Family History

Susannah Trimmer was the sister of one of my ancestors. This is something about her family. It is far from complete. If you can add, amend, comment please e-mail me


Born:          1795 Harting

Father:        Peter Trimmer

Mother:      Mary Ayling

Buried:        12/1/1828 from East Harting

Married:      12/11/1817 Harting (married by licence, witness Mary Prior)

Spouse:       Thomas Nash

Born:           1771 East Meon Hants

Buried:         15/7/1855 from East Harting, aged 84

Children:      Mary Nash born 1818 Harting

                     Martha Nash

                     Mercy Nash born 1819 Harting

                     Ann Nash born 1821 Harting

                     John Nash born 1824 Harting


1841 census: Widow Thomas residing East Harting with daughters Mary and Harriet and grandchildren Mary and Thomas Nash.

1851 census: Widow Thomas residing East harting Street with daughter Elizabeth Glue, born 1805 Buriton


Thomas Nash was a widower when married to Susannah. Previously married Lucy Shier 10/5/1798. She  was buried 27/10/1816 Harting. Children: Rose Nash baptised 20/10/1799; William buried 1/8/1804 Harting from Thomas & Lucy Buriton;Thomas buried 21/3/1826


Children of Susannah and Thomas Nash



Born:        1818 Harting

Father:      Thomas Nash

Mother:     Susannah Trimmer

Married:    4/12/1844 Harting

Spouse:      William Watts

Born:         1785 Westbourne or Aldsworth

Children:    Mary Nash baptised 22/1/1838 Harting

                   Thomas Nash baptised 21/6/1840 Harting

                   Elijah Watts baptised 18/11/1845 Harting

                   Alfred Watts baptised 21/5/1851 Harting

                    Rhoda Watts baptised 15/2/1852 Harting

                    Euban Watts baptised 22/5/1855 Harting

                    Ann Watts baptised 28/6/1857 Harting


1841 census: residing with father

1851 census: Residing South Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Mary and Thomas recorded as Watts

1861 census: Residing South Harting  Street, Harting. Occuapation: charwoman. William a pauper. Thomas an agricultural labourer (recorded as Nash), Elijah a garden boy and Alfred a carter (recorded as Alfred)

1871 census: Widow Mary living on own. Occupation: charwoman




Born:            1819 Harting

Father:          Thomas Nash

Mother:         Susannah Trimmer

Baptised:       13/1/1820 Harting

Married:         4/10/1839 James Blackmore

Children:      George Blackmore

                      Martha Blackmore


1841 census: Residing East Harting next to sister Elizabeth Glue and father Thomas Nash

1851 census: Residing Midhurst workhouse with father-in-law Thomas Blackmore, blacksmith? And children George and Martha. Labourerís widow, pauper




Born:         1821 Harting

Father:       Thomas Nash

Mother:      Susannah Trimmer

Baptised:    10/12/1821 Harting

Children:     Ann Nash baptised 6/11/1842 Harting bur 11/1/1843 Harting


1839:    29/1/1839 in Midhurst workhouse, out of work servant

1842:     September. In workhouse with ĎAnn Nashís bastardí

               15/11/1843 board paid for Ann & Ann Nash

1843;      12/1/1843 discharged from workhouse



Born:        1824 Harting

Father:      Thomas Nash

Mother:     Susannah Trimmer

Baptised:   14/3/1824 Harting

Buried:       2/7/1890 Harting from East Harting aged 66

Married:     5/6/1856 Harting (witnessed by Thomas Glew & Sarah Nash. Occupation shepherd)

Spouse:      Ann New (nee Todman)

Baptised:    28/4/1830 Harting

Parents:      Luke & Elizabeth Todman

Died:          1903 Midhurst district

Children:     Emma Nash born 1856 Harting

                    Mary Ann Nash born 1861 Harting

                   Alice Nash born 1865 Harting

                    Reuben John Nash born 1868 Moseley, Surrey

                   James Nash born 1869 Elsted

                    Leonard Nash born 1872


Ann New was previously married 21/10/1848 to James New (buried 4/11/1854) by whom she had Ellen Sophia New 1849-1866; Reuben New 1851-1853 and George New 1854-1856


Emma Nash baptised 25/12/1856 harting buried 10/6/1859 Harting


Mary Ann Nash baptised 28/4/1861 Harting


Alice Nash baptised 26/2/1865 Harting married 1897 Midhurst district James King

1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: domestic servant

1891 census: Residing oakwood Bank, East Harting Street. Occupation: boarding-house keeper

1901 census: residing Dr Stephenís Cottages, with mother. Husband not with her

1911 census: visitor to Riverside Villa, Hammer Vale nr Shottermill, Hants. Occupation: cook. Given as single. Visiting Dorcas Chitty housemaid.


 Reuben John Nash buried 5/3/1919 Harting from East Harting. Married 1895 Ellen Reed born 1870 Treyford.

Children:  Reuben George Nash born 1897 Harting; Evelyn Maud Nash born 1899 Harting buried 7/3/1919 from Harting with her one day old daughter; Frederick Leonard Nash born 1094 Harting


1891 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: Residing East harting. Occupation: bricklayerís labourer

1911 census: Residing Wast Harting. Occupation: gardener, domestic.


James Nash baptised 12/12/1869 Treyford married 1900 Godstone district Surrey Mary Stanbridge born 1860 Smallfield Surrey, daughter of Walter & Emma Stanbridge.

1891 census: Residing with mother.

1901 census: Residing St Lukeís Rd Warlingham Surrey. Occupation: self-employed railway agent


Leonard Thomas  Nash baptised 16/6/1872 Treyford married 1904 Havant Annie Springall born 1871 Midhurst. Children: Wnifred Nash born 1906 Harting; Kathleen Nash born 1908 Harting

1891 census: residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1901 census: residing Dr Stepehenís Cottages, east harting (on own, two doors from mother). Occupation: brickyard labourer

1911 census: Resing St Stephenís Cottages, East Harting. Occupation: general labourer



Baptised:        18/10/1826 Harting