House, Woolbeding

1911 census: Residing Terwick Common. Occupatipon: grocerís porter


Note 7; Caroline Phillips

1901 census: Housemaid at the manor Houe Woolbeding

1911 census: parlourmaid Hawksfold Fernhurst


Note 8: Harry Phillips

1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: farm labourer


Note 9: Ruth Phillips

1911 census: Housemaid in Rogate


Note 10: Arthur Phillips

1911 census: Residing with mother: occupation: carter


Note 11 Ethel Phillips

1911 census: Residing with mother. No occupation


Note 12 Albert Phillips

1911 census:  Residing with mother. Occupation: carter