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Born:                  1840 Chichester

Father:                James Bridger

Mother:              Martha Boxall

Died:                  1906 Chichester

Married:             22/7/1862 St Olave, Chichester

Spouse:              Henry Heather

Born:                  1840 Chichester

Died:                   1898 Chichester

Father:               James Heather (newsagent)

Children:             Kate Heather b 1862/3 Chichester

                          Harry Overington Heather b 1864 Chichester

                          Minnie Heather b 1865 Chichester

                          James Percy Heather b 1867 Chichester

                          Edward Robert Heather b 1869 Chichester

                          Georgina Heather b 1870 Chichester

                          Mary Agnes Heather b 1872

                         Edith Heather b 1873 Chichester

                          Alice Hilda Heather b 1876 Chichester

                          Cecil Heather b 1878 Chichester                         

                           Reginald Heather b 1881 Chichester

                          Edgar George Heather b 1883 Chichester

                          Gertrude Ellen Heather b 1885 Chichester


1861 census: Ellen residing North Street, Chichester with parents

1863-64: Residing North Street Chchester (baptism register)

1865: Residing Cavendish St (baptism register)

1867 onwards: 3 Bedford Terrace, hichester

1871 census: Residing Southgate Chichester. Occupation: Chief clerk in HM court of probate Chichester

1881 census: Residing 4 Richmond Terrace, Southgate. Occupation: Chied clerk in probate registry. Servant Alice Edney 15 with family

1891 census: Residing 4 Richmond Terrace, Southgate, Chichester. Occupation: Chief clerk at probate registry

1901 census: Widow Ellen living 42 Southgate, Chichester



Born:        1862 Chichester

Father:       Henry Heather

Mother:   Ellen Bridger

Baptised:   18/1/1863 St Peter the Great

Married:    1887 Chichester

Spouse:      Victor Valentine Vick

Born:         1855 Catisfield, Hants (1891 census, 1901, 1911  census Portsmouth)

Children:   Ellen Mary  Vick born 1888 Chichester

                   Victor Henry Vick born 1889 Chichester

                   Leslie Francis Vick born 1891 Chichester

                    Edith Vick born 1892 Chichester

                   Margery Vick born 1894 Chichester

                    Bernard Charles  Vick born 1896 Chichester

                   Dorothy Gertrude Vick born 1900 Chichester

                   Hilda Josephine Vick born 1901 Chichester

                    Kathleen Dora Vick born 1902 Chichester


1891 census: Residing 32 South Street, Chichester. Occupation; Gas Company’s clerk

1901 census: Residing 12 Basin Road, Chichester. Occupation: Assistant manager gas works.

1911 census: Residing 2 Ettrick Rd, Chichester. Occupation: secretary to gas company. Son Leslie a bank clerk, daughter Edith a student


Ellen Mary Vick

1911 census: Residing 45 Caledonian Rd, Chichester with cousins Walter and Alice Sayers


Victor Henry Vick

1911 census: boarder  2 The Cedars, Foreland Road, Bembridge IOW. Occupation: carpenter & joiner


Leslie Francis Vick

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: bank clerk


Edith Vick

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: student





Born:          1864 Chichester   

Father:       Henry Heather

Mother:      Ellen Bridger

Baptised:     28/2/1864 St Peter the Great Chichester


 1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: apprentice butchersman

1901 census:  Boarder 8 Beech Street, Tonbridge Wells. Occupation: butcher

1911 census: Boarder Presswood, Missenden, Bucks. Occupation: butcher




Born:           1865 Chichester

Father:         Henry Heather

Mother:       Ellen Bridger

Baptised:    19/11/1865 St Paul Chichester

Married:      1887 Chichester

Spouse:        Thomas Alfred Cooper

Born:           1866 Brentwood

Children:      James Wilton Cooper born 1887 Chichester

                     Alfred Henry  Cooper born 1889 Chichester

                     Cecil Cooper born 1890 Chichester

                     Victor Reginald Cooper born 1891 Croydon

                     Kathleen Mary Cooper born 1894 South Norwood



1891 census: Residing Jessmine Cottages, Orchard Place, Chichester. Occupation: brewery clerk

1901 census: Residing 30 Hazeldon Road, Lewisham. Occupation: warehouseman’s clerk (carpets). Brother Reginald Heather visiting.

1911 census: Residing 7 Whitbread Road, Lewisham. Occupation: clerk. Reginald Heather boarder with them. James a traveller, Alfred a clerk, Cecil and Victor clerks



Born:           1867 Chichester

Father:         Henry Heather

Mother:        Ellen Bridger

 Baptised:     31/1/1869 St Peter the Great, Chichester

Buried;           8/2/1869 aged 19 months



Born:             1869 Chichester

Father:           Henry Heather

Mother:          Ellen Bridger

Baptised:        12/3/1869 St Peter the Great, Chichester

Buried:           18/3/1869 aged 3 weeks



Born:           1870 Chichester

Father:         Henry Heather

Mother:        Ellen Bridger(

Baptised:      13/3/1870 St Peter the Great, Chichester

Married:       possibly 1898 Guildford district, John Bonhom or Benjamin Thomas or Harry Heather


1891 census: Residing with parents



Born:           1872 Chichester

Father:         Henry Heather

Mother:        Ellen Bridger

Baptised:      23/1/1872 St Peter the Great, Chichester

Buried:         7/7/1874



Born:         1873 Chichester

Father:       Henry Heather

Mother:      Ellen Bridger

Baptised:      5/11/1873 St Peter the Great, Chichester


1891census: Residing with parents

1901 census: Residing with mother

1911 census: Housekeeper at 31 Hatherley Road, Sidcup



Born:      1876 Chichester

Father:    Henry Heather

Mother:   Ellen Bridger

Baptised:  16/1/1876 St Peter the Great, Chichester

Married:  1899 Chichester

Spouse;    Edwin Percy Wild

Born;        1875 Islington

Children;  Hilda Mary Wild born 1903 Chichester

                 Gerald Percy Wild born 1906 Chichester

                 Betty Heather Wild born 1907  Littlehampton


1901 census: Residing 14 West Gate Chichester. Occupation: yeast merchant

1911 census: Residing 70 East ham Rd, Littlehampton. Occupation: yeast merchant.

Mother Alice Mary Wild 78 (born Greenwich) living with them and maid Emily Wild 14 (born Donnington)


Gerald P Wild emigraqted to Australia 7/9/1922 as a farmer. (landed Adelaide). His father travelled to Adelaide 8/9/1925


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hi there
recently i was looking at my families history (im 13), i found out that GERALD PERCY WILD is my great-grandfather. right now im looking through records. he (or his child) had moved to Western Australia. Gerald had recieved an MBE (im looking at that as well) and had three children (one being Ken Wild). just giving you a heads up. i'll email you again, if i can find any other information.




Born:       1878 Chichester

Father:     Henry Heather

Mother:    Ellen Bridger

Baptised:  27/10/1878 St Peter the Great, Chichester

Married:    1910 Chichester

Spouse:      May Louise Budden

Born:         1885 Chichester


1901 census: Residing with mother. Occupation: clerk

1911 census: Residing 2 East Row Chichester. Occupation: bank clerk



Born:       1881 Chichester

Father:     Henry Heather

Mother:    Ellen Bridger

Baptised:  23/12/1881 St Peter  the Great, Chichester


1901 & 1911 census: Living with sister Minnie Cooper. Occupation: stockbroker’s clerk



Born;        1883 Chichester

Father:       Henry Heather

Mother:     Ellen Bridger

Baptised:     4/11/1883 St Peter  the Great, Chichester

Buried:       25/11/1884 aged 6 months



 Born:      1885 Chichester

Father:     Henry Bridger

Mother:    Ellen Bridger

Baptised:   5/4/1885 St Peter  the Great, Chichester

Married:   1904 Chichester

Spouse:      Leonard Russell Brooke

Born:        1880 Hale End, Essex

Children:    George H Brooke born 1905 Forest Hill

                  Joan H Brooke born 1907 Forest Hill

                   Denis R Brooke born 1908 Forest Hill


1911 census: Residing 10 Lowther Hill, Forest Hill. Occupation: shipping clerk