Family History


Line of Geale/Gale

Although the Geales were apparently of some standing in Harting in the 18th century I have been unable, so far, to find much about them



Children: John Geale b. 3/1695 Harting

Elizabeth Geale baptised 1698

Note 1: ‘THOMAS GEALE of the same, malster, as new Trustees for the benefit of the Poor of Harting of messuages, lands and premises as follows’ 6/1/1712 (ref SAS-K/9 WSRO)

Note 2: Deed of feoffment - ref. SAS-K/202 (WSRO) - date: 2 Apr 1700 ‘gateroom and garden of Thomas Geale,

Note 3: A Michael Geale was witness to two land transactions in 171.7. A possible brother or son of Thomas?


Born: 1695 Harting

Father: Thomas Geale

Baptised: 3/1695Harting

Note 1: - Mortgage by demise - ref. SAS-K/420 - date: 29 Sep 1734 Witnesses:- John Moody, John Geale



Married: 17/10/1715 North Marden (see note 1)

Buried; 1725 Harting

Sponsor: Elizabeth Stent

Children Elizabeth Geale b 1717 Harting

Susannah b 1718 Harting

Ann Geale b. Harting 1720 20/1/1720

Mary Geale b Harting 1721

JaneGeale b. Harting 1724

Note 1;Married by licence issued 16/10/1715. Sponsor Jas Farnham Chichester inh (N Marden)

Note 2: ‘one widow Gaele pays her rent in part by a hogshead of beer £4.0.0. in 1733’ (H.D. Gordon. History of Harting


Born: 1717 Harting

Father; Thomas Geale

Mother: Elizabeth Stent

Baptised: 10/6/1717 Harting

Married: 9/2/1740 North Marden

Spouse: William Aldrich (Aldridge)

Baptised: 10/12/1717 Harting

Parents: Anthony Aldridge

Children: Ann Aldridge baptised 24/11/1744 Harting (buried 16/2/1645?)

Ann Aldridge batised 6/6/1746 Aldridge

Mary Aldridge baptised 21/6/1748 Harting

Sarah Aldridge baptised 7/9/1750 Harting

Anthony Aldridge baptised 13/10/1752 harting (buried 19/12/1760)

John Aldridge baptised 20/9/1754 Harting

Frances Aldridge baptised 28/12/1758 harting

George Aldridge baptised 9/7/1761 Harting (buried 11/7/1761)


Born; 1718 Harting

Father: Thomas Geale

Mother: Elizabeth Stent

Baptised: 1/7/1718 Harting

Married: 7/4/1743 Harting

Spouse; Anthony Aldridge

Baptised: 30/7/1721 Harting

Parents: Anthony Aldridge



Born: 1720 Harting

Father: Thomas Geale

Mother: Elizabeth Stent

Baptised; 20/1/1720


Born: 1721 Harting

Father; Thomas geale

Mother: Elizabeth Stent

Baptised: 31/12/1721 Harting

Buried: 5/3/1806 in Harting, from West Meon (see note 2)

Married; 15/12/1752 Harting (see note 1)

Spouse; John Wild (senior)

Buried : Harting 6/6/1795.

Children: John Wild buried 11/11/1753 Harting

John Wild (Junior) b 1755 Harting, baptised 31/10/1755 Harting

William Wild b 1759 Harting, baptised 14/2/1759 Harting

Mary Wild b 1761 Harting, baptised 30/6/1761 Harting

Note !: By licence, licence issued 15/12/1752. Witnessed by John Norbett. and Jo Cooper of Chichester. Mary Geale was buried 5/3/1806 in Harting, from West Meon.

Note 2: Her will was probated on 6/5/1806.



Born: 1724 harting

Father: Thomas Geale

Mother: Elizabeth Stent

Baptised; 7/7/1724