Family History

This is the story of my mother's family Hill. During the 18th century they moved possibly from West Wittering to Lurgashall and then to Harting via Elsted. They lived in Harting throughout the 19th century, then my grandfather moved as a boy to Walberton where the Hills stayed for most of the 20th century. Click on the relevant page or the name in the Hill index

Hill index

Nicholas & Sarah Hill -         Lurgashall mid 18th century

Nicholas & Mary Hill -          Elsted late 18th century

William 1802 Hill   -              Harting

William & Mary Hill -            Harting

Henry & Elizabeth Hill -         Harting

Jo & Nellie Hill -                   Walberton

Stephen Hill 1828-1880         Harting & Southwick, Hants

Elizabeth Hill White               Harting

George Hill (1835)              Harting

James Hill (1835)                 Harting

Ellen Hill Greentree (1848)

Sarah Hill Harris (1831)