Family History

This is my initial research into the family of my great-great grandfather's sister. I'm doing more research but would welcome any amendments, additions or comments




Born:           1815 Pulborough

Father:          Edmund Greenfield

Mother:        Maria Hayler

Baptised;      10/8/1815 Pulborough

Died:            1906 Dorking

Married:       8/11/1833 Broadwater

Spouse:        Thomas Wicks

Parents:        Thomas & Elizabeth Wicks

Married:      18/5/1841 Storrington

Spouse:        William Sargent

Baptised:      Richard & Sarah Sargent

Died:            1876 Dorking

Children:      Sarah Ann Maria Wicks born 1835 Broadwater

                     Eliza Sargent born 1842 Pulborough

                     Esther Sargent born 1845 Worthing

                     Charlotte Sargent born 1848 Horsham

                     Louisa Sargent born 1851 Horsham

                     Julia Sargent born 1852 Dorking

                     William Sargent born 1854 Dorking


Is this our Maria? Probably not. Broadwater: Removal order: Maria WICKS  Par/29/32/3/3  6 Aug 1840 WSRO Contents: Subject: Maria WICKS; married: Joseph WICKS; Hampstead, St. John, Mdx. Husband 'now absent from her'

1841 census: Residing John Street Broadwater with Thomas Wicks aged 60 labourer, his wife Elizabeth and Maria Wicks aged 6. Occupation: dressmaker. Also living with them Ann Baker aged 23 dressmaker

1851 census: Residing Springfield Road, Horsham. Occupation: malsterís labourer

1861 census: Residing Church Street, Dorking. Ocupation: labourer

1871 census: Residing Church Street, Dorking. Occupation: labourer. Grandson George Bayley Sargent aged one born Petworth with them

1881 census: Widow Maria lodging Church Gardens Dorking. Occupation: monthly nurse

1891 census: Residing Cotmandene Alms Houses, Deepdene Gardens, Dorking.

1901 census: Residing Cotmandene Alms Houses, Deepdene Gardens, Dorking



Born:            1842 Pulborough

Father:          William Sargent

Mother:         Maria Wicks born Greenfield


1861 census: Residing the Standard, 59 Queens Road, Brighton. Occupation: general servant



Born:           1845 Worthing

Father:         William Sargent

Mother:       Maria Wicks, born Greenfield

Died:           1909 Dorking district


1861 census: Residing Rose Hill, Rose Hill Dorking. Occupation: house servant

1871 census: Residing Clarence Square Royal Academy, Alverstoke. Occupation: servant

1881 census: Residing Oakfield, Tidenham, Glos. Ladyís help to wife of John Baylis farmer

1891 census: Residing Dunedin, Harestone Valley, Caterham. Occupation: cook, domestic to Sydney Williams, stockbroker

1901 census: residing Cotmandene Almshouse, Cotmandene Square Dorking. Occupation: nurse at almshouse




Born:        1848 Horsham

Father:      William Sargent

Mother:    Maria Wicks, born Greenfield


1871 census: Residing West Farm Ashtead. Occupation: servant



Born:        1851 Horsham

Father:      William Sargent

Mother:    Maria Wicks born Greenfield

Married:   1876

Spouse:     William Goodhall

Born:       1836 Hintonamptnor, Hampshire

Parents:   William & Martha Goodhall


Children:  George B Sargent born 1870 Petworth

                 Walter W Sargent born 1872 Dorking

                 Sarah A M Goodhall born 1877 Betchworth

                 Martha E Goodhall born 1878 Betchworth

                 James Goodhall born 1880 Betchworth

                 William Greenfield Goodhall born and died 1884

                 Esther Goodhall born 1885 Betchworth

                 Wilfred Goodhall born 1891 Betchworth

                 Lilian E Goodhall born 1895 Betworth


1871 census: Residing West Street, Dorking. General domestic servant to John Cooke, clerk

1881 census: Residing barley Mow Gardens, Betworth. Occupation: carter

1891 census: Residing Jubilee Cottages, Middle Street, Betchworth. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Nursechild William Sargent born 1885 Hoxton with them

1901 census: Residing 2 Jubilee Gardens, Middle Street, Betchworth. Occupation: agricultural labourer ploughman. Nurse child Edith J Taylor aged 2 with them

1911 census: Residing 2 Jubilee Gardens Middle Street Betchworth. Occupation: working for council as road labourer. No children with them. Nurse child Maud Titmus aged 6



Born:        1852 Dorking

Father:      William Sargent

Mother:     Maria Wicks born Greenfield

Died:         1897 Kingston district

Married:     26 Dec 1876 Dorking

Spouse:      Henry  Edward May

Born:           1850 Brockham Surrey

Children:    Ellen May born 1877 Dorking

                   Henry May born 1878 Dorking

                   Julia May born 1881 Dorking

                   Edward May born 1887 Cobham


1881 census: Residing Vincent Walk, Dorking. Occupation: gardener

1891 census: Residing Bear Court, Esther. Occupation: gardener

1901 census: Widower Edward residing Wolsey Rd, Esther. Occupation: jobbing gardener



Born:           1854 Dorking

Father:         William Sargent

Died:           1921 Kingston district

Mother:       Maria Wicks born Greenfield

Married:      18/11/1876 Dorking

Spouse:        Selina Batchelor

Born:            1849 Rusper

Parents:        Jacob & Sarah Batchelor

Died:            1924 Kingston district

Children:      William Sargent born 1878 Hampton Wick

                     Herbert Sargent born 1880 Hampton Wick


1871 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: bricklayer

1881 census: Residing St John Square, Upper Teddington Road, Hampton Wick. Occupation: malster

1891 census: Residing 3 Fir Cottages, Gomer Rd, Teddington. Occupation: gas stoker

1901 census: Residing Field Lane, Teddington. Occupation: gas stoker. Neither son with them

1911 census: Residing 19 Blackmoreís Grove, Teddington. Occupation: gas stoker