Family History

Discovering my Huggett ancestry is very exciting. Leaves a big field for more research. Most of my ancestors left no trace, so it is good to find an interesting line which offers great research possibilties


Information from ‘Huggetts on Sunday – a clerical family’ Michael J Burchell , Susse Family Historian Vol.2No.6 Sept 1976


Born: c1555-60 (see Note 1)

Buried: 30/3/1624 Horne, Surrey

Married: 30/5/1580 Hirley

Spouse: Phoebe Browne

Father: William Browne (see Note 2)

Buried: 19/11/1616 Horley


Spouse; Annis/Anne

Buried: 4/12/1647 Northill, Beds

Children: Donumdei (Godsgift) born c 1581

Antony Huggett

John Huggett

Joseph Huggett b 1603 Northill

Mary Huggett

Helen Huggett

Bertha Huggett bur 11/9/1592 Northill

Catherine Huggett bur 15/4/1602 Northill


Note 1: Probably curate Horley c1580-90, vicar of Northill c 1591-1612 and Vicar at Horne, Surrey until death. Held lands in Wartling, Sussex and hawkhurst, Kent and greenfields in Horley. Will 15/3/1624 (PCC 35 Byrde PROB 11/143 f271, proved 7/4/1624

Note 2: William browne was Vicar of Horley. Her brother Joseph was Rector of Rusper and her brother Benjamin Vicar of Ifield)


Born: abt 1581 Horley (see Note 1)

Father; Anthony Huggett

Mother: Phoebe browne

Married: possibly 38/6/1607 Kingston-upon-Thames

Spouse: Mary Wooddnut


Spouse: Anne

Children: Anthony b 1618 Horne (see Note 2)

Anne Huggett b 1622 Horne (see Note 3)

Mary Huggett b 14/3/1634 Horne (see Note 4)

Note 1: Executir to his father 1624; inherited lands in Wartling, Horley and Horne.

Note 2: Anthony Huggett bapt 18/1/1618 Horne buried 13/6/1684 Chaldon. Married 22/7/1648 St Dunstan’s in the West Anne Miles. She was buried 25/10/1713 Chaldon. Children: Anthony Huggestt bapt 28/2/1653 Chaldon died before 1684 (admitted sizar Trinity Cambridge 6/7/1670 matriculated from Gloucester Hall oxford 17/12/1673); John Huggett bapt 3/6/1655 Chaldon married Elizabeth; Thomas Huggestt bapt 1/5/1664 Chaldon bur 24/8/1709 Chaldon; William Huggett bapt 3/2/1670 Chaldon bur 11/9/1700 Chaldon; Ann Huggett bapt 3/6/1651 Ifield married ? Prior. Had third interest in father’s lands in Horne & Horley; Patience Huggett bapt 21/6/1657 Chaldon married by licence of 27/6/1680 Michael Wood of Chaldon. Had issue;

Mary Huggett bapt 3/4/1659 Chaldon bur 10/4/1683 Chaldon; Elizabeth Huggett bapt 28/4/1661 Chaldon bur 29/6/1683 Chaldon; Sarah Huggett bapt 4/12/1666 Chaldon bur 27/11/1683 Chaldon

. Matriculated sizar Trinity, Cambridge Easter 1634; BA 1637-8, MA 1641; ordained deacon of Peterborough 18/12/1641 and appointed Rector of Chaldon 1641. Mentioned in wills of Anthony 1624 and Anthony 1647. Was to have lands his fathere inherited. Held Hoggs Land in Wartling, Tedhams in Horne, Greenfields and Jesus land in Horley, Towles in Horne. Will 6/6/1684 (PCC PROB 11/36 f.91) proved 4/7/1684. Ann his executix with land interest in all his estates

Note 3: Anne Huggett bapt 10/3/1622 Horne. Mentioned in grandfather’s will 1624 and uncle’s will 1647

Note 4: Mary Huggett bapt 16/3/1634 Horne. Mentioned in uncle’s will 1647



Father: Anthony Huggett

Mother: Phoebe browne

Married: 28/9/1610 East Grinstead

Spouse; Ann Duffield

Died: Before 1647

Children: Anthony bapt 16/7/1612 bur 21/3/1615 St Thomas, Lewes

Richard Huggett b 1614 (see Note 2)

Thomas Huggett bur 4/12/1621 St Thomas Lewes

Anna Huggett bapt 14/5/1611East Grinstead

Note 1: Anthony Huggett clerk, 9also Hogge, Hogget) matriculated sizar, Christ’s College Cambridge july 1604; BA 1607-8; MA 1612. mentioned in father’s will 1624 to hasve houses and lands in ifield. Admitted rector st Thomas Cliffe Lewes 22/6/1611. Vicar of Glynde 23/2/1616. presented to Arlington 1630 and Plumton 1635. Sequestered 1643 from Cliffe and charged with ‘severity to parishioners for going to other churches’. He was also charged with refusing the sacrament to almae man who could not kneel tor eceive it; bound over in Qyuarter sessions several times for misdemeanors; according to some authorities a sacandalous and malignant priest who treated his wife with great cruelty, lived a grossly immoral life and caused the death of his child by kicking his wife in the belly so causing her to miscarry. Chaplain to William Lord Howard of Effingham to whome in 1615 he dedicated the published version of a sermon preached at St Paul’s Cross 10 sept entitled ‘A divine enthymeme of true obedience or a taske for a Christian’. (J Walker, Suffering of the Cletgu 1714 revisid AG matthews Walker Revised 1947; MA Lowther the Worthies of Sussex 1865). After his sequestration seen in Royalist army. Probably living with Donumdei 1647. held lands in Framfield. Will 1/4/1647 (PCC 84 Fines PROB 11/200 f 165) proved 13/5/1647/

Note 2: Richard Huggett gwnt bapt 13/11/1614 St Thomas, Lewes. Children: Richard Huggett (mentioned in father’s will ‘overseas’); Anthony Huggett bapt 14/4/1648 bur 20/6/1650 Ifield; Anthony born afet 1658; Elizabeth bapt 11/7/1652 ifield; Anne Huggett (mentioned in father’s will); mary Huggett poss married 21/6/1686 Horley Joseph Lechford; Helen Huggett bapt 6/11/1670 Ifield

His son Anthony born after 1658 married by a licence of 22/10/1692 Elizabeth Borer of Worth. Children: William bapt 29/4/1694 east Grinstead; Richard b 25/9/1696, bapt 9/10/1696. bur 28/11/1696 Cuckfield; Richard bapt 9/4/1702 Cuckfield; mary b 11.5.1698, bapt 19/5/1698, bur 14/8/1698 Cuckfield; Elizabeth born 1.10.1699 bapt 5.10.1699 Cuckfield.

Executoit to father 1679 and inherited lands ifield, Crawley, Buxted, hellingly and heathfield. In 1691 then a gent of Worth sold farm, Deerswood in ifield for £400. On 14/7/1691 at Framfield manor and 9/5/1692 at heathfield manor surrendered all his lands held in those manors to Michael Wicks of London. Described as yeoman of Board Hill, Cuckfield 1694-98, farmer there 1699, parish sueveyor 1699 and 1706 as victualler of Cuckfield wa surety to marriage licence lewes of Daniel heborne.