Family History



Born:            1823 Billinghsurst

Father:          Aaron Etheridge

Mother:        Elizabeth Slaughter

Died:             1882

Married:       1841

Spouse:        Henry Gumbrill

Baptised:     9/7/1821 Billiungshurst 

Parents:       Hugh & Hannah Gumbrill          

Died:            probably 1887 Westhampnett district. .

Children:       Hugh Gumbrill b 1843 Billingshurst

                    George Gumbrill b 1844 Billingshurst

                     James Gumbrill b 1848 Billingshurst

                     Esther  Gumbrill b 1852 Billinghsurst

                     Alfred Gumbrill b 1855 Billingshurst

                      Edith Gumbrill b 1859 Billinghsurst


1851 census: Residing Three Houses, Billingshurst. No occupation given

1861 census:   Residing Grooms, Billingshurst

1871 census: Residing Gilmans, Billingshurst. Occupation: agricultural labourer

 1881 census:  living Sunt, West Grinstead. 1861 Grooms, Billingshurst



Children of Lucy and Henry Gumbrill



Born:                 1841 Billingshurst

Father:               Henry Gumbrill

Mother:              Lucy Etheridge

Baptised:             1/8/1841 Billingshurst


1861 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Not on following census returns



Born:             1844  Billingshurst

Father:           Henry Gumbrill

Mother:          Lucy Etheridge

Baptised:        27/10/1844


 1881 census: in Preston work house, east preston, imbecile however this is probably the illegitimate son of Lois Gumbrill. On no census after 1851 and not buried Billingshurst 1851-1861.




Born:            1848 Billinghsurst

Father:          Henry Gumbrill

Mother:         Lucy Etheridge

Married;       1873 East Preston district

Spouse;          Harriett Steer

Born;              1855. Billingshurst.

Died:               1893

Children;        Margaret Ellen Gumbrill b 1875 Billingshurst (see Note 1)

                       William H  J Gumbrill b 1877 Pulborough (see Note 2)

                       Frederick H U Gumbrill b 1876 Nuthurst

                         Lucy Jane Gumbrill  b 1880 Shipley

                         Harriett Gumbrill  b 1883 Shipley

                        Emma Lillie Gumbrill b 1884 Horsham (see Note 3)

                         Herbert J Gumbrill  b 1890 Horsham 0See Note4


1871 living Gillmans, Billingshurst

1881 living Brooks Green, Shipley

 1891 living 2 Magdland Gate, Itchingfield.


Note 1:  Margaret  Ellen Gumbrill  m 1895 Walter Patching b 1873 Shipley. Children:

Albert patching b 1896 West Grinstead;  Arthur Patching b 1900 Cowfold, Ivy Patching born 1905 Cowfold

Residence: 1901: Smith Cross, Cowfild. Occupation: farm carter. Brother Herbert living with them 1901

1911 census: Residing Bowshots Farm, West Grinstead. Occupation: carter on farm


Note 2:  William Henry  J Gumbrill married 1901 Horsham district Emily Freeman born 1884 West Grinstead

Children: Daisy Isabel Gumbrill born 1902 Southwater; William Gumbrill born 1904 Southwater; Dora harriett Gumbrill born 1907 Southwater; Winifred Clara born 1909 Southwater.

1901 scaffolder lodging Railway Cottage, Horsham with David Holloway. James Gumbrill 52 widow also lodging there

1911 census: Residing 7 Nelson Grove, Southwater . occupation: stoker


Note 3: Emma Lillie Gumbrill (on 1891 census known as Lily Emma. Possibly married in Croydon district 1905 David Blake or Herbert Cotton)


Note 4:   Herbert J  Gumbrill 1901 census : living with sister Margaret

1911 census: The barracks, Fulwood, Preston    



Born:            1852 Billinghsurst

Father:          Henry Gumbrill

Mother:         Lucy Etheridge

Died:              1890

Married:        1877

Spouse:        William Osgood Smith

Born:            1856 Angmering.

Children:       Alfred E Z Smith  b 1878 Worthing, (see Note 1)

                     Horace Smith b 1880 Worthing


 1891 census:  living 4 Teville Rd, Worthing. Occupation: labourer.

1901 census: Residing: 55a Sugden Rd, Worthing occupation: removals carman (Mary’s brother James, house painter, lived two doors away)


Note 1: Alfred Ernest Oswald Smith, m 1898 Mary Best b 1878 Worthing. Children:                       Children: Alfred E Smith b 1900 Worthing; Albert Henry Smith born 1902 Worthing; Arthur Reginald Smith born 1904 Worthing; Alice Elva May Smith born 1907 Worthing; Bessie Ellen Isabella Smith born 1909 Worthing

1911 census: Residing 36 King Street Worthing. Occupation: laundry carman



Born:           1855 Billingshurst

Father:          Henry Gumbrill

Mother:        Lucy Etheridge

Died:            1908 Brighton

Married:       1879 Portsea District

Spouse:         Harriet Ann Etheridge 

Baptised:       20/7/1856 Horsham.

Parents:        George and Ann Etheridge

Died:             1917 Steyning district

Children:        Edith Gumbrill  b 1880 Portsmouth,

                      Frederick Gumbrill  b 1882 Portsmouth,

                      William H Gumbrill  b 1883 Brighton,

                     Ellen Gumbrill b 1886 Brighton, died 1903 Brighton,

                       Grace Gumbrill b 1888 Brighton


1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1891 census: Residing 13 Lynton Street, Brighton. Occpation: railway guard

1901 census: Residing 31 Viaduct Rd, Preston. Occupation: goods guard. Daughter Edith a dressmaker

1911 census: Widow Harriet visiting 21 New Street Horsham


Frederick George Gumbrill married 1905 Steyning district Lottie (Charlotte) Wells born 1881 Steyning. Children: Frederick George Gumbrill born 1905 Horsham; Doris Lilian Gumbrill born 1908 Brighton

1911 census: Residing 9 Riley Street, Preston. Occupation: tramway motorman (for municipality)


William Henry Gumbrill

1911 census: Residing with brother Frederick. Occupation: stoker LBSCR





Born:              1859 Billingshurst

Father:             Henry Gumbrill

Mother:            Lucy Etheridge

Married:            1881

Spouse:             Thomas Tasker

Born:                1859 Withyham.

Children:            Thomas H  Tasker b 1881 West Grinstead.(see Note 1)

                           Edith Lucy Tasker b 1883 Nuthurst, (see Note 2)

                           Amy E Tasker b 1886 Nuthurst (see Note 3)

                           Florence M Tasker b 1889 Nuthurst. 1901 called Fanny

                           Edith M Tasker b 1892 Nuthurst


1881census:  servant to Percy Breach, Wykeham Close, Steyning.

1891 census: living Blakes, Nuthurst. Thomas a railway signalman and porter,

1901 census: living Station Cottage, West Grinstead, Thomas a railway porter. Lodging with them 1901 William Payne 36 groom,, Edgar Lillicott 18 groom and Cyril Henderson 16 railwway booking clerk

1911 census: Residing Station Cottage, West Grinstead. Occupation: porter signalman LB & Stourbridge Connexions Centre, 82 High Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1ED

. Esther on child with them


Note 1: Thomas H  Tasker 1901 census:  on royal navy vessel in Malta

1911 census: Royal Navy at sea and in ports abroad


 Note 2: Edith Lucy b 1883 Nuthurst,

 1901 servant to henry james Luff, secretary to a gas company, 1 Alfred Rd, Brighton

1911 census: Parlourmaid at 48 Victoria Rd, Kensington to Arnaud de beaufort, stockbroker


Note 3: Amy E b 1886 Nuthurst married 1911 Horsham district William Hembrough

1901 servant to George Jones, 16 Wellington Rd, Horsham

1911 census: Residing 30 Sussex Square. Occupation: cook domestic to family of Julius Hamilton