Family History



Born: 1819 Harting

Father: William Prior

Mother: Mary Trimmer

Baptised: 16/10/1819 Harting

Buried: 9/3/1875 Harting residing East Harting.

Married : 31/12/1839 in Rogate (see Note 1)

Spouse; Maria Smith.

Born: 23/12/ 1811 Newton, hants

Baptised; 25/12/1811 Froxfield

Parents: Thomas and Elizabeth Smith

Died: 1853 Midhurst district

Married: 9/9/1855

Spouse: Jane Oliver

Buried: 2/9/1897 Harting, from South Harting

Children: Frances (Fanny) b 1840 Rogate

Sarah Prior b. 1842

Henry Prior b. 1843,

Elizabeth Prior b. 1844

Leititia Prior b. 1846

Eliza Prior b. 1849

Charles \Prior b. 1857

Edward Prior b. 1859

Frederick Prior b. 1864

Harry Prior b. 1866.

1841 census: Residing Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: living East Harting Street - Henry, Maria with Elizabeth, Leititia and Eliza.

1861 census: . Living East Harting St. Henry a shepherd..

1871census: agricutlutural labourer. Living East harting Street

Note 1: Maria is recorded as being the daughter of Thomas Smith labourer and her occupation servant. Witnessed by Ann Smith


Born: 1840 Rogate

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Maria Smith

Baptised: 23/2/1840

Buried: 10/12/1842 Harting as Frances. Residing East Harting


Born: 1842 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Maria Smith

Baptised: 3/4/1842 Harting

Buried: 22/5/1844 aged 2 from East Harting


Henry b 1843 son Henry & Maria may not have existed.. Not record of birth registration, baptism or on 1851 census


Born: 1843 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Maria Smith

Baptised: 7/1/1844 Harting


Born: 1846 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Maria Smith

Baptised: 11/10/1846 Harting

Married: 1864 Midhurst district

Spouse: Francis (Frank) Madgwick

Born: 1846 Midhurst

Children: Thomas Madgwick b 1872 Midhurst

Frank Madgwick b 1874 Midhurst

Charles A Madgwick b 1877 Midhurst

George Madgwick b 1880 Midhurst

Alfred P Madgwick b 1882 Midhurst

Walter F Madgwick b 1888 Midhurst

Note: 1911 census. $ children living, 3 dead

1881 census: residing West St, Midhurst. Occupation: beicklayer

1891 census: Residing West St, Midhurst. Occupation: bricklayer

1901 census: Residing Duck Lane, Midhurst. Letitia given as wife of Frank Madgwick. Living with son Walter

1911 census: Duck lane, Midhurst. Occupation: bricklayer. Son Frank, married (no wife listed) bricklayer with them


Born: 1849 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Maria Smith

Baptised: 8/7/1849Harting

Buried: 28/1/1856 Harting


Born: 1855 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Jane Oliver

Married: 17/5/1873 Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse: Charles William Raymond Pullen

Born: 1852 Wisborough Green

Father: Thomas Pullen.

Children: Emma Louisa O Pullen b 1894 Harting (see note 2)

Raymond Pullen b 1895 harting Ramah Thomas H P b 1895 Harting (on FreeBMD Ramah Thomas Ann H P). Note: Ramah was a King of Siam

(1911 farm labourer)

Douglas William Pullen b 1896 Harting (1911 newsboy)

Frederick Charles H Pullen b 1897 (1911 part time newsboy)

Note: 1911 census 8 living children, 1 dead

1911 census: Residing East harting. Occupation: cowman on farm

Note 1: Her father Henry Prior, thatcher. Witnessed by Elizabeth Daniel.


Note 1: Her father Henry Prior, thatcher. Witnessed by Elizabeth Daniel.

Note 2: Emma Pullen married Thomas Reed b 1892

Note 3: Frederick Pullen m 1919 Chicheester Registry office Amy Adam



Born: 1857 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Jane Oliver

Married: 1878

Spouse; Louisa

Born: 1860 Guernsey

Children: Children: henry G Prior b 1880 Ireland (see Note 1)

Edward Prior b 1881 Limerick, Irleand

Ellen Prior b 1882 Guernsey (see Note 2)

Frederick prior b 1884 malta (see Note 3)

Alfred Prior b 1886 Portsmouth (see Note 4)

Violet Prior b 1888 Preston (1911 dressmaker)

Wilfred Prior b 1887 preston

Robert Prior b 1891 Dublin

Lancelot Prior b 1893 Lewes 1911 Gordons Boys brigade

Sidney Prior b 1895 Lewes 1911 census Brighton & Hove Gas Co)

1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: Residing Preston. Occupation: color sergeant

1901 census: Residing 5 Cuthbert Road, Brighton. Occupation: Railway porter

1911 census: Residing 181 Elm Grove, brighton. Occupation: outside porter. Granddaugher mabel b 1900 Eastbourne with them

Note 1: Edward Prior. On 1901 census Charles. Residing with parents. Occupation: railway porter

Note 2: Ellen Prior. 1901 census residing with parents. Occupation: domestic servant

Note 3: Frederick prior. 1901 census: Residing with parents: occupation railway carriage oiler

Note 4: Alfred prior. On 1901 census as Harry. Residing with parents. Occupation: nesagents assistant



Born: 1860 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Jane Oliver

Baptised: 30/11860

Married: 1881 Wesbourne district

Spouse: Kate Twine

Baptised: 27/4/1862 harting

Parents: Robert & mary Twine

Children: Rosa Prior b 1881

Edward percy baptised 26/2/1882 Harting (see Note 1)

Henry George Prior b 1883 baptised 31/3/1884 buried 5/8/1959

Charles William Prior b 1885 bapt 28/2/1886 Harting

Emma Prior b 1887.bapt 30/10/1887 Harting

1871 census: agricultural labourer

1881 census: living East Harting St

1911 census: residing Hollist lane, Harting. Occupation: farm labourer. Son Charles with them, a carter

Note: Probably the Edmund on 1861 census

Note 1: Edward Percy Prior married Ellen Maud. Children: Charles Edward bapt 17/6/1906.Harting; Robert Percy Prior bapt 26/4/1908 1906 residing 21 hambrook Rd, Gosport. Occupation: railway porter

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation; cattleman on farm

Note 2: henry george Prior married 26/10/1907 in Harting Lilian Louise New aged 21. He given as carter, she daughter of Frederick New, labourer, East harting. Witnessed by Frederick new and Emma kate prior. On 1901 census as George

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupartion; carter on farm

Note 3: Charles William Prior married 28/11/1914 Harting Ellen Lily Jupp. He was a carter, East Harting. She daughter of Charles Willima Jupp, labourer. Witnessed by Edward percy prior and Caroline Eliza Young. Children: Bertha K Prior b 1915 Petersfield district; Ethel L Prior b 1919 Petersfield district

1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural

Note 4: Emma Kate prior married 1919 Harting Henry George Pay (banns read 6/1919),



Born: 1864 Harting

Father: Henry prior

Mother: Jane Oliver

Baptised: 26/6/1864

Married: 1885

Spouse; Lydia

Born: 1862 Raply, Hants

Children: William Charlkes Prior b 1892 Inecheldore, hants (1911 warehouse porter)

Oliver Edward b 1898 Pettey, Southampton

1871 census: domestic gardener lodging with Thomas Pullen, 79 East Harting Street

1911 census;: Residing 3 Lime Ave, Middle Rd, Sholing, Hants. Occupation: market gardener


Born: 1866 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Jane Oliver

Baptised: 26/12/1866 Harting

Married : 14/11/1891 Harting (see Note 1)

Spouse: Sarah Jane Glue

Born: 1869 Harting.

Parents: james Glue

Children: Harry James Prior b. 1892 (see Note 4)

Alfred George Prior b. 1894 (see Note 3)

Arthur Charles Prior b. 1896 (see note 2)

Frederick John Prior b. 1898.

Dorothy Winifred mary b 1903 Harting (see Note 5)

William Edward Prior b 1905 Harting

1881 census: carpenters apprentice, living with Brightwell & his family, master carpenter carpenters shop, North Lane.

1891 census;: lodging with Moses and Emma Glue, East Harting. Occupation: wheelwright

1901 census: carpenter living 6 Nyewood

1911 Residing East Harting. Occupation wheelwright. Robina Daisy Prior aged 11 described as daughter also with them

Note 1: Fathers given as Henry prior thatcher and James Glue labourer. Witnesses James Glue and L Stubbs

Note 2: Arthur Charles Prior buried 28/11/1957 Harting married 1918 Harting Nellie Eames born 19/12/1892 buried 19/12/1972 harting from Petersfield. Children: Clarence A M Prior b 1922; Patricia E M Prior b 1924. However Nellie Prior widow married William White 1920

1911 cenus: residing with parents. Occupation: shepherd

Note 3: Alfred George Prior born 27/9/1894 buried 6/6/1974 from Portsmouthmarried 1928 kate brennan. She was buried 2/11/1935 aged 40 from South harting

Note 4 Harry James Prior. 1911 census: residing with parents, occupation tile maker

Note 5: Dorothy Winifred Mary Prior married 1929 Midhurst district John White, Possibly before that mother of

Treasure memories of harry James Prior (peter) much loved brother and uncle forever in our thoughts 1924-2005 [Congregational churchyard)

Harry J Prior 1924

William J Prior 1922

Gwendoline R prior 1926

May have had Vera White b 1931 who married Anthony pay 1958



Born: 1866 Harting

Father: Henry Prior

Mother: Jane Oliver