Family History

This is the brother of my forefather Peter Nottingham and the family of his son James Nottingham. More Nottinghams will be added in due course



Born: 1789 Worthing

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Ann Ranford

Baptised: 22/3/1789 Broadwater

Died; 1859

Married; 26/7/1813 Rottingdean

Spouse; Mary Pope

Died: 1864

Children: William Nottingham b 1815 Rottingdean

Joseph Nottingham b 1817 Rottingdean

Elizabeth Nottingham b 1818 Rottingdean

James Nottingham b 1823 Broadwater

Mary Nottingham b 1832 Rottingdean

Thomas Nottingham b 1832 Rttingdean



Born: 1823 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Mary Pope

Married: 11/8/1838 St Margarets Newhaven

Spouse: Eliza Holden

Baptised: 1/11/1818 Rottingdean

Parents: Edward & Elizabeth Holden

Died: 1867 Lambeth district

Married: 1868 Lambeth district

Spouse: Elizabeth Dunn (widow) born Clegg (see Note 1)

Born: 1820 Huddersfield.

Parents: John & Sarah Clegg

Died: 1884 Lambeth district

Children: Mary Holden Nottingham b 1839 Rottingdean

William Nottingham b 1841 Rottingdean

Eliza Nottingham b 1844 Rottingdean

Walter Nottingham b 1845 Rottingdean

Emily Nottingham b 1847 Rottingdean

Ellen Nottingham b 1849 Rottingdean

Charles Nottingham b 1853 Rottingdean

Edwin Nottingham b 1857 Nottingham

Frances Holden Nottingham b 1860 Lambeth

1841 census: Residing Rottingdean village. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing East Side, Rottingdean. Occupation; carpenter

1861 residence: 13 Lord St, lambeth

1871 residence: 13 John St, Lambeth. Occupation: carpenter.. also living with them were stepdaughters Sarah Dunn b 1851 Lambeth & Alice Dunn b 1854 Lambeth

Note 1: Sarah Clegg married Ralph James Dunn a groom then bacon curer from Ireland in Newington 1840. He died 1857 Lambeth district. Their children were Elizabeth b 1842; Frances b 1845, james 1846-1848, John b 1848, Sarah 1850-1890, Alice b 1854, Ralph b 1857


Born: 1839 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden

Baptised: 6/10/1839 Rottingdean

Died: 1864 Rottingdean


Born: 1841 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden

Baptised: 24/10/1841 Rottingdean

Married: 1862 Lambeth district

Died; 187 Lambeth district

Spouse; Sarah Anna Thomas

Born: 1842 Southampton districr

Children; Charles Nottingham b 1865

Eda Nottingham b 1867

Grace Nottingham b 1869

1871 census: Residing 109 Southwark BR, Southwark. Occupation: pattern maker

1881 census: : widow Sarah had remarried Daniel Duff b 1837 merchant and has Daniel Duff b 1880. Residence 46 trafalgar Sq, Camberwell. Mary Ann Lawrence servant.


Born: 1844 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden

Baptised: 21/1/1844 Rottingdean

Married: 1865 Lambeth

Spouse; John Whitaker

Born: 1841 Hoby, Leicester

Children; Ellen Mary Whitaker b 1868 Islington

Walter Whitaker b 1870 Islington

William G Whitaker b 1872 Islington

1871 census: Residing 22 Upper Gifford St, Islington..John a chemistís porter. Sister Alice with them

1881 census: Residing Roman Rd, Islington. John a warehouseman


Born: 1845 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden

Baptised; 2/11/1845) Rottingdean,

Died: 1846


Born: 1847 Nottingham

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden

Baptised: 27/6/1847 Rottingdean

1861 census: servant to Joseph Dean, teacher of music, 77 City Rd, Finsbury


Born: 1850 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Hilden

Married: 1869 Lambeth

Spouse: Francis Picken

Born: 1844 Lambeth.

Died; Between 1881 and 1891

Children: Walter Picken b 1869 Battersea (see Note 1)

Charles Picken b 1873 Lambeth (see Note 2)

Alfred Picken b 1875 Lambeth

Ellen Picken b 1879 lambeth

1881 census: living 33 Warwick St, Lambeth. Francis a musician

1891 census: 7 Henry St, Battersea, widow. Wardrobe dealer. Henry Stacey boarder with them

1901census: 5 Henry St, Battersea, widow doing laundry work. Alfred with her and lodger Henry Stacey.

Note 1: Walter Picken m Gertrude b 1878 Fulham . No trace of marriage.

1901: residence: 4 Clarence Terrace Yiewsley, Middlesex. Occupation: brewers drayman. Gertrude a cloth machinist {no trace of marriage]

Note 2: Charles Picken: 1891 census: occupation slate turner


Born: 1853 Rottingdean

Married: 1872 Lambeth district

Spouse: Alice Mary Dunn (his step-sister)

Born: 1873 Lambeth

Father: Ralph Dunn

Mother: Elizabeth Clegg

Children: Alice Mary Nottingham b 1879 Lambeth (see Note 1)

Charles Nottingham b 1882 Lambeth (see Note 2)

Lillian Nottingham b 1885 Lambeth.

Edwin Nottingham b 1890 Lambeth


1871 census: occupation: millwright

1881 census: Residence 9 Glynam? St, Lambeth. Occupation: engine fitter

1891 census: occupation millwright

1901 census: living 43 Thurslow? Rd Newington. A mechanical engineer

Note 1: Alice Mary Nottingham possibly married 1904 Portsmouth James Clough or John Merrett

Note 2: Charles Nottingham 1901 census: a vellum binder

Note 3: Lillian Nottingham 1901 census: a shirt washer??



Born: 1855 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden

Married: 1875 Lambeth

Spouse: Thomas Joseph Welch

1901census: in workhouse Greenwich. Occupation: needlewoman


Born: 1857 Rottingdean

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden

1871 census: Residing with father. Occupation: carpenter

1881 census: Engineer at factory. Lodging 69 princes Rd, Lambeth with James Hyde, engineer


Born: 1860 Lambeth

Father: James Nottingham

Mother: Eliza Holden