Family History

Edward Merritt was the brother of my ancestor Martha Merritt, who married Thomas Steer. This line is far from complete. I am trying to establsih also whether he had a son Edward, who may have fathered one of the families listed in my line Merritt, Richard. If you can help or have other comments, additions or corrections please e-mail me



Born: 1763 Ashington

Father: Edward merritt

Mother: Mary Dinnage

Buried: 12/12/1824 from Ashington

Married: 16/2/1785 Shipley (see Note 1)

Spouse: Rachel Standen.

Baptised: 5/1/1763 Cuckfield

Buried: 2/6/ 1824 Shipley from Ashington

Children: Ann Merritt born 1785 Shipley

Samuel Merritt born 1788 Shipley

Edward b 1788 (chr 1/6/1788) Shipley

Michael Merritt born 1790 Shipley

Frances Merritt b. 1792 Shipley (see Note 3)

Reuben Merritt b 1793 Shipley (see Note 4)

Benjamin Merritt b 1797 Shipley (see Note 5)

Ruth Merritt b 1799 Shipley (see Note 6)

Charlotte Merritt b 1802 Ashington (see Note 7)

Note : On marriage licence he was given as bachelor 22+ husbandman Bolney. She 21+ spinster Shipley

Ann Merritt baptised 22/5/1785 Shipley

Samuel Merritt baptised 1/6/1788 Shipley buried 2/3/1828 Shipley

Michael Merritt baptised 30/5/1790 Shipley died 1842 Horsham district

1841 census: Residing New Lodge West Grinstead. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Frances Merritt baptised 29/3/1792 Shipley buried 24/6/1794 Shipley

Reuben Merritt bapt 24/1/1793 Shipley buried 10/4/1824 Shipley

Benjamin Merritt

Baptised: 12/2/1797 Shipley

Buried: 19/9/1852 Shipley

Married: 28/10/1819 Fittleworth (Benjamin living in Stopham)

Spouse: Mary Kenshott

Born: 1792 Petworth

Buried: 17/8/1877 Shipley aged 86 from Hoirsham Union*.

Children: Eliza Merritt born 1822 Shipley

William Merritt born 1825 Shipley

Ann Merritt born 1829 Shipley

Ruth Merritt born 1830 Shipley

Henry Merritt born 1833 Shipley

Alfred Merritt born 1835 Shipley

Ellen Merritt born 1838 Shipley

Elizabeth Merritt born 1838 Shipley

David Merritt born 1843 Shipley

1841 census: Residing Bakers Cottage Shipley. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Bakers Gate, Shipley. Occupation: pauper agricultural labourer. Grandaughter Rose Merritt born 1849 also with them

1861 census: Residing Bakers Lane, Shipley.

Eliza Merritt bapt 9/6/1822 Shipley married 4/10/1848 James Heasman 1798-1876. Had issue.

William Merritt born 1825 Shipley died 1886 Horsham district married 1859 Thakeham district Ellen Juden born 1830 Fittleworth buried 23/11/ 1869 Shipley

Children: Henry Merritt born 1853 Shipley; Fanny Merritt born 1856 Shipley; Alfred Merritt born 1859 Shipley; Emily Merritt born 1862 Shipley; Sam Merritt botn 1865 Shipley

1851 census: Residing Heason, West Grinstead. Occupation: farm servant

1861 census: Residing Bakers Lane, Shipley. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing Bakerís Gate, Shipley. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Servant Friday Street, Rusper

Ann Merritt bapt 31/5/1829 Shipley died 1864 West Grinstread married 15/4/1849 Shipley Thomas Flint 1830-1911

Ruth Merritt bapt 5/12/1830 Shipley

Henry Merritt bapt 7/4/1833 Shipley died 1872 Dorking district married 1857 Kingston district Eliza Jackson born 1828 Dorking

Children: Alfred Merritt born 1858 Dorking, Ernest Merritt born 1859 Dorking

1851 census: Residing with sister Ann Flint, Bakerís Gate, Shipley. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Holmwood, Dorking. Occupation: carter

1871 census: Residing Flint Hill, Dorking. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Only son Alfred with him

Alfred Merritt bapt 12/4/1835 Shipley died 1899 Warminghurst married 16/11/1867 Southwater Jane Tompson 1849-1929. Had issue

1891 census: Residing Broomers Corner, Shipley. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Ellen Merritt bapt 8/10/1837 Shipley married Edward Etheridge b 1821. Had issue.

Elizabeth Merritt bapt 8/10/1837 married John Nicholson b 1828. Had issue

David Merritt born 2/5/1843 Shipley, baptised 11/6/1843 died 1908 Horsham

1891 census: Lodging Barns Green, Itchingfield. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Ruth Merritt bapt 18/8/1799 Shipley died 1863 West Grinstead married 6/10/1819 Shipley James Laker 1784-1869. Children: Mary Laker bapt 30/1/1820 West Grinstead; Ruth laker bapt 21/6/1829 West Grinstead; Rachel Laker bapt 20/11/1831 West Grinstead; Harriett Laker bapt 30/3/1833 West Grinstead; Peter Laker bapt 21/9/1834 West Grinstead; Hephzibar Laker bapt 9/8/1840 West Grinstead

1841 census: Residing Buckels, West Grinstead

1851 census: Residing Buckels, West Grinstead. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Buvkels, West Grinstead. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Charlotte Merritt bapt 31/1/1802 Ashington died 1863 Nuthurst buried 17/11/1863 West Grinstead married 15/2/1824 Shipley Benjamin Flint. 1801-1874. Children: Allen Flint baptised 25/7/1824 West Grinstead buried 18/5/1853 West Grinstead; Walter Flint bapt 3/12/1826 West Grinstead died 1889 Steyning district; Matthew Flint bapt 19/7/1929 West Grinstead died 1880 Horsham district married Eleanor Milham b 1834. had issue; Deborah flint bapt 11/12/1831 West Grinstead buried 27/5/1857 West Grinstead married 5/8/1854 Shipley Jesse Jupp born abt 1830; Agnes Flint bapt 26/1/1834 West Grinstead died 1899 Hirsham district married 12/4/1855 Nuthurst Stpehen Nicholson b 1831; Harriet Flint bapt 4/9/1836 West Grinstead; Maria Flint BAPT 24/5/1840 West Grinstead married 11/12/1866 West Grinstead Henry Spencer b 1839; Emily Flint b 12/12/1842 Shipley bapt 22/1/1843 died 1907 Chichester married 1/10/1859 Horsham James Johnson; Fanny Flint b 28/2/1845 Shipley, bapt 30/3/1845 buried 17/8/1866 West Grinstead

1841 census: Residing Copsail, Shipley

1851 census: Residing near Copsail, Shipley. Occupation: agricultural labourer.