Family History

My great-grandfather's  first wife Fanny was a Horsnby. If you can add, correct or comment I would welcome it. Please e-mail at


Born:            1744/45 Tortington

Parents:         John & Susan Hornsby

Baptised:       3/3/1744/45 Tortington

Buried;          10/8/1812

Married;     12/1764

Spouse:      Sarah Bateman

Born:           1746

Buried:        24/2/1831 aged 86 in Madehurst

Children:    William born 1765

                   Sarah baptised 15/3/1767




Baptised:        21/7/1765 Slindon

Buried;           14/1/1852 Slindon aged 86


Spouse:           Mary Trim

Born:              1768

Buried:           12/10/1847 Slindon aged 79

Children:         William born and baptised 26/11/1790

                         Mary Ann born 23/1/1793 baptised 24/1/1793 possibly buried 5/7/1870 aged 77

                        Martha born 13/11/1794 baptised 14/11/1794

                         Lucy baptised 28/3/1797

                        Frances baptised 15/2/1800

                         John baptised 7/7/1801

                        James baptised 30/10/1803

                       Peter baptised 22/6/1806

                        Elizabeth baptised 14/3/1810

                         Thomas baptised 2/9/1813


Son of William and Mary Hornsby



Born:            1801 Slindon

Baptised;       7/7/1801 Slindon RC

Father:          William Horsnsby

Mother:         Mary Trim

Died;             1884 Westhampnett district aged 83

Married:       16/4/1822 Slindon

Spouse:        Jane Burcher

Baptised:      30/10/1791 Slindon

Parents:        William & jane Burcher

Buried:         23/11/1874 aged 83

Children:       Mary Ann Horsnby born 1825 Slindon

                      Elizabeth Hornsby born 2/11/1830 baptised 5/11/1830

                       William Joseph born 12/6/1832 baptised 14/10/1832 Slindon

                       Susan Hornsby born 1833 (possibly born 31.5.1833 and baptised 2.6.1833 as Lucy)


1841: Residing Slindon. Occupation: labourer

1851 census:  Residing Slindon Street, Slindon. Occupation; garden labourer

1861 census; Residing Slindon St, Slindon. Nephew William Burcher police constable visiting

1871 census: Residing Slindon Cottage, Slindon

1881 census: Residing Slindon. Occupation: gardener. Daughter Agnes unemployed cook with him



Baptised: 4/12/1825 St Mary RC Church

Parents:   John Hornsby and Jane Burcher

Buried:     17/8/1858 Slindon church

1841 census: Female servant to Sarah Hildreth, school mistress, Slindon

1851: housekeeper to George Gilbert,  East Preston


MI Slindon church – mary daughter  John & Jane 17/8/1858 (32)



James/John Hornsby is possibly another son of William and Sarah Hornsby



Born:          1777 Madehurst

Parents:       William & Sarah Hornsby

Buried;       30/3/1859 Madehurst aged 81

Married:     15/2/1803 Aldingbourne

Spouse:       Mary Elson

Born:           1779 Arundel

Baptised:     possibly 6/9/1778 Aldingbourne. No parents given.

Buried;        11/12/1859 aged 81

Children:      Charlotte Hornsby born 1803

                    Edwin Hornsby born 1811

                    William Hornsby baptised 7/2/1813, James a labourer

:                        Edwin Hornsby b 1808  Slindon

                          John Hornsby b 1810 (chr 10/6/1810) Slindon,

                          Harriet Hornsby chr 20/10/1816 madehurst

                          Helen Hornsby chr 12/11/1820



I believe both the names John and James has been used for James Hornsby above

1820 occupation gardener

1841 census: Residing Holt Lane, Madehurst. Occupation: gardener. . Son Edwin agricultural labourer

1851 living with son John 1st Cottage, Holt lane, Madehurst. Described as a pauper and former gardener



Born;            1803

Married;       21/1/1824 Madehurst

Spouse;        James Bowley

Born:           1803 Slindon




[James Hornsby chr madehurst 16/4/1871. son henry & Jane. Probably henry born lancs, 1901 living Horsham]



Born:           1807 Madehurst, Sussex.

Father:         James Hornsby

Mother:        Mary Elson

Baptised:      29/11/1807 Madehurst

Buried:         19/1/1882 Madehurst

Married:        Eliza King

Born;             1816 in Emsworth, Hampshire.

Baptised;        22/9/1816 Warbleton Hants

Parents:         James and Mary King

Children:      Charlotte Hornsby born 1845  Madehurst

                     William Hornsby born1847 Madehurst

                     George Hornsby born 1848 Madehurst

                      Mary Ann Hornsby, born 1850 Madehurst

                      Fanny Hornsby, born 1853 Madehurst,

         Eliza Victoria Hornsby born 1854 madehurst

          James Hornsby born 1856 Madehurst

          Ellen Hornsby born 1858 Madehurst


1841 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1845 described as labourer on Charlotte’s entry in baptism register

1851 living 1st cottage Madehurst next to James King aged 64, widower, farmer of 9 acres from Ringwood, Hants. Also with them Elizabeth King , niece, 6 months born Marylebone, Jane waterman widow, visitor, cook & servant born Arundel and her son William, 11 born Arundel

1861 census: Residing Old House, Scotland, Mdehurst. Occupation: ag lab

1871 census: Residing Farmer Hosue, Lower, Madehurst. Occupation: painter

1881 census: Brother John Hornsby & son-in-law William Blunden living with them



Children of Edwin and Eliza Hornsby



Born:                1845 Madehurst

Baptised:            19/1/1845 Madehurst

Father;               Edwin Hornsby

Mother:             Eliza King

Married:           possibly 1871 Portsea Thomas Bedwell Hambrook

Spouse:            Thomas Beedell

Parents:             Thomas Beedell and Phebe Holway

Born:                1839 in Stoodleigh, Devon,

Baptised:           30 Jan 1839, Washfield, Devon

Died:                 1887 in Lambeth, Surrey, England.

Children:           Edwin Beedell b 1873 Shoeburyness, Essex

                          Minnie Ada Beedell b 1874 Lambeth

                           Phoebe Beedell b 1876 Lambeth

                          Thomas Beedell b 1878 Lambeth

                          James Beedell b 1881 Lambeth

                         John Beedell b 1883 Lambeth






Born:             1846

Baptised:        4/10/1846  Madehurst

Died:                 1893 Farnham district

Married        Fanny

Born:              1851-1856 Chichester

Children:        William George b 1872 Midhurst

                       Frederick b 1875 Portsmouth (not on 1891 with parents)

                       Charles Edwin b 1877 Aldershot

                        Barnett b 1879 Rugby

                        Frances b 1882 Lutterworth, Leicester

                        Maud b 1886 Sittingbourne, Kent

                        Florence Lydia b 1889 Aldershot died 1891 Farnham district


1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: cordwainer

1881 census: 13 Plowman Street Rugby. Occupation: bootmaker employing 1 man (place of birth given as Middlesex)

1891 census: 3 Wellington Court, Well St Aldershot. Place of birth Arundel. Occupation: bootmaker

1901 census: Fanny residing 6 Little Wellington Street, Aldershot as Fanny Butler. Married 1894 Henry Butler (elsewhere 1901 census)

1911 census: Fanny Butler residing 8 Little Wellington Street. Henry Butler born 1868 Galway a housepainter and decorator. No children.


Note 1: William Horsnby married 1898 Farnham district Emma Louisa Parish born 1875 Dover. She died 1909 Farnham district

1901 census: Residing 21 Grosvenor Road, Aldershot. Occupation; house painter

1911 census: Residing 21 Laburnam Cottage, Laburnum Road, Aldershot. Occupation: house painter


Note 2: Charles Hornsby married 1900 Farnham district Rose Heath born 1875 Aldershot. She may have died 1911 Farnham district

1891 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: errand boy

1901 census: Residing 3 Broadbents Cottage, Little Wellington Street, Aldershot. Occupation: coal carter




Born:              1848

Baptised:            17/9/1848 Madehurst

Buried:                20/2/1850 Madehurst



Baptised;               10/11/1850 Madehurst

1871 dressmaker, a visitor in Derby. Then became housekeeper for unmarried brother james in Willesden.and she was still in this role 1911 census




Born:                    1852 Madehurst

Baptised:              25/11/1853 Madehurst

Father;                 Edwin Hornsby

Mother:                Eliza King

Baptised:              25 Nov 1853 Madehurst

Buried:                 17 Jan 1881, Madehurst. (see Note 1)

Married::              29/3/1875 Madehurst

Spouse:                   William Blunden.

Children:               James King Hornsby bapt 20 Mar 1873 buried 20 Jul 1875,


Note 1: Cause of Death: TB



Born:          1854 Madehurst

Baptised:      5/11/1854 Madehurst

Married:      1882 Portsea district

Spouse:         John Andrews

Children:     Hilda Nellie Andrews b 1883  


1871 census: Kitchenmaid to William FitzRoy magistrate, Brookfield Lodge, Dunchurch St, Rugby

1881 census: Nurse domestic to Luke Fildes, artist, 12 Mebury Rd Kensington

1891 14 Lumps Rd, Landport, Portsmouth, a widow, needlewoman

1901 census:  5 Jubilee Terrace, Portsmouth. Occupation: needlework. Daughter Hilda same occupation

1911 census: Residing 88 Reginald Road, Eastney, Portsmouth. Occupation: needlewoman


Note:  Hilda Nellie Andrews married 1903 Portsmouth James McIntosh born 1877 Dundee

Children: Enid McIntosh born 1905 Portsmouth; Marjorie McIntosh born 1909 Portsmouth

1911 census: residing 77 Reginald Road, Eastney, Portsmouth. Occupation: gunner Royal Marines




Born:  1855 Madehurst

Father:     Edwin Hornsby

Mother:    Eliza King

Baptised: 6/2/1855 Madehurst.


 1871: residing with parents. Occupation: ploughboy

 1881 census: Residing : lodger at 107 Bingfield Street, Islington. Occupation: railway clerk

1891 census: Residing 9 Wendover Rd, Willesden. Occupation: railway clerk. Sister Mary Ann housekeeper

1901 census: 91 Minet Ave, Willesden. Occupation : commercial clerk. Sister Mary Ann housekeeper

1911 census: residing 58 London Rd, Wembley. Occupation: commercial clerk. Sister Mary Ann housekeeper. They had a 49 yr old maid



Born:      1858 Madehurst

Father:     Edwin Hornsby

Mother:    Eliza King

Baptised:  19/2/1858 Madehurst

Married:   1885 Lambeth district

Spouse:    Alfred Jones

Born:         1845 Fulham


1881 census: kitchen maid 1 Dunchurch Rd, Derby

1891 census: Residing 1a Highland Road, Portsea. Occupation: grocer

1911 census: possibly widow residing 4 Argyle Villas, great Road, Billericay. Occupation: independent means