Family History



Born: abt 1704, probably Houghton


Married; Possibly 20/12/1704 Selsey Mary Perrin. He was from Sidlesham

Married: 17/10/1726 Wiggonholt cum Greatham

Spouse: Martha Bunn by licence issued same day. Both were from Houghton.

Baptised: 26/6/1699 Houghton

Buried: 1785 Houghton

Parents: Alan Bunn (c1653-1722) & Mary Bunn (c1665-1723)

Children: Mary Merritt b 1726 Tortington

William Merritt b 1729 Amberley

Edward Merritt b 1731 Amberley

Richard Merritt b 1734 Amberley

Ann Merritt b 1736 Amberley

Richard Merritt b 1738 Amberley

Thomas Merritt b 1741 Amberely


Born: 1721/1722 Houghton


Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised: 14/1/1722 Houghton (see Note 1)

Note 1: baptism recorded as bastard son Martha Bunn


Born: 1726 Tortington

Father: John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised: 10/3/1726

Married: 1/10/1750 Amberley (see Note 1)

Spouse: Edward Haben.

Children: Henry Merritt bapt 9/2/1747 Houghton (see Note 2)

Note 1: He is recorded as bachelor labourer Eastergate. On marriage licence 25/9/1750 Mary is recorded as spinster from Eastergate

Note 2: Henry Merritt possibly married 9/10/1776 Felpham Elizabeth Ewen

Note: No traces of Haben children on IGI


Born: 1729 Amberley

Father; John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised; 1729

Buried: possibly 17/6/1786 Wiston

Married: 19/9/1750 Petworth (see Note 1)

Spouse: Mary Steer

Baptised: 7/9/1726 Billingshurst

Parents: James Steer and Mary Woodman.

Buried: 8/12/1769 Wiston

Married:1/12/1772 Wiston Mary Percival. (probably widow of William Perciful whom she married Wiston 18/10/1756 as Mary Langridge)

Buried: 1792 Wiston or 8/6/1782 pauper, Wiston.

Children: Mary Merritt b 1751

Martha Merritt b 1753 Wiston (see Note 3)

Alice Merritt b 1754 Wiston

John Merritt b 1756 Wiston

William Merritt b 1758 Ashington

Richard Merritt bapt 2/3/1760 Ashington

Thomas Merritt bapt 1/5/1762 Ashington

George Merritt bapt 26/5/1765 Ashington (see Note 5)


Note 1: On marriage licence of 18/9/1750 William is given as bachelor from Billingshurst and Mary from Petworth. On marriage register both from Billingshurst

Marriage to Mary Percival witnessed by John Baker, George Halet.

[possibly i) Mary b 1751 who m 18/11/1868 Wiston John Hulett of Abinger, Surrey, servantman. Married with consent of Thomas Merrit, labourer. Witnessed by Thomas Meers and William Merrit]

Note 3: Martha Merrit b 1753 (chr 6/1/1753) Wiston m 25/2/1772 Wiston John Barnet. Witnessed by William Merrit, John Float. Children: John Barnett bapt 26/1/1774 Wiston, James Barnett bapt 7/4/1776 Wiston, Richard Barnett bapt 28/11/1779 Wiston, Henry Barnett bapt 5/5/1782 Wiston

Note 4: Alice Merit b 1754 (chr 11/8/1754) Wiston m 6/9/1772 Wiston John Pierce. Married with consent of William Merit day labourer. John Pierce servantman of 24, of parish. Witnessed by John Baker and John Dale. Children: Richard Pierce bapt 3/12/1780 Heene, William Pierce bapt 29/9/1782 Heene, Sarah Pierce bapt 20/3/1785 Heene, Elizabeth Pierce bapt 26/1/1789 Heene, Ann Pierce bapt 6/3/1791 Heene, Peter Pierce bapt 5/6/1796 Heene

Note 5; John Merit b 1756 chr 21/2/1756 Wiston m 3/2/1777 West Grinstead Sarah Stringer bapt 7/4/1754 Shipley daughter of William & Sarah Stringer

Note 6; George Merritt bapt 26/5/1765 Ashington married 7/4/1813 Horsham Frances Washer b abt 1779 possibly in Chailey daughter of Thomas Washer and Ann Leney She died 1851 Horsham. George was a bachelor.’

1841 census: Frances widow was residing Bishoprick and living with John Steere aged 65, Jesse Calark aged 60 and Ellen Merrett aged three and a half who been baptised 10/9/1837 Horsham daughter of Susannah Merritt.


Born: 1731 Amberley

Father: John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised: 21/2/1731 Amberley

Died: 1801 Ashington

Married: 23/6/1755 Wiston (see Note 1)

Spouse: Mary Dinnig (Dinnage)

Buried: See note 1

Note 1: The banns give her name as Dinnage, Marriage witnessed by William pennant and John ? Mary merit was possibly buried 8/6/1782 pauper (or died 1780 Ashington – Michael’s tree)


Born: 1734 Amberley

Father: John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised: 10/12/1734 Amberley

Died: 1739 Amberley


Born: 1736 Amberley

Father: John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised; 7/3/1736 Amberley

Married: possibly 26/11/1762 Houghton John Witliff




Born: 1739 Amberley

Father: John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised: 5/8/1739 Amberley

Married: 18/10/1763 Houghton

Spouse: Jane Bailey

Children: Mary Merriott b 1764 Houghton (bapt 26/8/1764)

John Merriott b 1766 Houghton (bapt 11/1766)

Sarah Merriott b 1769 Amberley (chr 5/3/1769)

Richard Merriott b 1770 Amberley (chr 3/3/1770)

Henry Merriott b 1771 (chr 3/3/1771) Amberley

Richard merriott b 1772 (chr 18/2/1772) Amberley

William Merriott b 1776 Amberley (chr 25/2/1776) (see note 1)

Edward Merriott b 1779 Amberley (chr 25/5/1779)

Henry Merriott b 1781 Amberley (chr 25/2/1781)

James Merriott b 1783 Amberley(chr 30/5/1783 or 30/12/1783 ) bur 13/1/1784 Amberley

Note 1: William Merritt bapt 25/2/1776 Amberley married 1/1/1805 Lyminster Grace Buff born abt 1780. Children: Richard Merriott bpt 17/5/1812 Houghton; Robert Merriott b 1814 Bury married 2/9/1832 Amberley Elizabeth Searle. Had issue.; Ann Merriott; Thomas Merriott; Henry Merriott; All children listed as 20 on the 1841 census

1841 census: Residing Houghton. Occupation: labourer. Jane Merritt under 12 months also with them


Born: 1736 Amberley

Father: John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Baptised; 7/3/1736 Amberley

Married: possibly 26/11/1762 Houghton John Witliff


Born: 1741 Amberley

Father: John Merritt

Mother: Martha Bunn

Buried; possibly 28.1.1810 Houghton

Baptised: 22/10/1741 Amberley

Married: 12/12/1771 Storrington? (see Note 1)

Spouse: Mary Sadler

Born: 1741 Storrington

Married: 10/10/1791 (see Note 2)

Spouse: Mary Botting, widow

Note 1: Licence issued 12/12/1771 but not record of marriage. Thomas was a servantman of 29 from Houghton. Mary a spinster of 30 from Storrington. Sponsor Jo Saker husbandman and farmer, Storrington

Note 2: Banns only, at Ashurst.Thomas a widower from Ashurst. Mary from West Grinstead.




Children of Edward & Mary Dinnage.


Born: 1757 Ashington

Father: Edward Merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Died: 1830 Shipley

Married: 5/11/1777 Ashington

Spouse; Imlen Greenfield

Born: abt 1757 Shipley

Died: 1828 Shipley

Children: John Merritt b1778 Ashington (see Note 1)

Sarah Merritt b 1779 Wiston (see Note 2)

Emlin Merritt b 1781 West Grinstead (see Note 3)

Henry Merritt b 1783 West Grinstead (see Note 4)

Edward merritt bapt 2/10/1785 West Grinstead

Thomas Merritt b 1788 West Grinstead (see Note 5)

George Merritt baptised 27/10/1790 West Grinstead

William Merritt baptised 21/7/1793 West Grinstead

John Merritt bapt 31/3/1799 Shipley

James Merritt bapt 31/3/1799 Shipley

Peter Merritt bapt 11/10/1801 Shipley (see Note 6)

Susannah merritt b 1805 Shipley (see Note 7)

Note 1: John Merritt bapt 14/4/1778 Ashington died 1792 Shipley

Note 2: Sarah Merritt bapt 28/11/1779 Wiston married Thomas Shotter born abt 1778. Children: Esther Shotter bapt 5/3/1802 Steyning, Elizabeth Shotter bapt 7/12/1803 Broadwater

Note 3: Emlin Merritt bapt 13/10/1781 West Grinstead, died 1796 Shipley

Note 4: Henry Merritt bapt 12/10/1783 West Grinstead died 1861 Shipley. Married 11/2/1804 Billingshurst Jane Dale. Children: Henry Merritt bapt 24/2/1805 Billingshurst; Thomas Merritt bapt 15/3/1807 Billingshurst died 1886 Shipley married Mary b abt 1807 died 1864 Shipley m 2nd Lucy 1815-1905. Had issue; John Merritt bapt 17/6/1809 Billingshurst died 1874 Billinghsurst, married Phillis Holland 1810-1892 . Had issue Sarah Merritt bapt 13/10/1810 Billinghsurs; Esther Merritt bapt 6/5/1821 Shipley; William Merritt bapt 25/5/1823 Shipley married Sarah Elsey b 1829 Had issue.; Aaron Merritt b 1825 Shiplwey died 1897 Steyning district married Mary Terry. Had issue.

Note 5: Thomas Merritt baptised 27/4/1788 West Grinstead died 1856 Dorking married 28/4/1812 Warnham Leah Chennell bapt 9/3/1788 Oakwood Surrey died 1824. Children: Thomas Merritt bapt 20/2/1814 Horsham died Wandsworth married Elizabeth Wilkins. Had issue; John Merritt bapt 25/2/1816 Warnham died 1891 lambeth. Married Annabella Lovely 1823-1901. Had issue; Ann Merrit baptised 1910/1817 Warnham died 1894 Dorking district married Henry Lucas 1818-1902.; Henry Merritt b 1819 Warnham died 1894 Wimbledon married 1st Lucy 1811-1856 married 2nd Elizabeth Jackson 1815-1899; Sarah Merritt baptised 8/10/1822 Warnham married 1st 2843 Dorking district Joseph Tuppen married 2nd Cold Harbour, Surrey Jonathon Sherlock. Had issue

Note 6: Peter Merritt bapt 11/10/1801 Shipley died 1871 New Shoreham. Married Sarah 1801-1977

Note 7: Susannah Merritt b & d 1805 Shipley


Born: 1759 Ashington

Father: Edward Merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Died: 1821 Horsham district

Married: 14/9/1783

Spouse: Katherine Parsons

Married: 4/5/1786

Spouse; Catherine Reaps/Feast

Died: 1819 Horsham district

Children: Mary Merritt bapt 28/5/1787 West Grinstead

Jasper Merritt b 1789 West Grinstead (see Note 1)

Jonathon Merritt b 1790 died 1791

Edward Merritt b 1792 Shipley (see Note 2)

John Merritt bapt 24/7/1793 Shipley died 1800 Shipley

Margaret Merritt b 1796 (see Note 3)

Samuel Merritt b 1798 Shipley (see Note 4)

Solomon Merritt b 1801 Shipley (see Note 5)

Martha Merritt bapt 9/5/1802 Shipley

Note1: Jasper Merritt bapt 9/3/1789 West Grinstead died 24/8/1840 Shipley, buried 30/8/1840 Shipley. Cause of death decline. Married Mary Charman bapt 23/3/1800 Shipley daughter of Henry Charman and Ann Stringer. She was buried 5/2/1869 Shipley. Children: Frances Merritt bapt 3/6/1821 Shipley died 1901 East Preston district married James Harding b 1818. Had issue; Jasper Merritt bapt 23/3/1823 Shipley died 1890 Wivelsfield Lunatic Astlum; Solomon Merritt bapt 5/2/1826 Shipley buried 15/8/1911 Southwater; Sarah Merritt bapt 25/5/1828 Shipley died 1857 Shipley; William Merritt bapt 12/12/1830 Shipley died 1885 East lands, Billingshurst. Married 30/10/1854 Emily Goacher bapt 18/10/1835 Shipley daughter of William Goacher and Keziah Dale. Died 1876; James Merritt bapt 25/11/1835 Shipley died 1911 married 24/10/1868 Shipley Mary Parker 1842-1918. Had issue; Reuben Merritt born 7/5/1839 baptised 9/6/1939 Shipley. Died 1918 Shipley. Married 1st 6/4/1867 Shipley Harriett Rhodes 1845-1933 m 2nd 1875 Lucy Voice.

Note 3: Edward Merritt bapt 13/5/1792 Shipley married Harriett? Children: Mary Merritt b 1816 bapt 21/6/1818 Shipley; Martha Merritt bapt 21/6/1818 Shipley; William Merritt b Washington bapt 21/6/1815 Shipley died 1892 Five Oaks Billingshurst married Mary Cowshall 1821-1894. Had issue; Abraham Merritt b 1820 Shipley bapt 1/5/1825 Shipley; Edward Merritt b 1821 Ashington bapt 1/5/1825 Shipley; Jemima Merritt b 1823 Shipley bapt 1/5/1825; Marshall Merritt bapt 1/5/1825 Shipley; Emily Merritt bapt 16/12/1832 Shipley

Note 3: Margaret Merritt baptised 26/3/1797 aged one. Married 14/2/1830 Horsham

Henry Penfold b 1798. Children: Hannah Merritt bapt 18/2/1816 Shipley, John Merritt bat 31/10/1819 Shipley Mary Lucas Merrett baptised 12/4/1822 probably the Mary Merritt buried bur 29/11/1842 Wiston aged 20. from Washington with a daughter Ruth b 1842 bur 4/9/1842 Wiston from Washington 4 months. Baptised 12/6/1842 daughter of Mary Merritt Isaac Penfold bapt 11/7/1830 Horsham married Catherine Cook; Abraham Penfold bapt 28/12/1834 Horsham m Elizabeth Stoner b 1840. had issue; Elizabeth Penfold bapt 16/4/1837 Horsham married Michael Carter b 1832

Note 4: Samuel Merritt baptised 17/6/1798 Shipley married Ann Woolven. Children; Jane Merritt bapt 7/11/1827 West Grinstead

Note 5: Solomon Merritt bapt 5/4/1801 Shipley died 1883 Upper Beeding married Ann Aylwood 1804-1876. Children: Mary Merritt bapt 10/6/1826 Shipley died 1888 Shipley married William Hart. Had issue; Stephen Merritt baptised 9/3/1828 Shipley died 1829 Shipley; Emily Merritt bapt 21/6/1829 Shipley; George Meritt bapt 20/5/1832 Shipley; Hannah Merritt bapt 13/2/1835 Shipley married 1869 Upper Beeding William Kent b 1835. Had issue; Allen Merritt 14/11/1838 Shipley bapt 19/11/1838 died 1839 Shipley;


Born: 1761 Ashington

Married: Edward Merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Baptised: 1/3/1761 Ashington

Married: 26/4/1791 Wiston

Spouse: Richard Wood

Children: William Merritt bapt 4/9/1785 Shipley

Henry Merritt bapt 22/6/1788 Shipley died 1861 Shipley


Born: 1763 Ashington

Father: Edward merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Married: 16/2/1785 Shipley (see Note 1)

Spouse: Rachel Standen.

Baptised: 5/1/1763 Cuckfield

Died: 1824 Ashington

Children: Ann Merritt bapt 22/5/1785 Shipley

Samuel Merritt b 1788 Shipley (see Note 2)

Edward b 1788 (chr 1/6/1788) Shipley

Michael Merritt bapt 30/5/1790 Shipley

Frances Merritt b. 1792 Shipley (see Note 3)

Reuben Merritt b 1793 Shipley (see Note 4)

Benjamin Merritt b 1797 Shipley (see Note 5)

Ruth Merritt b 1799 Shipley (see Note 6)

Charlotte Merritt b 1802 Ashington (see Note 7)

Note 1: On marriage licence he was given as bachelor 22+ husbandman Bolney. She 21+ spinster Shipley

Note 2: Samuel Merritt bapt 1/6/1788 Shipley died 1828 Shipley

Note 3: Frances Merritt bapt 29/3/1792 Shipley died 1794 Shipley

Note 4: Reuben Merritt bapt 24/1/1793 Shipley died 1824 Shipley

Note 5: Benjamin Merritt bapt 12/2/1797 Shipley died 1852 married Mary Kenshott born Petworth. Children: Eliza Merritt bapt 9/6/1822 Shipley married 4/10/1848 James Heasman 1798-1876. Had issue. William Merritt born 1825 Shipley; Ann Merritt bapt 31/5/1829 Shipley died 1864 West Grinstread married 15/4/1849 Shipley Thomas Flint 1830-1911; Ruth Merritt bapt 5/12/1830 Shipley; Henry Merritt bapt 7/4/1833 Shipley; Alfred Merritt bapt 12/4/1835 Shipley died 1899 Warminghurst married 16/11/1867 Southwater Jane Tgompson 1849-1929. Had issue

Ellen Merritt bapt 8/10/1837 Shipley married Edward Etheridge b 1821. Had issue. Elizabeth Merritt bapt 8/10/1837 married John Nicholson b 1828. Had issue David Merritt born 2/5/1843 Shipley, baptised 11/6/1843 died 1908 Horsham

Note 6: Ruth Merritt bapt 18/8/1799 Shipley died 1863 West Grinstead married 6/10/1819 Shipley James Laker 1784-1869. Children: Mary Laker bapt 30/1/1820 West Grinstead; Ruth laker bapt 21/6/1829 West Grinstead; Rachel Laker bapt 20/11/1831 West Grinstead; Harriett Laker bapt 30/3/1833 West Grinstead; Peter Laker bapt 21/9/1834 West Grinstead; Hephzibar Laker bapt 9/8/1840 West Grinstead

Note 7: Charlotte merritt bapt 31/1/1802 Ashington died 1863 Nuthurst buried 17/11/1863 West Grinstead married 15/2/1824 Shipley Benjamin Flint. 1801-1874. Children: Allen Flint baptised 25/7/1824 West Grinstead buried 18/5/1853 West Grinstead; Walter Flint bapt 3/12/1826 West Grinstead died 1889 Steyning district; Matthew Flint bapt 19/7/1929 West Grinstead died 1880 Horsham district married Eleanor Milham b 1834. had issue; Deborah flint bapt 11/12/1831 West Grinstead buried 27/5/1857 West Grinstead married 5/8/1854 Shipley Jesse Jupp born abt 1830; Agnes Flint bapt 26/1/1834 West Grinstead died 1899 Hirsham district married 12/4/1855 Nuthurst Stpehen Nicholson b 1831; Harriet Flint bapt 4/9/1836 West Grinstead; Maria Flint BAPT 24/5/1840 West Grinstead married 11/12/1866 West Grinstead Henry Spencer b 1839; Emily Flint b 12/12/1842 Shipley bapt 22/1/1843 died 1907 Chichester married 1/10/1859 Horsham James Johnson; Fanny Flint b 28/2/1845 Shipley, bapt 30/3/1845 buries 17/8/1866 West grinstead



Born: 1765

Father: Edward Merritt

Mother: mary Dinnage

Baptised; 18/5/1765

Married; Wiston 11/9/1785 (see Note 1)

Spouse: James Jutten

Baptised; possibly 30/12/1753 Shipley son of William & Elizabeth

Children: Martha Jutten bapt 9/7/1786 Washington

Note 1: He was from West Grinstead. Witnessed by John Baker, Henry Sturt


Born: 1766

Father: Edward Merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Baptised: 1/1/1767

Married: Thomas Potter

Children: Susannah Potter bapt 4/5/1788 Warnham

Hannah Potter bapt 23/1/1803 Warnham


Born: 1767

Father: Edward Merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Buried: 12/3/1847 Wiston

Married : 9/10/1796 Wiston

Spouse: Mary Liliot . She was from Bramber

Baptised: 20/12/1772 Wiston

Children: Martha merritt b 1795 Wiston (see Note 1)

Thomas merit b 1799 Wiston (see Note 2) D Daniel merit b 1800 (See Note 3)

Mary Merrit b 1802 Wiston (See Note 4)

Moses merritt b 1805 Wiston (see Note 5)

Peter Merritt b 1807 Wiston (see Note 6)

Samuel b 1808 m 1816 Heather Lulham (see Samuel)

1841 census: Thomas and Mary residing Ashington with son Thomas. Occupation: labourer

Note 1: (Martha Merritt bapt 2/8/1795 Wiston married Richard Bourne. Children: Richard Bourne bapt 22/6/1817 Balcombe; William Bourne bapt 7/11/1819 Balcombe; Thomas Bourne bapt 5/8/1821 Balcombe; Emma Bourne bapt 17/8/1823 balcombe; Elizabeth Bourne bapt 11/6/1826 Balcombe; Henry Bourne bapt 6/4/1828 Balcombe; George Bourne bapt 8/8/1830 Balcombe; Peter Bourne bapt 17/8/1833 Balcombe

Note 2: Thomas Merritt chr 2/8/1795 Wiston died 1869 Ashington married Elizabeth Searle. Children: Mary merritt b 1825 Ashington; Ann Merritt b 1826 Ashington; Peter Merritt b 1829 Ashington died 1912 Lewisham. Married Caroline Dean. Had issue; Samuel Merritt b 1832 Ashington died 1902 Holdenhurst, Kent married mary Clayton 1830-1894. Had issue; William Merritt b 1833 Ashington died 1913 Westhampnett. Married =Sarah Walder 1836-1910. Had issue; Harriett Merritt b 1835 Ashington; Thomas Merritt b 1838 Ashington; Daniel Merritt b 1840 Ashington; Elizabeth Merritt b 1841 Ashington; Ruth merritt b 1844 Ashington bapt 4/10/1844 Wiston

Note 3: Daniel Merritt chr 28/9/1800 Wiston died 1870 Thakeham district married Sarah Mercer. Children: Ruth Merritt born 1825 Wiston; James Merritt baptised 7/1/1827 Wiston bur Wiston 20/10/1827 9 months; Fanny Merritt b 1831 Wiston bapt 16/1/1834; Alfred Merritt bapt 6/4/1834 Wiston married Ann Quaile b 1833. had issue

Note 4: Mary Merritt chr 21/2/1802 Wiston married John Hawkins. Children: Emma Hawkins b 1824 Brighton; William Hawkins b 1825 Brighton; Agnes Hawkins n 1830 Edburton; Peter Hawkins b 1832 Edburton died 1876 Rotherhithe; Matilda Hawkins b 1833 Edburton; Frank Hawkins b 1836 Edburton; John Hawkins b 1838 Edburton; Harriett Hawkins v 1840 Edburton; Heorge Hawkins b 1847 Brighton

Note 5: Moses Merritt b 1805 Wiston died 1883 m 1st 21/6/1828 Washington Elizabeth Dale m 2nd 10/10/1841 Mary Goodyer b 30/3/1814 died 1893. Children :

George Merritt b 1828 Wiston; Ellis Merritt b 1830 Wiston; James Merritt b 1832 Wiston; Ellen Merritt bapt 3/8/1834 Washington died 1889 East Preston district married 1884 Worthing James Lillywhite 1824-1878. Had issue; Walter Merritt bapt 21/2/ 1836 Wiston; William Merritt bapt 28/9/1839 Warminghurst; Thomas Merritt b 1843 Washington; Sarah Merritt b 1844 Washington m 2/11/1863 Thakeham John Knight. Had issue; Robert Merritt b 1847 Washington died 1929 East Preston district married Mary haglor. Had issue; John Merritt b 1849 Washington died 1903 Thakeham district. Married Elizabeth Fuller 1847-1901. Had issue; Henry (Harry) Merritt b 1852 Washington died 1922 Westbourne. Married Mary Moulding b 1857. Had issue; Samuel Merritt b 1854 Washington married Rosa Gent; John Frederick Merritt b 18/02/1849 Washington died 1901 Findon m Elizabeth Fuller b 1847


Note 6: Peter Merritt bapt 25/1/1807 Washington married 15/7/1834 Washington Eleanor Hickox 1811-1892. Children: Mary Merritt bapt 12/7/1835 Wiston ; Elizabeth Merritt bapt 11/12/1836 married Thomas Hoad b 1835; Bridget merritt bapt 19/8/1838 Washington died 1891 Thakeham district. Was an invalid; Harry Merritt bapt 10/5/1840 Washington married 13/5/1873 Thakeham Ann Gilbert b 1839; George Merritt bapt 14/6/1842 Washington died 1903 Horsham district married 1869 Thakeham Jane Nicholson 1850-1929; Charles Merritt bapt 28/5/1844 Washington died 1912 Washington married 10/9/1864 Wiston Sarah Meeton b 1844. had issue; Peter Merritt bapt 6/12/1846 Washington married Caroline Dean b 1842. Had issue; Eleanor Merritt bapt 11/1/1849 Washington married 13/5/1873 Wiston George Scutt b 1848. Had issue.; Thomas Merritt bapt 4/3/1855 Wiston married 1879 Mary Gumbrell b 1859. had issue

Note 7: Samuel Merritt bapt 15/5/1808 Washington died 1891 Henfield. Married 23/11/1834 Buttolphs Harriett Lulham . Children: Thomas Merritt b 1835; Samuel Merritt b 1837 died 1915 Storrington married Charity 1837-1883. Had issue; Charlotte Merritt bapt 8/9/1839 Upper Beeding married 1858 Storrington Walter Farrell 1836-1918. Had issue;.Mary Merritt bapt 19/12/1841 Upper Beeding married 1860 George Fielder b 1840. Had issue; Harriet Merritt bapt 31/3/1844 Upper Beeding; George Merritt b 1849 Washington married Fanny Browning 1850-1901; Alfred Merritt b 1851 Washington ; Benjamin Merritt b 1854 Washington married Rachel Colley. Had issue; Fanny Merritt b 1856 Washington; Emily Merritt b 1859 Washington




Born: 1771

Father: Edward Merritt

Mother: mary Dinnage

Died; 1777 Ashington


Born: b 1771

Father: Edward merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage


Born: 1773

Father: Edward merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Baptised: 9/10/1773 Ashington