Family History

Another great uncle whose world war I record I need to find out. Hopfully the medal roll might give the regiment. I also, although well after the end of the war, need to find out about his marriage, have I got the right woman. I can't find a birth registration for her? I am trying to do more research. Can anyone help? Please e-mail me


 Born:              3/6/1892 Walberton

Buried;             19/2/1944 Yapton from Royal Berks Hospital, Reading

Married:           1923 Brighton district

Spouse:            Louisa Ethel Pike

Born:               22/12/1891

Died:               1971 Brighton district

Children:          Lilie Joan born 1924 Westhampnett


1896  Admitted Yapton school 6/7/1896, father John woodsman. Residing Bilsahm. 1906: Left on reaching school leaving age 1/6/06 to become a bricklayer’s labourer

1911 census: Residing with parents Black Dog Cottages, Yapton. Occupation: bricklayer

1915:  Sent to France 31/5/1915. Royal Sussex Regiment 589; labour corp 564210

1918: Absent voters list. Black Dog cottages 589 RS


Lilie Joan Hughes  baptised 21/5/1929 Yapton