Family History

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Born:            1815 Midhurst

Father:          James Broadbridge

Mother:         Ann Bennett

Died:              1894 Salford district

Baptised:       10/10/1815 Chithurst

Married           20/9/1837 Heyshott

Spouse:          Edward Marshall

Born:              abt 1814 Earnley

Died:              1896 Salford district

Children;       Francis Marshall b 1835 Midhurst

                 James Edward Marshall b 1838 Heyshott

                William Marshall b 1840 Heyshott (bapt 22/3/1840)

                Eliza Marshall b 1842 Heyshott (bapt 26/6/1842)

                Sabina/Selina  Marshall b 1846 heyshott

                 Edward James Marshall  b 1845 Heyshott (bapt 13/4/1845)

                 Mary Marshall b 1856 Bolton

                       Joseph Marshall b 1859 Salford


1851: Lower Green, Heyshott. Occupation: farm labourer

1861 Grange Lodge, Eccles New Rd, Salford. Occupation: domestic servant

1871 Lower Sarley, Lancs. Occupation: domestic servant

1881 census: Residing 156 Bispham Rd, North Meols, Lancs. Occupation: gardener

1891 156 Bispham Rd, North Meots, lancs. Occupation: gardener



Born:          1835 Midhurst

Father:         Edward Marshall

Mother:        Eliza Broadbridge


1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: farm labourer



Born:       1838 heyshott

Father:     Edward Marshall

Mother:    Eliza Broadbridge

Died:         1909 Oldham district

Baptised:   25/3/1838 heyshott

Married:    possinly 1865 Ashton district

Spouse:      Sarah A  possibly Sarah Bardsley

Born:        1840 Middleton

Children:     James Edward Marshall b 1865

                     William b 1869

                    Nellie Marshall b 1870 Middleton

                     Frank Marshall b 1871 Middleton

                    Harvey Marhsall b 1875 Middleton

                      Harry Marshall b 1879 Middleton

                     Harriet Marshall b 1880 Middleton

                       Annie Marshall b 1880 Middleton

                       Bessie Marshall b 1883 Middleton



1881 residing Chadderton, Oldham. Occupation carter

1891 Tonge, Middleton, Lancs. Mechanic

1901 69 Spring vale Middleton

1911 census: Widow Sarah residing 69 Spring Vale, Middleton with daughter and son-in-law Annie & Harry Marsden. Grandaughter Louie Marshall 15 also with them


James Edward Marshall

Born;         1865 Middleton

Father:       James Edward Marshall

Mother:      Sarah Bardsley

Married;      1886 Oldaham district

Spouse;       Eliza Brooks

Born:        1866 Middleton

Children:   Arthur Marshall b 1888

                  Emily Marshall b 1890

                   Florrie Marshall born 1893 Middleton

                  Annie Marshall born 1898 Middleton

                   Edna Marshall born 1900 Middleton

                   Bessie Marshall born 1902 Middleton

                   Elizabeth Marshall born 1905 Middleton


1891 census: cotton dyer

1901 census: Residing 75 Spring Vale Middleton. Eliza given as married and head of household. James not with family.

1911 census: Residing 39 Old hall Street Middleton. Occupation: machine operator. Arthur a book keeper; Emily and Florrie cotton operative tenters




William Marshall

Born:        1869 Middleton

Father:      James Edward marshall

Mother:     Sarah Bardsley


Spouse:      Ellen

Born:          1874 Cerriggdrnwidion Wales

Children:    Alice marshall born 1908 Middleton


1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer in velvet room

1911 census: residing 350 Oldham Rd, Middleton. Occupation: soap manufacture


Nellie Marshall

Born:         1870 Middleton

Father:       James Edward Marshall

Mother:      Sarah Bardsley


1891 & 1901 census: cotton dyer


1911 census: residing 350 Oldham Rd, Middleton. Occupation: soap manufacture


Frank Marshall

Born:     1871 Middleton

Father:    James Edward marshall

Mother:   Sarah Bardsley

Married:   1906 Oldham district

Spouse:     Hannah Butler

Born:         1874 Middleton


1911 census: Residing 32 Union Street Middleton. Occupations: cotton dyer and hat band weaver.


Harvey Marshall

Born:       1876 Middleton

Father:     James Edward Marshall

Mother:    Sarah Bardsley

Died:         1891 Oldham district


1891 census: cotton dyer


Harry Marshall

Born:     1879 Middleton

Father:    James Edward Marshall

Mother:  Sarah Bardsley


1901 census: working for cotton ?

1911 census: Residing 449 Rochdale Road Oldham. Occupation: general labourer


Harriet Marshall

Born:       1880 Middleton

Father:     James Edward Marshall

Mother:   Sarah Bardsley


1901 census: cotton ?


Annie Marshall

Born:  1880 Middleton

Father: James Edward marshall

Mother:  Sarah Bardsley

Married:  1910 Oldham district

Spouse:   Harry Marsden

Born:      1868 Middleton


1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: cotton polisher

1911 census: Residing 69 Spring Vale Middleton. Occupation: velvet painter and cotton polisher. Mother Sarah Ann Marshall living with them and her granddaughter Louie Marshall aged 15 cotton operative back tenter


Bessie Marshall

Born:        1883 Middleton

Father:        james Edward marshall

Mother:      Sarah Bardsley

Married:     1905 Oldham dstrict

Spouse:       Richard Cullen

Born:          1884 Liverpool

Children:     Harvey Cullen born 1906 Middleton

                    Edmund Cullen born 1907 Middleton

                    Sarah Ann Cullen born 1908 Middleton


1901 census: cotton ?

1911 census: Residing 76 Spring Vale Middleton. Occupation: cotton cop packer. Richardís brother and two sisters living with them.




 Born:          1840 Heyshott

Father:         Edward marshall

Mother:        Eliza Broadbridge


Spouse:         Elizabeth

Born;           1843 Warsley, lancs (on  1871 census Bawden Cheshire; 1901 census Durham)

Children:     Emily b 1861 Pendleton

                    George b 1867 Pendleton

                    Henry B b. 1869 Pendleton

                    Elizabeth b 1874 Pendleton

                    William b 1875 pendleton


1861 49 Gold St, Pendleton, Salford. Occupation: groom

1871 census: Residing Ellor Street Pendleton Salford. Occupation: coach driver

1881 residence: 5 New Holland St. George Bingham also with them and Martha Higgins aged 26 cousin and her son John William Higgins aged 1 both born Cheshire

1891 21 Buxton St, Pendleton, Salford occupation: car driver, groom

1901 census: Residing 21 Buxton Street, Pendleton. Occupation: car driver. Son Henry and daughter Elizabeth Renshaw and her family with them.

1911 census: William widower living with daughter Elizabeth Renshaw. No occupation


Emily Marshall

Born:      1861 Pendleton

Father:    William Marshall

Mother:    Elizabeth

1881 census: Servant at Hardmans Farm, Barton-in-Irwell. Emplyer John Cheadle, a racing man


 George Marshall

Born:    1867 Pendleton

Father:   William Marshall

Mother:  Elizabeth


1891 census: Residing with parents Occupation: labourer


Henry B Marshall

Born:       1869 Pendleton

Father:     William Marshall

Mother:    Elizabeth


1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: printerís porter


Elizabeth Marshall

Born:          1874

Father:         William Marshall

Mother:       Elizabeth


Spouse:        John Henry Renshaw

Born:            1869 Hulme

Children:       Clarence Renshaw born 1893 Pendleton

                      Horace Renshaw born 1895 pendleton

                       Stanley Renshaw born 1897 pendleton

                      Emily Renshaw born 1900 Pendleton

                       Leah renshaw born 1903 Pendleton

                       Sydney Renshaw born 1906 Pendleton

                       Phyllis Renshaw born 1909 Pendleton                   



1891 census: Residing with parents: Occupation 1: cotton weaver

1901 census: Residing Johnís occupation : forward clerk

1911 census: Residing 21 Bury Street Pendleton. Occupation: packer. Father William Marshall with them


 William Marshall

Born:        1875 Pendleton

Father:       William Marshall

Mother:     Elizabeth


Spouse:     Sarah

Born:         1874 Marple, Cheshire

Children:   Sarah Elizabeth Marshall born 1896 Pendleton

                  Olive Alexandra Marshall born 1898 Pendleton


1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: labourer

1901 census: residing 42 Bishop Street Pendleton. Occupation: labourer. Sarah a cotton weaver

1911 census: patient in prestwich. Occupation: labourer in rubber works. Sarah living 6 Turnerason Rd Salford with her daughters. Occupation: weaver. Daughter Sarah a weaverís helper



Born:       1842 Heyshott

Father:      Edward marshall

Mother:     Eliza Broadbridge

Baptised:  26/6/1842 Heyshott

Married;    1861 Manchester

Spouse:     Richard Withall

Born:         1833 Heyshott

Children:    james Edward Withall born 1864 Salford

                  George Edward Withall born 1867 Pendleton

                   Eliza Ann Withall born 1873 Pendleton

                 Louisa Selina Withall born 1878 pendleton


1861 census: Probably houseservant 40 Alnwick Green, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester. Place of birth given as Madehurst

1871 census: Residing Lower Seedley Salford. Occupation: porter

1881 census: Residing 2 Wynford Street, Salford. Occupation: railway porter. Son George a grocerís boy/messenger. Brother Isaac marshall grocer living with them

1901 census: Residing 2 Wynford Street, Salford. Daughter and son-in-law Elizabeth and Thomas Hopweeod and granddaughter Lucy Hopwood 8 weeks with them and son George, a grocer

1911 census: Residing 12 West park Street, Ordsall Lane,  widow Eliza occupation: grocer. Living with her son George grocer, daughter Louisa grocerís assistant and nephew George Withall aged 10.




Born:             1846 Houghton

Father:           Edward Marshall

Mother:         Eliza Broadbridge

Married;         1871 Barton district

Spouse:         George Smith

Born:              1843 ?church, Staffordshire


1861 census: residing with parents. Occupation: scholar

1871 census: Residing Coronation Walk, North Meols, Southport





BORN:      1856 Bolton

Father:         Edward marshall

Mother:       Eliza Broadbridge




BORN:            1859 Salford

Father:              Edward Marshall

Mother:             Eliza Broadbridge

Died:                 1908 manchester

Married;           1881 Prestwich district

Spouse:             Elizabeth Partington

Born:                 1858 Salford

Children;           Fred Marshall born 1882 Manchester

                          John Marshall born 1884 Manchester

                          Florence Marshall born 1889 Manchester died 1894 Prestwich district    

                          Elizabeth marshall born 1895 Manchester                   



1881 census: Residing I Butlers Street, Manchester. Lodging with grocer as grocerís shopman. Grocer is George Smith Ė possible brother-in-law with second wife?

1891 census: residing 10 bertha St, Newton, Manchester. Occupation; grocer

1901 census: Residing 486 Oldham Rd, North Manchester. Occupation: grocer. Sons Fred and John grocerís assistants, sister in law Annie Partington and cousin Annie Gillett domestic servants


Fred Marshall

Born:             1882 Manchester

Father:            Joseph Marshall

Mother:           Elizabeth Partington

Married:          1907 prestwich district

Spouse:           Bessie Gerry

Born:                1882 Collington, Cornwall


1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: grocerís assistant

1911 census: Residing 42 Oldham Road, Failsworth. Occupation: grocerís assistant. Sister-in-law Hilda Gerry living with them


John Marshall

Born;           1884 Manchester

Father:         Joseph Marshall

Mother:        Elizabeth Partington

Married:       1908 Prestwich district

Spouse:         Esther Ann Wright

Born:             1887 Manchester

Children:      Gladys mary marshall born 1910 Manchester


1901 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: grocerís assistant

1911 census: residing 5 Egbert Rd, Moston. Occupation: assistant. Mother-in-law Alice Wright with them





Born:                     1862 Salford

Father:                 Edward marshall

Mother:                Eliza Broadbridge

Married:               1884 Prestwich district

Spouse:                Elizabeth Bentley

Born:                    1863 Manchester

Children:               James Edward Marshall born 1884 Manchester

                             Walter Marshall born 1886 Manchester

                              Florence Marshall born 1888 manchester


1881 census: Living with sister Eliza. Occupation: grocer

1891 census: Residing 5 Chemic Street Manchester. Occupation: grocerís assistant

1901 census: Residing 10 barlow Street Chorlton. Occupation: grocer porter. Elizabeth a grocer. Son Walter a pork butcherís apprentice

James a milk dealerís assistant living with employer 16 Booth Street East South Manchester

1911 census: Residing 10 Barlow Street Chorlton Manchester. Occupation: goods railway porter. Son James a taxi driver and Walter a warehouseman. 4 boarders also living with them