Family History



possible ancestry:

Thomas ?- 1711

Findon burial registers record the burial of Thomas Goble 25th March 1711 and ‘the widow Goble buried 12 April 1715’.

John baptised 19 May 1683 at Findon

James baptised 3 Jul 1686 at Findon, bur 1689

George baptised 21 Jun 1696 Findon

Thomas - died 1733?


THOMAS died 1740? (or 1733?)

Thomas Goble married Elizabeth and they had at least two children, Thomas and Mary, baptised elsewhere before they settled in Findon where parish registers show:

Richard Goble baptised 15th July1712

Elizabeth Goble baptised 13th Sep 1713

Ann Goble baptised 19th Dec 1715

Sarah Goble baptised 25th Aug 1717

John Goble baptised 19th Oct 1718

There is no trace of a marriage between Thomas Goble and Elizabeth in Sussex.

There is however a marriage between a Thomas Goble and Mary Ailner at Newtimber, Sussex, on 23 Nov 1708.

The marriage between Thomas Goble and Elizabeth Walters (at St Bride, Fleet Street, London on 30 Jul 1705 i.e. Fleet Prison) can be eliminated as their daughter Mary was baptised in Fleet Prison Hospital in 1716. ‘Our’ Thomas and Elizabeth were settled in Findon at this time.

Mary Gobell dau of Thomas and Elizabeth at Bridewell Hospital Chapel, London, 1 Apr 1716 [IGI]

There is a burial for ‘Thomas Goble Bayliff to John Middleton Esq May 31st 1740’ at Findon. This might refer to a cousin or other relative, even the father of Thomas.

Sarah (1717 -1797) is buried at Findon. The adjacent plot has a headstone indicating that Thomas Goble (d1733) and his wife Joan (c1673 – 1751) are buried there. So Thomas seems to have married a second time to Joan, but the burial of his first wife Elizabeth has not yet been found– it is not at Findon.

There is a marriage for a Thomas Goble and JEAN Matthew in 1722 in Itchingfield, Sussex, apparently followed by the baptisms of James (1723) and Hannah (1725) in Findon. It also seems that Hannah’s daughter, another Hannah, was mentioned in Sarah’s will – suggesting strong family links.


Spouse details 1. Elizabeth

The burial of wife Elizabeth is not found at Findon.

Spouse details 2. Joan

Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth



Father: Thomas Goble

Mother: Elizabeth

Baptism: no trace

Married: Lewes in 1734

Spouse: Ann Haynes of Henfield in Lewes in 1734

Children: produced a prolific family in Findon. Some moved to Arundel.


Father: Thomas Goble

Mother: Elizabeth

Baptism: no trace Not traced Mary’s baptism.

Married: Lancing 20th August 1741.

Spouse: George Wyatt



Father: Thomas Goble

Mother: Elizabeth

Baptised: Baptised 15 July 1715 at Findon

Died: 1791

Married : 1738 Henfield

Spouse; Rose Haynes of Henfield (sister of Ann) at Henfield in 1738

Died; 1752

Married: 1764 Broadwater

Spouse: Ann Renfold (no issue)

Children; 8 from first marriage

moved to Broadwater, and had eight children. Settlement certificate for family unit of 1754 shows Findon as place of origin. Appears in Broadwater vestry minutes at regular intervals and died 1791 at Broadwater. Will. Bricklayer. MI at Broadwater confirms all dates.



Father: Thomas Goble

Mother: Elizabeth

Baptised; 13 Sep 1713 at Findon

Buried: 14th February 1733/4 Findon

As Elizabeth does not appear in her sister Sarah's will it would appear that Elizabeth did not marry and had pre-deceased Sarah. The burial dies not describe her as 'daughter of' so presumably an adult.



Father: Thomas Goble

Mother: Elizabeth

Baptised; 19 Dec 1715 at Findon

Married: 13 Dec 1753, by licence. She was aged 37.

Spouse: Charles Tribe of Broadwater, yeoman,

Buried: 1 Sept 1784 at Broadwater – no age etc was given.

Children: Charles Tribe was baptised at Broadwater on 15th Aug 1756.

It is possible that Ann moved to Broadwater after Rose’s death in 1752 to help look after Richard and Rose’s children.

‘Charles Tribe of Broadwater, yeoman, bachelor and Anne Goble of the same, maiden. Securities, the said Charles Tribe and George Barrell of Chichester, innholder.

Ann is not mentioned in her sister Sarah's will, but her child is, so presumably Ann had died 1756-1791.


Father: Thomas Goble

Mother: Elizabeth

Baptised: 25 Aug 1717 at Findon

Died: a spinster in Angmering in 1795. She left in her will dated 1791

to brother Thomas £10

to brother Richard £10 (Ann's brother Richard had died in 1792)

to nephew Geo Wyatt £10

to nephew Charles Tribe £10

to god-daughter Jane Wyatt, d o late nephew Richard Wyatt, £5

residue to Hannah Huggett, wife of George Huggett of Hurstpierpoint

Executrix, Hannah Huggett

Sarah was taken back to Findon for interment and the burial register confirms that she was from Angmering. The fee for burying a non-parishioner of 6s 8d was paid, and the affidavit sworn that she was buried in woollen.

Sarah’s grave is the plot adjacent to Thomas and Joan’s (Sarah next to Joan). The gravestone reads:




memory of

Sarah Goble

who departed this life

the 24th of February 1795

aged 77 years


Father: Thomas Goble

Mother: Elizabeth

Born; 1718

Died: 1770

Married: Sompting 2nd September 1739.

Spouse: Mary leggat

Family unit established in Sompting.. John died in 1770 at Sompting and is not mentioned in Sarah's will, which was written much later.

Thomas and Joan

It appears that there was either a contemporary Thomas and Joan Goble in the parish of Findon or that Thomas remarried to a Joan (first wife Elizabeth's burial 1718-1722 not found)

Hannah bap 1723 d o Thomas and Joan

Jemes bap 1727 s o Thomas and Joan.

There is a double headstone at Findon for Thomas and Joan


lyeth ye Body

of Thos Goble

who departed

this life the 13th

of August 1733

aged 52 years.


lyeth ye Body

of Joan the wife

of Thos. Goble

who departed

this life the 6th

of April 1751

aged 78 years

Parish registers record the bur of ‘Thomas Goble senior 17th July 1733’

‘Joan Goble widow, Apr 20 1751’

The registers are more likely to be accurate than MI inscribed later, but this does not mean that the registers are accurate! Clearly there is a discrepancy in the date of death for Thomas, with his burial taking place in July ahead of his death in August.

The inscription puts Joan’s birth c1673, making her ten years older than Thomas, and aged 50 and 54 when Hannah and Jemes were baptised. She is more likely to have been ten years younger than Thomas, but still past the optimum marriageable age and so willing to marry a widower and take on his children. The fact that she has only two children of her own supports this.

It is therefore possible that Joan's age on the MI is incorrect.

Thomas’ birth would be c1682, which corresponds to a baptism of Thomas son of Thomas and Elizabeth in Henfield. This could be the couple buried in 1711 and 1715 at Findon, and John, James and George could be their sons born subsequent to Thomas.

The Sussex Marriage Index has no record of a Thomas Goble marrying a Joan 1661-1734 except

Thomas Goble married Jean Maihew of Nuthurst at Itchingfield on 10th June 1722 [also given as Jean Mathew of Midhurst]

If Elizabeth did die leaving him with a young family, it would be logical for Thomas to marry again. The dates of the Thomas - Jean marriage tie in with the baptisms of Hannah and James.

Sarah, the spinster from Angmering, is buried in the adjacent plot to Thomas and Joan, implying that they are all family, but she does not mention Hannah (see below) or James in her will. This might suggest that they were her step-siblings and / or they predeceased her.