Family History

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Born:             1799 Chichester

Father:           John Bridger

Mother:          Catherine Saxby  

Baptised:        21/5/1799 Chichester

Died:              1862 Chichester

Married:         16/11/1817 Portsea

Spouse:          James Mant

Born:              1794 West Wittering 

Died:               1867 Chichester

Buried:             18/12/1867 St Olave, Chichester

Children:         At least 17 

                       Sarah Saxby Mant born 1821

                       Eliza Sophia Mant born 1823

                      James William Mant born 1826

                      William Hudson Mant baptised 16/2/1826

                      Elizabeth Hoare Mant born 1827

                      George Frederick Mant born 1828

                       Edward Charles Mant born 1829

                       Henry Robert Mant born1831

                      Frederick Bridger Mant born 1833

                      Upton Thomas Mant born 1834

                        Louisa Frances Mant born 1836

                      Frances Ellen born/1836

                        Edwin Frank Mant born 1837

                       Fanny Catherine Mant born 1839

                      Walter Fox  Mant born 1841


1841 census: Residing North Street Chichester. Occupation: confectioner. Charles Fox aged 4 with them and female servant

1851 census: Residing North Street, Chichester. Occupation: confectioner and master baker. Jenny Mant aged 51 unmarried (born Birdham) and Clara Mant aged 6 (botn Aldwick) visiting them

1861 census: Residing North Street Chichester. Occupation: confectioner and baker. Grandson Walter (born Pagham) aged 11 with them


1851 census; George a journeyman confectioner

Henry an apprentice hairdresser


1861 census: Walter a whitesmith apprentice



Born:           1821 Chichester

Father:        James Mant

Mother:         Sarah Bridger

Baptised:       11/7/1821 St Olave’s Chichester

Buried:           26/7/1821 St Peter the Great 2 weeks from St Olave



 Born:        1823 Chichester

Father:       James Mant

Mother:       Sarah Bridger

Baptised:     27/2/1823 St Olave, Chichester





Born:            1824 Chichester

Father:        James Mant

Mother:        Sarah Bridger

Baptised:        27/3/1824 St Olave, Chichester

Married:       1845 Portsea district

Spouse:        Ellen Adams

Baptised:      24/10/1824 St Andrews Chichester

Parents:       William and Ann Maria Adams

Children:       Ellen Mant born 1846 Chichester baptised 24/5/1846 At Andrews, Chichester (see Note 1)

                     Fanny Mant born 1847 Chichester baptised 30/1/1848 St Andrews, Chichester


1851 census: Residing Little London Chichester. Occupation: journeyman confectioner

1861 census: Residing Priory Street Chichester. Occupation: journeyman confectioner. Daughter Fanny with them


Note 1: Fanny Mant

1861 census: Residing with parents



Born:       1826 Chichester

Father:     James Mant

Mother:    Sarah Bridger

Baptised:  16/2/1826 St Olave, Chichester

Buried:     29/9/1826 St Peter the Great Chichester from North Street



Born:            1826 Chichester

Father:          James Mant

Mother:          Sarah Bridger

Baptised:       6/3/1831 St Olaves Chichester

Died:              Possibly 1860 Chichester district. No record of burial in any of the Chichester churches


1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: apprentice hairdresser



Born:              1827 Chichester

Father:            James Mant

Mother:           Sarah Bridger

Baptised:          10/6/1827 St Olave, Chichester

Buried:            26/12/1852 St Peter the Great, Chichester               


1851 census: Residing with parents



Born:             1828 Chichester

Father:           James Mant

Mother:           Sarah Bridger

Baptised;         10/8/1828 St Olave Chichester

Died;               1898 Chichester

Married:          1855 Chichester district

Spouse:         Jane Rebecca Yorke

Baptised;         23/2/1827 Walberton

Parents:         Joseph and Jane Yorke

Died:               1901 Islington district


1851 census: Residing with parents

1861 census:  North Street, Chichester. Occupation: master baker employing 2 lads

1871 census:  Residing North Street, Chichester. Occupation: baker. Niece Maria Turner 15 with them

1881 census: Residing North Street, Chichester. Occupation: baker & confectioner. Shop woman, assistant, apprentice and servant living with them

1891 census: Residing 12 North Street. Occupation; baker. 3 assistants with them



Born:         1829 Chichester

Father:      James Mant

Mother:      Sarah Bridger

Baptised;     8/11/1829St Olave Chichester

Buried:        12/5/1831 St Peter the Great from St Olave



Born:                  1833 Chichester

Father:                James Mant

Mother:               Sarah Bridger

Died:                   1904 Hartlepool district

Baptised:             27/2/1833 St Olave Chichester

Married:              1854 Lewisham district

Spouse;              Mary Ann Leach

Born:                   1830 Greenwich

Died:                    1917 Hartlepool district

Children:             Elizabeth Hoare Mant born 1856 Deptford SEE DICKINSON

                            Eliza Catherine Mant born 1858 Greenwich died 1861 Hartlepool district

                            Frederick Bridger Mant born and died 1861 Hartlepool district


1861 census: Residing 4 Freeman Street, Stranton, West Hartlepool. Occupation: fireman. Unmarried sister-in-law Ellen Leach and her son with them

1871 census: At Killingsworth Station, West Ham

1881 census: Mary Ann listed on her own, 39 Woolmore Street, Poplar

1891 census: Residing Tynemouth. One of crew. (the other the watchman) on the E S Jobson. In harbour. Mary living with daughter Elizabeth

1901 census: Residing with daughter Elizabeth Dickinson

1911 census: Widow Mary Ann Mant living with daughter Elizabeth Dickinson


1 Census says otherwise).

> 4. I have found (in Family the names of Mary Ann's

> sisters, who were named:

>           Elizabeth Mary Leach . b 1827

>           Eliza Leach.b 1832

>           Eliza Catherine Leach. b1834

>           Ellen Martha Leach b 1839

>           The records also provide Baptism dates and the names of

> their parents, George William and Anna. So I have added these to my

> Family Tree on





Born:           1834 Chichester

Father:         James Mant

Mother:        Sarah Bridger

Baptised;      22/6/1834 St Olave

Buried:         24/5/1836 St peter the Great from North Street



Born:          1836 Chichester

Father:        James Mant

Mother:        Sarah Bridger

Baptised:      24/2/1836 St Olave Chichester

Buried:         10/3/1836 St Peter the Great, from North Street



Born:           1836 Chichester

Father:         James Mant

Mother:        Sarah Bridger

Baptised:     24/2/1836 St Olave Chichester

Buried:         3/3/2836 St Peter the Great from North Street



Born:           1837 Chichester

Father:         James Mant

Mother:         Sarah Bridger

Baptised;      28/5/1837 St Olave Chichester

Buried:          11/3/1838 St peter the Great from North Street, aged 10 months



Born:         1839 Chichester

Father:       James Mant

Mother:       Sarah Bridger

Baptised;       6/2/1839 St Olave Chichester

Buried:          12/2/1839 St Peter the great, Chichester from North Street, aged 8 weeks






Born:                    1841 Chichester

Father:                  James Mant

Mother:                 Sarah Bridger

Baptised:               28/2/1841 St Olave, Chichester. IGI has Fox

Died:                     1892 Greenwich district (Mar q)

Married:               16/8/1868 Islington parish church

Spouse:                Mary Ann Kemp

Born:                     1837 Middlesex

Father:                   William Kemp

Died:                     1874 Greenwich district

Married:                25/12/1875 Islington parish church

Spouse:               Tabitha Pinch

Father:                  John Pinch

Born:                     1843 St Kew, Cornwall

Died:                    1892 Greenwich district (Mar q)


1861 census: White smith apprentice

1868: marriage certificate gave his address as Huntingdon Street, occupation: whitesmith. Mary Ann had same address, her father’s occupation: omnibus proprietor. Witnessed by James Mant and Harriett ?

1871 census: Residing Bridge St, Oxford, as a lodger with his wife. Occupation: corporal in Royal Engineers

1875: marriage certificate gives him as Sergeant Royal Engineers, Gillingham Kent. Tabitha at 28 halton Rd. her father a machinist.

1891 census: Residing 11 New Cross Road, Deptford. Occupation: storekeeper


Attested 25,9.1862 from St Olave's Parish, Chichester. Aged 21 yrs 8 months Occupation: blacksmith Sapper 28/8/1862-30/11/1868 2nd Corporal 1/12/1868 - 26/9/1870 Corporal 1/9/1871 to 31/10/1874 Sergeant 1/11/1874-11/5/1879 Awaiting trial 12/5/1878-01/6/1879, tried and rank reduced 2/6/1879 bur promoted sergeant again 1/7/1781 and good conduct restored Served New Zealand 1864-1866 and got New Zealand medal (for maori war)

1867-1868 Abyssinia

1877-1883 Bermuda

Had completed his 21 years by then so probably returned to civilian life as soon as he returned to England