Family History

When I was a young girl I remember visiting my father’s Aunt Kate in Leatherhead. I remember a road with terraced houses and a town gas holder at one end. Great Aunt Kate’s surname was Steer and she had a son ‘Nobby’ whose wife had several still born children. My father said that because of this, and as he only had daughters then the name Steer in his immediate family would die out.

When I began researching family history (after my father died) I assumed that Kate was the widow of my father’s uncle Frederick Steer, my grandfather’s only brother. Research however soon disproved this as Fred married a Harriet and lived in the Sompting area. I am still puzzled as to why my father never mentioned this uncle or his children. Still unable to see how Kate fitted in with the family I asked other family members if the could remember her. My mother could only recall she was very old fashioned and one cousin that his mother had spoken fondly of her. Eventually I decided to visit the Surrey Family History Centre in Woking to look up the electoral registers. From the information gained I established that Kate was the widow of my grandfather’s cousin Ernest Steer, one of the sons of Eli Steer. It is good to think that my great-grandfather James Steer in Lancing must have kept contact over many years with his younger brother Eli, and that this contact was kept up by their children and grandchildren. Eli’s family itself is quite interesting – eight daughters followed by five sons, with in 1901 many of the daughters living on Gravel Hill, Leatherhead near to their parents, and obviously having a close family life.



Born: 1837.Wisborugh Green

Father; James Steer

Mother; Rebecca Steer

Baptised: 27/8/1937

Died: 1919 Leatherhead

Married 1863

Spouse: Mary Worsford

Born; 1846 Colpack, Surrey

Parents: James & Sarah Worsfield

Baptised; 7/2/1747


Children: Mary Steer b 1864 Capel

Ann M Steer b 1867 Capel,

Jane Steer b 1869 Capel,

Sara Louisa Steer b 1870 Capel

Isabel Rebecca Steer b 1873 Capel,

Alice Steer b 1876 Effingham

Kate Steer b 1879 Leatherhead

Edith Steer b 1881 leatherhead

William John Steer b 1883 Leatherhead

Ernest Steer b 1884 Leatherhead

Herbert Steer b 1886 Leatherhead

Alfred George Steerb 1889 Leatherhead

Henry Thomas Steer b 1890 Leatherhead

1851 census: Living with parents. Occupation: ploughboy.

1861 census: Living Collins Cross, Rudgwick, lodging with James Etherton, hoopmaker. Occupation: shepherd

1871 census: Living Woolpack, Capel. Occupation: labourer. Thomas Worsfold 26 brickmaker from Colpack living with them

1881 census: Living Gravel Hill, Leatherhead. Occupation: farm carter. Fanny L Brown b 1873 Dorking, Amelia E Brown b 1873 Croydon nieces and Henry Worsfold aged 26, lodger from Capel with them

1891 census: not found

1901 census: Living Gravel Hill, East Side Occupation: gardener. had visitors with them, John Butcher b 1869 Guildford (nephew), Frank Penfold b 1885 Bookham and Julia Steer aged 8 born Leatherhead


Born: Capel 1864

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Married : 1890 Guildford district

Spouse: Charles Petley

Born: 1862 Monkton Kent.

Baptised: 8/3/1863 Monkton

Parents: William and Sarah Cuthaw

Children: Frederick Charles K Petley b 1899 Windsor district. Died 1892 Hackney district

1881 census: Mary Ann a servant living at home

1891 census: Residing 7 Bexley Terrace, Clever, Berks. Occupation: deayman (brewers)

1901 census: Residing High Street, Minster, Kent. Occupation: Bricklayer’s labourer. George Carthew, road labourer, aged 68 widower from Monkton lodging with them.


Born: 1867 Capel Surrey

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Baptised: 9/6/1867 Capel

1881 census: Residing at home. Occupation: domestic servant



Born: 1869 Capel, Surrey

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Bptised: 8/8/1869 Capel

Married: 1891 George Port

Born: 1867 Stoke d’Abernon, Surrey.

Parents: George & Ann Port

Children: George H Port b 1892 leatherhead

Eva Port b 1894 Leatherhead

1901 census: living Gravel Hill, West Side, Leatherhead. George a builders labourer. .

Also with them 1901 were visitors Ivy Baverstoke b 1899 Leatherhead, Richard Maskell b 1849 Fetcham


Born: 1871 Capel.

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Baptised: 11/2/1872 Capel

Married: 1904

Spouse: Robert Alexander Wallace or William Port. More likely latter as sister was married to a Port.

1891: Residing Fairfield, 1 High Elms, Leatherhead. Genral domestic servant to William Sturt, retired


Born: 1874 Capel

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Baptised: 14/6/1874 Capel

Married: 1901 Epsom district either Alfred Henry Atkin or George William Bass

1901 servant to Fanny Plaxford (widow living on own means) 22 Chiltern Terrace, Dorking.


Born: 1876 Leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Married: 1895 Eposm district

Spouse: Richard Baverstock

Born: Guildford district

Children: Alice Baverstock b 1895

Ivy Baverstock b 1899

Richard Baverstock b Feb 1900 Croydon.


Born: 1878 Leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Married: 1899

Spouse; Henry Penfold

Born: 1875 Cobham.

1901 census: living Gravel Hill, West side, Leatherhead. Occupation: bricklayers labourer. Alice Baverstock (niece) 4 a visitor


Born: 1881 Leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Married: 1903

Spouse: Arthur Edward Wye

Born: 1880 Dorking.

1901 census: Arthur a bricklayers labourer. Edith servant to William H Corbett, auctioneer, 1 Laurel Villa, Epsom.


Born: 1883 Leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold


Born: 1884 Leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Married: 1910 Windsor district

Spouse: Kate Florence Bartlett

Born: 19/1/1879

Died: 1970 Leatherhead

Children: Ernest G Steer b 1911 married June 1936 Esom Daisy F Shackleford b 1912 Epsom district.

Lucy M Steer b 1916

1960 electoral register: Kate F Steer living 15 Middle Rd, Leatherhead.

1967 electoral register: Ernest and Daisy living 15 Middle Rd Leatherhead





Born: 1886 Leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

Married: 1912 Epsom district

Spouse; Sophia Palmer

Born: abt 1890

Died: 1968 Leatherhead

Children: Albert Eli Steer b 2/2/1923 Leatherhead. He died 1981 Leatherhead

1960 & 1967 electoral registers: Living 13 Middle Rd, Leatherhead with son Albert Eli



Born: 1889 Leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold


Born: 1890 leatherhead

Father: Eli Steer

Mother: Mary Ann Worsfold

15 Ernest G abd Daisy

Married June q 1936 Daisy F Shackleford, mother Stockley, b Eposm disrtrict 1912

Also had William HE b 1921