Family History

Elizabeth was the sister of an ancestor of mine. This is something about her family. I would welcome comments, additions, corrections. Please e-mail



Born:             1817 Harting

Father:           William Prior

Mother:          Mary Trimmer

Baptised:         2/2/1817

Died:               Possibly 1865 Farnborough district

Married :         Harting 18/12/1841 (see Note 1)

Spouse:           Benjamin Kingshott, widower,

Baptised:        23/2/1812 Harting

Died:              Possibly 1861 Alverstoke district

Parents:          William & Sarah Kingshott (see Note 2)..

Children:        William Prior b 1839 Harting (see Note 3)

                        Betsy Kingshott b 1842 Harting (see Note 5)

            Rosina  Jane Kingshott b 1848 Gosport

            Ellen Kingshott b 1850 Gosport (see Note 4)

            George Benjamin Kingshott  b 1852 Gosport died 1853

            Alice Kingshott b 1854 Gosport

           Harriet Louisa Kingshott b 1859 Gosport

           Also stepchildren Sarah bapt 3/12/1834, Ann bapt 22/10/1837,  Alfred baptised 12/7/1840 died 1841. All born in Harting . Annie possibly married 1861 Alverstoke district either Michael Cotter or James Dunn, Sarah married 9/11/1851 Portsea Thomas Tipper.


1851 and 1861 census:  Living 17 Rands Court Gosport.  Benjamin a blacksmith. 1851 William Pay (who married Elizabethís sister Harriet) a visitor.  No trace of any of the family after the 1861 census. 1861 only had Rosina, Ellen, Alice & Harriet with them.


Note 1:  labourer. On marriage certificate William Prior described as a labourer.. Marriage witnessed by John Twine and Sarah New.


Note 2: He had previously been married  22/11/1833 Harting Ann Martin. Witnessed by John and Sally Kingshott. She died 1841


Note 3: William Prior baptised 17/2/1839 died 1888 m  1864 Ellen Smith b 1839 Meonstoke, Hants, Ellen remarried 1889 Joseph James Jerome naval pensioner b 1826, widower. He died 1892. 1901 she was living on her own means at 251 Forton Rd, Alverstoke and 1911 121 Forton Rd, Alverstoke.

1841 census:living with his mother Elizabeth with her parents

1861:census  possibly a stoker in royal navy, Hong Kong

1871: residence: 20 St  John Sq, Alverstoke, Hants. Occupation: blacksmith

1881 census: Alverstoke, Hants (Forton Rd?) ? dealer employing 2 labourers & 2 boys



Note 4: Information from Anita Summers is that Ellen her gt-grandmother married Francis Arthur de Morechal de Montmorencie. They lived in India where her grandfather was born, and Ellen died in Burnley, Lancs.


Note 5: Betsy Kingshott baptised 23/10/1842 Harting.  ABetsey Kingshott married 21/12/1867 Trotton John Kemp however this is the daughter of William & Sarah Kingshott of Trotton.


Note 6: possible other children were Albert Kingshott born 1844 Alverstoke district, died 1846 and Henry John Kingshott born 1846 Alvertoke district



Born:                    1842 Harting

Father:                   Benjamin Kingshott

Mother:                Elizabeth Prior

Married:                probably abroad

Spouse:                 Henry Elijah Bisgrove

Baptised:               29/11/1839 St Cuthbert, Wells

Parents:                 Henry & Frances Bisgrove

Died;                       1890 St George Hanover Sq district

Married:                 possibly 1891 Burnley district

Spouse:                   Richard Berry or Henry Thomas

Children:                Maria Bisgrove b 1864 India

                               Fanny Bisgrove b 1868 Malta

                               Sarah Ann Bisgrove 24/2/1876 Liverpool

                               Ellen Adelaide Bisgrove b 1881 Bolton


1876 census: Residing Byrons/ terrace Liverpool, on the birth certificate. Father: army sergeant.

1881 census: Residing 17 York Street, Bolton. Occupation: late night watchman

1891 census: Widow Rosina in workhouse, Westminster with daughter Ellen. Occupation: furrier



Children of Rosina and Henry Bisgrove



Born:                    1864 India

Father:                   Henry Elijah Bisgrove

Mother:                 Rosina Jane Lingshott


1891 census: Boarding 13 Greycoat Place, Westminster. Occupation: dressmaker



Born:                 1868 Malta

Father:               Henry Elijah bisgrove

Mother:               Rosina Jane Kingshott


Note: Arrive in New York 17/9/1929



Born:                    24/2/1876 Liverpool

Father:                 Henry Elijah Bisgrove

Mother:                Rosina Jane Kingshott

Married:                17/4/1893 St John the Baptist, Marlborough, Westminster

Spouse:                Edward Scott

Born:                     18/2/1875 Soho

Children:               Florence Scott b 1896 London

                              Ivy Lillian Scott b 25/8/1899 London (see Note 1)

                              Henry Charles Scott  b 18/1/1904 Holborn (see Note 2)

                               Nancy Scott b abt 1904 London   (see Note 3)

                               George Scott


1891 census: Residing 50 Coburg Row, Westminster. Occupsation: domestic servant

1901 census: Residing St Panceas. Occupation: goldsmith


Note 1: Ivy Lillian Scott married 1920 West Ham Edward Franxis Onslow 1895-1951.  Children: Eric John onslow b 12/8/1920 died 10/11/2000. Married 14/9/1940 Agnes Maud Hazell b 1920; Direen Ivy Onslow b 26/12/1923 Walthemstow died 9/8/1991 Hawaii married 1/1/11943 leon ned Keizer 1912-1985. Arrived new York 8/9/1955; Iris Florence Onslow b 24/10/1924 died 27/4/1994 Multnomah, Oregon Ilford married 29/6/1945 John Gilbert Wallace born 24/4/1916 Watertown, Mass died 2/12/2001 Multnomah, Oregon. Arrived nNew York 1/3/1946.

1952 arrived New York


Note 2: Henry Charles Scott died 1/3/1985 Nassau married Nassau Iris Margarite Darville 1921-2002


Note 3:  Nancy Scott married Stan Jones.



Born:              1882 Bolton

Father:              Henry Elijah Bisgrove

Mother:            Rosina Jane Kingshott


1891 census:  In Westminster workhouse with mother