Family History

Still many gaps. Can you help? martis1@hotmail.couk JAMES NOTTINGHAM Born: 1789 Broadwater Father: James Nottingham Mother; Ann Ranford Baptised: 22/3/1789 Broadwater Died 1859 Married: 26/7/1813 Rottingdean Spouse: Mary Pope Parents: Reuben and Elizabeth Pope Baptised: 26/2/1791 Rottingdean Died: 1864 Children: Robert Nottingham b 1814 Rottingdean William Nottingham b 1815 Rottingdean Joseph Nottingham b 1817 Rottingdean Elizabeth Nottingham b 1818 Rottingdean Charles Nottingham b 1820 Rottingdean George Nottingham b 1822 Rottingdean James Nottingham b about 1823 Rottingdean Reuben Nottingham b 1823 Rottingdean Anne Nottingham b. 1824 Rottingdean Mary Nottingham b 1825 Rottingdean Jane Nottingham born 1826 Rottingdean John Nottingham b 1830 Broadwater Mary Nottingham b 1832 Rottingdean Thomas Nottingham b 1832 Rottingdean Frances Nottingham b 1833 Rottingdean 1841 census: Residing Rottingdean village. Occupation: carpenter. John and Frances living with them 1851 census: Residing East Side, Rottingdean. Occupation: joiner, carpenter. Thomas and Frances with them ROBERT NOTTINGHAM Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 2/8/1814 Rottingdean Buried: 14/8/1814 Rottingdean aged one month WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 30/7/1815 Rottingdean Buried: 16/9/1815 Rottingdean aged 15 weeks JOSEPH NOTTINGHAM Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 29/9/1817 Rottingdean Buried: 15/10/1817 Rottingdean aged 2 months ELIZABETH NOTTINGHAM Born: 1818 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 20/9/1818 Rottingdean SEE TULLY LINE CHARLES NOTTINGHAM Born: 1820 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 5/8/1820 Rottingdean GEORGE NOTTINGHAM Born: 1822 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 10/3/1822 Nottingham JAMES NOTTINGHAM Born: 1823 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Died: 1890 Lambeth district Married: 11/8/1838 St Margarets Newhaven Spouse: Eliza Holden Baptised: 1/11/1818 Rottingdean Parents: Edward & Elizabeth Holden Died: 1867 Lambeth district Married: 1868 Lambeth district Spouse: Elizabeth Dunn (widow) born Clegg Born: 1820 Huddersfield. Parents: John & Sarah Clegg Died: 1884 Lambeth district Children: Mary Holden Nottingham b 1839 Rottingdean William Nottingham b 1841 Rottingdean Eliza Nottingham b 1844 Rottingdean Walter Nottingham b 1845 Rottingdean Emily Nottingham b 1847 Rottingdean Ellen Nottingham b 1849 Rottingdean Charles Nottingham b 1853 Rottingdean Edwin Nottingham b 1857 Nottingham Frances Holden Nottingham b 1860 Lambeth SEE JAMES NOTTINGHAM 1823 REUBEN NOTTINGHAM Born: 1823 Rottingdean Buried: 23/8/1823 Rottingdean aged 5 weeks ANNE NOTTINGHAM Born: 1824 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 11/7/1824 Rottingdean Buried: 27/4/1831 Rottingdean aged 7 MARY NOTTINGHAM Born: 1825 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 21/11/1825 Rottingdean Buried: 21/121825 Rottingdean aged 5 weeks JOHN NOTTINGHAM Born: 1830 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 30/4/1830 Rottingdean Died: 1900 St Saviour district, Southwark Married: 1852 Brighton Spouse; Matilda Fuller Born: abt 1831 Brighton. Parents: Edward & Sophia Died: 1905 Southwark district Children: John Fuller Nottingham b. 1853 Brighton Matilda Fuller b 1855 Brighton John Fuller b. 1858 St Saviour district, Surrey John Fuller Nottingham b 1860 St Saviour District , Southwark John Fuller Nottingham b 1863 Christchurch, Southwark Matilda Nottingham b 1867 Emma Nottingham b 1871 died 1873 Southwark Emma Nottingham b 1874 Christchurch, Southwark See JOHN NOTTINGHAM JANE NOTTINGHAM Born: 1826 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 13/10/1826 Rottingdean Buried: 15/11/1826 Rottingdean aged 5 weeks THOMAS NOTTINGHAM Born: 1832 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 12/2/1832 Rottingdean Died; 1909 Rottingdean Married: 1868 Newport, Monmouth Married: Elizabeth Davis Jordan Born; 1836 Cinderford Glos.. 1841: living with his mother and her father Reuben Pope 1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1861: Able seaman with Royal navy, Palermo Bay. Elizabeth a cook, Castle Street, hereford 1871: bricklayers labourer, High St, Rottingdean 1881: residing West Street. John Cornfold & George Dunn lodging with them 1891: Golden Sq, Rottingdean. Charles Burchell, bricklayer, widower and his children lodging with them 1901 census: Residing Golden Square, Rottingdean. Occupation: bricklayer labourer 1911 census: Widow Elizabeth residing Golden Square Rottingdean. Old age pensioner. Name given as Elizabeth Davis FRANCES NOTTINGHAM Born: 1833 Rottingdean Father: James Nottingham Mother: Mary Pope Baptised: 21/7/1833 Rottingdean Married: 1862 Lewes district Spouse: James Avery Children: Maria Avery b 1865 Frances Avery b 1866 1871: widow, Golden Sq, Rottingdean. Charwoman 1881: servant to Justin Monney, RC priest, Martello Rd, Folkestone 1891 servant to Emma Farmer (living of own means) 9 Gratwicke Rd, Worthing SEE AVERY LINE ROTTINGDEAN smuggling Salt Dean gap. Capt Dunn the butcher is a well known character (A summer in Rottingdean in 1814 Ronald Tibble Sx Gen 6/3) inland 'the chalk hills [are] covered with about a foot - only 6" in some places - of black earth. very good for corn especially barley but in most areas covered with short herbage upon which are fed great flocks of sheep which are generally admitted to be the best sort for both their hardiness and their excellent mutton in the kingdom Rev Thomas Redman Hooker Ss (1762-1838) By nature a man of talent; by education a man of learning; by grace a man of God (from Obituary Notice) by Ronald Tibble Born Tonbridge, BA 1784 and MA 1786 from Oriel when he came down described as ‘a handsome and most accomplished man; skilled in vocal and instrumental music, a good draughtsman; excelling at cricket, swimming and skating; a fine rider. Got curacy at Rottingdean as father was friend of Duke of Somerset who had the living – 1791 – vicar lived in Newhaven – wouldn’t build a new vicarage which was leaking so Hooker got villagers to pull it down one night – new one is now the Grange He set up a school there – all boarders being prepared for Eton – according to Parlby it overflowed to school run by Mr Kennedy in High St – (now St Aubyns) – had an assistant Mr Stone – added new wing to Vicarage and installed Georgian front. Parlby also says two curates resided in Rottingdean – Rev Hodges livied in cottage behind old White Horse Inn and Rev Hutchings in High St. from 1809 to death Hooker held Boxted in Essex in plurality In 1802 gave encouragement to John Dudemney when he was shepherd on Rottingdean farm of James Ingram who lived in Mill later Shepherds cottage who opened school in Lewes 1804. started one of the earliest Sunday schools in Sussex – superintendant it for over 40 yrs. – before end 18c likewise founded a Free School for the poor. Rottingdean long rendezvous of smugglers.Leader of gang in Hookers time was’Captain’ Dunk the butcher whipping post house. Some contraband landed Rottingdean gap some Saltdean – from there carried overland via the now Whiteways road to cellars in Rottingdean - men used to say to any donkey that brayed “you’re not from Rottingdean” implying Rottingdean donkeys would be too tired in the day . Hooker often a look out man. Died 12/4/1838 21/4/1838 Brighton & Hove Herald How changed alas is now dear Rottingdean Where not one smiling face is to be seen Ask the reason? We reply anon Our kind and much lov’d pastor! He is gone So suddenly removed, we scarecely knpw As yet the full extent of our woe Deep silence reigns where’er his voice before Ah how d’you do? Can I do aught today Send food or raiment? Or remain to pray” His daily rounds will no more comfort bring No more will he with village children sing When in his church a stranger’s voice we hear That he is blessed must be our comfort now Nor will we murmer but submissive bow May all he said sink deep into our heart Then ne’er shall we from virtue’s path depart We’ll think of him, his good advice revere And to his mem’ry drop a silent tear