Family History

This is the family line of my mother-in-law's grandmother Eliza Jane Jones who married Joseph Slim. She lived to be nearly 94 so my mother-in-law remembered her well, as do other family members. Definitve work on David Jones's ancestry has been done by another Jones descendent Maggie Smith and I will be adding on some of her work in due course.



Born: 22/2/1845 Horseley Heath, Tipton (see note 1)

Father: James Jones

Mother: Ann Law.

Married: 22/11/1868 St Thomas Dudley (see Note 2)

Spouse; Emily Mills

Parents: Joseph & Sarah Mills

Children: Eliza Jane Jones b. 1868 Tipton

Emmanuel Jones b 1870 Tipton

Sarah Ann Jones b 1873 Tipton

James Jones b 1874 Tipton

Alice Jones b 1876 Tipton

Benjamin Jones b 1882 Tipton

1881 census: Residing 96 Horsely Rd, Tipton. Bricklayers labourer.

1891 census: Residing 96 Horsley Road, Tipton. Occupation

1901 census: Residing 86 Horsley Rd. Tipton

Note 1: Birth certificate. Fatherís occupation labourer. Informant James Jones who made his mark. Registered 11/3/1845

Note 2: Emmaís father Joseph Mills deceased, nail master. David a miner. Both made their marks as did the witnesses Thomas Leatham and Elizabeth Tropman.


Children of David and Eliza Jane Jones



Born: 29 Dec 1868 Tipton

Father: David Jones

Mother: Emma (Emily) Mills

Died: 1962 Walsall

Buried: 17/1/1962 Ryecroft cemetry Walsall

Married; 22/12/1889 St Martin, Tipton

Spouse: Joseph Slim

Born: 1864 Tipton

Father: John Slim

Mother: Jane Ranken Roden

Died; 1924 Walsall

Children: Elizabeth Slim b. 1891 Tipton

David Slim b. 1892 Tipton

Bertie b. 1896 Tipton

Elsie b. 1899 Tipton

1891 42 Horseley Rd, Tipton Occupation: bricklayer.(from St Martinís baptismal register)

1892 living 32 Railway Street, Tipton (St Martin baptism register)

1896 82 Horsley Terrace, Tipton (St Martin baptism register)

1899 4 Court, 4 House Church Lane, Tipton (St martin baptism register)

1901 Joseph patient in District Hospital, Edward St, West Bromwich. Occupation: bricklayerís labourer. Family living 4 Court 4 House, Church lane, Tipton. Also with them visitor Eliza Turner aged 74, single, Eliza a charwoman.

Note 1: When married Joseph was a brickmaker living New Road, Tipton. Eliza was living 96 Horseley Heath, Tipton. Her father was a bricklayerís labourer. Marriage was witnessed by John Slim and Annie Hunts

Note 2; In 1920 on David Slimmís marriage certificate occupation given as cutter down in ironworks. Marriage was witnessed by John Slim and Annie Hunts



Born: 1870 Tipton

Father: David Jones

Mother: Emma (Emily) Mills

Married: 1895 St Andrew, West Bromwich

Spouse: Mary Ann Mason

Born: 1872 West Bromwich.

1891 census: . Residing with parents. Occupation labourer

1901 census: : Residing 107 Phoenix Street, West Bromwich. Occupation: blacksmith. Phoebe mason aged 18 visitor


Born: 1/1/1873 Tipton

Father: David Jones

Mother: Emma (Emily) Mills

Married; 30/9/897 St Martins, Tipton (see note 1)

Spouse; Stephen J Evans

Born: 1872 Wolverhampton district

Parents: Edward Evans

1891 census: Residing 13 Factory Rd, Tipton. Servant to William Whitehead, licenced victualler

1901 census: Residing 25 Market Place Tipton

Not 1: from marriage cettificate, butcher son of Edward Evans boiler maker. He was residing 148 Toll End Rd, Sarah at 86 Horsley Rd. Witnesses James Jones and Sarah Jane Evans



Born: 15/9/1874 Tipton

Father: David Jones

Mother: Emma (Emily) Mills

1891 Living with parents. Occupation hinge filer

1901 Living with parents. Occupation hinge maker

Note 1: Known as Jimmy


Born: 9/6/1876

Father: David Jones

Mother: Emma (Emily) Mills

Baptised: 21/7/1876 Dudley Port New Connexion Tipton

Died; 1876 Tipton


Born: 1882 Tipton

Father: David Jones

Mother: Emma (Emily) Mills

Baptised: 30/8/1882 St Martinís Tipton

Died: 1884 Tipton