Family History

A lot more work still needs to be don on this line! And it has some interesting stories. If you can help or are interested please contact me Susan on WILLIAM FOSSEE Born: Mother: Father: Buried: 30/3/1786 as Forsey Married: 18/10/1747 Elsted Spouse: Elizabeth Goldring Buried: 26/8/1760 Elsted Married: 13/4/1761 Elsted Spouse: Mary Mills Baptised: possibly 13/1/1731/1732 Harting daughter of William Mills or 12/9/1742 Rogate daughter of William ans Mary Mills Buried: 17/5/1788 Elsted Children: John Fossey born 1747 Elsted Mary Fossee born 1754 Elsted Elizabeth Fossee born 1760 Elsted Richard Forsey 1761: marriage witnessed by Thomas Snelling and Thomas Mills JOHN FOSSEY Born: 1747 Elsted Father: William Fossee Mother: Elizabeth Goldring Baptised: 31/1/1747/1748 Elsted Buried: possibly 17/4/1809 as Forsey Married: Harting 22/4/1773 Spouse: Elizabeth Hobbes Buried: 26/8/1810 Harting, widow from Westbourne Children: John Fossey b abt 1774 1773: Marriage witnessed by Jn Guy and Wm Tribe Children of John and Elizabeth Fossey JOHN FOSSEY Born: abt 1774 Father: John Fossey Mother: Elizabeth Hobbes Married: 5/6/1798 Harting Spouse: Susanna Stouner Buried: Children: Sarah Fossey bapt 13/3/1803 Westbourne John Fossey bapt 4/3/1804 Westbourne Susanna Fossey bapt 13/7/1806 Westbourne Charlotte Fossey bapt 9/10/1808 Westbourne Charles Fossey bapt 7/9/1817 Westbourne 1798: Marriage witnessed by Elizabeth Bowles and Benjamin Blackmore. MARY FOSSEE Born: 1754 Elsted Father: William Fossee Mother: Elizabeth Goldring Married: 28/10/1777 Treyford with Didling Spouse: Nicholas Hill Parents: Nicholas Hill and Sarah hedington Children: William Hill b 1778 Elsted John Hill b 1780 Elsted Mary Hill b 1782 Elsted Elizabeth Hill b 1785 Elsted Charlotte Hill b 1788 Elsted Nicholas Hill b 1796 Elsted RICHARD FORSEY Born: Father: Possibly William Fossee Mother: Possibly Elizabeth Goldring or Mary Mills Died: After 31/1/1830 Married: 14/6/1788 Harting Spouse: Ann Hall Parents: Nicholas and Ann Hall Baptised: 20/12/1767 Harting Buried: 31/1/1830 Harting from South Harting Children: Ann Forsey b 1788 Harting Richard Forsey b 1790 Harting Robert Forsey b 1793 Harting Thomas Forsey b 1795 Harting George Forsey b 1797 Harting John Forsey b 1800 Harting James Forsey b 1804 Harting Henry Forsey b 1807 Harting Solomon Forsey b 1811 Harting 1788: Marriage witnessed by John Webb and Elizabeth Lever. Richard was of the parish of Harting Children of Richard and Ann Forsey ANN FORSEY Born: 1788 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 21/8/1788 Harting Buried: 19/7/1850 Compton Married: 20/4/1813 Treyford with Didling Spouse: James Benham Baptised: 29/6/1785 Andover Hants Parents: James & Sarah Benham Buried: 26/7/1868 Comton aged 83 Children: James Benham b 1827 Harting 1841 census: Residing Preston Farm, Binderton. Occupation: shepherd 1851 census: James possibly a widower residing Compton. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Born about 1785 Andover, Hants. Son James married and living in Stoughton RICHARD FORSEY Born: 1790 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 26/10/1790 Harting Married: Spouse: Mary Born: Between 1797 and 1806 Wexford, Ireland Buried: 22/11/1873 as Mary Ann from West Harting aged 75 Children: James Forsey born abt 1830 Barbados 1841 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: pensioner 1842: October. Mary admitted Midhurst workhouse with mary 10 and Sarah 3 both bastards. The three discharged 20/10/1842 1851 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer & pensioner. Josiah Oliver 28 journeyman bricklayer residing with them 1861 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: Chelsea pensioner 1871 census: Residing West Harting. Grandson Alfred Forcey 13 born Harting with her James Forsey married 1857 Midhurst district Mary Ewens 1851 census: Residing with parents. Occupation: plumber and glazier 1861 census: Lodging Orchard St, Chichester, Occupation: journeyman painter. Recorded as married 1871 census: Lodging Petersfield Rd, Midhurst. Occupation: journeyman painter ROBERT FORSEY Born: 1793 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 2/4/1793 Harting Buried: 4/5/1831 from West Harting Married: 12/10/1814 Elsted Spouse: Mary Strotton Baptised: 18/3/1798 Elsted Parents: William & Mary Strotton Children: Isaac Fossey born 1815 Harting Robert Forsey born 1817 Harting Henry Forsey born 1824 Harting James Forsey born 1826 Harting George Forsey born 1829 Harting Mary Forsey born 1832 Harting (possibly Robert’s daughter) 1814: Marriage witnessed by Jn Walder 1834: Mary had Ann bapt 30/9/1834 East Harting, baseborn 1836: Ann buried 28/8/1836 from East Harting, aged 2 1838: Mary had Sarah bapt 22/7/1838 1840: 19/2/1840 Mary admiited Midhurst workhouse Easebourne with Sarah aged one and a half, a bastard. Husband dead and became destitute, A bad character 1841 census: Mary in Easebourne workhouse with sons Henry and George, and daughters Mary and Sarah. 20/6/1845: Discharged Mary Forcy and family 1846: Ann Forsey buried 23/12/1846 Harting from West Harting 1849: Mary Fossey married Thomas Whittington 1849 1851 census: Rsiding Common, Woolavington. Son James with her occupation: agricultural labourer. Visiting her was Ann, Fausey [Forsey]24, born Queens County Ireland with Thomas aged 1 born Ireland 1857: Sarah Forsey married Henry Boswell b 1836 and had children: Albert c1866; Edwin c 1867; Albert c 1871; Jesse c1874; Arthur c1876; Walter c 1880; Ernest c1884; Annie c 1886 1861 census: Mary residing Pendean Farm West Lavington with daughter and son-in-law Sarah and Henry Boswell. On parish relief Thomas a pupil Blue Industrial School, Gem St, Birmingham 1871 census: Mary residing Pendean Cottages West Lavington with the Boswells Isaac Fossey bapr 2/7/1815 Harting from East Harting 1831: Isaac Forsey on 13/12/1831 unlawfully used a certain engine or instrument to wit a wire for the purpose of taking or killing game. 3 months Petworth house of correction 12s to Thomas baker complainant Robert Fossey baptised 19/4/1817 Harting.married Ann McCain Children: Robert Fossey b 1851 Midhurst Joseph Mangleton Born 12/8/1852 baptised 17/9/1852. Infant born at sea. Robert Private 68th Light Industry 1836: From Army deserters list: name Robert FOSSEY alias – coprs 68th foot age 18 – origin- Harting Sussex ENG trade labourer . 10thSept 1836 1871 census: His son Robert living with mother who had remarried John Forsey. Occupation sailor invalided. Brother Joseph a chalk pit labourer Henry Fossey baptised 27/6/1824 Harting. 1839: 20/9/1839 Henry admitted Midhurst workhouse, an orphan out of service. 10/7/1839 taken into service by William Knott 1840: 17/3/1840 possibly the Henry who absconded without leave. Readmitted 17/3 1843: 21/2/1843 Henry left workhouse James Forsey 1840: 17/11/1840 admitted Midhurst workhouse out of employ 1841: 11/1/1841 possibly admitted Midhurst workhouse, out of employ and discharged 22/4/1840 at own request 1851 census: residing with mother. Occupation: agricultural labourer George Forsey baptised 19/4/1829 Harting died 1902 Portsmouth married 1855 Portsea Ellen b 1838 Harting married 1872 Elizabeth Tabor born 1845 Fareham, Hants 1845: 14/1/1845 admitted to Midhurst workhouse 1861 census: Residing 22 Seymour St, Portsmouth. Occupation: dock labourer 1871 census: residing 7 Kingsbury? St, Portsmouth. Occupation: labourer. Elizabeth his housekeeper. Children: Elizabeth 6, George 4, Alice 3, Henry 1 1881 census: Residing 33 Arnauld St, Portsmouth. Occupation: general labourer. Children: George 14, Henry 11, William 7, Charles 5, Annie 4, Kate 2, Albert 1 THOMAS FORSEY Born: 1795 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 22/1/1795 Harting Buried: 1/1/1829 from South Harting aged 29 WILLIAM FORSEY Born: 1797 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 9/10/1797 Harting GEORGE FORSEY Born: 1797 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 9/10/1797 Harting JOHN FORSEY Born: 1800 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 13/4/1800 Harting Buried: 6/9/1844 from West Harting Married: 2/5/1819 Harting Spouse: Elizabeth Wells Baptised: 4/9/1799 Harting Parents: William & Elizabeth Wells Children: John Forsey b 1820 Harting Elizabeth Forsey b 1823 Harting Martha Forsey b 1825 Harting Mary Ann Forsey b 1828 Harting Lucy Forsey b 1833 Harting Richard Forsey b 1834 Harting Caroline Forsey b 1837 Harting 1819: Marriage witnessed by William Wells and Ann Benham 1841 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1851 census: Widow Elizabeth residing West Harting, a pauper.Mary Ann and Caroline described as lodgers with her 1861 census: Elizabeth paiper residing West Harting with daughter Elizabeth Baker John Forsey baptised 23/1/1820 Harting married 12/4/1845 Sarah Pack buried 12/4/1856 aged 34 remarried 28/9/1856 Harting Ann Forsey widow of Robert Forsey born 1829 daughter of John McCain. Witnessed by Thomas Grew, Mary Watts. Children: Emily Forsey born 1850; Robert Forsey born 1852, John Forsey born 1856; William Forsey baptised 19/5/1861 buried 17/6/1866 Harting from Goose Green West Harting aged 5; James Forsey born 1861; Eliza Forsey baptised 21/6/1863 buried 14/3/1864 Harting from West Harting aged 11 months 1851 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. John Pack 17 lodging with them 1861: census; Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1871 census: Residing Chalk Pit, Amberley. Occupation: chalk pit labourer Richard Fossey baptised 26/10/1834 Harting buried 12/5/1839 Harting from West Harting aged 4 Elizabeth Forsey baptised 5/6/1823 Harting died 1900 married 29/7/1842 Harting John Baker bapt 13/10/1819 labourer son of William Baker labourer and Mary Baker witnessed by William Watts, Sarah Baker, buried 22/5/1855 from West Harting. Married 1863 Midhurst district Thomas Baker widower son of Thomas Baker baptised 4/7/1829 son of Thomas and Sarah Baker died 1899 witnessed by James and Caroline Chitty. Children: George Baker born 1847 Harting (1861 undercarter); Louisa Baker b 1849; John Baker b 1852; Martha Baker b 1859 1839; Possiby the Elizabeth Fossey admitted Midhurst workhouse 26/12/1839 sevant out of service. Discharged as t own request 1841 census: Residing with her parents 1851 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1861 census: Widow residing West Harting. Occupation: needlewoman 1871 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Son John a carter. Also with them mother Elizabeh Forsey, son-in-law John White and his daughter Emma White 3 (he married Louisa Baker 23/11/1867. She was buried 9/6/1870) 1881 census: Residing The Street, Harting. Occupation: Road labourer. Joseph Hill born 1807 road labourer living with them 1891 census: Residing The Square Harting. Occupation: retired road labourer Martha Forsey baptised 8/9/1825 Harting married 15/11/1851 Harting William Langrish. Witnessed by George langrish and Mary Ann Forsey. 1841 census: Residing with parents 1851 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: housekeeper to William Langrish widower Mary Ann Forsey baptised 17/5/1828 Harting died 1887 Harting married 25/12/1852 William Baker baptised 25/1/1820 son of William & Sally Baker died 1884 Harting. Married witnessed by John Forsey and Sarah Watts. Children: Henry Baker b 1852; Benjamin Baker bapt 18/12/1853; Sarah baker bapt 27/1/1856; Alfred Baker bapt 25/4/1858; Elizabeth Ellen Baker bapt 26/6/1864; Mary Ann Baker bapt 24/2/1867 1861 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1871 census: Residing Putnams Farm, West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Only Elizabeth and Mary Ann with them 1881 census: Residing Sky Cottage Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Mary Ann a laundress and daughter Mary Ann a domestic servant Lucy Forsey baptised 26/7/1833 Harting died 1916 married 10/1/1851 Harting George Baker born about 1831 son of William Baker died 1901 Harting (age given as 80 rather than 70). Marriage witnessed by Martha Forsey and William Langrish Children: William Baker born 1852; Agnes Baker born 1855; Amos Baker bapt 31/5/1857;Alice Baker bapr 20/5/1859; Albert Baker bapt 28/7/1861; George Baker bapt 20/12/1863 but 7/3/1868; Josiah Baker bapt 29/4/1866; Georgina Baker bapt 6/9/1868; Harry Baker bapt 27/11/1870 bur 17/9/1871; Ada Baker bapt 24/11/1872;Augustus Baker bapt 29/11/1874; Bernard Baker born 1877 Harting [possibly a grandson] 1851 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1861 census: Residing West Harting, Occupation: agricultural labourer 1871 census: Residing Putnams Farm. Occupation: labourer 1881 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: carpenter 1891 census: Residing West Harting Street. Occupation: carpenter. Albert and Bernard living with them 1901 census: Residing West Harting Street. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Albert and Bernard with them 1911 census: Widowed Lucy living with Bernard and his family Church Farm, Harting Caroline Forsey baptised 3/9/1837 Harting married 26/12/1855 James Chitty labourer baptised 21/7/1833 son of Caleb and Lucy Chitty. Marriage witnessed by William and Martha Langrish. James died 1880 Petersfield district. Caroline married 1886 Petersfield Edward Howick Bundy Children: Fanny Chitty b 1855 Harting; George Chitty b 1861 Harting; James Chitty b 1863 Harting; Thomas Chitty b 1867 Harting; Walter Chitty b 1870 Harting; Louisa Chitty b 1872 Harting; Agnes Kate Chitty b 1875 Harting; Albert Frederick Chitty b 1877 Buriton; Ada Chitty b 1880 Buriton 1861 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1871 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1881 census: Widow Caroline residing Bindon Cottage, Buriton 1891 census: Residing Buriton village. Edward a labourer 1901 census: Residing Buriton. Occupation: Edward a chalk hewer and lime burner, Albert Chitty with them and Olive Ruth Blackman granddaughter with them JAMES FORSEY Born: 1804 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 29/4/1804 Harting HNERY FORSEY Born: 1807 Harting Father: Richard Fossey Mother: Ann Hall Buried: 21/10/1885 Harting Married 10/10/1825 Harting Spouse: Lucy Battle Baptised: 8/4/1804 Harting Parents: Edward & Sarah Battle Buried: 6/8/1828 Harting from South Harting Married: 29/11/1832 Buriton Spouse: Ann Burgess Baptised: 21/101/1810 Buriton Buried: 8/1/1898 Harting from Hucksholt Parents: John & Elizabeth Burgess Children: Henry Fossey b 1826 Harting George Fossey b 1827 Harting Ann Fossey b 1834 Harting Harriet Fossey b 1836 Harting Frances Fossey b 1838 Harting Sarah Forsey b 1841 Harting Louisa Forsey b 1843 Harting Martha Forsey b 1846 Harting Jane Forsey b 1848 Harting Richard Forsey b 1851 Harting 1825: Marriage witnessed by Thonas and Charlotte Battell 1841 census: Residing Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1851 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1861 census: Residing West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1871 census: Residing Goose Green, West Harting. Occupation: agricultural labourer. Grandson Joseph Shier Chitty born 1863 with them 1881 census: Residing Goose Green. Occupation: labourer 1891 census: Widow Ann residing West Harting Street with Maud Shier widow 78 born Alresford who was living on own means Henry Fossey bapt 28/1/1826 Harting. Not with parents 1841 census George Fossey bapt 7/12/1827 Harting, On 1841, not 1851 census Ann Fossey bapt 13/4/1834 Harting buried 23/12/1846 from South Harting aged 12 Harriet Forsey bapt 22/5/1836 Harting married 13/3/1858 James Reed widower born Liss, Hants, labourer son of James Reed labourer. Witnessed by James and Frances Petter. Children: Henry Reed b 1858 Harting; William Reed b 1861 Harting. Stepchildren Mary b 1848 Froxfield; George b 1850 Froxfield; Thomas b 1853 Froxfield 1881 census: Residing Cottage, Ladyholt. Occupation: agricultural labourer 1891 census: Residing Eckenfields. Occupation: carter on farm. Son William the same SOLOMON FOSSEY Born: 1811 Harting Father: Richard Forsey Mother: Ann Hall Baptised: 13/10/1811 Harting