Family History

this is the family of my ancestors john goble and mary leggat. it is not complete. if you have any amendments or corrections please e-mail me

Family of John Goble and mary Leggat


Buried: 24/5/1770 Sompting

Married: 2/9/1739 Sompting

Spouse: Mary Legar (Leggat) of Lancing

Children: George Goble b 1743 Sompting

William Goble b 1745 Sompting

Fanny Goble b 1749 Sompting

Hannah Goble b 1751 Sompting

Hannah Goble b 1753 Sompting

James Goble b 1761 Sompting

Peter Goble bapt 23/10/1763 Sompting

John Goble born 1765 Sompting

Mary Goble born 1767 Sompting

Note: Mary remarried as widow 21/1/1776 Edward Tig widower


Born: 1743 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Legar

Baptised: 4/4/1743 Sompting

Married: married West tarring 31/5/1771 Elizabeth Waymark. He was from Heene parish)

Elizabeth 1772 - 1780

William 1773 - 1775

Cornelius 1775 -1775

George 1779 - 1799

Cornelius Barker Goble 1784 - ?

John 1788 -


Born: 1745 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Legar

Baptised: 12/7/1745 Sompting (or 22/9/1743)

Married: 26/5/1774 Sompting Ann Stanmere he of Lancing (BT Stanmer) witnessed Isaac Friend Barber, James Feast)

Children: John 1775 - 1859 (married Ann Dale) SEE SEPARATE FILE

Sarah Goble born 1776 see LASSITER & botting


Born: (1751 Sompting-

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Leggat

Baptised: 22 Sep 1751 at Sompting

Buried: 18/6/1753 Sompting

Sompting burial registers record ‘Hannah daughter of John and Mary Goble buried June 18th 1753’


Born: 1749 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Legar

Baptised: 9/3/1749 Sompting

Married: Thomas Steer

(I had 1747)


Born: 1751 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Legar

Baptised: 22/9/1751 Sompting



Born: 1753 Sompting

Father: John Goblde

Mother: Mary Legar

Baptised: 18/6/1753 Sompting

Buried: 18/6/1753 Sompting




Born: 1754 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Leggat

Baptised: 8 Sep 1754

Married: 21st July 1777 at Sompting. Banns were called on 29th June, 6th July and 13th July 1777. Witnesses were Frances Feest and Hanner [sic] Swift

Spouse: John Shirley

Buried: 18 November 1791

Children : William Shirley baptised 1778 at Sompting

Elizabeth Shirley baptised 1782 at Sompting




Born: 1760 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary legar

Baptised: 21/12/1760 Sompting

Married: 12/1/1782 Old Shoreham by licence

Spouse: Lydia Witton minor

Born: abt 1862

Buried: 29/7/1722 Boradwater aged 60

Children: Mary 1782 - ? (married John Float)

Peter 1784 - 1786

James 1787 - ? (married Elizabeth, Bicester)

Frances 1789 - ?

George 1791 - ?(married Amelia Redman, 1817)

John 1793 - 1797

Elizabeth 1795 - ?

Jane 1800 - ?

Richard 1802 - ? (married Ann Tupper /Tuppen)

William 1805 - ?


Married 12th January 1782 to Lydia Witton spinster, minor, at Old

Moved to Broadwater where they had 10 children between 1782 and 1805.






Born: 1763 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary legar

Baptised: 23/10/1763 Sompting

Died: MI at West Tarring records ‘Peter Goble died 6 May 1826, aged 62 years. The burial register at Heene states that Peter Goble was buried on 9 May 1826 aged 62, and that he was of Heene.

Married : 14 Nov 1786 Thakeham. The marriage register clearly states that he was a bachelor from Broadwater and that Hannah was a spinster from Thakeham. The marriage was performed by Thomas Evans the curate of West Chiltington and the witnesses were Edward Richardson and Ann Webb [Debb?]. Only Edward was able to write his name; the others made their mark.

Spouse: Hannah Hillman

Died: Hannah wife of Peter Goble died 15th March 1833 aged 77 years’.

. Hannah's burial is also recorded in the register for Heene on 22 March 1835 aged 77 years, and that she was of Heene

Children: Mary Goble 1788-1876 ( Married Geo Bushby) SEE BUSHBY LINE

John 1790 - 1835 (Married Mary Bushby)

John Goble 1890 - 1835

Baptised 25 Sep 1790 at Heene, son of Peter and Hannah

married Maria Bushby 26 Dec 1810 at Ferring. 'The Banns of marriage between John Goble bachelor and Maria Bushby were duly published and no objections alleged. John Goble of this parish bachelor and Maria Bushby spinster of this parish. Married in this church by Banns 26 December 1810.' John made is mark; Maria was able to write her name; the witnesses were George Bushy, who made his mark, and Charlotte Jones.

Buried 24 July 1834 at West Tarring. The register states that he was 'late of the parish of Broadwater' and aged 44 years.

There is an obvious discrepancy with his headstone, erected later, which states that 'John Goble died in 31 July 1835 aged 45years'

Children: Caroline Goble 1814 - 1881 (married Richard Guile) SEE GUILE


Born: 1865

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Leggat

Baptised: 31 Mar 1765 Sompting

Buried: Lancing on 13 Feb 1831 aged 65.

Married : Lancing on 16th May 1786. The registers confirm that both were single and from Lancing.

Spouse: Elizabeth Hoare

Buried: 25/7/1796 Lancing

Married : 28th Jan 1799 at Lancing. John Goble of Lancing (12 years) husbandman widr aged 33 and Ann Pain of Amberley (2 weeks) singlewoman aged 19 (consent John Pain of Amberley, husbandman) securities the said J.G. and the said John Pain.

Spouse: Ann Pain

Children: Ann bap 15 Oct 1786

James 15 Apr 1788

William 6 Jan 1791

John 7 Apr 1793

Cornelius 10 Apr 1796

Henry bap 28 July 1799

Mary 31 May 1801

Sarah 3 Apr 1803

Caroline 29 Jan 1805

George 27 Jul 1806

Ruben 25 Sep 1808

Samuel 14 April 1811


Born: 1767 Sompting

Father: John Goble

Mother: Mary Leggat

Baptised: 23 May 1767 at Sompting

Buried at Broadwater on 5 July 1844 aged 78 years. Her address was given as LancinG

Married; 28 Jan 1792 Broadwater

Spouse: Edward Smart

Children: Mary Smart 1805 - ?  see SMART LINE