Family History

These are the children of Peter Nottingham, an ancestor of mine. If you have any amendmenments, additions or comments please e-mail me,



Born:               1814 Lancing (see Note 1)

Father:             Peter Nottingham

Mother:            Jane Winton

Baptised:          12/9/1814  Lancing(chr Lancing)

Died:           1886 East preston district 

Spouse:       Harriett b 1817 Washington 

Died:          1890 steyning district. [no trace of marriage].

Children:      Eliza Nottingham b 1846 Broadwater

                 James Nottingham b 1851 Broadwater

                 Robert Goacher Nottingham b 1853 Broadwater


Note 1: Father given as Peter labourer North lancing on baptismal register


1841 census: Lodging and working  as farm labourer for James Fuste,  Broadwater

1851 census: Residing 17 Navario Rd, Broadwater. Occupation: farm labourer, Harriet a laundress

1861 census: Residing Village, Goring. Occupation: cowman

1871 census: Residing 10 East St, Broadwater, with wife & sons Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing 22 Park Rd Broadwater with wife  Occupation: agricultural labourer



Born;            1816 Sompting

Father:          Peter Nottingham

Mother:         Jane Winton

Baptised:       6/10/1816 Sompting

Died:             11/8/1888 Lancing (see Note 1)

Buried:           14/8/1888 Lancing

Married:         20/6/1835 Lancing (see Note 2)

Spouse:         John Steer

Baptised:       6/1810 Lancing

Father:          Thomas Steer

Mother:         Martha Merritt

Died:             28/12/1882 Lancing (see Note 3)

Buried:           2/1/1883 Lancing

Children:         George Steer b 1836 Lancing

                     Thomas Steer b 1839 Lancing

                     Abraham Steer b 1842 Lancing

                     Charles Steer b 1845 Lancing

                     Jane Steer b 1849 Lancing

                      James Steer b 1858 Lancing

Note 1: She died of morb cardis, bronchitis, dropsy. Death reported by son James Steer on 13/8/1888

Note 2: marriage was witnessed by Thomas and Ann Steer, who made their marks, as did John and Margaret. Marriage banns read 17,24,31 May 1835

Note 3: He died of congestion of liver and lungs.. Death reported by son George Steer on 29/12/1882


1841 census: Residing Upper Lancing Street with her grandparents Thomas & Deborah Winton and sons George and Thomas. John listed separately, residing Upper Lancing Street with other agricultural workers. Occupation: agricultural labourer.

1851 census: residing Upper Lancing Street, Lancing. John residing Lancing House.  Occupation: gardener..

1861 census: residing Upper Lancing Street next to Ship House  occupation; gardenerís labourer.

1871 census:  residing Upper Street, Lancing Occupation: agricultural labourer. Name given as Mary.

1881 census:  residing Upper Street, Lancing., two unmarried sons George and James with them. Occupation: gardenerjOccupation gardener. From


Born:      14/1/1819 Sompting

Father:    Peter Nottingham

Mother:    Jane Winton

Baptised:   7/2/1819 Somting

Buried:     26/10/1819 Sompting


Born:       21/9/1823 Sompting

Father:     Peter Nottingham

Mother:    Susan Mitchell

Baptised:   26/10/1823 Sompting

Died:        1910 Eastbourne district

Spouse;    Mary Ann

Born:        abt 1824 Dublin

Died:        1893 eastbourne district

Children:    Emily Nottingham b 1854 Framfield, Sussex

                Elizabeth Nottingham b 1855 Ringmer, Sussex


1851 census:  Residing: Warnham Court, Warnham, Sussex. Occupation: coachman to Mary Fuller, landed proprietor

1861 census:  Residing Ringmer House, Dog Kennels, Ringmer Occupation:  stud groom

1871 census:  Residing: 36 Cavendish Place, Eastbourne  occupation: coachman

1881 census;  Residing: 10 Grand Parade, Eastbourne Occupation: assistant riding instructor

1891 census;  Residing: 10 Grand parade, Eastbourne. Occupation: riding master

1901 census:  Residing: 10 Grand parade, Eastbourne. Occupation: lodging house proprietor




Born:           1827 Sompting

Father:         Peter Nottingham

Mother:        Susan Mitchell

Baptised:       4/6/1827 Sompting 

Died:        1901 East Preston district

Married:     31/5/1846 Broadwater

Spouse:     Elias Fuller

Born:        1821 Thakeham (see Note 1)

Died:        1884 East Preston district (name recorded as Ellis)

1841 census:  Residing Upper Street Lancing Occupation: servant to John Streater, farmer

1851 census:  Residing Sompting. Occupation: farm labourer

1861 census:  Residing Sompting  Occupation: gardener

1871 census: Residing Anchotr Lane, Broadwater. Occupation: gardener

1881 census: Milton Cottage, Lyndhurst Rd, Somting. Occupation: gardener

1891 census:  Jane, widow, pauper inmate Shoreham workhouse

1901 census:  Jane widow residing workhouse, East Preston


Note 1: 1851 census place of birth given as Thakeham, 1861 census Washington,  1871 & 1881 Thakeham. Ellis Fuller baptised 22/7/1821 Washington son of William and maria, and 7/10/1821 Thakeham son of Philip Best and Ruth Fuller



Born;           1830 Sompting

Father:         Peter Nottingham

Mother:        Susan Mitchell

Baptised:       2/5/1830 Sompting

Died:           1855 Steyning district

Buried:          7/8/1855 Sompting