Family History

 The Pays were numerous in Harting. This is far from complete even for my own branch. And it may not be completely accurate. If you have any additions, amendments or comments please e-mail me



Married:           22/1/1597/7 Compton

Spouse:            Susanna

Children:        John Pay bapt chr 9/3/1609 Harting



Born:             1609 Harting

Father:           John Pay

Buried:           Before 1676

Mother;         Susanna

Baptised:       9/3/1609 Harting

Married:        23/1/1630 Harting

Spouse:          Elizabeth Hibberden

Married:       7/2/1630 marriage licence. He from harting

Spouse:        Margaret Paye

Married;      27/7/1635 St Peter the Great Chichester

Spouse:       Mary Lipscombe

Buried:         21/6/1676 widow of John pay of U[perton

Children:       John Pay bapt 13/11/1631 John

                      John Pay bapt  14/8/1636 John & Mary


Elizabeth pay widow of John Pay buried 8/9/1709



Born:           1631 or 1636 harting

Father:          John Pay

Married:        Joan

Children:       Robert Pay chr 2/4/1655 Harting

                      ? pay (male) bapt or bur 2/4/1655

                      John bapt 12/1665


Elizabeth widow of John pay buried 8/9/1709                      



Born;          1655 Harting

Father:        John Pay

Buried:       9/5/1700     

Married:      17/8/1676 Mary Cubberley

Children:     John Pay chr 28/5/1677 Harting




Married;       3/2/1667 Harting

Spouse:         Ann Croucher

Buried:         20/11/1705

Children:       Elizabeth buried 30/4/1706 from petersfield

                       Robert buried 6/7/1708 son of William pay late of Harting


Married by licence: he yeoman of Harting



Born:        1677 harting

Father:      Robert Pay

Mother:     Mary Cubberley

Buried:     19/4/1738 from Upperton

Married:       possibly 4/98/1696 Rogate Elizabeth ball or 24/6/1697 Compton mary Soane.

Married:    7/4/1702 Stedham

Spouse;     mary Ayling

Children:   Elizabeth pay chr 11/11/1707 Harting

                        William 19/4/1700 d 7/10.1701

                    Richard 21/12/1702

                  Mary 2/11/1703

                  Elizabeth 11/11/1707

                  Joane 16/10/1709

                     John 8/8/1714


Note: John Pay was yeoman, Harting when married


Mary pay married 16/6/1663 Thomas Camos



Born:         1707 Harting

Father:        John Pay

Mother:       mary Ayling

Baptised:      11/11/1707 Harting

Children:     Elizabeth pay bapt 25/4/1731 Harting

Elizabeth pay

Married:        21/12/1750

Spouse;         Henry prior

Born:             1722 harting

Father:           John Prior




Born:               1714

Buried:              25/7/1782

Married:           13/12/1739 UpMarden

Spouse:          Julia Marden (from Compton) 

Baptised:        11/4/1720 Compton

Parents:           (John marden and Julia Wild

Buried:              15/6/1802

Children:            James pay bapt 8/4/1740  from Redlands (not mentioned uncle John mardenís will 1788)

                          John pay bapt 8/4/1741from Uppertonfrom Upper (left £10 by John Marden 1788) on pof the exeutors with John Wild Sr and Jr of the will of John marden 1788. £50 in will of Richard marden 1784 and £10 to each of his brothers & sisters

                          William Pay bapt 13/6/1743 Upperton  poss bur 5/5/1771 (Upperton) Ė not mentioned in John mardens will 1788

                           July bapt 23/4/1746 married White left £10 John Mardenís will 1788)

                           Elizabeth pay bapt 28/8/1748m married Watts (left £10 in John mardenís will 1788)

                           Edward pay bapt 1/3/1751 (left £10 John Mardenís will 1788)

                           Thomas Pay bapt 13/6/1755 poss buried 10/4/`792 from Portsmouth

Or 9/5/1797(left £10 John Mardenís will 1788)

                           Ann pay bapt 10/2/1758 married Ross (ledt £10 John Mardenís will)

                            Richard pay bapt 18/2/1760 (left £10 John mardenís will)

                           Robert pay bapt 26/4/1762 (left £10 John Mardenís will)


Will of John marden 1788 leaves to Julia all household goods plate linen and china in the dwelling house in which she lives. She was also to get paid in half yearly payments all the residue income from his estate after mary had been paid her allowance. After her death and that of Mary & Stephen Osmond John mardenís estate to be divided between John, Edward, Richard, Robert & Thomas paym and Ann Ross, Elizabeth Watts and William preston. If any of them died before then their share to be divided between the other nieces and nephews


Julia (down as Judith) left £130 in will of Richard mardern 1784


Will of John Pay 1783, Leaves to wife Julua all messauges,tenaments etc called Upperton Farm containing by estimation 46 acres more or lessÖafter her death to son John with sum of £200 after deaths of wife and after 6 months to Julia White, Elizabeth Wates, Edward pay, Thomas Pay , Ann ? of Richard Pay and Robert Pay.

All the coppice Ė 10 acres (more or less) adjoining to and GithgateÖand now in occupation of Jn langewood unto my friend Joyhn Ayling of ND IN Stedham and WilliamÖ




Father:            John Pay

Mother:           Julia Marden

Buried:          possibly 25/9/1792

Married:         Mary

Children;        John bapt 17/7/1780



Born:            1746 Harting

Father:          John pay

Mother:         Julia Marden

Baptised:       23/4/1746

Married:         11/6/1765

Spouse:           Henry White


Note: Witnessed by William White and Ralph Earle



Born:           1748 Harting

Father:          John Pay

Mother:         Julia Marden

Baptised:       28/8/1848 Harting

Married:        27/2/1770

Spouse:          George Watts


Note: nmarried by licence issued 7/2/1770. Witnessed by John Wild, Ann Lever




Father:         John Pay

Mother:        Julia Marden

Married:       Jane

Children:       William Pay bapt 14/6/1789



Born:           1773 harting

Father:         John Pay

Mother:       Julia Marden

Baptised:     10/2/1758

Married:       3/8/1773 harting

Spouse:        Thomas Chitty


Note: witnessed by Mary pay, John Guy



Born:           1760 Harting

Father:         John pay

Mother:        Julia Marden

Baptised:      18/2/1760

Buried:           11/6/1791 Richard Pay farmer

Married:        26/4/1785 Harting

Spouse:        Elizabeth Miller

Born:           1766

Parents:        john Miller, husbandman

Children:     Richard Pay bapt 21/4/1786

                    Elizabeth pay bapt 15/11/1790


Note: marriage by licence, sponsor John Miller, father. Richard a farmer




BORN:          1762 Harting

Father:           John pay

Mother:          Julia Marden

Baptised:        26/4/1762

Buried:           28/9/1823 aged 66

Married:         4/10/1782

Spouse:           Phoebe Chitty

Buried:           15/1/1786

Married:          24/10/1786

Spouse:          Elizabeth Abraham

Children:        Elizabeth Pay bapt 15/10/1783

                       Robert pay bapt 5/5/1785

                       Lucy Pay bapt 28/9/1787

                       John pay 14/3/1788 bur 22/3/1799

                       Thomas Pay bapt 19/12/1788 bur 23/12/1788

                        Ann Pay bapt 9/1/1790 bur 19/11/1790

                       Rose Pay bapt 7/7/1796

                        H pay bapt 22/3/1799

                        John bur 22/8/1804

                        Edward pay bapt 5/4/1805

                       James Pay bur 25/10/1807


Note: First marriage witnessed by Thomas Chitty, Elizabeth Voke, William Brown

Second marriage by licence issued 20/10/1786 sponsor John Webb, gent. Winressed by Jn Blackmore, Thos Chitty. Robert a victualler



Married:              3.8.1773 Harting

Spouse;                Thomas Chitty

Children:              James Chitty bapt 31/10/1790 Harting


James Chitty possibly married 17/12/1812 Sarah Petter

           Ann bapt 12/12/1815 bur 25/7/1830 aged 14 from South Harting

           Betha baptised 26/1/1824 buried 23/6/1824 aged 6 months

           Possibly James buried 9/1/1924 o years




Baptised:      8/7/1785

Married:        21/6/1807 harting

Born:             1789 Harting

Father:          William Prior

Mother;         Elizabeth Hodges

Spouse;          Ann Prior

Baptised:      5/1/1789 Harting

Parents;          William Prior & Elizabeth Hodges

Children:        Thomas Pay bapt 9/8/1807 Harting

                       Ann pay bapt 1/1/1810 harting (see Note 1)

                       Elizabeth pay bapt 2/6/1811 Harting

                       John pay bapt 9/4/1813 Harting (see Note 2)

                       Mary Pay bapt 23/7/1815 Harting (see Note 3)

                       Sarah pay bapt 24/1/1818 Harting

                       William Pay bapt 24/9/1820 Harting

                       Rose Pay bapt 31/12/1821 Harting

                       Robert pay bapt 16/8/1824 Harting

                       Harriet Pay bapt 11/3/1827 Harting (see Note 4)

                       George pay bapt 10/6/1829 Harting

                       William Pay bapt 4/9/1831 Harting


1841 census: Residing LadyHolt. Occupation: gamekeeper. Grandchildren William & John Smith with them

1851 census:  Occupation ; gamekeeper. Grandson William with them, and daughter Ann domestic servant


Note 1: Ann Pay long term servant UpPark


Note 4: George pay bapt 10/6/1829 died  1885 married Ann Twine bapt 1830 daughter of Robrt & charolotte Twine died 1895. No trace of marriage. Children: John Pay b 1866 harting died 1885 Petersfield district.

1861 census: Residing UpPark. Occupation: groom

1871 census: Residing The Crown, High St, Erith, Kent. Occupation: Publican. Jane Stacey & George Hacker servants.

1881 census: Residing Red Lion, College Street, petersfield. Nieces Mary and Margaret Treharne with them and servant mary Jane Grout aged 16Occupation: Hotel keeper


Ann Pay in her will (28/8/1889  STM21 263) bequeathed all her real and personal estate to her cousin Henry twine (born 1830 son of greatham & Elizabeth Twine) and george Ellison Brightwell  builders to sell. Bequethed £50 to her brother Robert Twine (born 1826) or his children if he died before her. (which he did, dying 1892 Ė he had married Mary They had Fanny Twine b 1852 harting, George Twine b 1854 harting,  William Twine b 1864 Harting. 1861 Farm bailiff Harting, 1881 census living West Thorney) £150 to brother William Twine (baptised 4/11/1827 died 1896) £150 to her sister Mary Hill



Born:              1813 harting

Father:            John pay

Mother:           Ann Prior

Baptised:          9/4/1813 Harting

Married:          14/11/1835 UpMarden

Spouse:           Sarah Glue


Note: witnessed by Mary pay, Henry Chase



Born:             1815 Harting

Father:           John Pay

Mother:          Ann Prior

Baptised:         23/7/1815 Harting

Married:          4/4/1837

Spouse:           William Smith of UpMarden

Children:        William Smith bapt 2/7/1837 Harting

                        John Smith b abt 1836


Note: Married by licence issued 28/3/1837. Witnessed by John Pay and Sarah Price



Born:           1821 Harting

Father:          John Pay

Mother:         Ann prior

Baptised:       31/12/1821 Harting

Married:       30/9/1838 Harting

Spouse:         George Bolton

Children:       Ann Bolton bapt 3/1/1841 Harting



Born:           1824 Harting

Father:         John Pay

Mother:        Ann Prior

Baptised;       16/8/1824 Harting

Married:       26/12/1850 Harting

Spouse:         Sarah Lewis

Children;      Elizabeth Sarah pay bapt 27/7/1851

                      Robert pay bapt 18/12/1853 (not on 1861 census)

                      Emily pay b 1856 Harting

                      Georgiana pay bapt 30/5/1858

                      George Pay bapt 22/4/1860

                      Harry pay bapt 30/11/1862

                      Ellen pay bapt 30/4/1865

                      Mary Ann Pay b 1869 harting


1861 census: Residing Harting. Occupation: gamekeeper

1871 census: residing Lady Holt Park

1881 census: Residing Cottage, Station Rd, Harting. Occupation: gamekeeper. Daughters Ellen (domestic servant) and Mary Ann with them, and granddaughter Ellen Neale aged 4, born Westbourne with them



Born:            1827 Harting

Father:          John pay

Mother:         Ann prior

Baptised:        11/3/1827 Harting

Married:        1/7/1847 harting

Spouse;          William Rassell

Children:         William Rassell bapt 5/9/1847

                        Robert Thorp Rassell bapt 28/1/1849 Harting



Born:                  1831 harting

Father:                 John Pay

Mother:               Ann Prior

Baptised;            4/9/1831 Harting  

Married:               24/11/1852 Harting

Spouse:               Mary Shier

Born:                     1830 Harting

Buried:                 25.5.1907 from South Harting aged 77

Children:            Anna pay b 1851 Harting (not at home 1871)

                            William Pay b 1852 Harting

                            Ellen pay b 1854 Harting (not at home 1871)

                              John pay b 1861 Harting   

                             Annie Pay b 1862  Harting

                             Mary Alice b 1869 Harting

                             Emma b 1871Harting


1861 census: He and family residing with his parents

1871 census: Residing Hucksholt. Brother-in-law James Shier & lodger Peter Rochford with them

1881 census: Residing Padswood. Occuptions; Park labourer

1891 census: Residing Padswood, park Road. Occupation: park labourer. No-one with them

1901 census: Residing South Harting. Occupation: ordinary agricultural labourer. No-one with them



Born:             1831 Harting

Father:           John Pay

Mother:          Ann Prior


1861  census: Residing UpPark Harting. Occupation: groom




Born:        1807 Harting

Father:      Thomas Pay

Mother:     Ann Prior

Baptised:     9/8/1807

Married:     21/7/1838

Spouse:       Harriet Bowles

Children:    Thomas Pay bapt 14/10/1838

                   John Pay bapt 22/11/1840 (not on 1851 census with parents)  John Pay buried 25/1/1902 aged 61 married 25/4/1868 Ellen pack. She died 2/5/1906 aged 60. 1901 census residing Sout harting. Occupation; carter on farm. Living with them Alfred pay bapt 28/5/1871 imbecil and Fred pay aged 24 carter and brother Fred Pay aged 56 labourer.

                   George Pay bapt 7/5/1843 (not on 1851 census with parents) bur 5/10/1910 from Easebourne workhouse aged 67. Married 29/6/1875 Harting Ellen harris b 1847 harting. George henry pay b 1884 harting. 1901 census: residing Tye oak Cottage. Carter on farm (son also)

                    Frederic Pay bapt 28/9/1845

                    William Pay bapt 20/8/1848

                   Henry pay bapt 23/2/1851

                   James Pay bapt 29/5/1853

                   Robert Pay bapt 30/3/1856 buried 5/8/1933 from Budgenor Lodge

                    Absolom Pay b 1857 remarried 1902 Harting Mary Tussler (banns 8/1902)

                    Harriet Pay bapt 30/1/1861(not on 1861 census)


1861 census: Residing LadyHolt. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: labourer

1881 census: Residing Cottage, West harting Street. Occupation: formerly labourer. Only Absolom living with them



BORN:            1853 Harting

Father:             Thomas Pay

Mother:            Harriet Bowles

Baptised:          29/5/1853

Married:           Emily

Born:                1853 Chichester

Children:          Frederick Pay b 1878 Portsmouth

                         Alfred Pay b 1881Westbourne

                          Kate Pay b 1883 Portsmouth

                          James Pay b 1898 Portsmouth


1881 census: residing Cottage, Street, West harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: Residing UpMarden. Occupation:  agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing Stanstead Park, Stoughton. Occupation: general labourer,. William Shire aged 17 nephew with them



Born:                 1845 Harting

Father:               Thomas Pay

Mother:              Harriet Bowles

Baptised:            28/9/1945

Buried:                12/12/1925 from Budgenor Lodge


1861 census:        Residing with parents occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census:         Residing Champs, Harting. Servant to Thomas Ellison

1901 CENSUS:    Residing with brother John Pay, South harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Marital status: single



Born:           1848

Married:       Sarah (Sally)

Born:            abt 1854

Buried:           probably 21/11/1827 aged 72 from HucksHolt

Children:       William Pay b 1872

                       Harriet Pay b 1886


1901 census: Residing 26 East harting. Occupation: cowman


Mary pay buried 29/8/1827 aged 76 from West lawn Lewn?


Ann Pay daughter Thomas & Ann buried from Chichester 31/8/1827 aged 23


Geoerge son Richard & Rebecca pay bapt 6/7/1827 bur 20/5/1829 WH


3/1/1846 Sarah Smart Prior widow daugh of John King, hemp-maker.chr 27/1/1811 St Peter the Great, Chichester daughter of John & Elizabeth.  Widow of John prior baptised 16/6/1794 buried 20/12/1844 whom she had married Harting 19/2/1827. No children survived though baptism record shows a son baptised 15/4/1830. As he wasnít living with them in 1841 I assume he died young though there is no burial entry. She was buried24/6/1877 [I havenít established where the Smart comes from] her marriage to John Pryer was witnessed by Henry Hartman & Ann pay. On the 1841 census Johnís mother Elizabeth was living with them.

 On marriage certificate William described as widower & farmer son of John Wild farmer. Witnessed by Stephen & Charlotte Carver (or Cover, Coser). Sarah made her mark.



Emma Pay buried 20/2/1911 aged 82 from padswood

George pay bapt 25/7/1853 buried 4/9/1922 harting aged 69 from New Cottages, Nr Buriton, Hants. Married Rose b 1868 hambledon.

1901 census: Residing Downley, Buriton Village. Occupation: woodman on estate