Family History




Born: 1833 Billingshurst

Father: Daniel Etheridge

Mother: Susan Bridgewater

Baptised: 14/4/1833 Billinghsurst

Died: 1909 Horsham district

Married: 25/9/1852 Billingshurst

Spouse: James Bristow

Born: 1828 Billingshurst

Father: Peter Bristow

Mother: Sarah Michener

Died: 1877 Thakeham district

Children: Maria Bristow b 1854 Billingshurst (see Note 4)

William Bristow b 1856 West Chiltington (see note 1)

Aaron Bristow b 1859 Billingshurst ( (see Note 2)

James Bristow b 1862 Pulborough (see Note 3)

Ann Bristow b 1870 Pulborough (bapt 10/4/1870) (see Note 5)

Albert Peter b 1873 Pulborough (bapt 23/3/1873)

Marriage witnessed by William Bristow and Emily Robinson

1851 census: James Bristow residing Fowlers, Billinghsurst with his parents

1861 census: Residing Little Brinsbury? Pulborough. Occupation: agricultural labourer

1871 census: Residing Crowell Cottage, West Chiltington. Occupation agricultural labourer. James Bristow aged 62 born West Chiltington living with them

1881 census: Dinah widow residing East Dunhill Thakeham, with sons William, James and Ann

1891 census: Dinah widow Residing Monks Common Billingshurst, boarder with Jane and James Bleach

1901 census: Dinah widow residing Snapes Cottage, Water lane, Penfold, Washington. With son Albert

Note 1: William Bristow. Baptised 5/5/1856 West Chiltington. Probably died 1883 Thakeham district, aged 26. 1871 census: Residing Haldret House, Rudgwick, servant to Edward Churchman, farmer 20 acres employing 4 men, 2 boys. (place of birth given as Pulborough)1881 census: Residing with mother: carter on farm

Note 2: Aaron Bristow. Baptised 31/7/1859 Billinghsurst. Possibly died 1881 Thakeham district, aged 21. 1871 census: aged 21 occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 3: James Bristow. Baptised 27/4/1862 Pulborough. Married 1890 Thakeham district Ellen Evans b about 1870 West Grinstead (no trace of her before marriage). On 1901 census she is recorded as Nellie born Thakeham. Children: Amelia Bristow born 1891 Thakeham, madge Bristow born 1899 Fishbourne.

1881 census: residing with mother: carter on farm 1891 residing Red Land, Thakeham. Occupation: agricultural labourer.

1901 census: residing Highatch, Farnham, Surrey. Occupation: general labourer.

1911 census: Residing Furze Common, Thakeham as a lodger. Occupation: working roadman.

Note 4: Maria Bristow. Baptised 2/7/1854 Billingshurst. Married 24/6/1871 Pulborough John Haylor Scutt born abt 1846 Pulborough. Children: Albert William Bristow bapt 25/6/1871 Pulborough

Children: ; Sarah Ann Scutt baptised 5/4/1874 Pulborough;

Louisa Scutt born 1876 Pulborough (married 1898 East Preston district George Jenkins born 1878 Worthing. Children: Georgina Jenkins b 1900 Broadwater, Daisy Jenkins b 1901 Broadwater; George Jenkins born 1904 Broadwater 1901 census; residing Broadwater. Occupation, general labourer; 1911 census: Residing 2 The Square, Broadwater. Occupation: carman

; Dinah Elizabeth Emily Scutt b 1879 Pulborough (Married 1896 Horsham district Joseph Lidbetter).

1871 census: residing with parents, Crowell Cottage, West Chiltington;

1881 census residing Northwood cottage, Pulborough. Occupation: agricultural labourer

Note 5: Ann Bristow baptised 10/4/1870 Pulborough. Died 1881 Thakeham district

Note 6: Albert Peter Bristow b 12/1/1873 Pulborough baptised 23/3/1873 Pulborough, died 1938 Moat Farm buildings, Hockwood, Sidlow Bridge, Surrey. Married 7/9/1901 Alice Wickham born 12/2/1885 Hammerpond, Lower Beeding daughter of George & Rosina Wickham , baptised 26/2/1885. Children: Ernest Albert Bristow born 1902 Horsham; Arthur Edward Bristow born 1903 Thakeham; George William David born 1905 Thakeham

On 1901 census name given as Kate. Gave her age on marriage as 20. 1911 census: Residing Coes Cottage, Abinger Hammer, Surrey. Occupation: carter on farm

Ernest Albert married 1923 Reigate district Edith Lilian Fisher b 1/12/1905 Reigate died 1936. Gave birth to 8 daughters including Mary Bristow born 29/8/1924 Reigate died 26 Woodlands Road, Redhill, buried 4/9/1924 Reigate cemetery 24 hours old. Cause of death born premature, feebleness; Kathleen Bristow born 1926 Redhill died 66 Knighton Road, Redhill aged 20 months buried 11/4/1928 Reigate Cemetery. Cause of death bronco-pneumonia, whooping cough & marasmus; Edith Bristow b 1927 Redhill died 1927 66 Knighton Rd, Redhill, buried 7/4/1928 Reigate cemetery aged 5 months. Cause of death bronco-pneumonia and whooping cough. Two sons including unnamed male born 28/6/1925 died 67 Hooley lane, Redhill aged 5 hours, buried 7/7/7/1925 Reigate cemetery. Cause of death premature and feebleness. By other probably second wife surname Tennuchi had four daughters and three sons.