Family History



Seeking the origins of Edmund Kemp of Trotton 1700?-1759’ by Vincent Tickner

Majority of Kemps westward of Trotton were descended from him – married there 24/4/1726 to Martha Betsar (register) or Mary Bettesworth (BT) or Martha Bettesworth (licence) but she was buried as Martha 13/2/1790 Trotton. Probaby Martha baptised 3/12/1702 Trotton daughter of Peter a day labourer and Elizabeth Hammond (married 21/11/1697 Trotton). They also had Peter 1698, Elizabeth 1700, Martha 1802, John 1703 and Elizabeth 1705. Peter was buried 25/11/1740 Trotton

An Arthur Bettsworth and his wife Elizabeth had children in Midhurst 1676 to 1690 including a son Peter, but in1690 so too young, and a daughter Martha. A Peter Betsworth and wife Alice had issue 1634-41 in Midhurst including a daughter Martha – probably he was son of peter baptised 14/11/1604 Midhurst. A Peter was baptised Midhurst 1670 but died 1678, there was another Peter with a family in Woolbeding including a son Peter baptised 16/9/1683 – elder Peter was a churchwarden for 1684-86 and 1690

Bettesworth and variants is common name in Chithurst, Iping, Elsted, Linchmere, Treyford , Kirdford, Trotton. Fyining, Rogate Terwick, Harting, Easebourne and Woolavington. Martha seems to have come from the poorer not yeoman end.

Licence meant that one could have had a different religious persuasion or outside area.


Born: 1747/1748

Father: John Caywood

Mother: Eleanor

Buried: 8/9/1813 Trotton aged 65

Married: 16/10/1771 Rogate. Richard was of Elsted and Elizabeth of this parish. Both made marks – Richard Philips & Thomas Goldring were witnesses

Spouse: Richard Kemp

Parents: Edmund Kemp & Martha Bettesworth

Baptised: 2/8/1741 Trotton

Buried: 6/1/1812 Trotton

Children: Elizabeth Kemp born 1772 Trotton

Susanna Kemp baptised 24/4/1774 buried Trotton 7/12/1789

Mary Kemp born 1777 Trotton

James Kemp born 1780 Trotton

William Kemp born 1780 Trotton (twin)

John Kemp born 1783 Trotton

Thomas Kemp born 1786 Trotton

Richard Kemp lived most of life in Elsted. Parents were Edmund Kemp husbandman/labourer probably baptised Heyshott 12/4/1700 buried 8/11/1759 Trotton married 24/4/1726 Trotton Martha Bettesworth, .Bettsworth, Betsar probably baptised Trotton 3/12/1702 buried 23/2/1790 Trotton, widow

Richard died between 27/12/1811 when recorded as paying his rates to Trotton and his burial 6/1/1812 Trotton. Widow then referred to in poor rate records as Dame Kemp buried 8/9.1813 aged 65.


Children of Richard and Elizabeth Kemp



Born: 1772 Trotton

Father: Richard Kemp

Mother: Elizabeth Cawood

Baptised: 3/5/1772 Trotton

Children: Mary Kemp baptised Trotton 16/10/1796 & buried 15/9/1797.

An Elizabeth Kemp of Terwick (for 3 yrs) aged 28 applied for marriage licence 6/12/1799 for marriage in Terwick to Richard Burrow of Trotton aged 19


Born: 1777 Trotton

Father: Richard Kemp

Mother: Elizabeth Cawood

Baptised: 26/1/1777 Trotton

Married: Elsted 1801

Spouse: John Hill bachelor Elsted – but in register Elizabeth written beside her name and Mry under parties. Thos Mills & Wm Hill witnesses



Born: 1780 Trotton

Father: Richard Kemp

Mother: Elizabeth Cawood

Baptised: 25/6/1780 (twin) Trotton

Buried: 14/1/1841 Elsted,

Married: 30/6/1807 Elsted witnessed by Wm Ayling, Eliz Kemp, John Morey (churchwarden)

Spouse: Jane Glew of Elsted

Baptised: 8/9/1784 Harting

Parents: William and Jane Glue

Buried: 2/6/1814

Married: Elsted 28/5/1815 (John Walder witness (father of Sarah)

Spouse: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Born: abt 1795 Brixton, Devon

Parents: Her father was supposed to be Wright.

Children: James Kemp born 1807 Elsted

John Kemp born 1809 Elsted

William Kemp born 1812 Elsted

George Kemp born 1814 Elsted

Daniel Kemp born 1815 Elsted

Rose Hester Kemp born 1818 Elsted

George Kemp born 1820 Elsted

Cornelius Kemp born 1822

Alfred Kemp born 1825

Hercules Kemp born 1828

Daniel Kemp born 1838

Jemima remarried 28/10/1843 Elsted Thomas Tullett

1841 census: Jemima living in Elsted with George, Cornelius, Alfred, Hercules, Dorcas and Daniel.

1851 census: Jemima and Thomas Tullet living Nately Scures, Hants. Occupation: retired labourer. Son Daniel with them, Occupation: sevant

Children of James Kemp

James Kemp

Born: 1807 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jane Glew

Baptised: 15/11/1807

1841: Living with John and Mary Hill, Elsted. Occupation: agricultural labourer

John Kemp

Born: 1809 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jane Glew

Baptised: 26/11/1809 Elsted

Buried: 25/8/1851 Elsted.

Married: 21/1/1839 Elsted witnessed John & Elizabeth Blackmore

Spouse: Sarah Walder

Born: 6/10/1820 Elsted

Baptised: 26/11/1820 Elsted

Parents: John Wallder (parish clerk) & Elizabeth

Children: all baptised Elsted

William baptised 19/5/1839 (1881 ag lab living Elsted with Thos Glue)

Charlotte baptised 13/3/1842

Ann baptised 13/10/1844 (1881 servant to Wm Wetheby, Croydon)

George bapt 25/7/1847 bur 30/4/1848 aged 10 months Elsted

John born 28/6/1849 baptised 9/9/1849 (1881 shop assistant Croydon)

Benjamin baptised 18/1/1852 Didling with Treyford

Sarah probably had daughter Elizabeth baptised 30/7/1854 Treyford with Didling – in later hand said she was widow in register. Sarah remarried summer 1854 Thomas Glue, and on 1861 census Elizabeth was recorded as his daughter.

William Kemp

Born: 1812 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jane Glew

Baptised: 29.3.1812 Elsted

George Kemp

Born: 1814 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jane Glew

Baptised: 28/5/1814 Elsted

Buried: 2/6/1814 Elsted

Daniel Kemp

Born: 1815 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Baptised: Elsted 24/12/1815

Buried: 14/5/1816 Elsted

Rose Hester Kemp

Born: 1818 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Baptised: 17//21818 Elsted

Married: 22/10/1842 Didling

Spouse: Henry Eames widower

George Kemp

Born: 1820 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Baptised: 25/6/1820 Elsted

1845: joined Scots Fusiliers Regiment pf Foot guards in Chichester 22/10/1845 , served Crimean war

1861: discharged 18/2/1861 unfit for further service due to chronic rheumatism & having had scarletina 1859. Discharged London.

1881 census: A George Kemp in Church Road Godalming with Jane aged 52 born Guildford and Louis aged 22 born Godalming

Cornelius Kemp

Born: 9/11/1822 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Died: 1911 Wandsworth district (Sept q)

Baptised: 17/11/1822 Elsted

Married: 1848 Havant district

Spouse: Harriett Budd

Born: 1822 Harting

1871 census: Residing: 57 Hope St, Battersea Occupation: railway plate layer

1881 census Residing 57 Hope Street, Battersea Occupation: railway servant in Battersea

1891 census: Residing 183 Maysoule Rd, Battersea. Occupation: railway labourer

1901 census: Residing 165 Maysoule Rd, Battersea. Occupation: labourer SW Railway

Alfred Kemp

Born: 29/7/1825 Didling

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Died: 1908 Havant district

Baptised: 4/9/1825 Treyford with Didling

Married: 12/5/1850 St Marys Portsea

Spouse: Esther Moore born Hambledon (Chidden Hants)

Parents: John & Jane Moore

Died: 4/8/1886

Married: 29/11/1888 Portsea

Spouse: Elizabeth Fleet Peacock

Born 1843

Died: 1907

Children: 5 children baptised Hambledon

Rose E Kemp born 1850 Portsea

Alfred E Kemp born 1853 Portsea

Sarah A Kemp born 1855 Portsea

George Kemp born 1857 Portsea

Walter J Kemp born 1860 Portsea

1841 census: Residing with mother in Elsted

1851 census: Residing Moores Sq, Portsmouth. Occupation: labourer

– lived at different addresses in Portsmouth. Labourer until 1855 but in 1857 a dealer

1860 greengrocer,

1861 census: 34 Charlotte St, Landport, Hants. Occupation: general dealer

1871 census: later beer retailer at Sailors Return Commercial Rd(for Longs brewery & subsequently the owner).

1881 census: 403 Commercial Rd. Occupation: beer retailer

1895: handed pub over to son George & moved to Hope Cottage, Purbrook

1901 census: Residing Hope Cottage, Purbrook. Occupation: living off own means

Hercules Kemp

Born; 1828 Treyford/Didling

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Baptised: 11/12/1828 Treyford with Didling.

Died: 1911 Wandsworth district

Married: 1857 Wandsworth district

Spouse: Sabina Grace

Born: 1834 Oving, Buckinghamshire

Died: 1896 London C district

Children; Rosa born 1859 Battersea

Lucy born 1862 Battersea

Alice born 1864 Battersea

Jemima born 1866 Battersea

Dorcas born 1868 Battersea

Lily born 1876 Battersea

1851 census: Residing 46 Bevois St, Southampton. Occupation: labourer

1861 census: Residing 14 York Rd, Battersea. Occupation: labourer

1871 census: Residing Starch Factory Lane, Battersea.

1881 cenus: a starchmaker born Elsted living Battersea with Rose 21 shop assistant, Harriet 14, Dorcas 13 and Lill[ian] 4 all born Battersea

1891 census: Residing 13 Starch Factory Road. Occupation: starch factory labourer

1901 census: Residing 12 Starch Factory Road. Occupation: pensioner

Dorcas Kemp

Born: 1830 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Baptised: 30/5/1830 Elsted

1851 census: Residing 16 Hemus Terrace Chelsea. Occupation: domestic servant

Lucy Kemp

Born: 1833 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Baptised: 26/5/1933 Elsted

Buried: 4/2/1837 Elsted

Emma Kemp

Born: 1835 Elsted

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Baptised: 9/8/1835 Elsted

Buried: 4/7/1836 Elsted

Daniel Kemp

Born: 1838 Elsted.

Father: James Kemp

Mother: Jemima Wright Shepherd

Died: 1883 Uxbridge district

Married: 1864 Watford district

Spouse: Mary Ann Dickinson

Born: 1837 Aldenham, Herts

Children: Walter Kemp born 1865 Uxbridge

Emma Kemp born 1869 Denham, Bcks

Alfred Kemp b 1870 Denham, Bucks

Alice Kemp b 1872 Uxbridge

Dorcas Kemp born 1874 Uxbridge

Rose E Kemp born 1876 Uxbridge

Elizabeth Kemp born 1878 Uxbridge

Kate Kemp born 1880 Hillingdon

Harry Kemp born 1881 Uxbridge

1851 living with mother & stepfather at Nately Scures, Hants.

1881 census: Residing 3 Wellington Rd, Hillington. Occupation a telegraph linesman

1891 census: Widow Mary Ann residing 4 Church Cottages, Culvert Lane, Hillingdon. Occupation: domestic servant helper

Widow Jemima married 28/10/1848 Thomas Tulett born Harting 1798 witnesses Rose Hester & Henry Eames. He had previously married Mary Kemp. He was son of William Tulett of Nately Scures nr Basingstoke. Jemima was 47 on marrage certificate but 55 on 1851 census where she gave place of birth as Brixham. David Kemp 13 born Elsted living with them 1851.


Born: 1780 Trotton

Father: Richard Kemp

Mother: Elizabeth caywood

Baptised: 25/6/1780 (twin)

Buried: Probably Trotton 16/1/1827

Married: 21/4/1816 Trotton, witnesses Joseph Clue & Ruth Hoplins. All four made marks.

Spouse: Mary Palmer

His widow married Thomas Tulett of Elsted in Elsted 28/6/1827. not clear if this was the Thomas Tulett who then married Jemima – if so Thomas must have married a 2nd time to his brother-in-law’s twin brother’s widow


Born: 1783 Trotton

Father: Richard kemp

Mother: Elizabeth Caywood

Baptised: 2/2/1783 occup labourer

Buried: 8/11/1853 Terwick aged 70


Spouse: Mary

Born: abt 1792 London

Buried: 29/12/1865 Terwick aged 75

Children: John Kemp born 1817 Liss

Mary Kemp born 1816 Trotton or 1818 Terwick

Thomas Kemp born 1823 (or 1828 Terwick)

Henry Kemp born 1823

James Kemp born 1824 Terwick

Thomas Kemp born 1830 Terwick

Charles Kemp born 1832 Terwick

1841 census: Residing Tewrwick. Occupation: agricultural labourer.

1851 census: Residing Terwick. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Daughter and son-in-law Buss living with them, also sons Thomas and Charles, and grandson Henry aged 9

Children of John and Mary Kemp

John Kemp

Born: 1817 Liss

Father: John Kemp

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 2/3/1817 Liss

Buried: Probably 1886 Midhurst district

Married: 29/5/1840 Terwick

Spouse: Elizabeth Collins

Born: 1817 Trotton

Buried: 1/5/1872 Terwick

Children: Ann Kemp born 1840 Terwick

William Kemp born 1842 Terwick

Emma Kemp born 1844 Terwick

Rosa Esther Kemp born 1847 Terwick

Louisa (Jane) Kemp born 1850 Terwick

Margaret Kemp born 1853 Terwick

Jemima Kemp born 1857 Terwick

George Kemp born 1859 Terwick

1841census: living Terwick. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: living Terwick. Occupation:agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Cottage, Terwick Common, Terwick. Occupation: agricultural labourer. With them grandson Henry, bapt 8/12/1859 Terwick baseborn son of Ann Kemp. Son William living Terwick Common with aunt Mary Buss.

1871 census: Residing Trotton Marsh, Trotton. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Son George a farm servant and grandson Henry Kemp aged 11 with them

1881 census: Residing Trotton Marsh, Trotton. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Son george stationed Chichester barracks

Mary Kemp

Born: Trotton

Father: John Kemp

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 16/8/1818 Trotton

Married: 1849 Midhurst district

Spouse: James Buss from Guildford

1841 census: Mary living with her parents with her 6 week old son Henry

1851 census: they were living with her parents

1861 census: Living Terwick common – Henry Kemp son-in-law 19 (possibly her son born before marriage) James Bufs his father born Lurgasall & Mary’s mother Mary & nephew William Kemp

Thomas Kemp

Born: 1823 Terwick or Rogate

Father: John Kemp

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 4/6/1823 Trotton

Buried: 29/12/1900 from Easebourne workhouse

Married: 23/7/1853

Spouse: Martha Collins of Terwick

Died: Jan 1872

Married: 1874 Brighton district

Spouse: Mary Ann Pay

Born: 1826 Rogate

Died: 1885 Steyning district

Children: James (Jim) Kemp bapt 28/2/1855 Trotton buried Rogate 23/4/1857.

William Kemp bapt 21/2/1857 Rogate

Mary Anne Kemp bapt 7/8/1859 Rogate

George Kemp bapt 4/8/1861 Rogate

Lily Kemp bapti 14/11/1869 Rogate

Orange Kemp bapt 18/2/1872 Terwick.

1861 census: Residing smith shop Rogate . Occupation: agricultural labourer

Probably Thomas & his younger brother Henry recorded as playing for Mr John Harffey’s team against Mr Hedge’s in a friendly cricket match in Rogate 8/1867.

1881 census: Residing Western Road, Portslade. Occupation: labourer

1891 census: Possibly residing Railway Inn, Elsted. Occupation: labourer

Henry Kemp (twin)

Born: 1823 Trotton

Father: John Kemp

Mother: Mary

Baptised: 4/6/1823,

Buried: Rogate 7/4/1825

James Kemp

Born: 1824 Terwick

Father: John Kemp

Mother: Mary

Buried: 24/9/1865 Terwick

Married: 16/1/1848 Terwick

Spouse: Charlotte Walder

Born: 1827 Rogate

1851 census: Residing Terwick Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Terwick Common Occupation: agricultural labourer

Charles Kemp

Born: 1832 Terwick

Father: John Kemp

Mother: Mary

Married: 1855 Midhurst district

Spouse: Jane Triggs

Born: 1841 Sheet, Hants

1861 census: Residing Fyning Common, Rogate. Occupation: agricultural

1 May 1866 Petersfield Express – section on Rogate –

The most serious accident however happened to a man named Charles Kemp. He was engaged working a threshing machine in Cumbers near Rogate when by some means in feeding the machine his hand was caught by the drum and two fingers were severely lacerated. He was brought home in a state of insensibility. Mr Curtis was speedily in attendance and he is doing well"









Born: 1796 Trotton

Father: Richard Kemp

Mother: Elizabeth Cawood

Baptised: 12/4/1786 Trotton

Buried: 28/6/1870 Rogate

Married: 23/5/1807 Trotton

Spouse: Mary Harris

Born: 1784 (1851 census Trotton, 1861 census Liss)

Buried: 4/5/1862 Rogate.

Children: James Kemp born 1808 Milland

John Kemp born 1812 Trotton

Susanna Kemp born 1812 Trotton

Mary Kemp born 1814 Trotton

William Kemp born 1816 Trotton

Louisa Kemp born 1818 Trotton

Thomas kemp born 1822 Rogate

Daniel Kemp born 1822 Rogate

Thos Kemp married Mary Harris by banns Trotton 23/5/1807; both of parish & made marks. W and Wm Eames witnesses.

1811-1816: Thomas & family living Bramshott – population 940 in 811 and 1006 1821.

1825-7: Thomas in Rogate paying 1 s on property 10s rateable value

1838: October 1838 Thomas Kemp exempt Poor rate 1s 6d on a property in Langley

1841 census: living Forest Side Rake (Langley) with son John & grandson John – possibly the JohnKkemp who as labourer of Liss married widow Hannah Cousins nee Money daughter Wm Money Liss 15.10.1859 Liss with Wm Trigg & Eliza Money witnesses. Later John as widower mariedr cousin Eliza in Liss – became a platelayer. Susanna Harris & her sons also living with them.

1851 census: Residing Langley, Rake. Occupation: pauper, agricultural labourer. With them son Thomas and grandson John Harris(on) recorded as John Kemp, son

1851 onwards: Thomas often exempted payment of poor rates. – in Oct 1862 gross estate rental was £1 10s but in arrears of 2s 3d

1861 census: Residing Langley, Rogate. With them daughter Susan Jenkins, and her son Edward Harris

Children of Thomas and Mary Kemp

James Kemp

Born: 1808 Milland (also Rogate and Trotton on various census)

Father: Thomas Kemp

Mother: Mary Harris

Baptised: 30/10/1808 Milland Chapel agric lab/turf cutter

Buried: 30.11.1882 Liss.

Married: 6/5/1833 Rogate

Spouse: Sarah Love

Baptised: 16/1/1811 Harting

Parents: Daughter of Elizabeth Love baptised 24/6/1792 Harting who married William Harris 6/10/1823 Harting

Buried: 16/7/1896 Liss.

Children: Eliza Kemp born 1835 Liss

Kezia Kemp born 1839 Liss

James Kemp born 1843 Liss

George Kemp born 1850 Liss

1841 census: Residing Forest Liss. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Residing Liss. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Elizabeth Harris 70 living with them

1861 census: Residing Mint, Liss. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing The Mint, Liss. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Place of birth given as Cronehouse. Son George an agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing Mint, Liss. Occupation: labourer, blind. Son George with them

John Kemp

Born: 1811 Trotton

Father: Thomas Kemp

Mother: Mary Harris

Baptised: 10/2/1811 Trotton chapel

Buried: Liss 8/11/1887

1841 census: Residing with parentsa. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1851 census: Lodger with Sarah Mills pauper in Langley, Rogate. Occupation : agricultural labourer

1861 census: Residing Forest Side, Liss. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Boarder with Jane Money, Forest Liss (he was born Cronehouse Sussex). Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: inmate Ramshill workhouse Peteresfield

Susanna Kemp

Born: 29/2/1812 Trotton

Father: Thomas Kemp

Mother: Mary Harris

Baptised: 13/12/1812 Trotton chapel

Buried: Rogate as Susanna Jenkins 17/6/1873 aged 63

Married: 7/5/1833 James & Sarah Kemp witnesses.

Spouse: James Harris (of Harting)

Married: 2/12/1844 in Rogate George Aylills Sarah Aylills witnesses

Spouse: Henry Jenkins (A Henry Jenkins 64 living in her parents house 1841)

Children: John Kemp baptised 12/12/1831 Rogate (brought up by her parents)

James Harrison baptised 28/9/1834 Rogate

Edward Harrison baptised 1839 Rogate

Emily Harrison born 1844 Rogate

1831: she was assaulted and kicked in Rogate by Martha Harding wife of Edmund Harding of Liss 7/8/1831 – complained to local JP Charles Hamilton on 8/9/1831 and he made order same day to constable of Rogate to apprehend Martha ( Martha Harding from Petersfield workhouse buried Liss 2.12.1863 aged 81). May have been associated with birth of her illegitimate son John baptised 12/12/1831 Rogate and brought up by her parents.

1841 census: Residing with her parents and given name of Harrison.( A James Harrison living in Canaan Liss at the time)

Susannah married Henry Jenkins 2/12/1844 in Rogate George Aylills Sarah Aylills witnesses, A henry Jenkins 64 living in her parents house 1841

1851 census: children living with Henry Jenkins Chelsea pensioner born Bristol. Also Emily Harrison aged 6. Susannah not in this census.

1861 census: in parents house with son Edward,

1871 census: called Kemp, aged 61, pauper alone in parents house after they had died.

Mary Kemp baptised 8/4/1814 Trotton married a James Kemp and had son James Benjamin Kemp born Southampton about 1853

William Kemp

Born: 1816 Rogate

Father: Thomas Kemp

Mother: Mary Harris

Baptised: 2/6/1816 Trotton

Buried: 6/5/1892 Rogate

Married: 1859 Winchester district

Spouse: Maria Hannah Thatcher

Born: 1835 Spitalfields

1837: 16/11/1837 enlisted in 2nd Rifle Brigade

1859: 5/8/1859 discharged

1861 census: Residing Farnham Rd, Aldershot. Occupation: army pensioner

1862: . In poor rate book Rogate Oct 1862 a William Kemp as owner/occupier of house & garden in Rake, rental £2.10a.

1881 census: Residing Rake, Rogate. Lodging with George & Charlotte Lintott. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: Lodging Farm House, East Liss, Liss, Hants. Occupation: army pensioner. Lodger with niece Keziah Turner nee Kemp.

Louisa Kemp

Born: 1818 Rogate

Father: Thomas Kemp

Mother: Mary Harris

Baptised: 5/7/1818 Trotton family living Rogate at time

Thomas Kemp

Born: 1822 Rogate

Father: Thomas Kemp

Mother: Mary Harris

Baptised: 24/3/1822 Trotton (family living Rogate)

Buried: 29/12/1900 Rogate from Easebourne workhouse

Married: 8/12/1860 Rogate

Spouse: Eliza/Elizabeth Carpenter

Born: 1829 Harting (Buriton on 1891 census)

Buried: 8/5/1895 Rogate

Children: Henry Kemp born 1861 Rogate

1841 census: ag lab living John Gouter farmer Sandhill Rogate

1851 census: living with parents

1861 census: living Sandhill farm Rogate: Occupation: agricultural labourer

1862: Oct 1862 living in house & garden owned by a Jane Thorp (rental £3)

1871 census: Residing Slade Lane Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1881 census: Residing Slade Lane Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Henry an ag lab too.

1891 census : Residing West Heath Cottage, Chapel Lane, Maiden Marsh Rogate. Occupation : agricultural labourer. Son Henry with them.

Daniel Kemp

Born: 1824 Rogate

Father: Thomas Kemp

Mother: Mary Harris

Baptised: 15/2/1824 Trotton (family living Rogate)

Buried: 21/5/1853 Rogate

Married: 30/3/1850

Spouse: Eliza Brown

Born: 1827 Chithurst

Died: May 1853

Children: Charles Kemp born 1850 Rogate

Jane Kemp born 1853 Rogate

Eliza Kemp remarried Daniel Gray 1857, Midhurst dstrict

1841 census: Male servant in household Richard Budgen farmer Palmer House Liss 1851 census: living Langley Rogate. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1861 census: Charles and Jane Kemp living as children of Daniel Gray, Mare Hill Lane, Pulborough.

1871 census: Eliza and Daniel Gray living North Street, Amberley

1881 census:. Charles was married and living in Washington, occupation agricultural labourer.