Family History



Buried: 1804 Eeasebourne

Married: 29/12/1751 North Mundham (see Note 1)

Spouse; Sarah Boxall

Children; Sarah born 1754 Easebourne

James Bennett born 1752 Easebourne

John Bennett born 1757 Easebourne

Mary Bennett born 1759 Easebourne

Catherine Bennett born 1762 Easebourne

Moses Bennett born 1765 Easebourne

Note 1: by licence from Archdeanery of Chichester (issued 29/12/1751). James was described a batchelor from Easebourne md Chichester St. Martin. . Sponsor Jo Heather labourer, Chichester–

Children of James and Sarah Bennett


Born : 1752 Easebourne

Father: James Bennett

Mother: Sarah Bocall

Baptised: 3/2/1752 Easebourne

Married; 12/10/ 1777 Midhurst (see Note 1)

Spouse; Ann Pollard

Baptised; 10/6/1752 Heyshott

Parents: James & Ann Pollard

Died: 31/7/ 1841 Midhurst (see Note 2)–

Children: James Bennett b. 1778 Midhurst

John Bennett b 1780 Midhurst

Ann Bennett b 1783 Midhurst

Moses1Bennett b, 1785. Midhurst

Catherine Bennett b. 1787 Midhurst

William Bennett b. 1790 Midhurst

Sarah Bennett b. 1793 Midhurst

Mary Bennett b 1796 Midhurst

  1. census: Ann living West Street, Midhurst

Ann died 31/7/1841 widow of james Bennett, shoemaker. Cause of death: old age. Death registered by Elizabeth Bennett in attendance , on 2/8/1841. She made her mark.

Note 1: Witnessed by John Bennett and Ann Brookfield

Note 2: Ann died 31/7/1841 widow of James Bennett, shoemaker. Cause of death: old age. Death registered by Elizabeth Bennett in attendance , on 2/8/1841. She made her mark



BORN: 1754 Easebourne

Father: James Bennett

Mother: Sarah Boxall

Baptised; 24/10/1754 Easebourne, with sister Ann

Note: no trace of marriage


Born; 1754 Easebourn

Father; James Bennett

Mother; Sarah Boxall

Baptised; 24/10/1754

Buried; 9/10/1798 Easebourne

Married; 20/5/1777.Easebourne

Spouse: John Elliot

Children: Sarah Elliot 1778,

Ann Elliot b. 1780

John Elliot 1781-1782

William Elliot 1783

Thomas Elliot 1787,

Elizabeth Elliot born 1790,

Jane Elliot b. 1793..



Born: 1757 Easebourne

Father: james Bennett

Mother: sarah Boxall

Baptised: 20/2/1757 Easebourne

Note: (no trace of marriage)


Born: 1759 Easebourne

Father: james Bennett

Mother; Sarah Boxall

Baptised: 9/9/1759 easebourne

Buried; 9/1787

Children: John Wolfe Bennett b 1781 (see Note 1)

Note 1: John Wolfe Bennett chr 8/4/1781 Lodsworth m 3/4/1804 Easebourne Sarah Carn witnessed by james Courtney, Ann & John Elliott


Born: 1762 Easebourne

Father; james Bennett

Mother: Sarah Boxall

Baptised; 21/11/1762 Easebourne

Note: no trace of marriage


Born; 1765 Easebourne

Father: James Bennett

Mother: sarah Boxall

Baptised: 25/8/1765 Easebourne,

Died: 1842 Midhurst

Married: 20/11/1792 Lodsworth.

Spouse; mary marshall

Baptised: 26/7/1772 Lodsworth

Parents: Stephen Marshall

Children; Edward Bennett b 1793

Frederick Bennett b. 1800

Amelia Bennett b. 1795 bapt 20/9/1795 Easebourne

Mary Bennett b. 1798. bapt 4/2/1798 Easebourne

1841 pauper in Midhurst Union Workhouse, Easebourne

Mary in 1841 living Wood lane Midhurst of independent means, with John parham aged 25 tailor and his family


Born: 1793

Father: Moses Bennett

Mother: Mary Marshall

Baptised; 7/8/1793 Easebourne son of Moses and Mary

Buried: 19/10/1868 Midhurst

Married: 12/1/1826 Cocking Phoebe Randall. (see Note 1)

Baptised: 16/1/1800 Cocking

Parents: John and Sarah Randall.

Buried; 9/7/1835 Midhurst


Spouse: Sarah

Born; 1795

Died: 1878

Children: Henry 1835 (chr 9/8/1835) Midhurst bur 15/10/1835 Midhurst.


In 1841, living Rumbolds Hill. Mary Goble living with them (chr 4/3/1832

1851 living Lodsworth, Elizabeth Osbourne 64 on parish relief lodging with them

In 1861 living Midhurst with wife Sarah 66 (b 1795)- house proprietor? Henry 1835. [1871 Sarah Bennett head, aged 77 Ambersham South, 61 Rumbolds Hill]



Born; 1800 Easebourne

Father: Moses Bennett

Mother; Mary Marshall

Baptised; 13/4/1800) Easebourne

Died: 1873

Married; 12/1/1834 Stedham.

Spouse; Charlotte Lee

Died: 1837

Children; Stephen Bennett b 1835 Stedham (see Note 1)

1861 widower, gardener living with George Gale, Blacksmith

1871 Lodger Swan Inn Midhurst, occupation gardener

Note 1: Stephen Bennett b 1835 Stedham m 1857 in Chichester Jane Bristow b 1833 Middleton? Children: Laura Bennett b 1859 Portsea; Fanny Bennett b 1863 Portsea George Bennett b 1866 Landport

1851 lodger Fountain Inn, Chichester.labourer

1861 2 Crystal Place, Portsmouth. Occupation: coachman

1871 21 Blenheim St, Portsmouth, cab driver