Family History

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[John Hodgkins possibly baptised 12/8/1684 St Lawrence, darlaston]



Married:                  25/10/1715

Spouse:                  Hannah Nightingall

Baptised:                11/5/1691 Tipton

Father:                  Richard Nightingall (see Note 1)

Mother:                  Sarah Edg

Children:                 sarah Hodgkins bapt 23/9/1716

                              Walter Hodgkins bapt 20/7/1718

                               Thomas Hodgkins bapt 25/9/1720

                               John Hodgkins bapt 27/1/1723

                                Richard Hodkins bapt 26/4/1727


Note 1: had previously married 12/8/1680 Abigail Edg



Born:                        1720 Tipton

Father:                      John Hodgkins

Mother:                      Hannah Nightingall

Married:                     14/5/1744 Tipton

Spouse:                    Sarah Taylor

Baptised:                    12/5/1723 Tipton

Parents:                     William & Elizabeth Taylor

Children:                    Hannah Hodgkins bapt 12/1/1745 bur 2/3/1745

                                   John Hodgkins bapt 22/2/1746

                                  Thomas Hodgkins bapt 23/7/1749

                                   Sarah Hodgkins bapt 2/2/1752

                                  Sarah Hodgkins bapt 11/1754

                                   William Hodgkins bat 16/8/1761

                                   Joseph Hodgkins bapt 18/9/1763



BORN:                           1746 Tipton

Father:                            Thomas Hodgkins

Mother:                          Sarah Taylor

Married:                          1777 Tipton

Spouse:                          Hannah Fletcher

Children:                        Hannah Hodgkins bapt 14/4/1784

                                       William Hodgkins bapt 11/9/1785

                                       Mary Hodgkins bapt 20/4/1788

                                        Sarah Hodgkins bapt 1/7/1790


                William Hodgkins could possibly be the William who in the 1851 census was in the Workhouse, Meeting Street, Wednesbury, unmarried, occupation pauper smiths labourer, however born in Willenhall



Baptised:      16/8/1761 Tipton

Father:          John Hodgkins

Mother:          Elizabeth Taylor

Married:        7/3/1785 Tipton

Spouse:        Phebe Whitehouse

Children:       Hannah Hodgkins baptised 21/8/1785

                     Thomas Hodgkins baptised 2/9/1787 Tipton

                      Sarah Hodgkins baptised 15/10/1789 Tipton buried 18/10/1790 Tipton

                     William Hodgkins baptised 4/9/1791 Tipton



Baptised:         18/9/1763 Tipton

Father:            Thomas Hodgkins

Mother:           Sarah Taylor

Married:          13/4/1788 Kingswinford

Spouse:          Elizabeth Elwell

Children:         Margaret Hodgkins baptised 23/11/1788 Tipton

                       Joseph Elwell baptised 2/1/1791 Tipton





Joseph 21/4/1815 New Row 1

John Owen St 21/1/1816 4

James Gr Bridge 24/9/1816 18

Cornelius Gt B 16/2/1817 1

Hannah Gt Br 11/5/1818 1

Hannah 4/8/1819 Owen st 3

Matilda HH 3/8/1820 1

John Gt Br 19/8/1821 1