Family History

Hannah was a sister of my 3xGreatgrandfather Thomas Steer. Please contact me Susan if you can add anything to this or correct it! HANNAH STEER Born: 1768 Sompting Father: Thomas Steer Baptised: 9/10/1768 daughter of Thomas Buried: 15/12/1839 St Nicholas Brighton from Paradise Street Married|: 5/1/1799 Sompting Spouse: James Penfold Born: About 1773 Buried: 1/9/1837 St Nicholas Brighton from Paradise Street aged 60 Children: John Steer/Penfold born 1795 Sompting James Penfold born 1800 Thomas Penfold born 1803 1799: Witnesses at marriage were Richard Stubbs, Edward Grover JOHN PENFOLD STEER Born: 1795 Sompting Mother: Hannah Steer Father: James Penfold Baptised: 1/3/1795 Sompting Died: 1879 Brighton Married: 2/8/1819 St Nicholas Brighton Spouse: Paulina Dodd Baptised: 29/10/1788 St Nicholas Brighton Parents: Henry and Ann Dodd Died: 1854 Brighton Children: Eliza Penfold born 1824 Brighton Henry Penfold born 1826 Brighton William Penfold born 1829 Moulscombe 1795: baptised as son of Hannah Steer and James Penfold 1841 census: Residing Woburn Place, Brighton. Occupation: wheelwright. Children with them 1851 census: Residing 28 Lennox Street, Brighton. Occupatiom: wheelwright. Sons (Henry) Alfred and William with them 1861 census: Widower residing 2 Circus Street as a lodger. Occupation: wheelwright 1871 census: Residing 17 Ivory Place Brighton (as head). Occupation: wheelwright Children of John and Paulina Penfold Eliza Penfold baptised 11/4/1824 St Nicholas, Brighton 1851 census: Rsiding with parents. Occupation: labourer Henry Alfred Penfold baptised 6/8/1826 St Nicholas Brighton William Penfold born 30/8/1829 Moulscombe baptised 8/10/1863 Brighton All Souls died 1900 Brighton married 1859 Brighton Eliza Farrendon baptised 10/5/1835 Brighton, parents William and Hester Farrenden. Children: Esther Harriet Penfold born 1859 Brighton. 1835: Baptism of Eliza. Living Laurel Row, Brighton. Father a stone mason 1851 census: residing with parents. Occupation: wheelwright 1859: At time of Esther’s baptism residing 31 Hereford St Brighton. Occupation: wheelwright 1861 census: Residing 22 Upper Bedford Street Brighton. Occupation: wheelwright. 1863: At time of baptism residing Sloane Street, Brighton. Occupation: wheelwright 1871 census: residing Sloane St Brighton. Occupation: wheelwright 1881 census: Residing 6 Somerset Street, Brighton. . Occupation: wheelwright. Eliza a charwoman, daughter Esther a dressmaker 1891 census: Residing 156 Eastern Road, Brighton. Occupation: wheelwright 1901 census: Widow Eliza residing 10 Lewes Crescent. Occupation: caretaker of house to let Esther Harriet Penfold baptised 4/12/1859 All Souls, Brighton died 1828 married 1884 Brighton William Nevill born 1858 Fairseat Woolham Kent. Children: Leonard nevill born 1865 Tunbridge Wells; Mabel Nevill born 1888 Tunbrisge Wells 1891 census: Residing 3 Baltic Road, Tunbrisge Wells. Occupation: general labourer 1901 census: Residing 20 Nealson St, Stockwell. Occupation: wood sawyer. Son Leonard alsoa wood sawyer. Elizabeth Nevill living with them 1911 census: Resind 20 Nealdon Street, Stockwell. Occupation: metal carman. Elizabeth nevill living with them JAMES PENFOLD Born: 1800 Sompting Father: James Penfold Mother: Hannah Steer Baptised: 23/2/1800 Sompting Died: either 1875 or 1880 Brighton Married: 25/12/1834 St Nicholas Brighton Spouse: Elizabeth Furnell Born: 1810 Charlwood Surrey Children: Sophia Penfold born 1836 Brighton William Penfold born 1838 Brighton Louisa Penfold born 1841 Brighton Esther Alice Penfold born 1843 Brighton Sarah Penfold born 1846 Brighton Henry Penfold born 1850 Brighton George Penfold born 1851 Brighton 1836: Sophia’s baptism. Living Hereford St. Occupation: bricklayer 1838: William’s baptism. Residing Montpelier St. Occupation: bricklayer 1841 census: Residing Nelson Street, Britain. Occupation: bricklayer 1851 census: Residing 32 Cumberland Place Brighton. Occupation: bricklayer 1861 census: Residing 13 Park Place Brighton. Occupation: bricklayer 1871 census: Residing Bosses Garden, Brighton. Occupation: bricklayer Sophia Penfold Baptised 27/3/1836 St Nicholas Brighton died 1914. Married 1855 Brighton Alfred graves born 1834 Brighton. Children: Alfred James Graves born 1856; Charles graves born 1858; Louisa Alice Graves born 1860; Elizabeth Mary Graves born 1862; Emily Graves born 1865; Ernest Graves born 1867; George Graves born 1868; Walter graves born 1871; William Graves born 1874; Fred Mystery graves born 1876 1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: scholar 1861 census: Residing 5 New St, Brompton. Occupation: shoeing smith 1871 census: Residing Sussex Road, Hove. Occupation: shoeing smith 1881 census: Residing 2 Edward Street, Tunbrige. Occupation: shoeing smith 1891 census: Residing 125 Clarendon Rd, Hove. Occupation: shoeing smith 1901 census: Residing 97 Edward St, Southborough, Tunbrisge Wells. Occupation: farrier 1911 cenus: Residing Petteridge, Matfield, Kent. Occupation: retired blacksmith on old age pension William Penfold Baptised 1/7/1838 St Nicholas, Brighton died 1907 Brighton. Married 12/8/ 1860 St Nicholas Brighton Harriet Brame born 1839 Cretlingham, Suffolk daughter of Isaac Brame, died 1900 Brighton. Children: Louise Alice Penfold born 1861; Harriet Elizabeth Penfold born 1868; Thomas Alfred Penfold born 1869; Harry james Penfold born 1873; Walter Willie Penfold born 1876; George Ernest Penfold born 1878; Edward Bertie Penfold born 1882 1851 census: Residing with parents.Occupation: errand boy 1861 census: Residing 1 Cannon Cottages,Nelson Mews, Brighton.Occupation: bricklayer’s journeyman 1871 census: Residing Cumberland Place, Brighton. Occupation: bricklayer.Harriet a charwoman 1881 census: Residing 23 Claremont Row, Brighton. Occupation: bricklayer. Daughter Louisa an ironer 1891 census: Residing 70 Washington Street Brighton. Occupation: bricklayer. Daughter Harriet a general servant, Thomas a house painter, Harry a grocer’s porter and Walter a carpenter’s apprentice 1901 census: Residing 18 Richard Buildings, Brighton. Widower and boarder. Occupation: house painter Louisa Penfold Baptised 18/4/1841 St Nicholas Brighton, married 5/4/1863 St Nicholas Brighton Henry Lewry born 1838 son of William Lewry. Children: Jonathan Lewry born 1864; Henry Jamrs Lewry born 1867; Frances Elizabeth Lewry born 1970. 1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: housemaid 1871 census: Residing with parents as a widow with her children 1891 census: Jonathan Lewry in Lambeth with his wife Elizabeth and two children Esther Alice Penfold Baptised 19/11/ 1843 St Nicholas Brighton, died 1890 Brighton. Married 25/4/1863 St Nicholas Brighton Alfred William Willson born 1840 Firle, Sussex son of Samuel Willson 1861 census: Residing 7 Jersey Place Southwark. Occupation: general servant 1871 census: Residing 34 Park Road, Brighton, 1881 census: Residing 21 Park Street Brighton. Occupation: carpenter Sarah Penfold Born 1846 Brighton married 26/1/1867 St Nicholas Brighton Richard Clarke born 1843 Hellingly son of Edward Clarke died 1905 Brighton. Children: Annie Eliza Clarke born 1868; Edward james Clarke born 1870; Henry Uriah Clarke born 1871; Mary Ann S Clarke born 1873; Ellen Daisy Clarke born 1877; Jolly Clarke born 1881; Edith Isabel Clarke born 1884; Gertrude Harriet Clarke born 1887 1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: scholar 1871 census: Residing Kent St, Brighton. Occupation: copper man 1881 census: Residing 10 Kent Street Brighton. Occupation: engine driver in brewery 1891 census: Residing 10 Kent Street Brighton. Occupation: engine driver 1901 census: Residing 10 Kent Street Brighton. Occupation: stationary engne driver brewery.Son Jolly brewer’s labourer with them and granddaughter Annie Jennings 4 1911 census: Widow Sarah residing 15 Manchester Row Brighton with son Jolly, labourer. Henry Penfold Born 1850 Brighton married 20/1/1876 St Nicholas Brighton Elizabeth Cuthbert born 1853 St Leonards daughter of John Cuthbert. Children: Caroline Elizabeth Penfold born 1877 1871 census: Residing with parents. Occuption: bricklayer 1881 census: Residing 81 Ditchling Rise, Preston. Occupation: house painter 1891 census: Residing 51 Princes Road, Brighton. Occupation: house painter. Elizabeth a laundress 1901 census: Residing 51 Princes Road, Brighton. Occupation\; house painter. Elizabeth a laundress. Her mother Caroline, widow, laundress living with her 1911census: Residing 11 Mayo Rd Brighton. Occupation: house painter. Elizabeth a charwoman. Her place of birth given as Hastings George James Penfold Born 1851 Brighton died 1890 Brighton. Married 25/6/1871 Brighton Emily Allen born 1848 Charlton , Kent daughter of James Allen, died 1911 Brighton, Children: Elizabeth Daisy Penfold born 1872 1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: house painter 1881 census: Residing 4 Bosses Gardens. Occupation: police constable 1891 census: Widow Emily living 4 Bosses Garden, Brighton. Daughter Elizabeth a dressmaker 1901 census: Emily residing 58 Duke Sreet, Brighton. Occupation: caretaker THOMAS PENFOLD Born: 1803 Sompting Father: James Penfold Mother: Hannah Steer Baptised: 15/2/1803 Sompting Died: 1869 Brighton Married: possibly 25/12/1831 Brighton Spouse: Elizabeth Hards Baptised: 21/12/1806 Brighton Parents: George and Elizabeth Hards Died: 1838 Brighton Spouse: Rebecca Born: 1818 Deptford Died: 1881 Brighton Children: Willam Penfold born 1833 Thomas William Penfold born 1851 Alice Ann Penfold born 1853 John Penfold born 1855 Rebecca Penfold born 1860 Albert E Penfold born 1863 1834: If Thomas was married to Elizabeth Hards then he was living Hereford Street when William was baptised, occupation labourer. Thomas and Elizabeth has another son baptised George James on 27/9/1835 1841 census: Residing Bury Street, Btighton. Occupation: flyman. Son William 6 with him 1851 census: Residing 11 Lavender Square, Brighton. Occupation: ostler 1861 census: Residing 59 Essex Place Brighton. Occupation: general labourer. Rebecca a shirtmaker 1871 census: widow Rebecca residing Essex Place. Occupation: laundress 1881 census: Rebbeca Penfold pauper unmarried aged 62 Brighton workhouse, lunatic. William Penfold Possibly baptised 5/1/1834 son of Thomas and Elizabeth . 1841 census: Residing with father 1851 census: Residing with father. Occupation: grocer’s assistance Thomas William Penfold Born 1851 Brighton, married 1875 Bethnal Green district Frances Grevelle. Children: William Thomas Penfold born 1877; Sidney John Penfold born 1879; Edith Rebecca Penfold Born 1881; Albert C Penfold born1884; Mabel Alice Penfold born 1884; Charles Warren Penfold born 1886; Arthur Greville Penfold born 1888 1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: milk boy 1871 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: butcher 1881 census: Residing 100 Goldsmith Row, Hackney.Occupation: butcher 1891 census: Residing 100 Goldsmith Road, Shoreditch. Occupation: butcher 1901 census: Residing 100 Foldsmith Row, Shoreditch. Occupation: butcher Alice Ann Penfold Born 1853 Brighton died 1919 married 4/2/1872 St Nicholas Brighton Herbert George Sargant born 1849 Horsham, son of John Sargant. Children: Albert Sargant born 1873 Brighton; John Alfred Sargant born 1877 Edmonton; Daisy Rebecca Sargant born 1881 Putney; Edith Elizabeth Sargant born 1884 Norwood; George James Sidney Sargant born 1886 Horsham 1871 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: domestic servant 1881 census: Residing College Road Putney. Occupation: butcher 1891 census: Residing 21 Chalgrave Rd Tottenham. Occupation: butcher. Albert a butcher, Daisy a florist’s apprentice 1901 census: Residing 10 Bristol Park Road, Walthamstow. Occupation: greengrocer. Son Jack a greengrocer and daughter Edith a pianist John Penfold Born 1955 Brighton 1871 census: Residing with widowed mother Rebecca Penfold Born 1860 Brighton 1881 census: Residing 20 College Road, Brighton. Occupation: general domestic servant 1891 census: Residing 2 Hillside Road, Lambeth. Occupation: general domestic servant 1901 servant: Residing 14 Asylum Road, Camberwell. Occupation: domestic cook Albert Edward Penfold Born 1863 married 1889 Portsea district Jane Dyke born 1860 Broadchalks/Salisbury, Wilts. Children: Albert William Penfold born 1891 Portsmouth; Winifred Elsie Penfold born 1893 Gosport; Florence Dorothy C Penfold born 1898 Gosport; Alice Rebecca Penfold born 1901 Gosport 1881 census: Private RMLI Walmer Barracks, Kent 1891 census: Jane residing 1 Worsley St, Portsea with daughter Edith Dyke born 1883 1901 census: Residing36 Cobden Street, Alverstoke. Occupation: labourer Naval Ordnance 1911 census: Residing 6 Park St, Forton, Hants. Occupation: general labourer