Family History

Susannah Hurst was my husband's ancestor's first wife. This is something about her family. If you have any amandments or additions please e-mail me


Islington estate – built on site of Wards placew, Islington Gazette in 1851 describes it as dollows "Ward’s Palce is now a colony fo costermongers. The houses which they inhabit are low, rottwen, ill-ventilated and dirty; walls our of the perpendicular, broken-down and worn-out palings, combined with a general aspect of misery and poverty…." Prev in 1921 had mainly been home for those employed in mechanical & engineering trades

1865 blocks built by Patman & Fotheringham 1855 blocks by William Cubitt & Co. Architect Henry Astley Darbishire. 2nd estate built by trust – oldest still in its ownership. Originally comprised four detached blocks in 5 storewys arranged round a central open space. Each block had a central doorway with long dark corridors giving access to the flats. Annual report for 1866 said 2Good order and contentment prevail, and the tenants, in the full enjoyment of new social comforts, ande exempted from any interference with their independence and freedom of action, show no disposition to change. The ample playgrounds being exclusively for the tenants are a source of much satisfaction to the parents, and conduce to the health and morality od the children"

Some war dmage, modernised 1950s & 60seach block accommodated 60 familires. Rooms are each of them about 9ft wide and 12ft wide.with good height ceiling. Accom for washing & drying, atneach end of buildings a cistern 12ft long, 6ft wide & 4ft deep containing 1760 gallons – shoots for refuse. Evey temenent had water , laundries with wringing-machines & drying lofts each fireplace has a boiler & oven. Ample cupboards. In two years since opening only one man’s death (of consumption) and four young children. Obly one peron removed for quarrelling. One roon 2s 6d,two 4s and three 5smr Peabody laid down only criteria was needed to be poor ‘combined with moral character and good conduct as a member of society"took reference from employer.




Married: 1852 marylebone district

Spouse: Susannah Brown

Born: abt 1833 St George’s, Bloomsbury

Died: 1872

Children: Susannah Eliza Hurst b 1854 St Luke district, Middlesex

Thomas William Hurst b 1856 St Luke district

Clara Elizabeth Hurst b 1871 Pancras, Middlesex

Elizabeth Hurst b 1863 Chelsea

1871 census: Residing East Block, No 4, Peabody Buildings Islington. Susannah head, a dressmaker.


Born: St Luke district sept q 1854.

Father: Thomas John Hurst

Mother: Susannah Brown

Died; 19/3/1894 11 Circus (Vine St) Minories (see Note 1)

Married: 3/10/1880 St Jude Bethnal Green (see Note 4)

Spouse: Joseph John Martin

Father: Joseph James Haynes Martin

Mother: Elizabeth Melling.

Died: 10/2/1926 Central Home Leytonstonstone. (see Note 1)

Children: Thomas John Martin b 1880

Susannah Martin b 1884

William Martin b 1891

1861census: possibly a boarder, Common Rd, Hendon and Thomas also a boarder .

1871 dressmaker, Bock C 4 Peabody Buildings, Islington. Occupation: dressmaker

Note 1. Died of phthisis (TB). Death notified 19/3/1894 by JJ Martin, husband. He described as dock labourer

Note 2: Marriage witnessed by Isaac Debnam and Elizabeth Hurst (Susannah’s sister). All signed expcept Susannah who made her mark. Her father given as Thomas Hurst deceased, bocx maker. Joseph’s father given as James Haynes Martin, gunmaker. Susannah living 50 Middleton St, Joseph living Canro?Park Street, occupation cellarman



Born: 1856 St Lukes, Shoreditch, Middlesex

Father: Thomas John Hurst

Mother: Susannah Brown


Spouse: Mary

Born: abt 1857 St Luke, Shoreditch

Children: Jane Hurst b 1875 St Lukes

Mary Hurst b 1878 St Lukes

1881 census: Residing 16 Pump Alley Finsbury occupation: carman


Born: abt 1860 City

Father: Thomas John Hurst

Mother: Susannah Brown


Born: 1863 Chelsea district (see Note 1)

Father: Thomas John Hurst

Mother: Susannah Brown

Died: 1898 West Ham district

Married: 1884 Mile End district

Spouse: James Stone (see Note 2)

Born: 1864 Whitechapel district

Parents: James Stone

Children: Percy Stone b 1885 Whitechapel (see Note 3)

Walter Stone b 1889 Stratford

1881 census: Residing 356 Commercial Rd Tower Hamlets.. Occupation: servant to Joseph Hadida, jeweller & watchmaker, aged 27 and wife Rachel aged 22.

1891 census: Residing 42 Alley Lane, Stratford. Occupation: grocer

1901 census: James Stone Residing 42 Alley Lane, Stratford. Occupation: chandler

Note 1: 1863 Chelsea district is the only birth registration. 1871 cenus place of birth given as St Luke’s Middlesex, 1881 census Holborn and 1891 Whitechapel.

Note 2: James Stone remarried 1899 Bethnal Green district Rose Eherler, born 1877 Germany, British nationality on 1901 census

Note 3: percy stone 1901 census: residing with father and stepmother, Occupation: van boy


Islington estate – earliest Peabody buildings – 1864 – Peabody Trust founded 1862 by George Peabody the wealthy American banker and philanthropist, Listed building since 1996 and has been restored.