Family History



Father:       William Prior

Mother:     Mary Trimmer

Born:        1812 Harting

Baptised:   26/7/1812 Harting

Buried:     15/4/1884 Harting

Married:   29/5/1842 Harting

Spouse:  Mary Todman

Born:         1814.Harting

Parents:     Luke Todman, labourer and Elizabeth

Buried:       23/3/1888 Harting

Children:    Thomas Prior b. 1843 Harting

                 Emma Prior b 1844 Harting

                 ( Harriet ) Ruth Prior b. 1846 Harting

                   William Prior b. 1849 Harting

                    Lucy Prior b. 1851 Harting

                   James Prior b. 1853 Harting

                    Mark Prior b. 1855 Harting

                  , Rose Prior b. 1857.

1841 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1842:Marriage witnessed by George Shier and Elizabeth Pinchett

1844: 29/10/1844 Midhurst workhouse. George 32, Mary 31. Thomas 2, Emma 6 and three Todman children, until 6/11/1844

1851 census: Occupation agricultural labourer, possibly thatcher too

1861 census: Residing East harting Street. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing East harting Street. Occupation agricultural labourer. Only son James living with them

1881 census: Living in East harting Street. Grandson James Tribe born Kilburn 1875 living with them, also Luke Todman 72 imbecile and lodger William Varnes 54

Note:  Before marriage Mary had Mary Ann Todman baptised 8/11/1835 Harting and John Soall Todman bapt 10/9/1837 Harting; John Todman baptised 22/8/1839 Harting



Born:          1842 Harting

Father:        George Prior

Mother:       Mary Trotman

Baptised:     15/1/1843 Harting)

Died:          1922 Petersfield district

Married:    19/10/1867 Trotton

Spouse:      Mary Marchant

Baptised:    29/4/1838 in East Meon, Hants.

Parents:      James & Mary Marchant

Buried:        10/10/1882 Milland.

Married ;    1883 Portsea district

Spouse:      Ann Enves

Born:          1842 Rogate

Baptised:     29/1/1843 Terwick

Died:           1928 Midhurst district

Parents:      William & mary Enves

Children:    Rhoda Rebecca Prior b1869 Trotton,

                  Keturah R Prior b1872 Trotton

                   Esther Prior b 1874 in Trotton

                   Rose Prior b. 1885 Trotton

Note; Thomas & Ann had two children, both living 1911

1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Mary Marchant a housemaid at Post Office Tailor shop Norfolk Crescent, South Hayling. Her parents Cannhouse Farm, Trotton Marsh

1867: Name seems to have been transcribed by most as Price, though I have also seen Prier, I have not seen the original or copy of it. Grooms fathers George labourer and James farmer, Witnessed by George and Emma Stubbs.

1881 census:  Canhouse Farm Trotton farming 60 acres, employing one man and one boy.] 1881 mother-in- law Mary Marchant farmerís widow living with them

1891 census: Canhouse Farm Trotton farming 60 acres, employing one man and one boy.] 1881 mother-in- law Mary Marchant farmerís widow living with them

1901 census: Residing Cornhouse Farm Trotton. Rose living with them

1911 census: Residing Canhouse Farm Liphook. Occupation: hurdle maker

Rhoda Rebekah Prior died 22/3/1932 Christchurch, Hants married 1907 Midhurst district Albert Cluer born 1869 Milland

1891 census: Residing with father

1911 census: Living Furzehill House Cock Hill Reigate. Occupation: butler and cook

Keturah Prior buried 18/10/ 1882 Milland

Esther Prior buried 29/9/1882 Milland

Rose Prior

1901 census:Residing with father Cornhouse Farm. Trotton

911 census: Boarder at Langleys Farm, Rake, East Liss. Occupation: dairymaid


Born:        1844 Harting

Father:       George Prior

Mother:     Mary Todman

Baptised:  30/6/1844.

Married:     17/11/1866 Harting

Spouse:   George Stubbs

Born:        1834

Died:        1897 West Dean.

Children:   Emma Stubbs b. 1870 Yapton

Ada Stubbs b. 1872. Yapton

George Stubbs b 1873. (Yapton

 William Stubbs b 1876 Yapton

James Stubbs b 1877 Yapton

  Henry Stubbs b 1880 Yapton

   Edward Thomas Stubbs b 1883 Yapton

   Albert Stubbs b.1885 Yapton

  John Stubbs b. 1888 Yapton

1911 census records her having 9 children, one deceased



Born:      1846 Harting

Father:  George Prior

Mother:  Mary Todman

Baptised: 27/9/1846 Harting as Harriet Ruth

Died:        1880 Hendon district

Married:    25/4/1869 Holy Trinity Hendon (witnessed by Walter and Margaret Pook. Both living 6 Alpha Place North. James a labourer)

Spouse:     James Tribe

Baptised:   15/2/1844 Petworth

Parents:      William & Jane Tribe

Died:         1881 Hendon district

Children:    George William Tribe b 1872 Kilburn

                  James Tribe b 1874 Kilburn

1861 census: possibly attendant to William Loten 80 & wife Jane 75, paupers, East Harting Street

1869: Marriage witnessed by Walter and Margaret Pook. Both living 6 Alpha Place North. James a labourer

1871 census: residing 18 Cambridge Road West. Occupation: labourer

1881 census: James widower residing 71 Salisbury Rd, Willesdon, with son William. Occupation: bricklayerís labourer. Sister-in-law Elizabeth (Betsy) Prior in same house with daughter Mary Ann

George William Tribe born 10/4/1872 died 1956 Paddington district baptised 23/6/1872 St Augustine Paddington from 84 Albert Road married 23/12/1894 St Jude, Kensal Green Eva Stone, born 21/9/1871 Woburn daughter of Levi Stone (labourer). Witnessed by Charles & Sarah Butler

Children: Ruth Tribe born 28/5/1895 baptised 27/11/1899 St Augustine Paddington) Rose Tribe baptised 27/11/1899 St Augustine Paddington; Florence May Tribe born 1899 Willesden; William George Tribe bapt 10/7/1901 St Augustine, Paddington; Lily Tribe born 1904 Willesden; James Tribe born 1906 Willesden; John Tribe born 1908 Willesden

1899 (baptismal record): Residing 11 Canterbury Rd, Paddington. Occupation: labourer

1901 (baptismal record): Residing 7 Chichester Road. Occupation: labourer

1911 census: Residing 185 Cambridge Road, Willesden. Occupation: builderís labourer

1939 Register: Residing 2 Chichester Road Willesden. Occupation: labourer

James Tribe married 1898 Chelsea district Alice Kitchen born 1876 Bishop Frome, Herefordshire. Children: William J Tribe b 1900 Kilburn (baptised 15/7/1900 St Jude, Kensal Green), Ivy Alice Tribe born 1904 Hounslow; Harry George Tribe born 1907 Hounslow.

1881 census: Residing Harting with grandmother Mary Prior

1891 census: Residing Yapton with aunt Emma Stubbs. Occupation: labourer

1901 census: 76 Lancefield Street? Paddington. Occupation: navy foreman

1911 census: Residing 168 Kingsley Road, Hounslow. Occupation: nursery stoker


Born:      1849 Harting

Father:     George Prior

Mother:     Mary Todman

Baptised:    23/9/1849 Harting

Died:         Possibly 1916 West Bromwich district

Married:    25/12/1882 St Maryís Warwick

Spouse:      Emma Beck

Baptised:  9/3/1862 Southam, Warwickshire.

Parents:    James and Emma Beck

Died:     1936 Birmingham district

1881 census: Emma a servant at 51 Parade, Leamington Priors

1882: At time of marriage William a private in Royal Warwickshire 1st Battalaion and living Budbrook barracks. Emma living 10 Market Street, father James a miller. Witnessed by James and Mary Barbara Hickinson

1891 census: Residing 15 Queens Sq, Warwick. Occupation: army pensioner. Emma a dressmaker

1901 census: agricultural labourer living Old Windmill, Lapworth, Warwickshire. Mother-in-law Emma Malin with them

1911 census: Residing Sherbourne Hill, Warwick. Occupation jobbing carpenter. Sister-in-law Martha Louisa Godden and nieces Beatrice 10 and Emily 8 months with them


Born:     1851 Harting

Father:    George Prior

Mother:   Mary Todman

Died:       1940 Petersfield district

Baptised:  30/1/1851 Harting

Married:    14/7/1878 St Mark St Johns Wood Marylebone

Spouse:      Benjamin Oliver

Born:        1848 Harting

Parents:     David & Maria Oliver

Buried:      5/2/1894 Harting

Children:  Mary Sarah M Oliver born  1879 Eastbourne died 1899 Eastbourne

1871 census:  working as cook to Louise Wilmshurst, 25 East St, Harting

1878 marriage certificate: Lucy residing 128 maida Vale, Benjamin Eastbourne. Witnessed by Charles Healy Oliver, Rose Prior.

1891 census: Living 69 Ashford Rd, Eastbourne. Benjamin a clerk.

1901 census: Lucy a lodgings house keeper, Colonade, Eastbourne (lodgers Richard Opras 71 on own means, Francesca Standon manageress tobacconist & Edwin Storker bookseller and nephew Albert Stubbs)

1911 census: Residing The Elm, Madeleine Rd, Petersfield. Occupation: cook to Augusta Hone


Born:        1852 Harting

Father:      George Prior

Mother:     Mary Todman

Baptised:   23/1/1853 Harting

Married:    30/9/1876 Harting

Spouse:      Emma Tulitt

Born:           1855 Harting

Parents:      James & Eliza Tullet

Died;         1884 Islington district

Married;      14/12/ 1884 Hampstead parish church

Spouse;      Mary Ann Stacey widow

Father:        James Reeve

Born:          1849  Kent

Children:  Rose Prior b 1877 Elsted

                James Prior b 1881

                Mark prior b 1887 West Hampstead

                Gertrude Nellie Prior b 1889 West Hampstead

1871 census: Residing East Harting Street, next to Emma and her family. Occupation; agricultural labourer

In late 1870s living Elsted, Sussex

1881 census: 6 Salisbury Road Willesden, Occupation: general labourer

1884: Marriage witnessed by Mark Prior, Emily Bishop

1889 Baptismal record: Residing 24 Kelson St. Occupation: labourer

1891 census: Residing 44 Kelson Street Hampstead. Occupation: general labourer

Rose Prior possibly married 25/12/1898 St Saviour Brixton to John Thomson traveller son of Robert Thomson stone mason. Witnessed by James & George Prior, Both living 1 Bartley Street

George Prior born 1/3/1881 baptised 7/11/1883 St Augustine Kilburn from 20 Salisbury Road.

Mark Prior born 19/7/1887 baptised 26/8/1889 St Augustine Paddington died 1892 Paddington district aged 4

Gertrude Nellie Prior baptised 26/8/1889 St Augustine Paddington died 1891 Hampstead district

Stepsons Percy S  b 1880 London, George born 1881 Kilburn, and James 1882 b Kilburn.

1901 census James was private, Navy ship in Chatham.


Born:        1855 Harting

Father:       George Prior

Mother:    Mary Todman

Baptised:   23/9/1855 Harting

Died:        1918 Willesden district

Married:    1877 Midhurst district

Spouse:      Betsy Tullet

Baptised:     19/2/1860 harting

Parents:      John and Mary Ann Tulett

Children:    Emma Prior b 1876 Harting

                  Mary Ann Prior b 1878 Kilburn

                  Elizabeth Prior b 1882 Kilburn

                  Louisa Prior b 1884 Kilburn died 1884 Hendon district

                  Rose Prior b 1886 Kilburn

                  Mark Prior b 1889 Kilburn

                  James Prior b 1895 Kilburn

                  George Prior  b 1896 Kilburn

1911 census: 8 children, all surviving

1881 census: Patient in Mineral Water Hospital, Upper Brough Walls, Bath. Occupation: stonemason. Betsy listed as Elizabeth and residing 31 Salisbury Rd, Willesden with daughter Mary Ann. Widowed brother-in-law James Tribe in same house with son William

1883 baptismal record: 7/1/1883 living 13 Albert Road. Occupation: labourer

1884 baptismal record: 24/9/1884 residing 51 Albert Road. Occupation: labourer

1886 baptismal record: Residing 56 Albert Road. Occupation: labourer

1891 census:  Living Denmark Rd, Willesden. Occupation: a labourer

1891 Baptismal record: Residing 24 Denmark Rd. Occupation: labourer

1897 baptismal record: Residing 24 Denmark Rd. Occupation: bricklayer

1901 census: Living Denmark Rd, Willesden. Occupation: road sweeper. Emma a laundress. Mark, James & Rose with parents

1911 census: Residing 37 Ashburnham, Road, College Park, Willesden. Occupation: council road sweeper. Betsy an ironer. Daughter Rose Prior Palmer living with them and sons Jim and George

Emma Prior. Birth registered as Emma Prior Tullet 1877

1901 census: Possibly servant at 3 Willoughby Rd, Hampstead

Mary Ann Prior born 18/5/1878 Kilburn baptised 7/1/1883 St Augustine Paddington

1891 census: Residing with parents

Elizabeth Lucy Prior baptised 7/1/1883 St Augustine Paddington married 1902 Francis Lawman born 1877 Harlington, Beds.

Children: Emma Lawman born 1903 Willesden; Robert Lawman born 1906 Willesden; William Lawman born 1909 Willesden

1901 census: Housemaid at 156 Willesden lane, Willesden

1911 census: Residing 70 Albert Road, Kilburn. Occupation: carman

Rose Prior baptised 8/9/1886 St Augustine Paddington married 1908 Hendon district Arthur David Palmer

1901 census: Servant at 29 Cricklewood The parade, Hampstead

1911 census: Living with parents

Mark Prior baptised 8/4/1891 St Augustine Paddington

1911 census: Private in army Tempe Bloemfontein, South Africa

James Prior

1901 census: Residing with parents as Jim. Occupation: railway van guard.

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: railway van guard

George Prior baptised 7/7/1897 St Augustine Paddington


Born:     1857 Harting

Father:   George Prior

Mother:  Mary Todman

Baptised:  25/10/1857 Harting

Died:         9/1/1946 Droxford district

Married:    1897 Eastbourne district

Spouse:     Charles Collyer

Born:       2/5/1863 Kilmeston (nr Alresford) Hants.

Parents:     George & Eliza Collyer

Died:         7/2/1936 Petersfield district

Children:    Birdie Mary Collyer born 1901 Sheet, Hants

1881 census:  cook at Down Place Harting,

1891 census: cook Marden House for Robert Laurence, retired major.

1901 census: residence 4 Albert Terrace, Inmans lane, Sheet, Hants. Occupation: groom & gardener

1911 census; residing Sheet, Petersfield. Occupation: millerís carman. Grandfather George Collyer aged 89 living with them and another millerís carman John Woodward

Birdie Mary Collyer .married Arthur George Tee (born 1900).