Family History

I still haven't found out what has happened to sons James Hayler or Michael George. Can you help? Please contact me Susan Martin MICHAEL GREENFIELD Born: 1820 Pulborough Father: Edmund Greenfield Mother: Mary Hayler Baptised: 5/3/1820 Pulborough Died: 8/1869 Worthing Buried: 10/8/1869 Broadwater cemetery Married: 17/8/1840 Broadwater Spouse: Sarah Mills Hammond Baptised: 22/8/1824 Broadwater Died: 5/1878 Worthing Buried: 18/5/1878 Broadwater cemetery Parents: Edmund & Philadelphia Hammond Children: Michael George Greenfield b1840 Broadwater Mary Ann Greenfield b 1841 Broadwater : Sarah Hayler Greenfield b 1843 Broadwater Maria Greenfield b 1845 Broadwater Frances Greenfield b 1847 Broadwater James Hammond Greenfield b 1849 Broadwater Elizabeth Greenfield b 1852 Broadwater Margaret Hammond Greenfield b 1854 Broadwater Philadelphia Greenfield b 1855 Broadwater Laura Hammond Greenfield b 1859 Broadwater Edmund Greenfield b 1861 Broadwater Alice Greenfield b 1863 Broadwater 1820: On baptism register his father described as a labourer 1840: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation fisherman 1841 census: Sarah and baby Michael residing with her parents at Clayholes, Broadwater. Michael was probably at sea. Edmund Hammond father a carpenter 1843: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation fisherman 1845: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation fisherman 1847: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation labourer 1849: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation fisherman 1851 census: Residing 21 West Street. Sarah given as head of household. No occupation for Sarah. Michael was probably at sea. Children with her: Michael, Sarah, Maria, Frances, James 1852: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation labourer 1854: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation labourer 1855: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation labourer 1859: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation labourer 1861census; Residing 16 West Street. Occupation: carter. Daughter Sarah a laundress. Children with them: Sarah, Fanny, James, Elizabeth, Philidelphia, Laura, Edmund 1861: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation labourer 1864: Baptism register. Michael’s occupation labourer 1869: End of drunkard. An inquest was held at Worthing last week on the body of Michael Greenfield an habitual drunkard. On Thursday when in a state of intoxication deceased attempted to strike his son with ani ron bar; the latter wresting the instrument from him, cused his drunken father ti fall backwards upon some stones and the old man died (either from the effects of the fall or excitement) and a few hours afterwards threatened to “do for” his wife and his son. The jury returned the following verdict:- that the deceased died from the effects of a clot of blood on the base of the brain, which had become softened through excessive drinking but the immediate cause of the effusion of blood to the brain there was nothing in the evidence to show”. The son was afterwards brought before the magistrates and discharged (Clerkenwell News 16/8/1869). The Bedfordshire Mercury 21/8/1869 added that neighbours often had to intervene to protect his wife and children from his violence and that the son was James Greenfield 1869: Buried in plotA2.17.14. A labourer from West Street 1871census: Residing 18 West Street, Broadwater. Widow Sarah residing with Elizabeth, Laura and Alice. Occupation: bathing woman, Elizabeth an ironer.William Marner 22 a boarder with them. Edmund a bricklayer 1878: Buried plot B2.7.12 as a widow from West Street Michael George Greenfield born 26/9/1840 Broadwater baptised 11/10/1840 Broadwater 1851 census: Residing with parents Mary Ann Greenfield born 8/12/1841 Broadwater baptised 9/1/1842 Broadwater buried 18/9/1843 Broadwater aged one year eight months Sarah Hayler Greenfield born 27/4//1843 Broadwater baptised 28/5/1843 Broadwater died 1886 East Preston district married 26/12/1862 Broadwater John Mears, born 1842 Worthing son of John Mears. Children: Ellen Mears born 1863 Worthing, Laura born 1864 Worthing; Edith L Mears born 1867 Worthing; Margaret born 1873 Worthing; Florence Mears born 1875 Worthing; Alice Mears born 1880 Worthing. 1861 census: Sarah residing with parents. Occupation: laundress 1871 census: Residing West Street, Worthing. Occupation: coal merchant 1881 census: Residing 5 Clifton Road. Occupation: greengrocer, blind. Sarah (Ellen?) a laundry maid, Edith a shop assistant, greengrocers. Brother Edmund and wife living with them Maria Greenfield born 29/1/1845 Broadwater died 1933 East Preston district baptised 2/3/1845 Broadwater married 11/12/1865 Broadwater Frederick John Lindup born 1845 Worthing, son of Thomas Lindup. Children: Mary Ann Lindup born 1865 Broadwater; Frederick Lindup born 1866 Broadwater; James T Lindup born 1867 Broadwater; Edmund Lindup born 1869 Broadwater; William George Lindup born 1875 Worthing; Ada S Lindup born 1877 Worthing; Alice Maria Lindup born 1879 Worthing, Nellie Lindup born 1884 Worthing 1861 census: Residing with her grandfather Edmund Hammond 73 High Street, Broadwater. Occupation: general domestic servant 1871 census: Residing West Street, Broadwater. Occupation: carter 1881 census: Residing 59 Clifton Rd, Worthing. Occupation: labourer. Maria a laundress. Son Frederick plasterer, son Thomas a clerk,( assistant surveyor’s office) 1891 census: Residing 11 Becket Road, West Tarring. Maria head of household. Occupation: monthly nurse. Daughter Mary Ann living there with husband William Lelliott, carpenter. Son William a genral labourer, Edmund a bricklayer 1901 census: Residing 16 Wenban Rd Worthing. Servant, monthly nurse 1911 census: Residing 7 Beckett Road, Worthing with daughter and son-in-law Mary Ann and William Lelliott. Occupation: monthly nurse Frances Greenfield born 2//9/1847 baptised 24/10/1847 died 1904 East Preston district married 19/4/1868 Broadwater Edward Herbert son of Joseph Herbert. Children: Fanny Maria b 1868; Edward b 1870; Edith b 1877, Thomas b 1880, Frederick b 1885 1861 census: Residing with parents. No occupation given 1871 census: Residing Broadwater. Occupation: bricklayer 1881 census: Residing 5 Clifton Road, lodging with John & Sarah Mears. Occupation: plasterer 1891 census: Residing Sunny Side Broadwater St, Broadwater. Occupation: builder. Daughter Frances a domestic servant, son Edward a bricklayer. Brother Charles Herbert also with them 1901 census: Residing Broadwater Street, Broadwater. Occupation: builder. Son Frederick a builder’s labourer. Borther Charlie Herbert b 1843, bricklayer, also with them 1911 census: Edward Herbert remarried. Residing Findon House, Broadwater. Occupation: builder James Greenfield baptised 9/10/1849 Broadwater 1869: May have been the accidental cause of his father’s death Elizabeth Greenfield baptised 22/2/1852 Broadwater died 1932 Brighton married 1871 Henry Miller born 1850 Brighton.. Children: Annie Miller b 1872, Henry Miller b 1876, Amelia Miller born 1877; Mabel Miller born 1882; Ethel Miller born 1885; Gertrude Miller born 1888, Sydney Miller born 1891 (1911 census. 8 children, all survived) 1871 census: Residing with mother 14 West Street Worthing. Occupation: ironer 1881 census: Residing 6 Sussex St, Brighton. Occupation: coach painter 1891 census: Residing 15 Cheapside, Brighton. Occupation coach painter. Son Henry also a coach painter 1911 census: Residing 37 Guildford Rd, Brighton. Occupation: coach painter LBSC railway. Son Sydney a mechanist LBSC railway. Also with them daughter Gertrude, her husband Joseph Perry dog trainer and their two children Margaret Hammond Greenfield baptised 14/5/1854 Broadwater died 1934 Brighton married 1874 Brighton Alfred James Fripp Durndell born 1847 Christchurch died 1924 Brighton. Children: Maggie Durndell b 1875; Sarah C Durndell b 1877; Alfred J F Durndell b 1879; William E Durndell b 1881; Ernest R Durndell b 1883; Emily A Durndell b 1885; Eliza F Durndell b 1887; Dan R Durndell b 1890 (1911 census 10 children, 8 living) 1891 census: Residing Stanley Street Brighton. Occupation: tailor. Maggie a srvant, Sarah an apprentice mantle maker 1901 census: Residing 1 Montreal Rd, Brighton. Occupation: tailor. William a fishmonger, and Ernest a furniture porter. Widowed mother Mary C Durndell and sister Eliza 43 (born Brighton) mantle maker with them 1911 census: residing 34 Claremont Street, Brighton. Occupation: tailor. Dan a fishmonger and pulter’s assistant, Percy an errand boy at chemist. Philadelphia Greenfield baptised 9/10/1855 Broadwater died 1933 East Preston district married 1/9/1878 Broadwater Stephen Sayers born 1854 Henfield son of Henry Sayers. Children: Stephen Sayers born 1879; Philadelphia Sayers born 1880; Alice Sayers born 1887; Annie M Sayers born 1892; Amelia Sayers born 1894; Frederick Sayers born 1897. 1881 census: Residing 27 West Street. Occupation agricultural labourer, Philadelphia a housekeeper. Living with William Marner 29 and his wife Sarah 22 1901 census: Residing 39 Broadwater Street. Occuapation: labourer? Maud Parker 23 visitor Philadelphia Sayers married 1903 Laurence Isaac Walters 1911 census: Residing Broadwater Street. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Daughter Philadelphia, son-in-law Lawrence Waters (musician) and their five children living with them Laura Hammond Greenfield baptised 13/2/1859 Broadwater died 1932 East Preston district married 3/2/1877 Broadwater William Marner born 1852 son of Thomas Marner. Children: Philadelphia Marner born 1878; William Marner born 1880; Alice M Marner born 1882 Worthing; Sarah A Marner born 1884 Worthing; Amelia A Marner born 1887 Worthing, Thomas Marner born 1890 Worthing 1881 census: Residing 27 West Street, WorthingOccupation: hire carter. Sister Philadelphia Sayers and her family and sister Alice living with them 1891 census: Residing 31 Clifton Road, Worthing. Occupation: carter. Daughter Philadelphia a general domestic servant, 1901 census: Residing 29 Clifton Road, Worthing. Step-daughter Alice domestic servant and sister Alice with them 1911 census: 29 Clifton Road. William a retired carman, and stepson Thomas a cabman Edmund Hammond Greenfield baptised 12/5/1861 Broadwater died 1936 Worthing married 24/10/1880 Broadwater Caroline Kennard born 1861 Clapham daughter of Henry Kennard. Children: Edmund Hammond Greenfield born 1882 Worthing; Caroline Greenfield born 1885 Worthing; Mabel Jane Greenfield born 1887 Worthing; Henry George (Gordon) Greenfield born 1890 Worthing; Frances (Millie) born 1895 Broadwater; Frederick born 1895 Broadwater; Albert born 1898 Broadwater, Alice born 1901 Broadwater (1911 census 9 children, one deceased) 1881 census: Lodgers 5 Clifton Rd, Worthing with sister Sarah. Occupation: plasterer 1891 census: Residing 10 Anglesea St, Worthing. Occupation: plasterer 1901 census; Residing 35 Queen St, Worthing. Occupation plasterer. Son Edmund also plasterer. Both recorded as Edward H 1911 census: Residing 35 Queen St, Worthing. Occupation plasterer. Mabel a shop assistant (glass & china), Millie dress maker, Frederick a baker’s assistant, Gordon a plasterer’s labourer Alice Greenfield baptised 10/1/1864 Broadwater 1881 census: Residing 27 West Street with sister Sarah Marner 1891 census: Residing 31 Clifton Road Worthing with sister Sarah. Occupation: general servant 1901 census: Residing with the Marners 31 Clifton Road. Occupation: laundress An inquest was held on Monday at the Montague Arms before Richard Blagden Esquire Coroner and a jury on the body of Michael greenfield aged 49 who died on the 6th inst at circumstances of social debasement such as we have seldom before met with. The deceased was unfortunately addicted to drink and in his drunken fits he made his home as miserable a place as it is possible to imagine. He was so violent at times that the neighbours had frequently to interpose to protect his wife and children from the brutality of his attacks. On Thursday when in a state of intoxication he attempted to strike his son with an iron bar, the latter wresting the instrument from him caused his drunken father to fall backwards upon some stones and the old man died either from the effects of this fall or the excitement a few hours afterwards threatening almost with his dying breath to “do for” his wife and son. The jury appointed Mr G Winton their foreman and proceeded to view the body of the deceased at No 14 West Street. They also inspected the yard in the same street where the actual occurence took place. At the commencement of the enquiry the Coroner asked James Greenfield the deceased’s son who had been apprehended by the police on a charge of manslaughter asked him if he had engaged any attorney to appear for him. He replied he had not and the coroner then told him that he would have the opportunity to question the witnesses after they had given their evidence. The first witness proposed to be called was Mrs Greenfield but as she fainted whilst sitting in an adjacent room her evidence was not taken. William Marner sworn. I am a labourer and lodge at Mrs Greenfield’s 14 West Street. Deceased was a hire cart man and owner of bathing machines. Deceased had four children at home besides James Greenfield. He was not sober on Thursday and had been drunk ever since. Saturday 31 July he was in the habit of knocking his children about and abusing his wife. On Thursday at dinner time he swore very much at her. He most always swore when he spoke. They had no particular quarrel. He swore at her because James hadn’t gone to work sooner. Deceased came in evening on the eve of that day and went to bed and I heard him swear at his wife all evening. I got up about 5 o’clock next morning and heard him still swearing. He asked his wife to get him some beer. He came down to the bathing huts and began swearing because we hadn’t brought his buckets down for him to fetch up some salt water. He caught up one of the buckets and threw it at his wife. He was in a great passion. I saw no more of him until half past two when James and I went back to the stables with the horses, I left James in the stables and went home for dinner. Deceased was in quarrel with his wife and placed a table against the door to prevent her coming out. He told me to go and put the horse in the cart. I said I hadn’t had my dinner and he replied “If you don’t like to do it I’ll go out myself”. I went out and I followed him to the stable. There was a cart in the yard near the stable door. James was sitting on the footboard. The long iron bolt that fastens the body on the cart to the thills was lying in front of the cart. The body of the cart was tipped up and deceased went behind it and pushed it back into place. James had to move from where he was sitting or the cart would have fallen on him. Deceased then went to the front and tried to put the bolt in. He said James was in his way and James said “No I’m not, you can put it in if you like”, Deceased then drew the bolt and said to James “I’ll hit you on the head you - - and do for you”. James jumped up and caught the bar as it was falling it was a regular blow over the shoulder that struck his son (br produced, 5ft length and three quarter inch thickness). Witness showed how he attempted to strike son. James took the bar with one jerk and deceased fell forward his face striking against the top rail of the cart. James threw the bar down and went out of the yard. Mrs Clements (a neighbour) and I ran and picked deceased up. Deceased’s wife, Mrs Clements and I present during the whole of this transaction. Deceased got upright put his hand to his forehead and fell backwards, the back of his head came against the ground with considerable force. The yard is paved with boulders. He lay there a few moments stunned, blood came slightly from is mouth and one eye. He lay there about two minutes then got up. He walked to his house (a short distance away) led by a woman. I heard nothing of him during the night. In the morning his wife called me in her bedroom to look at him, he was lying in the bed snoring as I thought. I don’t knw when he died James Greenfield said “He always threw his spit at me and my mother” The following is not verbatim Maria Clements worked at the bathing machines near to his. He asked her for her apron to wipe blood from his face. He said he would not drink any more beer. He was very noisy and said he shouldn’t rest until he had done for Jim and his wife. She stopped at his house because of this. On 11pm Wednesday [i.e. the previous] night she and James had to stop him throwing his wife down the stairs Evidence of James Reeve, keeper of Prince of Wales beer house Montague Street. On Wednesday saw deceased in West Street. Prisoner threw his father out of the house by the scruff of the neck and hit him on the back of his head with fist. Struck his father four or five times. James replied it was only once. He then saw James on the Thursday afternoon 3pm. “Prisoner was all of a tremble not drunk. I had seen him in that state before”. James told him there had been another row and about the iron bar 2I up with my fist. I knocked the old - - down and I don’t care if I killed him”. Reeves told him to go to the Town Hall and get warrant against him. The magistrates conferred and concluded there was not enough evidence to send James to trial