Family History


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Born:       1790 Harting

Father:     James Lever

Mother:    Elizabeth Blackmore

Baptised:  Harting  11/4/1790 

Buried:     14/12/1821 Harting

Married:    10/4/1817 Trotton

Spouse:     Catherine New

Baptised:    19/6/1795 Church of Christ Independent Petersfield

Parents:      John New and Sarah Wild (nee Hall)

Buried:       5/8/1835 from West Harting

Children:       Edward Lever born 1817 Milland (see 1)

                   James Lever born 1819 Harting (see 2)

                   Catherine Lever born 1821 Harting(see 3) buried 28/6/1836 from South harting aged 15

                   Robert Lever born 1822 Harting (see 4)


William Wild was sponsor for the licence. Edward Lever described as a bachelor farmer from Harting.





Born:          30/9/1817 Milland

Father:       Edward Lever

Mother:      Catherine New

Baptised:    22/9/1817 Church of Christ Independent Petersfield

Died:          20/2/1890 Nottingham

Married:     5/11/1840 Chithurst

Spouse:     Amelia Whitcher father John Whitcher was

nephew to John Wild Jr, Edwardís grandmotherís first husband)

Baptised:    23/1/1818 Church of Christ-Independent Petersfield

Parents:      John & Amelia Sarah Whitcher.

Died:           1900 Nottingham

Children:      Edward Lever born 1842 Westbourne district

                    Benjamin Lever born 1844 Harting

                    James Charles Lever born 1847 Portsea

                   (Thaddeus) Robert Lever born 1850 Southsea  

                    Edward John Lever born 1854 Cannonbury, Islington .

                   Amelia Julia Lever born 1856 Nottingham


1841 census: Residing West Ashling, Funtington. Occupation: grocer. He had apprentice Robert Goble 15 and female servants Jane Goble 8, Jane Walton 20.

1851 census:  Visitor Red Cap, St Pancras. Occupation: commercial traveller. Wife Amelia living 12 Oakley Place, Portsea, with their three sons occupation: teacher of drawing. She had a general domestic servant Charity Pert 17.

1861 census: Residing 85 Gill St, Nottingham Occupation:  commercial traveller, colonial produce. Two servants.

1871 census: Residing Gill Street, Nottingham. Occupation: commercial traveller. Servant Ann Mellors, 24

1881 census: Residing  17 Gill St, Nottingham Occupation: commercial traveller, sugar, fruit and soap. Martha Hardwick general servant

1890: Living 25 Chaucer Street at time of death. Estate £1,580 8s 6d

1891 census: Widow Amelia living 3 Royal Villas, York Place, Bilton with Harrogate with daughter Kathleen A J Vivian


Children of Edward and Amelia Lever


Edward Lever

Born:        1842 Westbourne district (March q)

Father:      Edward Lever

Mother:     Amelia Whitcher

Died:        1843 Westbourne district (June q)


Benjamin Lever

Born:        1844 Harting

Father:      Edward Lever

Mother:     Amelia Whitcher

1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: apprentice commercial traveller

1881 census: Residing with parents: Occupation: commercial traveller.


James Charles Lever

Born:        1847 Portsea

Father:       Edward Lever

Mother:     Amelia Whitcher

Died: possibly 1855 St Giles district


(Thaddeus) Robert Lever

Born:   1850 Southsea

Father: Edward Lever

Mother:  Amelia Whitcher

Died:  1887 Leicester district

1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: apprentice grocer

1881 census:  Residing with parents. Occupation: commercial traveller, sugar, fruit, soap


Edward John Lever

Born:         1854 Cannonbury, Islington

Father:        Edward Lever

Mother:       Amelia Whitcher

Married:      1881 Gainsborough

Spouse:       Sophia Alice Spinks

Born:          1855 Gainsborough

Children:      Elsie Nora Lever born 1882 Crouch End, Hornsey

                   Ethel Lucy Lever born 1883 Crouch End, Hornsey

                   Alice Kathleen Lever born 1889 Crouch End, Hornsey

1881 census: Residingn 38 Jackson Road, Islington. Occupation: wholesale drapery traveller

1891 census: Residing 196 Drapers Shop, Stroud Green Road, Hornsey. 1 assistant, two servants

1901 census: Residing 13 Kings Avenue Muswell Hil. Occupation: woollen agent. 1 servant

1911 census: Residing 13 Kings Avenue, Muswell Hill. Occupation: commercial traveller. No occupation for Ethel and Alice

Elsie Nora Lever married 4/9/1909 Bernard Hardie in At Andrews, Alexandra Park. He was born 1885, a clerk, son of Thomas Hardie deceased, living 64 Conniston Road, Musswell Hill. Marriage witnessed by Edward John Lever and Mary Jane Hardie.

Children: Ruth Hardie born 1911 Barnet, Thomas A Lever born 1913 Barnet district

1911 census: Residing 2 St Johns Villa, Frien Barnet Rd, Barnet

Alice Kathleen Lever possibly  married 1920 Edmonton district Albert C Dabbs


(Amelia Julia) Kathleen Lever

Born:            1856 Nottingham

Father:         Edward Lever

Mother:         Amelia Whitcher

Died:            1934 Wandsworth district

Married:        1878 Nottingham district

Spouse:        Alfred Vivian

Born:            1844 Plymouth

Died:             1922 Lambeth district

Children:       Edward Vivian born 1882 Acomb, Yorks

                    Claude A P born 1884 Wardley, Sussex


She called herself Kathleen


1871 census: residing with parents. Gill Street, St Mary, Nottingham

1881 census: residing 33 Gill Street, Nottingham. Occupation: lace commercial traveller. With them Minnie Reeve niece 15, Edith Mary Vivian cousin aged 20, Harry Hooper Vivian 38, brother, 38 and servant Esther Pearce 17.

1891 census: residing 3 Royal Villas, York Place, Bilton with Harrogate. Occupation tea agent. Widowed mother Amelia Lever with them.

1901 census: Residing 36 Addison St, Nottingham. Visitor Minnie Reeve, ladies companion. Son Claude a draperís apprentice

1911 census: Residing 2 Woodside Villas Tetherdown Muswell Hill. Occupation: tea agent. Boarder George Canalis, clerk




Born:      1819 Harting

Father:    Edward Lever

Mother:   Catherine New

Baptised: 14/3/1819 Harting

Death:     1904 Hackney district

Married:  20/8/1846 St George the Martyr Southwark (see Note 1)

Spouse:   Emma Elizabeth Williams

Born:      1824 Southwark.

Died:      1892

Children: Amelia Lever born1847 London

       Emma Lever born 1849 Clerkenwell

       Robert Lever born 1851 Clerkenwell

       James Lever born 1855 Islington

       Edward Lever born 1858 Islington

       Annie Lever born 1860 Islington

       Louisa Lever born 1863 Clerkenwell


1851 census: Residing 11 Percival Street, St james Clerkenwell. Occupation: baker

1861 census: Resiidng 9 Spencer Place, Clerkenwell. Occupation: baker

1871 census: Residing 7 South Gate Road, Hackney. Occupation: journeyman baker

1881 census: Residing  33 Spencer St, Clerkenwell. Occupation; fancy baker

1891 census: retired baker in Islington workhouse

1901census:  living with daughter Annie. Occupation: retired baker


Note 1: Both living Pearl Row at time of marriage. James a baker. Fathers Edward Lever farmer and James Williams locksmith. Witnesses George Scofield? And ? Williams


Children of James and Emma Elizabeth Lever



Amelia Lever

Born:                1847 London

Father:              James Lever

Mother:             Emma Elizabeth Williams


1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: scholar

1871 census: Residing Clifden Rd Hackney. Servant to William Parley


Emma Lever

Born:    1850 Clerkenwell

Father:  James Lever

Mother:  Emma Elizabeth Williams

1871 servant to Charles Berry advertising agent 28 Gibspn Sq, Islington


Robert Lever

Born:       1852 Clerkenwell

Father:     James Lever

Mother:     Emma Elizabeth Williams

Married:   21/9/1873 Holy Trinity Islington. Witnessed by Henry J Franks, James Lever, Amelia Lever

Spouse:     Martha Franks

Parents:     William Cecil Franks

Born:        1851 Islington.

Children:     Lilian Martha Lever born 1875 Islington.


1871 census: Residing with parents.  Mount maker

1873 marriage certificate: Robert residing 7 Clarence St, Islington, Martha 1 Moon Street Islington

1875 baptism register. Residing 10 Rydon Street, Islington. Occupation: stick mounter

1881 census: Residing 22 St Paul St, Islington. Umbrella stick maker

1891 census: Residing 33 Balmes Road Hoxtonb. Occupation: stick mounter

1901 census: Residing 33 Balmes Rd, Hoxton. Gold & silver stick handle maker

1911 census: Residing 57 Pyrland Rd Islington. Occupation: walking stick mounter


Lilian Martha Lever

Born:    12 August 1875 Islington

Father:  Robert Lever

Mother: Martha Franks

Baptised: 10 October 1875 St Philip Islington

Married:  1919 Hackney district

Spouse:   Harry Parkes


1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: dressmaker

1901 census: Residing with parents. Assistant in baby linen warehouse

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: baby linen assistant


James Lever

Born:      1855 Islington

Father:    James Lever

Mother:    Emma Elizabeth Williams

Died:       1866 Clerkenwell district


Edward Lever

Born:         1858 Islington

Father:       James Lever

Mother:       Emma Elizabeth Williams

Died:          1861 Clerkenwell district


1861 census: residing 9 Spencer Place St James Clerkenwell


Annie Lever

Born:       1860 Islington

Father:     James Lever

Mother:    Emma Elizabeth Williams

Married:    25/4/1886 St Philip the Evangilist Islington. Both living 52 David Street . Witnesses Robert & Louisa Lever

Spouse:   Henry Samuel Haines Baker

Born:        1860 Clerkenwell

Parents:    Henry Baker, packer

Children:   Beatrice E Baker born 1887 Hackney

                Henry R Baker born 1887 Wood Green

                Oswald Baker born 1890 Hackney

                Donald W Baker born 1891 Hackney

                Edith V Baker born 1896 Hackney

                Wilfred J Baker born 1898 Hackney

                Olive Baker born 1907 Hackney


1881 census: Residing 21 Holloway Rd, Islington. Ladyís help to Mary Ann Lyon 40, confectioner

1891 census: Residing 22 Pool Street Hackney. Occupation: chemist

1901 census:  Residing 55 Southgate Road Islington. Occupation: druggistís clerk. Sister Elizabeth Baker confectionary assistant and James Lever retired baker living with them

1911 census: Residing 12 Annis Road, Hackney. Occupation clerk druggistís buyer. Sister Elizabeth Baker a waistcoat button holer seamstress with them

Beatrice an assistant chemists department

Henry a telegraphist GPO

Oswald a clerk manufacturing chemist


Louisa Lever

Born:    1864 Islington

Father:   James Lever

Mother:  Emma Elizabeth Williams

Died:      1935 Edmonton district

Married:  7/1/1893 St Peters West Hackney. Witnessed by Robert and Lilian Lever. 

Spouse:   James Mockridge, widower

Born:        1862, Dublin

Died:       1926 Edmonton district

Parents:     William Mockridge, tinman.

Children:   Louisa Mockridge born 1895 Holloway


1881 census:  Residing 151-158 Tottenham Court Road. Occupation: domestic servant.

1891 census: Residing 30 & 32 Shepherdess Walk, Shorrewditch. Wholesale confectioners shop

1893: Marriage certificate. Louisa was living 55 Southgate Road, James 33 Balmes Rd. Occupation: tinplate worker

1901 census: Residing 38 Alexander Road. Occupation: tin and iron plate worker

1911 census: Residing 13 Kings Road, Edmonton. Occupation: tin plate worker


Louisa Mockridge

Born:            1895 Holloway

Father:          Joseph Mockridge

Mother:         Louisa Lever

Married:        1922 Edmonton district

Spouse:         Edwin H Gould

Children:       Norma L Gould born 1923 Edmonton district

                    Dennis E Gould born 1925 Edmonton district



Born:      1820 or 1821 Harting?

Father:    Edward Lever

Mother:   Catherine New

Buried:    28/6/1836 from South Harting aged 15




Born:     1822 Harting

Father:   Edward Lever

Mother:  Catherine New

Baptised: 29/1/1822

Died:      1889 Loughborough district

Married:  8/6/1853 Old Church St Pancras, witnessed by J Whitcher and ? Whitcher

Spouse:   Anna Whitcher

Born:     1825 Iping

Parents:  John and Amelia Whitcher

Died:      1904 Edmonton district

Children: Lily Anna Selina Lever born 1855 St Pancras

        Catherine Amelia Lever born 1855 St Pancras

        Edith Mary Lever born 1861 Dalston

        Robert Lovell Lever 1862 Nottingham

        Ellen Augusta Lever born 1864 Nottingham

        Edward Oscar Lever born 1866 Nottingham


1851 census; 4 Mercery Lane Canterbury. Occupation: draperís assistant

1861 census: commercial traveller lodging in Hexham. Married. Family at Bilbie Street, Nottingham

1871 census: residing Gregory St, Loughborough. Amelia S Whitcher b 1795 with them

1881 census: Residing Forest Road, Loughborough. Occupation: commercial traveller. One servant

1891 census: widow Anna Residing Forest Road Loughborough

1901 census: widow Anna residing


Children of Robert and Anna Lever


Lily Anna Selina Lever

Born:          1854 St Pancras, Middlesex. Registered as Annie Selina

Father:        Robert lever

Mother:        Anna Whitcher


1881 census: Residing with parents Forest Road Loughbrough (with sisters Catherine and Ellen, and brother Edward. One servant). No occupation given


Catherine Amelia Lever

Born:          1855 St Pancras (Camden Town)

Father:        Robert Lever

Mother:        Anna Whitcher

Died:           1901 Edmonton district


1881 census: Residing Forest Road, Loughborough. Occupation: schoolmistress

1891 census: Residing 6 Forest Road, Loughborough. Occupation: schoolmistress


Edith Mary Lever

BORN:   1860 Dalston   

Father:   Robert Lever

Mother:   Edward Lever


1891 census: Residing 6 Forest Road, Loughborough, with mother and sisters. Brother Robert given as head of household. No occupation given

1901 census: Residing Charwood, Colney Hatch End Hornsey with brother Robert. No occupation given


Robert Lovell  Lever

Born:        1862 Nottingham

Father:     Robert Lever

Mother:     Anna Whitcher


1881 census: Residing 29 Kent Street Leicester as a lodger. Occupation: tea merchant

1891 census: Residing 6 Fore3st Road, Loughborough. Given as head of house. Living with him his widowed mother, sisters Edith, Ella and Catherine and brother Edward. Also a servant. Occupation: commercial traveller

1901 census: Residing Charwood, Colney Hatch End, Hornsey. Occupation: colonial agent. Mother and sister Edith and Ella and a servant with him


Ellen Augusta Lever

Born:        1864 Nottingham

Father:      Robert Lever

Mother:     Anna Whitcher


1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: scholar

1891 census: Residing  6 Forest Road, Loughborough with brother Robert, head of household.. No occupation

1901 census: Residing Charwood, Colney Htch End, Hornsey with brother Robert. No occupation given


Edward Oscar Lever

Born:        1866 Nottingham

Father:       Robert Lever

Mother:      Anna Whitcher


1891 census: Residing with brother Robert. Occupation: commercial traveller