Family History

Ann was the sister of my ancestor. I have done extensive work on her sons Caleb and Job, married to the same woman. To find out more or to contribute, amend please contact me Born: 1823 Midhurst Father: Moses Bennett Mother: Elizabeth Challen Baptised: 9/11/1823 Midhurst Died: 1905 Steyning district Married: 2/10/1847 Heyshott Spouse: Alfred Miles Baptised: 29/1/1826 Heyshott Parents: George & Mary Miles Buried: 21/12/ 1899 Graffham Children: Jack Miles b 1848 Heyshott Moses Miles b 1852 Heyshott Henry Miles b1852 Heyshott Alfred Miles b 1853 Heyshott George Miles b 1855 Heyshott Thomas Miles b 1857 Heyshott Peter Miles b 1858 Heyshott Abel Miles b 1860 Heyshott Minnie b 1864 Heyshott Caleb b 1867 Heyshott 1841 census: Residing with parents in Midhurst 1851 census: Residing Heyshott Street. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1861 census: Residing Heyshott Dtreet. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1871 census: Residing Woolens. Midhurst. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1881 census: Residing Fitzleas Cottages, Lodsworth. Job and Caleb with them. The men all agricultural labourers 1891 census: Residing Colways, Graffham. Caleb with them. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1901 census: Residing 116 Oving Road with daughter-in-law Rose Children of Ann and Alfred Miles JACK MILES Born: 1848 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 13/8/1848 Heyshott Buried: 30/6/1881 St Pauls Chichester from George Street Married: 29/12/1871 Singleton Spouse: Mary Ann Bridger Baptised: 5/10/1851 Singleton Parents: George & Mary Bridger Children: Tom Miles b 1874 East Dean 1851 census: Residing in East Dran as a nephew with Thomas Norrell (44), Eliza Norrell (39) and Catherine, mother, 86, pauper 1861 census: Residing East Dean with the Norrells. Occupation: hurdle maker. Thomas Norrell a wood cutter 1871 census: Residing East Dean with the Norrells. Occupation: wood carter 1881 census: Residing George St, Chichester. Occupation: bricklayer Tom Miles Married 1903 Guildford district Alice Mary Drake b 1880 Guildford Children: Alice Miles b 1903 Guildford; Tom Miles b 1905 Guildford; Ethel and Ellen Miles b 1906Guildford 1891 census: Residing with aunt and uncle Kate and Richard Carter. Chantry Cottage, Shalford. Surrey. Richard a gamekeeper. Kate born in Singleton, so I presume was Mary’s sister 1901 census: Tom residing with the Carters at Merrow, Surrey. 1911 census: Residing Down Rd, Merrow. Occupation: filterer MOSES MILES Born: 1850 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Died: 1936 Chichester district Married: 28/10/1871 Spouse: Charlotte Long Born: 20/3/1853 Graffham Died: 1937 Chichester district Parents: George & Sophia Long Children: Emmelina Miles b 1871 East Dean Agnes Agatha Miles b 1874 Graffam Annie Miles b 1877 Boxgrove Albert Ernest Miles b 1880 Boxgrove Mabel Miles b 1883 Halnaker, Boxgrove Alfred George Miles b 1886 Runcton Edith Mary Miles b 1889 Runcton Minnie Miles b 1893 Runcton Charles Arthur Miles b 1900 Runcton 1881 census: Residing Halnaker, Boxgrove. Occupation: timber cutter 1883: baptism register. Occupation: carter 1891 census: Residing Runcton Lane Cottages, North Mundham. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1901 census: Residing North Mundham (Racton). Occupation: tam on farm 1911 census: Residing Charlcroft Cottagrs, Charlcroft Rd, North Bersted. Occupation: farm carter. Jesse Westbrooke 53 stockman boarding with them. Emmelina Miles baptised 25/2/1872 East Dean. Married 1898 Westhampnett district Henry Ede b 1873 Cuckfold son of John & Eliza Ede. Children: Beatrice Eliza Ede b 1902 Gosport; Henry Ede b 1905 Gosport. 1891 census: Residing with parents 1901 census: Residing12 Rocket Gardens, Bognor. Occupation: general servant (live in). Husband not with her. 1911 census: Residing Western Rd, Winchester. Occupation: rifleman, KKR Corps Agatha Agnes Miles baptised 18/10/1874 Graffham m 1896 Westhampnett district Ernest Albert Taylor, baptised 9/2/1873 Graffham son of Mark & Maria Taylor. Children: Agnes Taylor b 1897; Mabel Taylor b 1898 died 1902; Florence Taylor b 1900; Annie Taylor b 1903; John Taylor b 1909. 1891 census; Residing Rumbolds wyke. Occupation: servant to Charles Crow, retired butcher 1901 census: Residing 50 St Philip St, Battersea. Occupation: railway signalman 1911 census: Residing 3 Inglelow Rd, Battersea. Occupation: retired signalman. Annie Miles 1891 census: Possibly servant to Osborn, corn merchant, Waterloo Road, South Bersted Albert Ernest Miles bapt 23/7/1880 Boxgrove from Halnaker. 1911 census: In Royal Navy Mabel Miles baptised 11/3/1883 Halnaker, Boxgrove died 1962 married 1903 Chichester Frank Allen b 1881 Chichester son of Charles & Eliza Allen. He died 1962. Children: Frank Harold Allen b 1903 Chichester; Stanley Albert Allen b 1905 Chichester; Ieuan G Allen b 1911 Chichester; Cecil A Allen b 1913 Chichester; Lilian Allen b 1916 Chichester; Leslie B Allen b 1920 Brighton; Norah Allen b 1924 Brighton; Izme V Allen b 1926 Brighton 1901 census: Residing 89 East Street Chichester, servant o John Ellidge, dentist. Frank residing with mother 8 Frankilin Place Chichester. Occupation: sausage maker 1911 census: Residing 89A Victoria Rd, Chichester. Occupation: baker Alfred George Miles died 1964 Chichester district. Married 1913 Westhampnett district Frances J Herrington 1901 census: Residing with parents. occupation:teamster on farm 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: farm labourer Edith Mary Miles 1911 census: Rsiding Marlborough, Effingham Rd, London Ditton, Surrey. Occupation: general servant Minnie Miles 1911 census: Residing with parents. Charles Arthur Miles Unlikely to have been Charlotte’s son, possibly a son of Annie or Mabel HARRY (HENRY) MILES Born: 1852 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Died: 1925 Chichester district (as Harry) Married: 16/4/1874 Woolavington Spouse: Fanny Stevens Baptised: 23/10/1853 Lodsworth Parents: James and Mary Ann Stevens Died: 1910 Chichester district Children: William Miles b 1874 Graffham Ernest Miles b 1876 Graffham Alfred Miles b 1878 Graffham Alice Miles b 1879 Graffham Mary Ann Miles b 1884/5 Binderton Sidney James Miles b 1886 Binderton Horace Stevens Miles b 1888 Binderton Hilda H Miles b 1892 Binderton George Miles b 1894 Binderton 1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1881 census: Residing Binderton Rd, Binderton. Occupation agricultural labourer 1891 census: Residing Binderton village. Operation: agricultural labourer 1901 census: Residing 144 St Pancras. Occupation: labourer for corporation 1911 census: Residing 144 St Pancras, Chichester. Daughter Hilda housekeeper. Occupation: corporation labourer William Miles baptised 8/11/1874 Graffham buried 14/11/1888 West Dean from Binderton Ernest Miles baptised 21/5/1876 Graffham buried 29/9/1878 Graffham Alfred Miles baptised 13/10/1878 Graffham 1901 census: Boarder 21E Bishopric Hirsham. Occupation: grocer’s carman Alice Eleanor Miles baptised 31/10/1880 West Dean from Binderton died 1883 Westhampnett district aged 2 Mary Ann Miles 1901 census: Residing Southbourne Vicarage, Westbourne. Occupation: general servant to William Wonnacott, clergyman Sidney James Miles married 1909 Norwich district Pleasance Violet Waspe b 1884 Norwich. Children: Harry Mile born 1911 West Worthing 1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: shop boy 1911 census: Residing 6 The Broadway, West Worthing. Occupation: grocer’s manager. Brother George living with them Horace Stevens Miles died 1893 Westhampnett district Hilda H Miles 1911 census: housekeeper for her father George Miles 1911 census: Residing with brother Sidney. Occupation: grocer’s assistant ALFRED MILES Born: 1853 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 3/6/1953 Heyshott Married; 11/2/1888 Graffham Spouse: Caroline Ellen Enticknap Born: 1865 Parents: Charles Enticknap GEORGE MILES Born: 1855 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 10/6/1855 Heyshott Died: 1923 Steyning district Married; 21/6/1885 Heyshott Spouse: Rose Alice Bone Baptised: 25/5/1862 Medstead, Hants as Rosa Parents: Adam & Elizabeth Bone Died: 1906 Thakeham district Children: Elizabeth A Miles b 1886 East Dean Emily K Miles b 1889 Graffham Alice M Miles b 1892 Graffham Edith Miles b 1894 Wiston Georgina M Miles b 1899 Graffham Basil George Miles b 1901 Wiston 1881 census: Servant to Hon Lady M T Cluffee St margarets, London. Rose a governess tacher in Ropley, Hants 1891 census: Residing Graffham. Occupation: agicltural labourer 1901 census: Residing Willetts, Wiston. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Edith and Georgina with them 1911 census: Residing Clapham Woods, Clapham. Occupation: carter on farm Elizabeth A Miles 1901 census: Residing: Cricketers Arms, Duncton. Occupation: general servant Emily Kate Miles baptised 16/12/1888 Heyshott married 1907 Thakeham district Arthur Woods 1901 census: Residing Buncton manor Wiston. Occupation: general servant Alice M Miles married 1909 Harry Jacobs born 1879 Isle of Wight. Children: Mabel Miles born 1910 Clapham 1911 census: Residing with her father in Clapham. Harry Jacobs a farm labourer THOMAS (TOM) MILES Born: 1857 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 30/8/1857 Heyshott as Tom Married: 1881 Brighton Spouse: Alice Ford Born: 1855 Chailey Mother: possibly Esther Ford Died: possibly 1926 Steyning district 1861 census: Alice Ford living with grandfather John Ford and his daughter Esther Ford 23 Main Road, Chailey 1901 census: Residing 1 Gordon Rd, Shoreham. Occupation: navvy. Nephew Albert H Wilson, 10, born Portslade with them. 1911 census: Residing 12 Kingsley Rd, Preston. Occupation: farrier. With them Margaret Hull 10 adopted, and three boarders PETER MILES Born: 1858 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 27/2/1859 heyshott Died: possibly 1939 Brighton Married: 1886 Brighton Spouse: Esther Blaber Born: 31/12/1858 Brighton Parents: Charles Blaber and Jane Hunt Died: 1932 Brighton Children: Minnie Miles b 1887 Brighton Charles Miles born 1889 Brighton Arthur Miles born 1896 Brighton William Miles born 1898 Brighton 1891 census: Residing 7 New Dorset st, brighton. Occupation: corporation labourer. Step-daughter Emily Blaber b 1883 with them 1901 census: Residing 11 Freehold Terrace Shoreham. Occupation: general labourer. Emily is recorded as Emily Miles 1911 census: Residing Hiome Farm, Moulsecombe, Lewes. Occupation: carter on farm Minnie Miles born 24/8/1887 Brighton baptised 9/9/1887 St Nicholas Brighton. Married 1906 Albert Edward Ford born 1885 Portslade.Children: Minnie Annie Ford born 1906 Portslade; Esther Elsie Ford born 1908 Brighton. 1911 census: Residing 20 Mafeking Rd, brighton. Occupation: stationary engine man Charles Alfred Miles born 8/10/1889 Brighton baptised 12/1/1890 St Nicholas Brighton 1911 census: Boarder at 13 Freehold Terrace, Brighton. Occupation: brewer’s drayman Arthur James Miles born 18/10/1896 Brighton baptised 15/4/1897 St Nicholas Brighton. 1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: farm labourer William Miles born 1898 Brighton 1911 census: Residing with paents. Occupation: agricultural labourer ABEL MILES Born: 1861 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 7/4/1861 Heyshott Died: 1882 Steyning district 1881 census: Residing 3 New York Buildings Brighton, with brother Peter. Occupation: labourer JOB MILES Born: 1862 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 25/1/1863 Heyshott Died: 1902 Chichester Married: 1898 Chichester Spouse: Rose Jane Miles Children: Dora May Miles born 1898 Portfield Stoker in Royal navy MINNIE MILES Born: 1865 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Married: Spouse: William Bryan Born: 1864 Mitcham, Surrey Parents: David & Charlotte Bryan Children: Vera Gertrude Bryan b 1903 Chichester 1881 census: residing 4 York Villas, Brighton. Occupation: general servant to Henry Anscombe, railway superintendent 1891 census: Residing Railway Hotel, High st, Clapham. Occupation: barmaid 1901 census: residing ifield. Occupation: hotel manager & manageress 1911 census: residing 1 Bennerley Rd, Battersea. Occupation: seamstress CALEB MILES Born: 1867 Heyshott Father: Alfred Miles Mother: Ann Bennett Baptised: 25/12/1867 Heyshott Died: 1897 Arundel Married: 1893 Brighton Spouse: Rose Jane Chandler born Boxall Baptised: 25/10/1867 petworth Parents: Henry & Eliza Boxall Children: Maud Miles born 1894 Billingshurst Annie Florence Miles born 1896 Arundel Dora May Miles b 1898 Chichester 1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer