Family History


Born: 1758 Billignshurst

Buried: 25/9/1800 Pulborough

Married: 27/8/1782 Pulborough

Born: 1763 Petworth

Father: James Clarke

Mother: Sarah

Children: Fanny Greenfield b 1783 Pulborough.

Edmund Greenfield b.1790 Farnhurst

James Greenfield b.1791 Farnhurst

William Greenfield b.1795 Pulborough

Jane Greenfield b.1796 Pulborough

Note 1: witnessed James Clarke & Daniel Searle. Married by licence licence states he was bachelor miller of 24. who had been in Pulborough for several years. Fanny aged 19 was married with consent of father James Clarke of Petworth, hairdresser

In 5/10/1773 Edmund Greenfield witnessed witnessed Pulborough marriage of James Greenfield and jane Redman. He signed. Other witnesses were Edward & William Redman


Born: 1783 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Sarah Clarke

Baptised: 15/7/1783 Pulborough.


Born: 1790 Farnhurst

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Fanny Clarke

Baptised: 7/5/1790 Farnhurst

Spouse: Mary Hayler

Father: James Hayler

Baptised; 25/7/1790 Pulborough

Buried: possibly 23/11/1840 aged 51

Children: Edmund Greenfield b 1811 Pulborough

Maria Greenfield b 1815 (chr 10/8/1815) Pulborough

James Hayler Greenfield b 1819 Pulborough

Michael Greenfield b 1820 Pulborough

William Greenfield b 1823 Pulborough

Note: 26/11/1828 removal order on mary Greenfield wife of Edmund Greenfield labourer and James Hayler and maria to broadwater (PLDB par/153/32/3)


Born: 1791 Farnshurst

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Fanny Clarke

Baptised; 10/9/1791 Farnhurst


Born: 1795 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Fanny Clarke

Baptised: 25/4/1795 Pulborough

Died: possibly 1851

1841 census: possibly ag labourer living Pulborough with Charles & Martha Waday, Caroline Greenfield aged 18 & Thomas Greenfield 15, shoe apprentice and Maria Greenfield b 1828

1851 census: residence: York Rd, Battersea occupation: journeyman miller. Widower. Charles Goldsmith lodger aged 22 with them and Elizabeth Greenfield b 1826 daughter-in-law. Husband probably Henry Greenfield who died 1849 Wandsworth district. Also Henry

Greenfield and Anna Maria greenfield b 1835 Wandsworth, Surrey, occupation: dressmaker

Note 1: Caroline Greenfield aged 19 m Pulb 17/7/1841 William Bennett postboy, witnessed John ? and Martha Upfold. 1841 census: lodging with Charles & Martha Waday, William Greenfield b 1795 also with them




Born: 1796 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Fanny Clarke

Baptised: 7/12/1796 Pulborough



Children of Edmund and Mary Greenfield


Born: 6/10/1811

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Mary Hayler

Married: 17/2/1841 Pulborough (see Note 1)

Spouse: Sarah Steyning

Born: Wisborough Green

Father: Stephen Steyning

Mother: Leah Botting

Children: Sarah Jane chr 24/9/1848 Pulborough.

1901 census: Sarah was living in Angmering with daughter Harriet Wilmer

Note 1: He signed, she made her mark. His profession labourter, hers servant. Witnessed by Robert Greenfield and Maria Wicks



Born: 1815 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Maria Hayler

Baptised; 10/8/1815 Pulborough


Born: 1818 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Mary Hayler

Baptised: 8/6/1818Pulborough

Died: 1869

Married: 4/12/1843 Broadwater.

Spouse: Jane Artlett

Baptised: 18/6/1818 Broadwater

Father: Jesse Artlett

Mother: Eleanor

1841census: living Pulborough with grandfather James hayler

1851 census: occupation: fisherman. Grandfather James Hayler aged 90 and sister-in-law Emily Artlett b 1836 with them

1861census; : George Mullens visitor shoemaker with them

1871census: widowed Jane living 24 West St, sweatmeat vendor?

1891census: widow jane residing 6 Aurgusta Place, lodging house. Nephew George Mullins with her



Born: 1820 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Mary Hayler

Spouse: Sarah

Children: Michael Greenfield b1841

Maria Greenfield b 1845 (see Note 2)

Frances Greenfield b 1848 (see note 1)

James Greenfield b 1850

1861census; Maria & James living with aunt and uncle Reuben & Susanna Greatorex, High Street Bradwater next to grandfather Hammond

Note 1: Frances Greenfield m 1868 Edward Herbert, children: France (Fanny) b 1868 maybe another Frances b 1869

(1891 census: servant), Edith b 1877, Thomas b 1880, Frederick b 1885

1871census: Edward a bricklayer

1891census; Sunnyside, Broadwater St. Edward a builder. Edwards brother Charles aged 48 bricklayer with them

1901census: Broadwater St. Just Frederick living with them

Note 2: maria living 1861 census with aunt and uncle Reuben & Susanna Greatorex High St, Broadwater next door to grandfather Hammond





Born: 1823 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Mary Hayler

Baptised: 30/3/1823 Pulborough

Died: Possibly 1871 Broadwater district (but aged 55)

Married: 11/7/1847 Broadwater

Spouse: Elizabeth Lacey

Married: 16/5/1859 Broadwater

Spouse: Sarah Ann Wells

Baptised: 8/2/1825 Broadwater (see Note 1)

Died: possibly 1878 East Preston district

Parents: Alexander & Mary Wells

Children: Eliza Mary Greenfield b 16/1/1849 Worthing (see Note 2)

Emily Greenfield b 1860 Worthing (see Note 3)

John Greenfield b 1863 Worthing (see Note 4)

James Greenfield b 1865 Worthing (see Note 5)

Sarah Greenfield b 1868 Worthing

1861 census: Residing Gloucester Place North, Broadwater. Occupation: carter. Stepson Walter aged 15 a scholar.

1871 census: Residing 2 Church St? Broadwater. Occupation: labourer.

Note 1: Son Walter H Wells baptised 13/7/1856 Broadwater

Note 2: Eliza Mary Greenfield baptised 11/3/1949 broadwater died 1855 Worthing district

Note 3: Emily Greenfield baptised 26/2/1860 Broadwater married 1887 East Preston district John Blackman born 1861 Froxfield, Hants son of John & Ann Blackman. Children: Evelyn Blackman born 1892 Worthing, John Blackman born 1897 Worthing.

1881 census:. Residing 23 West Street, Chichester. Occupation: servant to William Spencer, theological student

1891 census: Residing 27 Chapel Road, Worthing. Occupation: hotel proprietor (private). Have two servants.

1901 census: Residing 27-19 Chapel Rd, Worthing. Occupation: hotel proprietor. Several staff and boarders.

Note 4: John Greenfield baptised 22/3/1863 Broadwater married 1883 Brighton district Eliza Collis born 1861 West Marden, daughter of Thomas & Jane Collis. Children: Mary Greenfield b 1883 Brighton; Elizabeth b 1884 Worthing; John W J Greenfield b 1876 Broadwater; Alice E Greenfield b 1887 Broadwater.

1891 census: Residing 2 Brighton Road, Worthing. Occupation: house painter

1901 census: Residing 44 King Street, Worthing. Occupation: housepainter. Son John recorded as William, an errand boy. Daughter Mary working as general servant to Thomas Beazley, lodging house keeper 71 Marine Parade Worthing

Note 5: James Greenfield. 1881 census: could either be working as a groom Ninton, Hants for Earl of Lichfield or else boarder in Storrington with Frank Figg working as a groom & gardener.

1891 census either living 3 Bell Cottages with wife Eliza J and children Edith aged 6 and Minnie aged 4. Eliza was from Storrington and Edith born Steyning so this is probably the James living Storrington in 1881. James H Greenfield residing 36 Richmond Rd Worthing with wife Mary A and son William 4 occupation bookmaker.

1901 census: First James Greenfield in Bell Cottages, no children with them.. Note 6: Sarah Greenfield bapt 14/6/1868 Broadwater. Married 1887 East preston district

Note 6: Sarah Ann Greenfield baptised 14/6/1868 Broadwater married 1887 East preston district William James Knight born 1866 Worthing .son of Charles Knight and Elizabeth Cuckney. Children: Albert Knight b 1889 Worthing, Godfrey Knight b 1892 Worthing (married Constance Mills born 1893 Wick, daughter of George Mills and Emma Boxild)

1891 census: Residing 2 meadow Rd, Worthing. Occupation: domestic gardener

1901 census: residing Alexandra Villa? Worthing. Occupation: market gardener


Children of Edmund and Sarah Greenfield



Born: 1846 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Sarah Steyning

Baptised: 31/5/1846 Pulborough

Married; 1870

Spouse: Rosetta Hunt

Born: 1851, Kirdford.

Children: William Greenfield b 1870

Kate Greenfield b. 1872

Jane Greenfield b. 1878.

1881 census: Old Wind (Mill Cottage) Pulborough,

1901 census: carter on farm Wisborough green



Born: 1848 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Sarah Steyning

Baptised: 24/9/1848 Pulborough.


Born: 1852 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Sarah Steyning

Baptised: 5/9/1752 Pulborough

Married: 1877 Angmering

Spouse: Alfred Wilmer


Born: 1857 Pulborough

Father: Edmund Greenfield

Mother: Sarah Steyning

Baptised: 5/9/1852 Pulborough

Married: Rosella

Children: Kate Greenfield b 1872

Jane Greenfield b 3/10/1878 bapt 3/3/1878 Pulborough

Peter Greenfield bapt 12/4/1888 Pulborough

1881 census: living 1 Whitehall Cottages, Pulborough. Occupation: Agricultural labourer.