Family History


Born: 1700

Married: 1722 Wisborough Green Mary Woodman

Buried: 1781 Billingshurst

James Steer was born about 1700 (from the age given in the burial register). Where he was born and his parentage are yet to be determined. A James Steer was baptised 1/10/1700 Itchingfield son of John or 7/3/1702 Lodsworth son of. John.

However in 1696 there was a JPs order removing a James Stere from Wisborough Green to Billingshurst. There is a Billingshurst Settlement order 18/4/1762 (WRO Par 21/35/5/06) for James Steer, Mary Steer Shipley signed by William Puttock and William Powick.

James married 12 August 1722 Wisborough Green Mary Woodman. James and Mary had a marriage jusr shirt of 60 years, which must have been quite a record for those days. Mary was buried first, on 20 October 1781 in Billingshurst and James followed less than three weeks later on 9 November 1781. Against his name in the burial register was written the word ‘old’.

Children; Mary Steer born 1722 died 1722

William Steer born1724 buried possibly 1802 married 1742 Marjery Charman

Mary Steer born 1726 died 1769 or 1782 married 1850 William Merritt

Sarah Steer born 1729 married possibly 1753 Thomas Morley

Elizabeth Steer born1732 married possibly 1758 Richard Comper

Kesia Steer born 1734 died 1735

James born1736 married 1758 Mary Potter

Thomas Steer born/1738 died 1780 married probably 1761 Sarah Henson

Martha Steer born 1742 married 1768 John Quinnel

George born1744 died 1823 married 1763 Elizabeth page married 1785 Lucy Johnson