Family History

My family were closely related to the Levers. If you have anything to add, amend or comment please e-mail me Thank you.



Born:           1711 Barnes

Baptised:     29/11/1711 Barnes

Died:           15/10/1775

Buried:       17/10/1775 Harting (from tombstone, aged 64)

Married:        5/10/1729 Harting (marriage licence issued 30/9/1729. Groom Edward Leaver, malster from Harting)

Spouse: Anne Scardefield (Her family provided bailiffs for the Carylls and were in parish in 1656).

Buried:          19/9/1740 Harting          

Married:        1741 Wonersh, Surrey

Spouse:           Ann Franks from Iping.

Buried:           23/10/1793 Harting

Children:       Mary Lever born 1731 Harting

                       Edward Lever born1732 Harting

                      John Lever born 1734/1735  Harting

                       Joseph Lever born 1735/1736  Harting

                      Thomas Lever born between 1736 and 1739?

                      William Lever born1740 Harting

                       Richard Lever born 1742 Harting

                       Ann Lever born 1743/1744 Harting

                        George Lever born 1745 Harting

                        James Lever born 1747/1748  Harting

                        Joseph Lever born 1751 Harting

                        Sarah Lever born 1753 Harting

                        Ashton Lever born1754 Harting


Edward was Surveyor of Highways 1745 and 1749; overseer poor 1751, church warden 1752, an overseer again 1772 until death 25/10/1775. 13/5/1757 “paid Mr Lever for ringing bell 2s”

Edward appears in the 1774 poll book.

There are several records of property transactions in West Sussex Records Office. Edward is variously described as a yeoman, a  malster, victualler, innkeeper (Buck Inn)and also a grocer. (documents 1751, 1761, 1763  describe him as innholder, document 1766 late victualler now malster, Sun insurance document 1766 as malster and grocer). Victorian History details the malt house which provided family’s living. – stone building 17th century  with first floor beams raised higher than original level. He was living in what is now the rectory. 

In his will 0f 1775 he leaves property and money to his widow, sons John, Joseph, James, Richard, George, Ashton and daughter Ann and Sarah

Why Edward went to Harting is still unresolved.


In Harting there was Lever’s copse – R A Lever has identified this as east of Foxcombe. Gordon in his History gives it as being the former haunt of the apple snail. (p 317) - says it was at the foot of Foredown and the snail reintroduced 1847.




Born;         1731 Harting

Father:       Edward Lever

Mother:      Ann Scardefield

Baptised:    8/8/1731 Harting

Married:     4/5/1758 Harting

Spouse:       John Bolton


Note: Witnessed by John and Edward Lever. John Bolton aged 20 carpenter from Portsea


Mary is not mentioned in her father’s will, or any children she might have had. She may therefore have predeceased him.



Born:              1732 Harting

Father:            Edward Lever

Mother:          Ann Scardefield

 Baptised:       25/12/1732 Harting

Buried:           27/1/1758 Harting


An Edward Lever Seward baseborn son of Martha Seward baptised in December 1749. (Could possibly be his father but more likely the son).




Born:       1734 Harting

Father:     Edward Lever

Mother:    Ann Scardefield

Baptised:    31/1/1734 Harting

Buried:       7/12/1787 Harting

Married:    15/8/1759 Petersfield

Spouse:      Ann Lipscombe

Buried:        16/11/1772

Children:    John Lever born 18/9/1759 baptised 18/10/1759 buried 15/11/1759 infant, Petersfield

                    Ann Lever  born 20/8/1762 bapt 17/9/1762 bur 30/8/1773 child, Petersfield

                   Elizabeth Lever born 20/8/1762 bapt 17/9/1762

                   Mary Lever born 23/5/1764 bapt 8/6/1764

                  William Lever born 26/7/1766 bapt 15/8/1767 bur 20/9/1776 Petersfield

                   Fanny Lever born 14/8/1767 bapt 6/11/1767

                   John Lever born 9/3/1769 bapt 31/3/1769 bur 30/1/1789 Petersfield

                  Edward Lever born 23/6/1771 bapt 26/7/1771 bur 22/8/1772 infant, Petersfield

                  Joseph Lever born 19/4/1773 bapt 4/6/1773


Probably the John Lever tallow-chandler Petersfield mentioned in more than one financial transaction for example lease & release 7/6/1775 in which John Lever undertakes to pay off the balance of £200 mortgage taken out by father 1751. Holdings were a barn & gateroom, 3 closes of 11 acres, 1 acre meadowland – all adjacent to Engine Pond & Tipper lane. His father’s 1775 left him a freehold messauge of 2 tenements after his wife’s death.

66/6/1764 John Lever tallow chandler Petersfield took Josh Chames as apprentice

John made a will 1788 in which he mentions brother James, children John, Joseph Elizabeth, Mary and Fanny, and also property in Harting. One executor was ‘my kind friend John Whicher of Petersfield’




Born:     1735 Harting

Father:    Edward Lever

Mother:   Ann Scardefield

Baptised:  3/3/1735 Harting

Buried:    29/5/1748 Harting



Possibly born sometime between 1735 and 1739.

Conveyance (Lease and Release)  Albery and Lucas/238, 239  8/9 March 1750 2 docs
(a) John Scardefield of Sidlesham, blacksmith, brother of Joseph Scardefield, and Elizabeth his wife.
(b) Edward Lever of South Harting, victualler
(c) William Russell of South Harting, yeo.
Property III above in the occupation of Edward Lever and property III above in the occupation of John Woods and William Coates
Consideration: £90
In trust to (c) for (b). Expectant upon the deaths of Sarah Scardefield and Thomas Lever, widow and nephew of Joseph Scardefield.


Born:       1740 Harting

Father:     Edward Lever

Mother:    Ann Scardefield

Buried:     7/9/1766 Harting



Born:          1742 Harting

Father:        Edward Lever

Mother:       Ann Franks

Baptised:      5/7/1742 Harting

In his father’s will 1775 left one guinea

On 12 July 1781 RICHARD LEVER of New Inn, London, Merchant took a lease for year for a dwellinghouse, ancillary buildings and some land



Born:    1743 Harting

Father:  Edward Lever

Mother: Ann Franks

Baptised:    27/1/1743 Harting

Buried:     possibly 19/12/1779 Harting

In father’s will 1775 left £30



Born:      1745 Harting

Father:    Edward Lever

Mother:   Ann Franks

Baptised:  8/11/1745 Harting

Married:  Possibly 25/5/1773 Portsea St Mary

Spouse:  Mary Lever, widow


29/10/1774 George Lever carpenter Southampton took Wm Scardefield as apprentice

Conveyance (Lease and Release)  Albery and Lucas/253, 254  22/23 June 1787(a) James Lever, formerly of Brianston Street, London, gent. now of Harting, yeo.(b) George Lever of St. Marylebone, London, carpenter



Born:        1747 Harting

Father:      Edward Lever

Mother:     Ann Franks

Baptised:   16/2/1747 Harting

Buried:       11/12/1832 from South Harting aged 84

Married:   8/9/1785 witnessed Jn B, Eliza L, Ann B

Spouse;      Elizabeth Blackmore

Buried:       21/10/1794 Harting

Children:    Elizabeth Lever born 1786 buried 11/9/1787

                   James Lever born 1789 (see APPENDIX JAMES LEVER)

                   Edward Lever baptised 11/4/1790 buried 14/12/1821 Harting

                   Sarah Lever baptised 25/3/1791 Harting buried 28/3/1791

                   George Lever baptised 22/4/1792 Harting buried 27/6/1838 aged 46 from

                   South Harting  (see Note below)

                   Elizabeth Lever baptised 19/2/1793 buried 9/10/1793 Harting  

                   John Lever born 1794 Harting  (see APPENIX JOHN LEVER)             


James it appears spent some time in London before his marriage. A property document of 9/10 1783 involved Joseph Lever described James as of Brianston Street, St. Marylebone, London, gent, and another 1787 formerly of Brianston Street, London, gent. now of Harting, yeo. Document 15/7/1786 describes him as a malster. James served as overseer 1785-97.  

Land tax returns 1799 assess James for £5.8.0 as occupier Engine farm with further 12s for his house & garden. Unlikely to be a working farm then.

Documents of 1818 and 1832 include the name James Lever, grocer as a charity trustee.


George Lever  married Mary Ann Cawley married 18/04/1833, she was a spinster age 28yrs from Petersfield. Wit. George Wild & Frances Cawley.  After George died in1838 she married George Mundy on 11/02/1841 they were both named as grocers. Wit. her father John Cawley (Auctioneer) his father William Mundy (Surveyor) 


Born:        1751 Harting

Father:       Edward Lever

Mother:     Ann Franks

Baptised:    22/9/1751 Harting

Buried:       4/8/1840 from South Harting aged 89

Married:     6/5/1784 Harting

Spouse:      Elizabeth White witnessed Geo & Eliz Blackmore, Richard Pay

Born            about 1752

Buried;        23/1/1841 from South Harting aged 79

Children:      Joseph baptised 1785 Harting (see JOSEPH LEVER APPENDIX)

                    Edward baptised 20/2/1786 buried 20/3/1786 Harting

                    William Lever baptised 10/7/1787 Harting

                    Elizabeth baptised 3/1/1790 Harting

                     Ann Lever born 1791 Harting (see ANN LEVER APPENDIX)  

                     Mary Lever baptised 4/5/1793 Harting                                                                   

                    John Lever baptised 18/4/1795 buried 26/2/1798 Harting

                     George Lever born 1796 Harting (see GEORGE LEVER APPENDIX)

                     Richard Lever born 1799 Harting (see RICHARD LEVER APPENDIX)

                    Sarah Lever baptised 13/7/1800 buried 14/4/1822 from South Harting

                    James Lever buried 24/8/1803

                    Sophia Lever baptised 25/4/1802 Harting

              Frances Lever baptised 28/7/1805 buried 20/11/1829 from South Harting           


In the tea room now church hall.the internal wall brick has Joseph L October 25 1771 on it – internal markings being common among malsters. Described as malster in document 177, and in another as a yeoman

Edwards will May 1775 leaves freehold messauge of 2 tenements each to sons John & Joseph after his wife’s death.

Joseph overseer 1777-82



Born:           1753 Harting

Father:        Edward Lever

Mother:       Ann Franks

Baptised:      9/3/1753 Harting

Buried:         8/9/1801 Harting, widow

Married:       16/11/1774 Harting

Spouse:        William Pannel

Children:      Joseph Pannell bapt19/11/1779

                     Ann Pannell bapt  23/2/1783 buried 7/4/1784

                     Elizabeth Pannell bapt 28/3/1784

                     William Pannell bapt 17/6/1787 bur 18/4/1788

                      William Henry pannell bapt 1/3/1789

                     John Pannell bapt 14/9/1794


Note: Marriage witnessed by Joseph Lever, Ann Pannel. William a shoemaker 




Born:            1754 Harting

Father:          Edward Lever

Mother:         Ann Franks

Married:        13/12/1790 Portsea St Mary

Spouse:          Rebecca White 


‘The choice of the name Ashton after a 90 year interval 1754 and 1843 seems unusual – in both cases he was the youngest or youngest but one of the family. Was this perhaps an stavistic attempt to connect with Sir Ashton Lever of museum fame? Curiously the name also appears in march 1816 with only the name of the mother Ann appearing in the parish register




Born:          1791 Harting

Father:        Joseph Lever

Mother:       Elizabeth White

Baptised:     baptised 30/8/1791 Harting

Children      Ashton Lever born 1816 Harting

                Charles Lever, baptised at Petersfield 14.5.1820, son of Ann Lever 



Ashton Lever

Born:       1816 Harting

Mother:    Ann Lever

Baptised:  10/3/1816 Harting

Married:    7/9/1839 St Andrew Holborn

Spouse:     Elizabeth Jane Catholic

Born:         1809 London

Married:    1859 Westminster district

Spouse:     Margaret Craddock

Died:         1880 Chemsford district

                     Ashton Lever baptised 10/3/1816 Harting


Note: Ashton Lever on marriage to Elizabeth gives his father as Joseph Lever, carpenter. Witnessed by Sarah Catholic and Joseph Laban


1841 census:  Residing Norfolk Place, Greenwich. Occupation: carpenter

1851 census: Residing 1 Woodland St, Greenwich, carpenter

1861 census:  Residing Alma Cottages, East Greenwich. Occupation: carpenter

1871 census: Residing Inglestone Rd, Fryerning, Essex. Occupation: carpenter


Charles Lever

Born:          1820 Petersfield

Baptised:     14/5/1820 Petersfield

Mother:       Ann Lever

Died:            1883 Camberwell district

Married:       1842 Bromley district

Spouse:       Caroline Skelton

Born:           1822 Lewisham

Died:            1851 Lewisham district

Married:      1852 Lewisham district

Spouse:        Maria Barratt Witlock

Born:            1828 Norwich


1851 census: Residing Dartmouth Rd Lewisham. Occupation: police constablre

1861 census:  Residing: 7 princes St, Rotherhithe   Occupation: gate keeper and pensioned P C

1871 census:  Residing: Keetons Rd, Bermondsey  Occupation: retired policeman

1881 censu: Residing Keetons Rd, Bermondsey. Occupation: Police pensioner



Born:                   1792 Harting

Father:                 Joseph Lever

Mother:               Elizabeth White

Baptised;             20/11/1796 Harting

Buried:                1876 Havant district

Married:              5/6/1826 Harting

Spouse:              Mary Tribe

Born:                   abt 1800 East Meon, Hants

Buried:               10/7/1862 aged 60, as Mary Ann

Married:              1865 Portsea district

Spouse:                Frances Monk

Born:                    1795 Gretham, Hants

Died:                    1875 Havant district

Children:             George Lever born 1827 Harting

                            Mary Ann baptised 3/8/1828

                           Sophia Lever baptised 18/2/1830 Harting

                            Harriet Lever baptised 2/3/1832 harting bur 8/3/1832

                            Edward Lever born1833 Harting

                            Frances Lever baptisef 7/2/1836 Harting

                            David Lever born 1738 Harting

                           Emma Lever baptised 15/11/1840 Harting

                            Ashton Lever born 1843 Harting

                            Richard Lever baptised 24/8/1845 Harting


1841 census: Residing South Harting. Occupation: dairyman

1851 census: Residing Street, South Harting. George not present. Mary given as wife to G Lever cowman at UpPark. George recorded as being at Uppark as cowman

1861 census: Residing South Harting Street. Occupation: journeyman butcher. Frances and Richard with them.

1871 census: Residing High Street, Soberton, Hants. Occupation: butcher out of business


George Lever

Father:          George Lever

Mother:         Mary Tribe

Baptised:       18/3/1827 Harting


1851 census: Visiting Trafalgar Sq, Greenwich. Occupation: painter & glazier. Status married.



Edward Lever

Father:            George Lever

Mother:           Mary Tribe

Baptised:         7/7/1833 Harting

Died;               1906 Chichester

Married:           1857 Chichester district

Spouse:           Sarah Ann Folks

Born:               1837 Birdham or Earnley

Children:         George Lever born 1858 Chichester

                         Frederic Lever born 1868 Chichester

                        Charles Lever born 1870 Arundel

                        Fanny Lever born 1872 Chichester

                        James Lever born 1874 Lyminster (also Chichester on census)

                        Margaret Lever born 1878 Chichester

1851 census:       Residing Uppark. Occupation: helper in stables groom

1861 census:      Residing West Gate Chichester. Occupation: coachman

1871 census:      Residing West Gate, Chichester. Footman to Nicholas Tyacke.

1881 census:       Residing Walkers Court, Chichester. Occupation: coachman

1891 census:      Residing 23 Orchard Street, Chichester. Occupation: coachman and gardener. Son Frederic a groom, Charles a fly driver, James an errand boy and Margaret a nurse maid

1901 census:      Residing 2 Priory Lane, Chichester. Occupation: coachman (domestic). Only son James, brewer’s labourer, with him and Sarah


David Lever

Father:            George Lever

Mother:           Mary Tribe

Baptised:         8/7/1838 Harting

Married:          1867 Chichester district

Spouse:           Mary Ann Smith

Born:               1848 Chichester

Children:         Charles Lever born 1869 Chichester

                        Sabina K Lever born 1871 Chichester

                        Edith M Lever born 1877 Chichester


1861 census: Residing Unmall Farm, Wet Row, Sheet. Occupation: groom

1871 census: Residing Basin Road, Chichester. Occupation: domestic gardener

1881 cesnus;  Residing 20 Basin Road. Occupation: gardener


Ashton Lever

Father:       George Lever

Mother:      Mary Tribe

Baptised:    12/2/1843 Harting

Died:          1918 Brighton aged 67

Married:     1863 Isle of Wight

Spouse:       Isabella Pryer

Born:          1839 Portsmouth

Died:          1883 Isle of Wight

Married:     1885 Isle of Wight

Spouse:       Elizabeth Sanders

Born:          1847 Clamerkins Farm, Calbourne, Isle of Wight

Children:    Frederick Lever born 1864 East Cowes

                   Minnie Lever born 1866 East Cowes

                   Ashton Lever born 1868 West Cowes

                    George W Lever born 1870 East Cowes

                   Arthur Lever born 1874 East Cowes

1861 census:  Residing Alfred Arms Beer House, 89 Charlotte Street, Portsmouth. Occupation: house carpenter

1871 census: Residing Dover Terrace, Well Rd, Whippingham, East Cowes. Occupation: carpenter & joiner.

1881 census: Residing (Clarence Rd) Medina Rd, Whippingham, Isle of Wight. Occupation: ships joiner. Son Ashton recorded as Henry. Frederick an engine fitter’s apprentice

1901 census: Residing 1 Terminus Rd, Cowes. Occupation: house carpenter

1911 census: Residing 17 St Margaret Terrace, Hill Lane, Eastney, Southsea. Occupation: carpenter

Son Ashton Henry was residing 2 Heath Cottages Adelaide Grove, East Cowes, using name Henry. Occupation: housepainter



JAMES LEVER appendix

Born:                1789 Harting

Baptised:          22/2/1789 Harting                

Buried :            17/12/1853 aged 64 from South harting         

Married:           26/1/1815 Treyford cum Didling

Spouse:            Jane Aylwin

Born:                 1789 Treyford

Buried:              22/1/1857 from South Harting aged 68

Children:          Jane Lever baptised 16/4/1815 buried 16/6/1830 Harting                        

                         James Lever born 1819 buried 1/6/1820 Harting from Sidlesham, aged 8 months

                          Elizabeth Lever born 1820

                           Martha Lever born 1823

                            Sarah Lever born 1825

                            John Lever born 1828

                           Anna Lever born 1829

                            Rebecca Lever born 1832

                             Lydia lever born 1833


1841 census: Residing East Harting. Occupation: farmer. One domestic servant. Son John at Beach Academy, Littlehampton

 1851 census: Residing East Harting Street, East Harting. Occupation: farmer. Daughter Sarah described as farmer’s daughter, son John an iron monger’s journeyman. One domestic servant.


Note: married by licence, sponsor John Fooks grocer. 21 year old bachelor malster  from Harting

James in poll book  of 1820.

1841 tithe map has James Lever as a tenant farmer 245 acres from the two biggest landowner – Sir Harry Fetherstonehaugh and Jospeh Postlethwaite – fields 77. 46. 47, 42. 28 and half, 16 acres mostly in East Harting..


John Lever

Born:            1828 Harting

Father:          James Lever

Mother:         Jane Aylwin

Died:             1898 Midhurst district

Married:        1881 Hertford district

Spouse:          Jane Watkins

Born:             1838 Castle Bromyard, Herefordshire

Died:             1898 Midhurst district

1841 census:    Pupil at Beach Academy, Littlehampton

1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation journeyman ironmonger

1861 census: Residing Kent House, Down Place, Harting. Occupation: Farmer of 140 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy. Household included Sarah Chalton housekeeper, her husband John Shepherd and a housemaid. Also visitor James Shackleford..

1871 census: Residing Kent House. Occupation: Farmer of 140 acres employing 5men and 1 boy. Unmarried sisters Martha and Rebecca living with him, also James Shackleford, retired, draper boarder. One domestic servant

1881 census: Residing Kent House. Occupation: farmer of 150 acres employing 5 men and 1 boy. Household included housekeeper (Jane Watkins), servant and James Shackleford.

1891 census: Residing Kent House, Mill Lane, Harting. Occupation: farmer

1901 census: Widow Jane residing Stoughton. Living on own means

1911 census: widow Jane living with nephew Horace Thirwell in Westbourne


Anna Lever

Born:           1829 Harting

Father:         James Lever

Mother:        Jane Alwyn

Died:            1913 East Preston district

1881 census: Residing 3 South Vale, Lewisham. Visiting sister Rebecca who was a

Boarder. Occupation: teaching

1891 census: Residing Station Road, Petersfield. Living on own means

1901 census: Residing 5 East Ham Road, Littlehampton. Living on own means. Living with sister Rebecca

1911 census: Residing 16 Maxwell Road, Littlehampton. Sole inhabitant. Occupation: retired governess


Martha Lever

Born:               1823 Harting

Father:             James Lever

Mother:            Jane Alwyn

Died:                1909 Tonbridge district

1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: farmer’s daughter

1871 census: Residing with brother John

1891 census: Lodger 145 Chesterton Rd, Kensington. Living on own means

1901 census: Residing 33 Edward Street, Southborough, Kent. Occupation: living off own means


Rebecca Lever

Born:            1831 Harting

Father:           James Lever

Mother:          Jane Alwyn

Died:              1910 maidstone district

1881 census: Residing 3 South Vale Lewisha. A boarder. Occupation: teaching

1901 census: Residing 5 East Ham Road with sister Anna. Living of own means


JOHN LEVER appendix

Born:              1794 Harting

Father:            James Lever

Mother:          Elizabeth Blackmore

Baptised:         17/4/1794 Harting 

Married:          Mary Ann

Born:                1809

Buried:            155/5/1846 aged 28 from East Harting

Children:         Elizabeth Lever born 1833 Arlington, Sussex

                        John Lever born 1837 Harting


1841 census:       Residing South Harting. John Hill b 1825 living with them. Occupation: draper

1851 census:       Residing West Street, Havant. Occupation: Grocer

1861 census:       Residing Chidham with brother-in-law William Kennett farmer. Occupation: corn merchant. Unmarried daughter Elizabeth also there.


John Lever

Born:           1837 Harting

Father:         John Lever

Mother:       Mary Ann


1861 census: Residing 194 Tottenham Court Road. Occupation: assistant to a trimming manufacturer





Born:     1785 Harting

Father:    Joseph Lever

Mother:   Elizabeth White

Baptised: 12/12/1785 Harting

Married:  Possibly 24/10/1806 St Mary Portsea

Spouse: Harriet

Born:     1786

Buried: 1845 Hollingbourn district, Kent

Children: William Lever bapt 4/5/1812 St Mary Portsea

1841 census: Possibly Dun Street, Boxley, Kent. Occupation agricultural labourer





William Lever baptised 10/7/1787 Harting

Spouse:          Sarah

Children:         Ann Lever baptised 15/8/1819




Born:          1791 Harting

Father:        Joseph Lever

Mother:       Elizabeth White

Baptised:     baptised 30/8/1791 Harting

Children      Ashton Lever born 1816 Harting


Ashton Lever

Born:       1816 Harting

Mother:    Ann Lever

Baptised:  10/3/1816 Harting

Married:    7/9/1839 St Andrew Holborn

Spouse:     Elizabeth Jane Catholic

Born:         1809 London

Married:    1859 Westminster district

Spouse:     Margaret Craddock

Died:         1880 Chemsford district

                     Ashton Lever baptised 10/3/1816 Harting


Note: Ashton Lever on marriage to Elizabeth gives his father as Joseph Lever, carpenter. Witnessed by Sarah Catholic and Joseph Laban


1841 census:  Residing Norfolk Place, Greenwich. Occupation: carpenter

1851 census: Residing 1 Woodland St, Greenwich, carpenter

1861 census:  Residing Alma Cottages, East Greenwich. Occupation: carpenter




Born:                  1799 Harting

Father:                Joseph Lever

Mother:              Ann Franks

Married:              1841 Farnham district

Spouse:               Hannah Glover

Born:                  1801 Suberton, Hants

Children:            Joseph Lever born 1842 Hawley

                           Elizabeth Lever born 1844 Hawley


1851 census: Residing Hawley Street, Hawley, Hants. Occupation: gardener

1861 census: Farnborough Street, Farnborough. Occupation: gardener. Daughter Elizabeth with them.


Joseph Lever

Born:                1842 Hawley, Hampshire

Father:              Richard Lever

Mother:             Hannah Glover

Died:                 1927 Battersea

Married:            1868 St George Hanover Square

Spouse:             Isabella M Terrett

Born:                1840 Westminster

Died:                 1883 Battersea

Children:          Constance Mary Lever born 1870 Battersea.

                         Ashton Terrett Lever bapt 10/3/1872 Christ Church Battersea died 1873 Wandsworth district

                         Florence E Lever born 1873 Battersea


1861 census: Residing Alma Cottages East Greenwich with cousin Ashton Lever

1871 census: Residing 111 Lavender Rd, Battersea. Occupation: draper. Servant an niece Florence Buist with them

1881 census: Residing 111 Lavender Rd, Battersea. Occupation: draper

1891 census: Residing 111 Lavender Rd, Battersea. Occupation: draper. Daughter Florence with him

1901 census: Residing 111 Lavender Rd, Battersea. Occupation: draper. Constance and Florence with him, both dressmakers

1911 census: Residing 111 Lavender Rd, Battersea. Occupation: draper. Daughter Constance with him