Family History

This is the family of Fanny Roden my husband's 3xGreatgrandmother. If you have any amendments or additions please email It isn't complete yet!


Children of Fanny Roden

Jane Ranken Roden

Birth: 1842 (see Note 1)

Father: William Ranken

Mother: Fanny Roden

Buried: 16/02/1927 Tipton cemetry (see Note 1)

Marr: 5 April 1863, St Thomas, Dudley (see Note 3)

Spouse: John Slim

Born: 1840 Tipton

Father; John Slim

Mother: sarah Oakley

Death: 1913 in Dudley district (March q)

Buried: 16/02/1927 Tipton cemetry (see Note 1)

Children: Joseph b. 1864 Tipton

John b. 1868 Tipton

William b. 1871 Tipton

Hannah b. 1879 Tipton

1861 census: Residing with mother and stepfather in Kingswinford. (Quarry Inn. In or very near to White Horse Shoe Public House) Occupation: servant.John living with widowed mother Sarah and Eliza at 177 Dudley Port. Working as labourer. and 1871

1871 census: living 280 Dudley Port ct 2 no 20 occupation: colliery banksman, also Hamhill Slimm aged 17, lodger, striker. With them

1881 census: 1 House, 1 Court, Horseley Road, Tipton, living with them then was unemployed sister Sarah and Robert Hubble, 18, coal miner, boarder (Jane’s half-brotheer) and George and Matilda McGuire, both aged 25, George was a coal miner..

1891 census: 3 Eagle St, Tipton. Occupation: labourer. Joseph Hubball (Jane’s half brotheer) aged 30 lodging with them.

1901 census: 58 New Road, Tipton. Joseph Hubble 40 coal skinner pipeman lodging with them and grand-daughter Betsy Slim. Occupation: self-employed marine dealer working from home

1911 census: Residing 58 New Rd, Great Bridge Tipton. Occupation: midwife. John a Marine dealer in rags. Brother Joseph Hubball and daughter Hannah with her children living with them

Note 1: Jane’s place of birth varies on different records, Tipton, Dudley and 1901 census Kinver. The year before her birth 1841 her mother Fanny Roden was living with her brother James Roden in Kingswinford

Note 1: address 59 New Rd, Tipton. Occupation: midwife. Grave: C46

Note 3: On marriage certificate occupation was colliery banksman. Parents givern as John Slim miner and William Roden, furnaceman. Witnessed by Joseph (or Jonah) Attwell and the mark of Mary Webb

Note 4: . Kathleen remembers as a girl visiting her fathers family in Engine Street, Tipton, however I cann’t trace this street.

Note 5: Kathleen Slim remembered being told her (great)grandmother went to London to protest at being stopped working as a midwife because of her ageThe work of a banksman (defintions from Durham Mining Museum website)


those who, at the bank or top of the pit, unhook and empty the laden corves into the carts or waggons, from a frame or stage.



a man who draws the full tubs from the cages at the surface, when wound up by the engine, and replaces them with empty ones ; he also puts the full tubs to the weighing machine, and thence to the skreens, upon which he teems the coals. It is also his duty to keep an account of the quantity of coals and stones drawn each day.



Person who controls the unloading and loading of the cage at the pit top, and signals the descent of the workmen

A marine store dealer was a dealer in scrap materials




Born: 1850 Quarry bank

Father: Dennis Bradley

Mother: Fanny Roden

Married: 6/2/1870 St Giles Rowley Regis (see Note 1)

Spouse: John Williams

Father: John Williams

Baptised: 16/1/1848 St Giles Rowley Regis or 12/3/1848 Quarry Bank

Parents: John & Martha, or John & Sarah Williams

Died: 1901 Stourbridge district

Children: Sarah Williams b 1871 Rowley Regis

Fanny Williams b 1873 Rowley Regis

Mary Ann Williams b 1875 Rowley Regis

John Williams b 1876 Rowley Regos

Eliza Williams b 1888 Rowley Regis

George Williams b 1882 Rowley Regis

Lottie Williams b 1884 Rowley Regis

Eleanor Gladice Williams b 1887 Rowley Regis

David Williams b 1890 Rowley Regis

Frederick P Williams b 1893 Rowley Regis

1881 census: Residing 72 Chubb Building Rowley Regis. Occupation: labourer. Step-father Robert Hubball with them

1891 census: Residing 4 King St, Rowley Regis Occupation: coal miner

1901 census; Residing 137 Congreaves Rd, Cradley Heath are Fanny Jones widow with her children Sarah Jones 8 and William Jones 4; Lottie Williams; Ellen Williams; David Williams (invalid); Frederick P Williams. Fanny is a charwoman. Fanny is described as daughter and her children grandchildren but neither Mary Ann or John are listed on census. No record of their deaths.before 1901

1911 census; Residing ! king Street Cradley Heath widow, with her sons David a coal miner and Fred a fitter.

Note 1; Address of both given as Five Ways. His father John Williams sinker, hers Dennis Bradley, banksman. Witnesses George Wassell and Esther Russell. All four made their marks. A sinker is a skilled man contracted to sink new pits

SEE WILLIams (Rowley Regis)


Born: 1852 Kingswinford

Father: Dennis Bradley

Mother: Fanny Roden

Baptised: 13/5/1842 Kingswinford

Died: 1879 Dudley district (Mar q)

1871 census: Residing with aunt Eleanor Boyn. Occupation: labourer


Born: 1853 Kingswinford

Father: Robert Hubball

Mother: Fanny Roden

Married: 29/11./1874 St Marks Tipton (see Note 2)

Spouse: Phoebe McGuire

Born: 1851 Tipton

Parents: Barnett & Mary Ann McGuire

Died: 1918 West Bromwich district (not buried Tipton cemetery)

Children: George Hubble b 1874 Tipton (see Note 3)

James Hubble b 1876 Tipton (see Note 4)

Mary Jane Hubble b 1880 Tipton (see Note 5)

William Hubble b 1882 Tipton (see Note 6)

Henry Hubble b 1885 Wednesbury (see Note 7)

Louisa Hubble b 1889 Wednesbury died 1892

Note: 1911 census. 5 living children, 5 deceased

1881: Residing 52 Aston Rd, Tipton Occupation: labourer. Brother Joseph living with them. Both brothers have Brierley Hill as place of birth

1891: Residing Wellcroft St, Wednesbury. Occupation: boiler plater

1901 census: Residing Wellcroft St, Wednesbury. Occupation: boiler plater. Also woth them mary A Ames, aged 15, adopted.

1911 census: Residing Darlaston Rd, Wednesbury. Lodgers with them John Henry james and mary Ann his wife. Occupation: Puncher bridge & girder dept

Note 1: In 1881 George & Matilda McGuire were lodging with William’s half sister Jane Slim, I House, Ct 1, Horsley Rd, Tipton

Note 2: William given as a labourer from Toll End, father Robert Hubball nail maker. Mary Ann’s father Barny McGuire farrier. Both made their marks. Witnessed by Dennis Bradley and Caroline Richer?

Note 3: George Hubble married 1897 Johanna b 1875 Wednesbury. Children: Annie Florence Jane b 1897 Wednesbury; Phoebe Ann b 1899 Wednesbury; Nelly b 1903 Wednesbury

1911 census: Residing 16 Doward St, Widnes, Lances. Occupation: plater bridge worker in iron works

Note 4: James Hubble married 1903 Walsall Florence Annie Harris b 1974 Walsall. Children: Albert james b 1904 Wednesbury, Leonard b 1908 Wednesbury

1911 census: Residing 24 Vicarage Rd, Wednesbury. Occupation: Traffic foreman at the Bridge

Note 5: mary jane Hubble married 1901 West Bromwich district George Tranter b 1878 Hednesford. Children: William George b 1905 hednesford; Charles Douglas b 1909 Hednesford.

1911 census: Residing Market St, Hednesford. Occupation: pork butcher. Had 6 rooms and a live-in servant and shop assistant. Visiting were Henry Hubble and family

Note 6: William Hubble married 1908 West Bromwich district Sarah Beesley Nightingale. Children: Joseph William b 1909 Wednesbury

1911 census: Residing 59 Brunswick park Rd, Wednesbury occupation: elementary school teacher, certified assistant master

Note 7: Henry Hubble married Annie born 1885. Children: George b 1907.

1911 census: Visting sister Mary jane. Occupation: surveyor of pork shop butchers



Born: 1854 Quarry Bank

Father: Robert Hubball

Mother: Fanny Roden

Died: 1831 Dudley district

Married: 1881 Dudley Registry Office

Spouse: Elizabeth Moss

Born: Tewkesbury abt 1857

Buried: 23/8/1896 Tipton cemetery

Parents: Thomas & Phebe Moss

1881 census: Lodging 8 Eagle St.Hucksters shop, Tipton. Landlady mary martin, widower, shopkeeper. Occupation: miner. Elizabeth with her mother Phebe Moss, lodging house keeper, 88 High St, Tewkesbury. Occupation: caharwoman

1891 census: 5 Aston Street, Tipton. Occupation: miner

1901 census: Lodging 5 Harold St, Tipton with george Osborne. Occupation: navvy. Recorded as single


Born: 1857 Qaurry Bank

Father: Robert Hubbell

Mother: Fanny Ranken

Married: 1877 Dudley registry office

Died: 1930 Kingswinford district

Spouse: Mark Attwood

Born: 1854 Netherton

Died: 1891 Quarry Bank

Parents: Job & Ellen Attwood

Married\; possibly 1902 Christ Church, Quarry Bank

Spouse: Abraham Beddow (see Note 1)

Born: 28/10/ 1848

Baptised: 19/11/1849 Coseley

Parents: Samuel and Mary Beddow

Died: 1929 Kingswinford district

Children: Ellen (Nellie) Attwood b 1877 Quarry bank

Job Attwood b 1878 Quarry Bank

Fanny Attwood b 1880 Quarry Bank

Margaret Attwood b 1881 Wuarry bank

Benjamin Attwood b 1882 Quarry Bank

William Attwood b 1891 Quarry bank (see Note 2)

Emily Attwood b 1894 Quarry Bank

1881 census: Residing High St, Quarry Bank. Occupation: in iron works

1891 census: Residing New St? Quarry Bank. Occupation: iron worker?

1901 census: Phebe widow residing with son Job, his wife and her younger children at 33 Sheffield St, Quarry Bank,. Her occupation: chainmaker.

1911 census: Residing 33 Sheffield St, Quarry Bank. Occupation: coal miner hewer

Note 1: Abraham had firstly married 1872 Mary Jane Parker. She was born 1849 Dudley district, died 1899 Dudley district. He was aminer



Born: 1860 Quarry bank

Father: Robert Hubball

Mother: Jane Roden

Died: 1931 Dudley district

1881 census: Residing with brother William. Occupation: coal miner

1891 census: Residing with sister Jane Slim 3 Eagle St, Tipton. Occupation : miner

1901 census: Living 58 New Rd, Tipton with sister Jane Slim. Occupation: coal skinner pipeman

1911 census: Residing with sister Jane 58 New Road, Great Bridge, Tipton. Occupation: miner, hewer below.





Born: 1862 Quarry Bank

Father: Robert Hubball

Mother: Jane Ranken

Married 1884 St Martins, Tipton

Spouse: Harriet Shirley

Baptised: 1/10/1862 St Johns, Walsall

Parents: Robert & Ann Shirley

Children: Dennis Hubball b 1884 Tipton (see Note 1)

Bertie Hubball b 1887 Tipton died 1899 West Bromwich district

Albert Hubball b 1895 Tipton (see Note 2)

Robert Hubball b 1899 Tipton

Samuel Hubball born 1902 Wednesbury

Hubert Hubball born 1905 Tipton

Harriet Hubball born 1910 Tipton

1881 census: Residing with sister Jane Slim, I House 1 Ct, Horsley Rd, Tipton. Occupation: miner

1891 census: Residing 18 Eagle St, Tipton. Occupation: miner

1901 census: Residing 18 Eagle St, Tipton. Occupation: coal miner, ground. Son Dennis an ironworker

1911 census: Residing 99 Toll End Road, Tipton. Occupation: ironworker

Note 1: Dennis Hubball married 1906 St Bartholomew Wednesbury Kate E Hughes born 1883 Wednesbury

Children: Denis Hubball born 1908 Tipton; Elizabeth Doreen Hubball born 1910 Tipton

1911 censusL Residing 22 Gospel Oak Road. Occupation: electric crane driver

Note 2: Albert Hubball married 1918 St James’s, Wednesbury Mary A Davies

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: ironworker


George Roden

Married; 1862 Wolverhampton district

Spouse: Jane Guest

Born: 1843 West Felton, Shropshire.

Children: Mary Elizabeth Roden born 1863 Kingswinford

Thomas William Roden b 1865 Kingswinford,

Ellen Roden b 1867 Kingswinford,

James Roden born 1869 Kingswinford

Edward Roden b 1884, Albert Roden b 1888,

George Roden b 1875 Kingswinford,

Jane Roden b 1880 brierley Hill.

1861 census: Residing 20 Tower St, Wolverhampton, lodging with Robert House, pork butcher. Occupation: pork butcher

1871 census: residing Moor Street, Brierly Hill. Occupation: warehouseman in Glasshouse

1881 census: 39 Pearson St, Kingswinford. Occupation: groom.

1891 census: Living Red Hill? Upperswinford. Occupation: coachman. Daughter mary & son-in-law Thomas Ryder, daughter Ellen and son-in-law Benjamin Perry with them, and grandchildren, and widowed mother

1901 census: Residing Glasshouse Hill, Upperswinford. Occupation: coachman

1911 census: Residing 49 Hall Street, Old Swinford. Occupation: gardener.Living with them sons Edward & Albert, daughter-in-law Daisy and grandchildren Daisy Roden and George Hector Williams born 1900 Oldswinford

Thomas William Roden married 1891 Wolverhampton district Mary Jane Hillman born 1867 Etruria

Children: Ernest Roden born 1891 Stourbridge; Edith Roden born 1898 Stourbridge; Nellie Roden born 1899 Stourbridge; Thomas William Roden and Albert Edward Roden born 1904 Stourbridge; George Roden born 1908 Stourbridge

1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: fishmongers assistant

1891 census: Residing 32 Union St, Stourbridge. Occupation: railway shunter

1901 census: Residing 21 Green St, Stourbridge. Occupation; railway porter

1911 census: Residing Boaz Terrace 3 Cross Street Stourbridge. Occupation; hot water fitter. Son Ernest living at home, occupation groom

Ellen Roden

1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: unemployed