Family History

Elizabeth Steer was my great-grandmother's cousin. If you have any additions, corrections or comments PLEASE LET ME KNOW. At the end is some information about John Sawal's father and brother Bennet Greet


Born:         18/10/1840 Lancing

Father:       Ambrose Steer

Mother:       Emma Lawson

Baptised:    15/11/1840 Lancing

Died:          1917 Steyning district

Married :    26/10/1863. Lancing

Spouse:       John Sawal or Sawell (Saul) Greet

Baptised:      4/8/1839 St Mary, Littlehampton   

Parents:         Thomas Greet (1804-1862) & Jane Sawell (1804-1867)

Died:            1905 East Preston district

Children :      Thomas Henry Greet b 1864 lancing

                     Emma Greet b 1865 lancing

                     John Bennett Greet b 1866 Lancing

                     Emma Jane Greet b 1869 lancing

                      Elizabeth Greet b 1876 Lancing


1861 census: housemaid at the Vicarage, Lancing. Frederick F Watson had in 1860 succeeded his father to the living, and Fisher Watson was living with his son. Between them they served St James the Less for 49 years and were much loved and respected in the village.

Thomas was a mariner living at the coastguard station, Littlehampton.

1864: John recorded as a sailor on baptismal record for son Thomas.

1871 census: Residing Monks Farm  Occupation: sailor

1881 census: Residing Lancing. Occupation: a brickmakerís labourer.

1891 census: Residing South Street, Lancing Occupation; gardenerís labourer

 1901 census: a market garden labourer. Residing South Street with lodgers Henry B Verrall and Agnes Tyler.

1911 census: Residing Coast Guard Station, Lancing (one room)


Children of Elizabeth and John Sawal Greet



Born:          1864  Lancing

Father:        John Sawl Greet

Mother:       Elizabeth Steer

Baptised:    4/10/1864 Lancing

Died:           1932 East Preston district

Married:      1890 East Preston district

Spouse:       Lucy Jane Budd

Father:       Charles Budd (b 1843)

Mother:       Lucy Self (b 1842)

Baptised::   9/10/1864 Worthing

Died:           1942 Worthing district

Children:      Charles Henry John Greet b. 1890

                    Henry George Greet b 1894                     


1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: grocerís assistant

1891 census: living 2 Western Rd (3 Western Cottages), Worthing with parents-in-law and grandfather-in-law William Self. Father-in-law absent, Lucy Budd recorded as wife of riding master. . Occupation: Grocerís assistant

1901 census: Residing 2 Western Row, Worthing. Occupation; grocerís assistant

1911 census: Residing 14 Upper Hight Street. Occupation: gardenerís assistant

Charles Henry John Greet buried 9/2/1892 Broadwater aged 14 months

Henry George Greet buried 11/10/1895 Broadwater, aged 19 months


Born:         1865 Lancing

Father:        John Sawl Greet

Mother:        Elizabeth Steer

Buried:         8/11/1865 Lancing


Born:                9/7/1866 Shoreham

Father:             John Sawl Greet

Mother:            Elizabeth Steer

Baptised:         5/8/1866  Lancing

Died:                1941 Worthing district

Married:           25/9/1891 Lancing

Spouse;           Rebecca Ann Green

Born:              1866 Willesden, Middlesex

Died:               1937 Worthing district

Parents:             William and Sarah Green

Children:         Theodora Annie Greet b 1892 Lancing

        Nelson Howard Greet b 1899 Lancing


1881 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: Bricklayerís labourer

1891 census: living with parents,  Occupation: garden labourer

1891: 25/9/1891 Rebecca living Heene at time of marriage . Father given as William Green bailiff. Witnessed by Charles Green and Elizabeth Ann Greet

1901 census: 6 Freshbrook Cottages. market garden labourer.

1911 census: 6 Freshbrook Cottages. Occupation: market gardenerís labourer.

1916 Electoral register. 6 Freshbrook Cottages



Theodora Annie Greet (bapt 1/10/1892 Lancing) married 1919 Portsmouth district George J Albon. Children: Evelyn Albon b 1919 Portsmouth, John Albon b 1920 East Preston district, Ernest A Albon b 1922 Steyning district, George H Albon b 1926 East Preston district.

1911 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: housemaid domestic servant


Nelson Howard Greet baptised 4/6/1899 Lancing.

 1918 on absent voters list given as Pte 18137 Coldstream Guards 2 Batt, 2 Chester Ave, Lancing




Born:           4/1/1869 Lancing

Father:         John Sawl Greet

Mother:        Elizabeth Steer

Baptised:     7/3/1869 Lancing

Married:       1890 Fulham district

Spouse:        Henry Perkins

Born:            1867 Markgate, Herts.

Parents:       Frederick & Charlotte Perkins

Children:        Lucy May  Perkins b. 2/8/1890 (markgate)

                      William Perkins b. 1892 (Markgate)

                      Florence Perkins b. 1897 (Totteridge)  

                      Hilda Perkins b. 1899 (Totteridge).

                      Winifred perkins born 1904 Totteridge

                      Doris perkins born 1908 South Kensington


 1891 census: living with his parents 12 London Road, Hamstead, Occupation: coachman

1901 census: Denham Stables, Totteridge.

1911 census: Residing Woolmers, Hertford. Occupation: domestic coachman


Lucy May Perkins born London Rd, Flamstead, herts. Birth registered by mother 15/9/1890. Father working in gentlemanís stables

1911 census: Residing Woolmers Herts as parlourmaid in household of Charles Woodehouse.



Born:            1876 Lancing

Father:          John Sawl Greet

Mother:          Elizabeth Steer

Buried:          17/7/1893 Lancing


1891 census: Residing 14 marine Drive, Broadwater. Occupation: housemaid





Thomas Greet born 1804 St Mawes Cornwall

1841 census: Coast Guard, Littlehampton. Occupation: mariner

1851 census: 1 Coast Guard Buildings, Lancing. Occupation coastguard, chief boatman

1861 census: 1 Coast Guard Station, Terrace, Lancing. Occupation: chief boatman, coastguard

8/11/1865  daughter Emma Greet buried aged 21buried Lancing

2/9/1869 son George Greet aged 23 buried Lancing

1871 census: Thomas living with daughter Mary Ann Atherfold. New Road, New Shoreham

1881 census: Thomas Coast Guard pensioner living with daughter Mary Ann Atherfold, 6 New Road, New Shoreham

29/7/1882 Thomas greet (retired C.G.) buried Lancing


Bennet Greet buried Lancing 10/10/1925 aged 84 from Penfold memorial Cottages. Born 1841 Littlehampton the younger brother of John Saul.  Married Elizabeth Moxford  born 1843 Bishopstone. Children: Bennet Thomas Greet born 1867 Hove, Elizabeth Maria Greet born 1869 Hove; Emma Jane Moxford Greet born 1875 Brighton;  Thomas Isaac Moxford Greet born 1877 Brighton; Jesse Frederick Greet born 1880 Brighton; John AH Greet born 1882 Brighton; George W Greet born 1889 Brighton

1861 census: able seaman on the Ermine, at a British port

1871 census: Residing back of mariners, Hove. Occupation: sailor

1881 census: Residing 11 Viaduct Rd, Brington. Occupation: tarpaulin sheet dresser (waterproof).

1891 census: Residing 11 Viaduct Rd, Brighton. Occupation: steel dresser, railway

1899 Elizabeth Maria greet m 16/11/1899 William Samuel Sindon, porter witnessed Bennett greet and Emma Jane Mockford greet

1901 census: Residing Fuschia Cottage, Lancing. Occupation: market gardener, with son Thomas. Daughters Elizabeth and Emma also at home, and son George (10)

1904 Emma Jane Montford Greet aged 28 m 21/5/1904 George White 24, gardener, son of Charles White gardener

1904 George W Greet  born 4/4/90 left 31/3/1904  14 yrs

1911 census: Residing Fuschia Cottage, Lancing. Occupation: market gardenr on own account. Son John with them, market garden labourer

Census return shows they had been married 44 years, had 13 children, with 6 living.


Thomas Isaac Moxford Greet son of Bennet Greet married 26/12/1903 Maud Mary Pelham aged 19 daughter 0f Charles Pelham

Children : Kathleen Maud chr 8/7/1904, Olive 7/10/1906, Hilda Gladys 15/3/1908, Richard Thomas 3/7/1913, Phyllis Irene 7/6/1914. now living Coast Guard Cottage

1891 census: residing with parents. Occupation: errand boy

1901 census: residing with parents. Occupation: market garden

By 1906 a postman

1911 census: Residing Deadnought Cottage, South Lancing. Occupation: postman

1915 Thomas Greet market gardener Fuschia Cottage Salt lake